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  1. Not really. I still report bad players on the red team if they do something especially stupid. I enjoy the satisfaction of playing and beating skilled player, and therefore want as many players as possible to be skilled l. That's why most of the time I run Matchmaking Monitor. That way I can find and fight the good players on the red team.
  2. Three ship divisioning

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I firmly believe if skilled players div up, they should be able to carry most games they play. For those of you who feel this is unfair to solo players; This is a team based game. If your (or my) team of randoms can't/wont focus and kill enemy divisions or other priority targets, they deserve the loss. That's why gamechat is there. Yes I know it's a toxic mess sometimes, but often enough some players do try to coordinate through it.
  3. Back when it was Tier 7, me and some clanmates would do triple Pensacloa divs and pubstomp.
  4. If you have a Texas, just sail that a lot. Plenty of tier 4&5 players trying out cvs and have no idea what they are doing. It's hilarious when they attack your AA spec'd ship.
  5. New player second day playing

    Watch YouTube to learn some of the basics, angling, ammo selection, basic idea of what each ship type & line are like. Also in your settings, change to full alternative interface.
  6. Proposed Consumable: Sabotage

    The fact that some of you can't tell this is a joke is concerning...
  7. Is Aigile a good boat?

    Pros: 1.It has fantastic 139mm guns at close to medium range. 2. Very hard hitting torps 3. W/Survivability Expert you have tier9-10 levels of HP for a DD. 4. Relatively fast. Cons: 1. Terrible gun angles and floaty shell arcs at range. 2. She's big. 3. Torps are short ranged and best used as island ambushes/last ditch suicide rush. All in all, I love my Aigle. It's fun to bully teir 5,6, and 7DDS in her. She plays like a hybrid American/Russian with the flaws of both. I wouldn't recommend her for coal unless there is nothing else you want to spend it on.
  8. The GREATEST Tier!!!11!

    Yes, you filthy seal clubber. Having said that, I currently have Yamamoto on my Ishizuchi...
  9. Alpha/Bravo

    Your bravo team will eventually become your Alpha team after enough progression.
  10. Seems like this whole issue is a point of view thing. The solo players want to keep divs at 3max, where-as those in clans/with a lot of friends would like larger divisions. Personally, I think div sizes should be increased. I'm tired of entering a battle with 2 div mates (often unicums) doing everything right, and still losing because the other 9 players on our team weren't dependable.
  11. FPS Issues

    I reinstalled. it fixed it.
  12. FPS Issues

    After updating to the current version (0.7.7), my game refuses to run at any faster than 30fps and drops to the teens when there is a lot of stuff on-screen. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. I miss playing DDs

    The radar doesn't bother me. Just look at the lineups and adjust your play-style accordingly. Lots of American/British radar? Find an island to hide behind and wait it out or go for open water caps. Russians bothering you? Just keep distance if possible and WASD for 20ish seconds.
  14. Clan Battles is burning out my Tier 10 play, so I've been doing a lot of 4,5, and 7s.
  15. Dasha being added as commander

    Just remind them that Slavs don't count. Point out that the English word "Slave" comes from Slav. It's funny to watch their teensy little minds run in circles with this.