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  1. Kirov?

    Thank you to all for your input. Just bought one. Looks like Long range and Run is the way to go.
  2. The Atlanta is a LOT of fun, that said 1. you need cover, get caught out in the open, Nothing Good Happens. 2. you Need a 10 point Capt. in order to get more range. There is a 3rd option...the Helena is coming soon. Less guns but better range 13.2 W/O any skills, as opposed to the Atlanta 11.1. One man's opinion freely given and worth almost that much
  3. Developer Q&A May 8th

    My friend IF you thing Wows is bad I can point you to others that are much much worse. PM me for names
  4. Kill Steals

    I had a Flight Chief (back when dinosaurs walked the earth :-)) one of his saying was...

    ..."Life is full of disappointments, this is one of them...Deal With It."

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      One of my favourites, and I can't remember where I heard it is:  "It's nice to want things.  It builds character."

    2. Valin_2017


      All I want is My Way. If I get my way then I'll be happy...and isn't that what we all want, Me to be happy? :Smile-_tongue:



  5. Premium Ship Review -- PLAN Anshan (2.0)

    FYI Now And Cheap $9.99 ‌Pan-Asian Commander with 6 Skill Points; port slot; 1,500 doubloons.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    I'm really new to this game, I just won one. On 1st glance the old saying comes to mind............"You Get What You Pay For." OTOH I did get a 10 point Russian commander...so there is that.
  7. USS Lexington CV 2 Found

    One of the great things about being one of the richest people around is you get to do cool stuff like this.