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  1. Sooo ... the Gascan ...

    I know it's frowned upon, and i only play co-op so take my post with a pinch of salt, but have any of you tried her with a HE+secondary build? I'm starting around 10-12 fires fairly often. Again, i know spamming HE from a bb is a bit of a faux pas, but from what i've seen so far she's good at it. If you get close then AP can be better but she's unreliable with AP outside of around 12km, again, just in my relative newbie and still bad at wows experience.
  2. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    By tank he's isn't referring to the armoured combat vehicle. He means tank as in MMO-style tank, which is a character with high hp/armour, the primary role of which is to block/absorb or even take damage so that allies don't have to. HMS Hood is a very tank ship for example, as she has alot of hp and when played well she can shrug off damage that would leave other ships a sinking wreck.
  3. Graf Spee

    She's a fun ship. Works great when paired with a BB if using hydro. Support early on then hunt down and sink damaged ships in the mid-late stages of the game.
  4. You asked why uni's play, i told you. They like the fact it's a strategy game. Quite easy to understand, surely? Most wot players are middle aged and above btw. It does have some kids playing but most voices you hear are blokes over 30 by the sound of them.
  5. Just like WoT, it is fairly slow, but it isn't reflex based like cod, in these games knowledge is power, which has an appeal of it's own. The more time you put in to learn, the more you can use that info to win.
  6. I doubt that. I came here from WoT console which, after being live for nearly 4 years, has also reached most of the players that it ever will, yet i'm helping average players become better there. I was average myself yet managed to reach uni on wot. Anyone can improve, if they put in the time to learn and try. The first most important step is to recognize one's own mistakes and learn from them. The reason that WoWs and WoT have generally awful playerbases is because most people like to blame everything but themselves.
  7. Can the Giulio Cesare have a AA buff?

    Perhaps but it certainly seems to mainly be BB players that i see complaining here, and in game.
  8. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    I push with my BB, usually doesn't go well as the rest of them sail off to the corner of the map, but if you see me in-game i'll be a meat shield for you, until i sink that is.. I see people (usually BBs) in chat saying "let them come to us" etc, people say the same thing in WoT, those people tend to have 46% win rates. People give up map control because they are too passive.
  9. Can the Giulio Cesare have a AA buff?

    It's the best tier V BB atm, it doesn't need any buffs. Probably the opposite if anything. She's more than agile enough to dodge torps too. The longer i'm here, the more i'm starting to understand why people don't like BB players, and i'm a BB player myself.
  10. Why is Hood T7

    I didn't say that Hood wouldn't have been outmatched. Gun calibre aside she clearly was and shouldn't have been sent to engage a battleship (i'd have sent Hood after Graf Spee tbh, the admiralty believed the hype they had created though). The KGV class had smaller guns than Bismarck but more of them and and they had good armour too. The duel between those 2 should have been closer, POW was taking damage from 2 ships however due to Hoods rapid explosive exit.
  11. Why is Hood T7

    Prince of Wales went into combat against Bismarck before she was ready. She still had civilian workmen aboard, her crew had little training and then to top it off she was struggling with visibility and aiming. The admiralty foolishly rushed her into combat, just as they foolishly sent Hood, which hadn't had the refit she was due, to fight a brand new, technologically superior ship.
  12. Why is Hood T7

    I've struggled when using her in randoms, jumped straight in without figuring out her playstyle in co-op and failed badly. Started figuring her out, yet to go back in randoms but i will say that she's very tanky and great at kiting ships. I went with an AA build initially. This was a waste. No player controlled CV sent planes anywhere near her. A durability build would be far better imho, and concealment is important, she gets spotted near spawn otherwise, at ranges where her guns really struggle to fight back.
  13. Serious question, are you talking about yourself? Kind of seems like it. You're insulting someone with a similar win rate to your own, making you poor by your own standards. Where's your improvement? You're sat at 50 percent after 3k battles. I have 144 in randoms and managed to get to 50 percent and know how to deal with HE firing cruisers and i've still got alot to learn. However after getting burned once, and mocked by the guys who did it, i learned my lesson. Always have an escape plan for a start.
  14. In general BBs didn't do much at all, they were more about power projection. Not sure why people think they are meant to be near invincible as the vast majority of WW2s most famous battleships are rusting beneath the oceans. As for burning, BBs did burn. Bismarck was a burning wreck when she went down for example. Graf Spee (not a BB admittedly) burned for days.. To be honest if there had been battleship captains IRL that were as inept as BB players on WoWs than we might have had situations where a cruiser took one out.
  15. I have very few random battles. I'm also a noob. With that said, i've been burned to death by a cruiser once, well, it was 2 cruisers, Atlanta's. I was exposed, they were behind islands, i died due to my own stupidity. I learned my lesson. In a game of rock, paper, scissors, the rock (BB in this case) can be beaten by paper (HE). I've started playing my German tier 7 and 8 BBs in randoms now and so far, despite brawling, i'm not seeing a HE issue. I'm aware of which ships have good HE and i either prioritise them as a target, or i simply avoid ending up in positions where they can shoot me. If i do get set on fire alot i retreat, then use damage control and then heal the damage. If the cruiser tries to follow, i send it some AP love whilst kiting. Torps are the things that kill me. Due to my potato PC i can't see their wake in the water, and they don't move smoothly, they kind of teleport forwards multiple km at a time, which, when you can't tell exactly which way they are going, is a nightmare. That is due to my PC and not the in-game torp mechanics themselves though. HE spam doesn't bother me at all. I recently started playing the De Grasse and not having a heal is a huge disadvantage, and even with HE you have to work alot harder to get damage than a BB, especially a German BB that can get to within 5-11km of enemies and let secondaries farm damage for them as well as having the main guns. OP go try playing cruisers for a while. You will find that unless you get an idiot BB who sits exposed, doing a load of damage to them that they can't just heal back afterwards is tricky. More often than not you either hope that they either use damage control to soon and then you can light them up again, or that the HE took out their AA and a friendly carrier can finish them.