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  1. Really do appreciate all the advice guys. It's going to take a while, it took me quite a while to learn the in's and outs of WoT but i eventually made it to where i wanted to be with the help of expierenced players , and i intend to hopefully do the same here, being a floating free xp pinata is going to be a temporary condition i hope :-). I've ordered a mouse, went for one with adjustable dpi, i'm guessing that's to do with sensitivity. That will be here by Wednesday, looking forward to using it. I've started the US CA line and am at the ST Louis atm. Seems like a decent ship however it feels like it has too many guns, alot of its potentially dpm can't be used. Instead of going broadside to targets i'm wiggling left and right to try and keep the front half of guns firing at least. I've crashed a few times though. Still getting used to the delay in movement changes. A forumer mentored me for a few games the other day and taught me about how some ships can remain behind some islands and shoot over them, and when to go on some maps, when to push, predicting torp attacks etc. I'm going to keep my premiums for co-op use for now as they still seem to earn alot of credits and train captains fast and stick in mid/low tiers and try out the different classes like you guys have suggested. I'm a bit nervous about trying DDs but better to know the enemy so to speak so will give them a go. I've downloaded Aslains mod pack and activated replays, added more detailed HUD displays so i know which ships people in chat are using and added some garage changes. Seems like a great mod however i'm not going to use some as they will lead to over dependence on them. Other than that i'm watching as many vids and reading as many articles and threads as i can in whatever free time i get and i hope that if any of you see me in the future i won't be dragging you down or being free xp. That might take a while however so if you see me in the mean time, mention that you're a forumer in chat and i'll do my best to support you if on the same team. I've watched some of my replays and see my faults, atm the main one is getting tunnel vision and trying to fire an extra salvo instead of dodging torps in time, and just being a bit clueless regarding where to go on the maps, experience and watching others should help there though. Thanks again for all the help so far guys. This forum community has been very welcoming and friendly. If any of you ever try WoT console for whatever reason, hit me up on the forums there and i'll gladly return the favour ( or WoT in general, there are differences between platforms but the core mechanics are the same).
  2. OP you think WoT is balanced?? must not have been very good at it if you couldn't see the glaring issues that game also has.
  3. I'm new and after improving, if i lose i don't blame RNG, ships or my opponent, i blame myself. For either being in a bad spot, aiming poorly, timing angling badly etc. Never would i blame my opponent or get annoyed with them as if they didn't capitalize on any fault then they wouldn't be a good enemy. For what it's worth, the Konig is a very nice ship, with very accurate guns due to the 2.0 sigma rating. The Bayern after it goes back to being a bit hit and miss at longer ranges.
  4. A good duel should be enjoyable not infuriating. Better to lose to an enemy after a good scrap than to die to something like Torpedo bombers surely? Should just be a case of GG WP and move on. The drama is pointless.
  5. Englishman here so i had a bit of a grumble lol but in all seriousness Happy Birthday to the US Navy and i hope all those serving get a nice glass, or bottle (can only hope eh?) of rum.
  6. Thanks for the links, i'll go have a watch of some and start working toward the St louis. I'll go have a look at their vids, sounds like it will be extremely useful :-) i got the Soviet Gangut class the other day, i'll start training the crew for a Soviet DD or CA. Trying to drop my old tank habits its proving difficult and has led to me having some awful games. Torps, aircraft, citadels, delay between movement input and action etc, it's all very new and my foolish attempts to try and do things like sidescrape off islands in a bb led to me eating broadsides full of torps. I'll work on communicating with my team. I had been avoiding the chat and on tanks i could carry games without really relying on my team, however WoWs seems to be a far more strategic game than WoT. Thanks for the help guys :-)
  7. Very nice amount of damage, GG WP.
  8. The fact we get super containers at all is amazing, so are the standard containers. We get them all the time too, not just during events. I wish we had something similar on WoT console. We get ops to complete that award small things like 1.5k xp on a specific tank, but no chance to randomly win a free ship, or prem time, or camo.. Better to be grateful than complain, you guys enjoy a very generous game.
  9. Ah ok, thanks:-) I thought that was maybe something to do with map size for some reason. I'll load it up again tomorrow and give it a go, hope the touch pad doesn't decide to troll me. A mouse is a huge priority.
  10. Sounds like amazing advice and i really appreciate the line overviews. There's alot of different ones to pick and it can be a bit daunting trying to decide which to use. I'll get cracking on some CA and DD grinds tomorrow, makes sense to learn how they work. Thanks for the tips Reymu. I'd upvote if i could.
  11. I activated training room, for some reason i can only seem to get a single tier 2 ship on the other team despite me picking different ships in the drop down tab. No doubt just me being daft, new to computers, been a console peasant for too long lol. It does all seem like great advice. People here are really helpful :-)
  12. Nice pics, thanks for posting.
  13. Fair enough, tier 4 it is then, for now. I'll play 5 here and there so as to not get too used to PMM. Being bottom tier is a learning tool in itself. I didn't know that tier 7 tends to be top. I'll bear that in mind. Tier 8 i'm hoping follows a similar playstyle to tanks. Never go anywhere alone, support top tier tanks, pick of weak enemies, flank high tier vehicles when they are distracted etc. The Bismarck is at tier 8, i'd love to have that in my garage but i'm not ready to fight tier Xs here yet so not going to rush toward it. Damn i'm out of upvotes. We only get 10 here? Ah well. I did hope to upvote every reply.
  14. Will do, thanks for the heads up :-) Thanks for the site links, they seem to be similar to wotinfo for tanks. I'll take your advice, it's similar to the advice i give on the wot forums but listening to your own advice is always harder for some reason, especially when getting frustrated with failure. Thanks for the advice and clarity. I'm thinking i might stay at tier 4 in randoms for a bit, due to the PMM. I've taken Hood out a couple of times, had 1 game where i did ok, got stuck in, tanked dmg, but team just folded. In another i met a couple of enemy Atlanta's. That was brutal. I'm keeping a good eye on the map, however torps are a threat i'm not used to, when people turn to launch them i'm too busy getting tunnel vision hoping to score a citadel instead of moving to evade the torps. I'll work on that. I recently got Aslains mod and enabled replays. I think i have to get seperate software to be able to upload them though, i'll look into that. Thanks for the replies so far guys :-) i'll put it all to good use.
  15. That's very true. I've quite liked the German bb line so far, i'm only at tier 4 with the British ships. I'm liking speed atm though, being able to flex around the map seems to be more useful than armour (but get both with Hood thankfully). I played the Orion over the British weekend and fell victim to alot of torps and it was too slow to dodge, so i'm not enjoying that ship much atm. I'm enjoying Warspite, but then again, she can dodge. Cruisers are sounding better and better though. The premiums were gifts, and i've noticed that the Graf Spee is less forgiving than Hood, although the unique playstyle is alot of fun. Finding the sweet spot, range wise, seems to be the difference between a good and bad game with it so far. I'll look into getting one then, thanks for the tip. The touch pad is awful lol, CQC is a nightmare as is precision aiming.