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  1. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    25% Coupon for Coal Ships

    what do u think of this cv tutorial mr ash kance
  2. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What does WG think Marlborough‘s redeeming feature is?

    Why does it need to be able to function with 8 guns. It has 16. why on earth would it be superior. in what respect is it better. be specific.
  3. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What does WG think Marlborough‘s redeeming feature is?

    it is not a "well-established tanking strategy" for ships with 32 mm armor, good concealment, and half their guns in the back. would you try to yolo torp in a friesland because it's a well established paolo emilio strategy? those are the only two options, it is impossible to play the game without either parking bow in or parking broadside!
  4. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What does WG think Marlborough‘s redeeming feature is?

    Gun accuracy is not that important when you are spamming HE with 89mm penetration, all you need to do is hit the ship. You can still hit a ship with 1.4 sigma, and even if you don't you can afford some misses because tier 9 Marlborough-with-KGV-shells has 33% more HE damage per minute than tier 10 Conqueror. Bowtanking in a ship with ABXY turret layout and 12 km concealment is moronic and if someone tries to do that nothing is helping them. Thunderer has no HE resistance and it is a well known overpowered ship.
  5. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    How's Sim DD?

    Other way around. You're mostly a gunboat, torpedoes are secondary. If you're dealing with someone rushing your smoke, or you ambush someone around an island, the increased damage and speed are far more useful than 10 km range. For killing ships 10 km away your guns are a lot better than 49 knot torpedoes that do less than 10k damage each if they even hit. At any rate you can just play Mahan, you get an extra gun and the torpedoes are better than the 49 knot Sims option.
  6. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What does WG think Marlborough‘s redeeming feature is?

    16 guns with 25 second reload and KGV HE shells is 240k damage per minute. Man I just cannot imagine why Wargaming did not add a tier 9 HE battleship with 240k damage per minute and a guaranteed fire every salvo.
  7. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    British Battlecruiser line

    Minotaur AP on battleships is really really really broken. I don't even know if balancing that is possible. I mean the tier 10 is a Thunderer with more hp and yamato range and engine boost and radar and an extra gun and the same reload stock as a legendary republique and 20 second turret rotation and so much better dispersion than the Thunderer that it has to be a typo. It's already a tier 12 ship.
  8. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Get a coal ship vs. get Lutjens?

    Lutjens is not that special on battleships. He is of course better than a normal commander, but not 175k coal better. He's a much better captain for DDs or Hindenburg.
  9. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    PA Cruisers....how squishy are they going to be?

    Not the first time, the Tallinn is a Hipper but it has 25 mm plating instead of 27 mm.
  10. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Russian CVs toxic

    color me surprised that a CV is unfun to play against!! must be because of the nation since a game with 4 enterprises is extremely fun More than Germany lmbo
  11. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    CVs are not that as good as people claim.

    very surprising that your planes get shot down when you fly them into flak clouds like they're power ups in super mario
  12. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    How the #$&% does anybody have a 65% win rate?

    that isn't how random numbers work. you might get a worse win rate if you get mad about losses and play poorly because of that, but logging off after losses doesn't change your win rate. you can experiment with this yourself. search for "coin toss" on Google to get a simulator and see if you get 65% heads by refreshing the page every time you flip tails.
  13. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Italian DD Lines Part Two !

    weird progression on the second line maestrale and oriani have absolutely horrible guns (respectively 78k and 92k dpm with SAP) combined with near worst in tier health pools and just average concealment, so you'll get wrecked in most DD engagements and all you can do is really passive spam with long range slow torps. the SAP has 32 pen, decent range and probably good ballistics but I mean, it's 92k dpm at tier 8. you barely outgun a harekaze with the 3 gun hull. artigliere might be getting somewhere, 140k dpm isn't the worst at tier 9. still loses to most DDs but at least the concealment is pretty good. fuel smoke is useful and 140k dpm with 32 pen is good against non DDs. carabiniere has 216k dpm with 32 pen and good base range, shima concealment, decent enough HE to get fires, 45 second reload on 10 long range torpedoes, plus fuel smoke and better than normal speed boost. the hp is low but holy cow. i mean even in DD fights you outspot everything but a shima (which you easily kill) and if they shoot back you can fuel smoke and shoot them for free for 20 seconds. and all of this on a ship with very decent guns for BB/cruiser farming, that also shoots 10 venezia torps every 45 seconds. not sure about the first line but i think comandante toscano looks pretty bad
  14. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Surface ship game mode

    the only reason I ever played world of warships post CV rework was the games with no CV. if every game had a CV I would have quit in February 2019.