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  1. Valin_2017

    Neustrashimy, Anyone?

    Question: Torps or Guns?
  2. Valin_2017

    German Destroyers: Early Access

    Ya know what? Good For Him!
  3. Valin_2017

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    LIFE...IS...GOOD! You guys get an attaboy ATTABOY
  4. Valin_2017

    Results: Benito Juárez Day

    Benito Juárez :-(
  5. Valin_2017

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    So Don't Play.
  6. Valin_2017

    What I saw Last summer in Texas

    Jan. 29 2021 USS Texas saw important service during the Second World War, including the Normandy Invasion. But the ship's much less remembered service with the Allied Grand Fleet during the Great War reminds us that sometimes the most important battle is the one you do not have to fight. Please support The Battleship Texas Foundation at https://battleshiptexas.org/donate/, where you can find official updates from the ship as well as a store in which you can buy things as a tax deductible donation, or make a donation. Updates are also available at: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-eyduG... https://www.instagram.com/battleshipt... and https://m.facebook.com/battleshiptexa...
  7. Valin_2017

    Commander Skills Update

    What I'm gonna do to start is look at the ships I play regularly. Leave the others for another day.
  8. From the You Never Know What You'll Find File........ Master Chief's Sea Chest Description 20-minute videos on Navy uniforms, Navy hats, Navy insignia, Navy history, Navy cutlass, Navy customs and traditions, Navy ceremonies, Navy food, Navy chow, Navy color guards, Navy drill team, military, Navy chief petty officers, Navy CPO's, and the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard. Walking tour of Washington, DC. Researched, written, produced, and presented by Master Chief Petty Officer Mark T. Hacala, U.S. Navy (Retired). Apr. 30 2020
  9. Valin_2017

    Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor Trailer

    Thing is we're looking back with 20/20 hindsight. Those bureaucrats and politicians were doing what they thought best, based on what they knew. True We (America) put Japan into a place where they believed they had no choice, but go to war. OTOH look at pre-war Imperialist Japan and what they were doing, did We have much choice yourselves, but to embargo Japan.
  10. On my Flight (think platoon) if you had been in country for 5-6 months and hadn't had to see the pecker checker, people would start "Looking At You". There was one guy, when questioned he replied What Can I Say, I Love My Wife!"
  11. Valin_2017

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Thank You. That's kind of what I expected.
  12. Valin_2017

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Thanks you.