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  1. RogueKraken

    Season of Choice

    Evening everyone and Merry Shipmas, I'd just like to point out how great it is having all of the current offers in the premium store. Sure, you may not like a certain offer but having the choice of things like santa packages, premium sales, and steel is something good for the consumer and can help a player enjoy their past time more. Also, just a quick reminder that the game is supposed to be fun. It's a form of entertainment for yourself and others. There's never a reason to put someone else down. Stay safe and make decisions that won't hurt yourself or others this holiday season. -RogueKraken
  2. RogueKraken

    Thanks for all the fish

    Just would like to take a moment to thank WG for the recent releases of the Massachusetts and t-61. Both are just plain fun to play. I dont mind throwing money at hobbies and these two ships were really worth it to me. Ignore the drama or it should be whatever complaints. Enjoy your hobbies and dont take life too seriously. I sincerely hope some angry posters here don't experience real life disasters and gain the perspectice they seem to need. -RogueKraken