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  1. NobleWhiteMan

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    From what I'm seeing here, a lot of players aren't happy that WG wants people to play classes as designed. The torp bulge thing isn't great I'll admit, but the CE nerf was needed in a big way. BBs should almost never be able to outspot cruisers like they can now. And as far as being helpless against DDs, that is what WASD and keeping your own cruisers and DDs alive, by focusing the red Cruisers and DDs before shooting battleships is for. I enjoy playing all three classes and the impression I've gotten is that many people play BBs because it is the easiest, most forgiving class. If WG wants to make the class difficulty more on par with the others, I'm all for it.
  2. NobleWhiteMan

    Which Premiums to add to my wish list?

    As far as the DDs, I would absolutely recommend the Haida. One of the best stealth ratings in her mm spread, hard hitting guns, creeping smoke and single fire torps. If you like to play aggressive in dds, she's the ship for you.
  3. NobleWhiteMan

    How to beat Sunray Op Hard Mode?

    Step 1. Don't play with randoms. Have an entire team on voice comms. Step 2. Have a good CV driver keep everyone alive and freeze the bots when needed. Step 3. Position your cruisers and BBs well and make sure they use their consummables often. A BB sitting on the Transylvania all match is very helpful. Step 4. Have a DD or 2 or a DD and a BB camp the gate to attack the Gorgon as soon as it appears. Step 5? Profit and 5 stars.
  4. NobleWhiteMan

    Stop shooting... and win.

    This is why WG should implement a game function where if someone is zoomed in for a certain amount of time, they get automatically zoomed out and their mini-map starts flashing.
  5. NobleWhiteMan

    Playing for "Fun"

    There are thousands of people who enjoy playing WoWs with just as many reason. Some for fun, some for the historical aspect, and many for the competition. What confuses me is why so many act like these are all mutually exclusive. I've been in far to many games where someone will be playing their ship the wrong way, be woefully out of position, or be shooting at a non-priority target, and when called on, even respectfully, they simply respond, "It's just a game" or "I play for fun." Ok fine, more power to you. But when a player with more experience/skill (all very checkable) is giving pointers and even telling one of these players that enjoyment increases with skill, why are they blown off so often? I was in a game earlier where our Monty spent most of the game kiting away from an FDG, and after it was killed, still refused to turn around, despite there being only 1 red DD (A Harugumo) and him being the heaviest ship left. When I asked him to get closer and help our surviving teammates and explained my reasoning, he responded, "blah blah blah blah, it's just a game."
  6. NobleWhiteMan

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Controlling the Map

    Generally, a good idea is to control the two caps that are closer together and can support each other. Then everyone focus fires the DDs/Radar cruisers/anyone in a typhoon or hurricane clan and only then start working on the BBs in the back.
  7. NobleWhiteMan

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    There are lots of actions that constitute damage farming, but the two that will annoy people the most are: Shooting at BBs instead of DDs/radar Cruisers, and the one that causes me the most rage, having simar or less ships left than the reds, but a point advantage and still shooting when the game could be won by going dark and disengaging.
  8. NobleWhiteMan

    Epic Three Ship Division Ideas

    3 Imperator Nikolais, nuff said.
  9. NobleWhiteMan

    Hit by friendly torps!! Seeking justice...

    Yes and no. Yes because accidents happen. No because what you described was negligence. DDs should never fire torps into areas where friendlies are or could be by the time the torps arrive.
  10. NobleWhiteMan

    Got the Des moines

    Sit behind islands like you have been and HE spam. Don't forget about your improved auto bounce AP angles however. Your AP volleys are devastating against broadside cruisers at most ranges and against broadside BBs at close range. One time I killed a full HP North Carolina who was ignoring me in 3 AP salvoes at point blank.
  11. Lenny, while well meaning, completely destroyed his and George's chance to achieve their goals due to his handicap. Just like selfish/unskilled players in ranked. That's the in depth analogy. The simpler metaphor is that the bad players are just shooting their team in the head. MFW looking at Matchmaking Monitor and seeing any tomatoes playing on my team.
  12. NobleWhiteMan

    Another season but the ranked complaints remain

    This entire issue could be avoided if there was a skill, not xp, based requirement to even get high tier ships, and then play them competitively. And before people start telling me it's bad for the game due to less people paying, which I can see where you're coming from, I would be willing to bet it's the highly skilled and competitive population that sinks more money into the game. Randoms, I get, fine. We don't need every team to be stacked with unicums. But this game does a horrible job of incentivizing players to increase their skill level. If certain ships/modes/rewards were locked behind a skill wall, it would turn some people away, but encourage others to gain the required competence. I was lucky enough to be mentored by the OP before he left our clan for bigger and better things, and he helped me become a much better player due to his skill and knowledge, and my own desire to improve. Due to this, I had a blast this past clan battles season and gained a lot more steel than I had hoped.
  13. I've read the book, and the point remains. Bad DDs basically are just shooting their supposed "teammates" in the back of the head.
  14. If you play a DD the way it's meant to be played, so anything but Khaba or Harugumo, you can have a huge impact on the game. However, those players who don't know what they're doing, or dmg farm, are just liabilities and will lose the game for their team. If you are comfortable playing a DD in higher lvl clan battles, go for it. If not, play cruisers or BBS if you are good in them. If a player is not good in any of these, they shouldn't be in ranked. Pic is what tomatoes do to their teams.
  15. NobleWhiteMan

    Brit DD Plans

    My free xp is ready for the Daring. I have the Gallant already, but don't have much interest in the rest of the line.