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  1. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    How best to dodge and avoid these CV attacks?

    i know this is difficult stuff if you can't read, but the post you quoted is in fact saying that (against a competent CV) good players cannot play better than bad players
  2. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Some advice about Jutland needed

    Yes, they get the same AP penetration angles. You can use AP on the superstructure of ships that are already on fire, or to get full pens on bow/stern/upper belt of a ship that's broadsiding you (it takes some practice to learn when that works). Do not use AP against DDs, yes you sometimes get an impressive volley but not enough to be better than consistent damage from HE. It's pretty much the same situations where you would use AP in another DD. Just remember not to use AP against DDs.
  3. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What's the deal with Seattle?

    Holy cow are you actually brain damaged Worcester has low server wide average damage because of the infamous USN playerbase (of which you are a member). Fortunately that does not mean much since server wide average damage is completely useless for comparing ships.
  4. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What's the deal with Seattle?

    Server average stats are completely useless for comparing ships, because the population playing the ships is not the same. Unless you actually think the Goliath is better at doing damage than the Worcester, in which case you should really see a neurologist. Also, the only tier 10 cruisers competing with Worcester in damage output are Des Moines and Salem which are also low in average damage. Other ships can compete in average damage due to longer range and sometimes better survivability.
  5. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    ranked overhaul

    I'm not sure you read the post. Equal tier planes generally laugh at AA. What makes tier 4 CVs particularly bad is their extreme damage output.
  6. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    What's the deal with Seattle?

    Torpedoes on cruisers are very situational anyway. Both US cruiser lines are very strong.
  7. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    ranked overhaul

    The relevant thing here is probably not whether or not video games are a sport (who cares, bridge is a sport according to the IOC) but whether the 'ranked' game mode accomplishes the implicit task of 'ranking' players by ability. Since rather bad players can attain rank 1 by playing 700 games in the season, it is hard to argue that it does. The problem with tier 4 CVs is not that there are ships with zero AA. There are only a few of those in the tier 4 matchmaking bracket, and AA in general is ineffective so having none is not as big a loss as it sounds. Tier 4 CVs simply have much higher damage output relative to the health of tier 4 ships.
  8. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    New Italian BBs :o(

    That does not mean that the starting attributes of a test ship are random. The fact that Wargaming thinks the ship attributes are close enough to balanced to be worth testing is meaningful in itself. If you don't think SAP is reliable that is probably on you. Its entire gimmick is being reliable. Venezia doesn't even have different autobounce angles anymore.
  9. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    New Italian BBs :o(

    You can draw conclusions from what the developers think is ready for testing on the live servers (or ready for stats to be announced). Granted, when they have tested things like 5.4 concealment Daring, 6.0 concealment Kleber, Puerto Rico with worse concealment than battleships, stealth radar Worcester, or rework CVs where all AA uses the flak mechanic, those conclusions might be "the developers are totally incompetent at balancing". In the case of Italian BBs, the initial stats released are clearly overpowered. That doesn't automatically mean they'll be overpowered when they're added to the game (compare Smaland which looked pretty bad in the first announcement and then was overpowered when it became available) but it isn't meaningless. SAP is reliable against anything that's not perfectly bow in or one of a few BBs with enough upper belt to bounce it. 381 mm SAP is even better, since it overmatches superstructure and 25 mm cruiser sections and is harder to bounce.
  10. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    A different take on German DDs

    This is a misconception. Going from 5 second reload to 4.5 second reload is the same DPM buff as going from 30 to 27 seconds, even though one is 0.5 s and one is 3. Percentage based reload buffs are often even better on guns with fast reload, since you're probably going to shoot again as soon as you reload. In a BB with 30 second reload you might wait a few extra seconds to get a broadside, and if you do that the 3 second reload buff doesn't help at all.
  11. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships

    They can't exactly get 16 guns with no downside. 381 mm caliber is less of a weakness for them than other BBs, since SAP compensates for the lack of overmatch (70-80 degree pen angles) and alpha damage (14050 is more alpha damage than GK or Montana).
  12. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    Best T9 cruiser -revisited

    US ships tend to have low server average stats across the board, especially the tech tree. Des Moines is the best tier 10 cruiser but only a few coal ships and nothing from the tech tree have worse stats on wows-numbers. I'd rather have Buffalo guns than Alaska guns in most situations. Alaska is better if you're citadeling a broadside BB at close range or a broadside cruiser at long range, but Buffalo has a big advantage in damage output otherwise. I think the Alaska hull's advantages make up for it, but it's not 100% clear cut.
  13. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    It's bad enough when CV spots you in a DD...

    The red CV has 60% due to low tier. It is 56% at tier 8 and 10 CVs. You were on top of the leaderboard due to torping the CV, but it is debatable whether you actually influenced the game since you did almost nothing until you torped the CV and your team had already clearly won by then. If you want to use actual stats, there are some actual stats that strongly hint that you have no idea how to play the Khabarovsk in a CV game (or a regular game).
  14. 4HizensTotalLandscaping

    It's bad enough when CV spots you in a DD...

    The enemy CV is not purple, and you do not do fine in the Khabarovsk in general. Actually I would hesitate to say you did fine even in that game. Your contribution was almost nil until the CV suicided into you (one volley each on Shimakaze and Smaland), your team had already clearly won when the CV suicided into you, and the CV dying was purely user error (it should have been clear from both spotting and the RPF indicator that you were chasing the CV, but it stayed bow in to you anyway), so it's hard to say that the game would have turned out differently if you were afk. If all players are equally competent (i.e. every match is a coin toss), the standard deviation in win rate for a player with 1000 games is 1.6%. This means that virtually all players with 1000 or more games played would be between 45 and 55% win rate. The chance of getting a 60% win rate over 1000 games if all players are equally skilled is one in 7 billion. In reality most players are between 45 and 55%, but well over 1% of them are outside that range, and there are a fair number of players with a 60% win rate over 1000 or more games even though not everybody in the world plays world of warships.
  15. The battleships. The cruisers are not as tanky as Russian cruisers, but that's not super relevant when Des Moines and Salem are both stronger than every Russian cruiser in the game. Gorizia is OP because it has flat arcs 2020 USN battleships are harder to citadel when broadside than Russian battleships, because their citadel is lower. 60-67.5 degree AP angles isn't a special trick? Des Moines having light cruiser DPM on a heavy cruiser isn't a special trick? Salem having light cruiser DPM on a heavy cruiser and a super heal isn't a special trick? Georgia going 40 knots isn't a special trick? Alaska having an underwater citadel protected by an overmatch proof internal deck that doesn't show in the armor viewer isn't a special trick? Baltimore stealth radar isn't a special trick? Atlanta having Worcester dpm at tier 7 with a narrow enough hull that battleships and heavy cruisers overpen it broadside isn't a special trick? Omaha having better firepower than the tier 6 ship in the same line isn't a special trick? Every tech tree USN battleship getting a buffed heal isn't a special trick? HE rockets that penetrate all battleship decks except FdG and Pommern when every other nation's HE rockets shatter on 32 mm isn't a special trick? ok guy