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  1. WernerHerzdog

    Guide: Countering Smolensk

    What are you even talking about? Those people have been saying the same things about the CV rework since it became available on the test server. Also, skill based counterplay is absolutely not a myth for average players. Average players still carry games in balanced ships sometimes, otherwise they would be below average. The difference is how often they use it. The issue there is that there's no counterplay to CVs, not the Smolensk. The counterplay to the Smolensk 19 km away is to get unspotted, it's the CV that spots you with zero counterplay. (and this is one of the big problems with CVs, that they remove the concealment based counterplay to long range ships)
  2. WernerHerzdog

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    Good post. It's the same as everyone's been saying ever since the CV rework, but... that's because none of the core issues with CVs have been touched since the CV rework (and in turn, the CV rework fixed none of the core issues with RTS CVs). CV defenders like to compare planes to ammunition and hitpoints at the same time. Planes are ammunition and it's not fair for CVs to have to worry about plane number because ships don't run out of ammunition, but also planes are hitpoints and a CV that doesn't have planes is the same as a dead ship. If you really want to make the ship analogy, I think the obvious answer is that CV hitpoints are ship hitpoints, planes are turrets, and the ammunition the planes fire is ship ammunition. CVs stay at full health all game, their turrets repair even when perma destroyed, and they can still shoot their guns for several minutes after sinking.
  3. WernerHerzdog

    Well get ready fpr another fake op Russian ship.

    The first version of the Kleber could get 6.3 km concealment. Ohio when announced had the Thunderer dispersion and reload. Daring had 5.4 concealment at one point. Worcester could stealth radar when released. Kitakaze has never been directly nerfed. And so on. Bayard, Georgia, and Massachusetts (at least) are overpowered premium ships that have been in the shop longer than Smolensk without being removed.
  4. "Just dodge" is a meme specifically because you can't dodge CV attacks.
  5. WernerHerzdog

    Drops from Europe Container

    I already got the tier 5 and I'm guaranteed the tier 6 when I finish directive 3. I happened to do the directives on a second account today, and that account will also have enough tokens for the tier 6 after directive 3. I don't see the problem really. In the RU BB event I did at least this many directives and I didn't get a ship; in this one I get at least two ships with camos.
  6. WernerHerzdog

    Carrier Aircraft changes for rockets

    Not with rockets. Rockets have a fixed flight time of 0.5 seconds, and as far as I know they fly in a straight line from the plane to wherever they hit (not that that matters for game purposes).
  7. Even if most games are landslides, being better at the game means you're more likely to be on the winning side of the landslide as well as more likely to win the games that aren't landslides.
  8. WernerHerzdog

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    It takes less time to look up your stats than it took you to write that post
  9. WernerHerzdog

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    An obvious flaw with hiding your stats to avoid being stat shamed is that players with good stats don't need to hide them to avoid being stat shamed, so if you hide your stats the people who were stat shaming you for bad stats will just stat shame you for hidden stats instead.
  10. WernerHerzdog

    SAP pen calculation

    You can look at the armor model in port. If I remember right the Bismarck has a 50 mm deck, but the side armor will bounce SAP.
  11. WernerHerzdog

    A cv Main question

    You can dodge full salvos at normal ranges in a battleship. You can't necessarily do it against every single shot, but you can see an enemy shoot and immediately change speed and course so that they miss. In contrast, rockets have a 0.5 second flight time. Smolensk has the same total AA dps as Zao. The Smolensk AA is a bit more effective in practice because of more damage on the longer range and because Smolensk takes BFT (but then, Zao could take BFT to get Smolensk level AA, and it doesn't), but it's hardly a game changer. DFAA Zao would have significantly better AA than hydro Smolensk. The one thing Smolensk does have is a lot of flak. I think complaints about overpowered Smolensk AA put the CV defenders in perspective pretty well.
  12. Note that your own win rate being above average means your team is more likely to have the higher average win rate. It might be interesting to compare the average win rate of the 11 other people on your team to the enemy team.
  13. WernerHerzdog

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    it's strange to use this as a reason to keep something that's both unbalanced and historically inaccurate
  14. Torpedo hit rate is not really a good way of telling how effective torpedoes are. I have really high hit rates in gunboats not because the gunboats have good torpedoes, but because I rarely use the torpedoes outside of very close range. However torpedoes do hit much less reliably than guns, because everything in the game can dodge them. In practice torpedo focused destroyers at high tiers tend not to be as strong in random games as gun focused destroyers. I think there are lots of reasons for this, but importantly Wargaming balances toward the average player. That's a losing proposition for torpedoes because torpedoes are pretty effective and easy to use against bad players, so the average player does okay in torpedo boats, and because the average player plays gunboats wrong (as torpedo boats) so they get excessively buffed. I'm not sure what the point of this post is though. Torpedo hits only count as citadel damage if they hit the middle of the ship (and are affected by torpedo protection). Torpedoes on the extremities count as normal penetration damage and are affected by damage saturation.
  15. Why do you play ranked? If it's only for steel, you can go to rank 6 stress free in the last week of the season (almost everyone in the early ranks by then is a dark red player that plays hundreds of games per season without reaching rank 5, so it's easy to win and you rarely lose stars) and get the rest of your steel from clan battles. It's not the maximum steel per time but you don't need to get maximum steel per time to buy the steel ships. Why play a game mode if it isn't fun?