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  1. WernerHerzdog

    Correct way to play the Thunderer?

    I wouldn't use that video as a reference, the Thunderer in it is just HE spamming battleships from 24 km (even behind the CV!) until it gets a high damage game to upload to youtube. The Conqueror and Montana he focused for half the match don't even die. There are better youtube videos, watch flamu or something.
  2. WernerHerzdog

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    triple smolensk is very impactful in the sense that if there's a triple smolensk div on the enemy team, you pretty much autowin because it implies that all three of them thought a triple smolensk div was a good idea
  3. Mostly it's easy to tell who the good and bad players are by the time you care, but if you're going to push behind a DD early game it's really useful to know whether or not the DD is going to immediately suicide into radar in a cap, and you can't really tell that without seeing its stats.
  4. Hidden stats don't really keep anyone guessing. There are few enough above average players with hidden stats that you can just remember their names and assume everyone else with hidden stats is a potato.
  5. It's not really surprising that the team with better win rate usually wins, that's what win rate means after all. If you bet that the team with the higher average win rate wins (or even simpler, the team with fewer red players on MM monitor) you'll do a lot better than random chance. It's easy to convince yourself that it doesn't work because probability is counterintuitive, but it works pretty well. The question isn't whether it works but whether it's useful. You can definitely get information out of matchmaking monitor, but just focusing good players isn't a terribly effective strategy due to how warships game mechanics work (focus the potatoes, you can kill them faster), and if seeing your teammates' stats makes you mad it isn't worth it. By default MM monitor shows your overall win rate as well as your number of games, damage, win rate, and PR in the ship you're playing.
  6. WernerHerzdog

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    except the Kremlin legendary upgrade is absolute garbage that nobody in their right mind will use, and the Yamato legendary upgrade is still good (just competitive with reload, when before the nerf it was straight up better than reload).
  7. WernerHerzdog

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    I wouldn't use range. Dispersion is questionable even at the stock maximum range, and with very low dpm you want to do anything you can to buff it. I thought Riga was kind of a sidegrade from Tallinn. You get better dispersion, upper belt and deck armor that bounces most BBs when angled, and a heal, but you lose a ton of damage output (especially the HE goes from meh-but-usable to just garbage, but you lose AP damage output too) and the improved penetration isn't very noticeable. You still don't citadel battleships at normal ranges, and you can citadel cruisers or fullpen BB upper belts from farther away but it doesn't matter much since you miss a lot at that distance. If the enemies know how to angle you can't do much except shoot your HE for 3k damage on a 13 second reload and cry. Flamu is right more often than he's wrong but his videos on the Russian CA line just do not match my experience at all. I assume it's a combination of playing them on the RU server where people seem very inclined to show broadside, and then (understandably) showcasing a match where everyone broadsides him and he doesn't get trolled by RNG.
  8. The premium Omahas are sidegrades from the Omaha - Murmansk trades 1/8 of its damage for a spotter plane and AP penetration, Marblehead trades 1.5 km of range for 5% more damage. If you compare the top 10 or so players on the leaderboard rather than comparing the average, they all perform pretty much identically. The premium Omahas (plus Krasny Krym which is effectively a downgrade from the Omaha) probably have higher average stats because they're premium ships. It however doesn't explain the difference between the average stats of the premium Omahas, or for a better example the difference between the average stats of the premium Myoko and Kongo clones. If you just compare average stats without thinking, the results you get are not very useful.
  9. WernerHerzdog

    Hey thanks again for the double CV garbage!

    This is really bad internet detective work. Pommern is a coal ship, if you have coal you can buy it day one. Odin cost little enough that it was easy to buy with free gold (I got it for free). ARP Hiei was a free ship from a mission.
  10. Server stats are unreliable especially for ships with few games. If you look at tier 5 cruisers, you have: - performance gap between premium Kirov and old tech tree Kirov - performance gap between Marblehead and Marblehead Lima - Krasny Krym outperforming Omaha despite being straight up worse - Marblehead and Murmansk near the top and Omaha near the bottom even though all three are very similar ships (these all have pretty high game counts though)
  11. WernerHerzdog

    0.9.6 Agility Rework Effects - USA & Pan America

    It doesn't matter how fast you are. Even if you're stopped it's equally likely that a torpedo will hit you in the front as in the back.
  12. The whole "scuttled not sunk" thing is just laughable. The Bismarck was a useless hunk of metal with no guns by the time anyone started scuttling it. It was going to sink no matter what. If scuttling doesn't count as being sunk, Japan won the battle of Midway by sinking one carrier and one destroyer at the cost of a cruiser.
  13. WernerHerzdog

    0.9.6 Agility Rework Effects - USA & Pan America

    No, since you can lose speed by going full reverse regardless and it's equally likely that you will want to retain speed so that torpedoes go behind you instead of hitting you in the butt.
  14. WernerHerzdog

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    If the ships aren't on top of each other, one ship can spawn flak while the planes are on top of the other one. But planes mostly dodge flak during the attack animation regardless.
  15. WernerHerzdog

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    The extra bow armor is just hidden because the armor viewer has show/hide options for a limited number of armor groups. The same thing happens with the extra bow armor on Giulio Cesare, and you can't see the main armor belt on Republique in side view (you can see it if you hide the bow and look at it bow on) because both it and the 32 mm outer layer count as torpedo protection. BBs don't take too many citadels bow on anyway, because the shell arms on the bow and detonates before it reaches the citadel. You can still get full pen volleys on Slava that you can't on anything with a 32 mm bow.