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  1. WernerHerzdog

    The Core issue with CVs

    No it isn't, I know multiplication is hard but you should do it before you embarrass yourself.
  2. WernerHerzdog

    Advice on Cmdr Luigi skills and Modules

    I'm using this build. The last three points will go into JOAT and a one point skill. I'm using the spotter plane mod because I had one sitting around from a supercontainer before that was removed, I don't think it's important. With the spotter plane and the special captain range buff I think range mod would be overkill. I don't really see the use of RPF when you don't have any way of spotting for yourself, but if you want it you could drop EM and JOAT. I think vigilance is basically a waste of a commander skill, how often do you honestly get hit by a torp that you would have dodged if you saw it 2 seconds earlier?
  3. WernerHerzdog

    IJN Mutsuki...How?

    Start by removing torpedo acceleration from your commander, it's a skill for CVs and a few specific DDs none of which are in the Shimakaze line. The Mutsuki isn't good but it's better when the torps have 8 km range.
  4. WernerHerzdog

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    If you made destroyers worse at spotting, they would not spot ships as much and consequently would get less spotting damage. I'm not sure what's hard to understand there.
  5. WernerHerzdog

    Zoup the feeling police

    This is a common misconception, Nazi concentration camps weren't all one unified system. The death camps were located in Poland far from the German population, but not all concentration camps were death camps. Death camps were a loose state secret but ordinary Germans would have known about the forced labor camps (forced laborers were a common sight in Germany) and would have known that Jews and others were being moved to Poland even if they didn't know about the executions. The Holocaust also didn't start when the Nazis spontaneously decided to kill Jews in industrialized camps in Poland, for years before that there was organized violence against them. Many Germans would have known about Nazi atrocities on the eastern front from letters soldiers wrote home.
  6. WernerHerzdog

    CV Player issue with karma

    It does something apparently, it makes the OP and their clan mates disinclined to play CV in random battles. There's no opportunity cost to reporting and reducing the number of CVs in random battles makes the game more fun, so why not do it?
  7. WernerHerzdog

    I noticed something in a Random battle just now

    The people telling you to group up for AA defense aren't unicums.
  8. WernerHerzdog

    Smol worth getting with HE changes looming?

    Removing the 30 mm on the Smolensk is a good change. The rest of the changes are questionable. Des Moines, Jutland and Daring don't need buffs. Most of the cruisers nerfed by the IFHE change don't need nerfs. Also I'm not sure why in a post above you told people to buy the Georgia instead. The Georgia is more overpowered for the average player than the Smolensk.
  9. WernerHerzdog

    Poll on the state of CV's

    So to be clear, if I said "the majority of World of Warships players think CVs make the game worse" you would agree? Or again, if you would disagree, is there any hypothetical evidence you could see that would convince you otherwise?
  10. WernerHerzdog

    Naval Battles and Mercy Rule

    Naval battles give you a star for reaching a certain base xp. After the first stage, this base xp is 900 or higher which is rare to achieve in coop. Why should you get a free naval battle star simply for showing up in coop, when you clearly aren't meant to do naval battles in coop in the first place (otherwise the requirements would be something easier to do in coop)?
  11. WernerHerzdog

    Wargamming - Why not Carrier Captains skills

    You already have one. Special captain survival expert is percentage wise a larger buff to planes than to ships.
  12. WernerHerzdog

    Poll on the state of CV's

    A question for CV defenders: Thinking hypothetically, is there any possible evidence (regardless of whether or not it exists) that could convince you that most players do not like CVs?
  13. WernerHerzdog

    Poll on the state of CV's

    There are more than 500 votes on the poll saying that CVs make the game much better. Why do you think those 500 people voted only once each, and the people that said CVs make it much worse voted several times?
  14. WernerHerzdog

    Poll on the state of CV's

    If multiple votes are allowed, that also means people that like CVs can vote more than once. Why didn't they?
  15. WernerHerzdog

    Poll on the state of CV's

    if it was so easy to fake votes on the poll, why didn't people who like CVs fake a bunch of pro CV votes? actually why are we assuming that it's the 'worse' votes that are fake?