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  1. NobleWhiteManlet


  2. NobleWhiteManlet

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    I just want the Marceau. And that much coal takes awhile to aquire.
  3. NobleWhiteManlet

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    Tinfoil hat mode: WG likes you more.
  4. NobleWhiteManlet

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    The pain is transcendent
  5. NobleWhiteManlet

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    Allright. Fess up. What was the winning bid for coal this go round? I bid 100m and lost.
  6. NobleWhiteManlet

    Need more notification about the base getting capped

    The average win rate is 48% for just that reason. For whatever reason, most of this game's player decided that having fun, and being good at the game/winning rounds are mutually exclusive. I am honestly starting to believe that the people only care about sinking ships should stick to co-op. It's a team game where rewards are determined by winning or losing, so not at least attempting to have a base level of skill, or even situational awareness, is harming your team. Sure, everyone goofs once in awhile, or are new players, but the problem you identified are those people with thousands of games played who make no effort in improving because they are having fun doing what they're doing. Being bad at the game is fine, not everyone can devote hours a day to it. But people can still be bad and be an asset for their team just by watching the map. Sorry for the rant, this is a subject myself and many others have brought up before. TL:DR the game gives people no reason to improve because it doesn't punish them for not doing so or losing more than they win.
  7. NobleWhiteManlet

    Wows Culture

    To answer your first question, of course not. Feel free to play any ship you want! Learning them is a mixture of experience and watching YouTube guides. In game, go with everyone deserves slack and respect until they prove otherwise. If you want to know stats, wowsnumbers, the wows online homplepage player lookup tool, and looking up players in their naval bases are good ways to check stays and how many games they've played.
  8. NobleWhiteManlet

    Wows Culture

    Welcome to the game, and good on you for trying to improve! Me personally, if I know someone is in your situation, I won't get irritated at mistakes since you are new and this is a complex game. I will get slightly irked if I see a player with tens of thousands of games make mistakes like shooting HE at a close range, broadside, low HP Seattle while they are driving an Alaska at full health and then keep doing it after getting politely advised to hit the "2" key.
  9. NobleWhiteManlet

    Wows Culture

    Let me preface this by saying this thread is done out of curiosity and not trying to troll. Having said that, while I support trying to eliminate intentional griefing and the like in game, why does this community act like toxicity is such a terrible thing? Sure, nobody likes getting flamed in chat, but if you made a mistake, and the person calling you out has the skills/knowledge to back it up, maybe you are in the wrong? I get the point of the game is "fun", but since rewards and XP are win determined, every match outside of CO-OP is by default, competitive. And for competitive players, losing because teammates made bone-headed mistakes isn't fun. Once again, not trying to troll, just genuinely curious why so many people act like Stat shaming/flaming/"toxic behavior" is so terrible. Anyone who like me grew up in COD lobbies knows that the worst in this game is mild compared to some other communities.
  10. NobleWhiteManlet

    Watching Replay Files

  11. NobleWhiteManlet

    Watching Replay Files

    I used to know how to watch my saved replay files, but for some reason on my new computer whenever I double click to launch them it takes me to the WG game center pop up instead of automatically starting the replay. Any tips? I'm not very computer savvy, so detailed guides would be appreciated.
  12. Dude. I'm a high 50s/low 60s % winrate in most of my DDs so I think I can safely say I'm good at the class. It was near impossible to dodge the old rocket strikes, even in my Kleber. GOING FULL SPEED. You are either trolling, willfully ignorant, or just want to play a ship class with no counter play.
  13. Who would possibly refuse to admit that people dislike cvs... Surely not the ones who keep forcing them into every aspect of the game?
  14. No, leave it at Tier 10. I wanna see how many computer crashes it causes with a full div launching all their torps at once.
  15. NobleWhiteManlet

    Getting Gud. Want to get gudder.

    You aren't wrong about there being no tutorial. You'd think that after a long time of losing more than you win and not doing well in those games, people would at least look to improve is all I'm saying. This is a team game, and because WG made rewards determined based on winning or losing, a competitive one in every mode outside of co-op. If a player is that bad after that long, they are just a detriment to their team.