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  1. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    Is the dutch tech tree already dead?

    That won't stop WG. At least Sweden and the Netherlands actually had something like viable navies, albeit mostly inconsequential. Ditto Spain. I'm sure WG has a whole trove of napkin sketches for when they run of real ships.
  2. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    TY WG for my 2nd Missouri

    True. But not often enough (except to keep the suckers coming back). If beating the house ever became commonplace, the casinos and the mob would go out of business. Meyer Lansky was a genius.
  3. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    PSA: Almirante Abreu in T2-T4 crate

    What makes it any different than the Albany it's cloned from?
  4. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    So another day passes in Cyprus and St. Petersburg without so much as a murmur. Just the announcement of another local NA community stream. If it's like the last one with playing dodgeball with V-25's in a training room, we know what to expect: nothing.
  5. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    T Shirts

    Don't try to polish your car with it. Liable to leave a nasty stain.
  6. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    So who is Turry?

  7. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    You underestimate two things: Aggregate influence and word of mouth. Each of the various venues may not be large, but it adds up. Particularly when news breaks through the WOWS-specific barrier into the mainstream. Death by a thousand cuts is a thing. Also, the main thing gamers like to do is game. Their second favorite thing is talking about gaming with like-minded friends and associates, whether on social media, around the water cooler at work, or at a party. I got into MMORPG's because of a coversation at work many years ago. Friends influence friends. Like when it comes to recruiting new players. Maybe nothing will come of it, but this definitely isn't the usual WOWS rhubarb. The icing on the cake is what's going on over on WoT about their Crew 2.0 skills rework. WOWS, and WOWP even moreso, are red-headed step children compared to their marquis title. A similar blow-up with World of Tanks will shake up the bunkers in Cyprus like nothing here.
  8. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    All games die eventually (well, maybe except for Everquest, lol). I'm playing Co-op and Ops till my premium time runs out, then I'll decide what comes next.
  9. Wait, I thought everybody wanted subs! Well, here they are. Enjoy. Always be careful what you wish for.
  10. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I'll bet the mood in Festung Cyprus is pretty ugly. Cue the Downfall rant memes.
  11. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    No employee is going to do or say anything without direct orders...or else. As Mr. Rogers might say, "Can you say Bratva? Sure you can!"
  12. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Yeah, it's all bunk.
  13. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Not likely. They don't think anything is wrong.
  14. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    My expectations are so abyssmally low at this point it's impossible to expect anything less.
  15. Ministre_de_la_Marine

    Community time with Mademoisail and MareDraco

    Dunno about the staff, but a lot of us do right now.