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  1. Serious question, are you talking about yourself? Kind of seems like it. You're insulting someone with a similar win rate to your own, making you poor by your own standards. Where's your improvement? You're sat at 50 percent after 3k battles. I have 144 in randoms and managed to get to 50 percent and know how to deal with HE firing cruisers and i've still got alot to learn. However after getting burned once, and mocked by the guys who did it, i learned my lesson. Always have an escape plan for a start.
  2. In general BBs didn't do much at all, they were more about power projection. Not sure why people think they are meant to be near invincible as the vast majority of WW2s most famous battleships are rusting beneath the oceans. As for burning, BBs did burn. Bismarck was a burning wreck when she went down for example. Graf Spee (not a BB admittedly) burned for days.. To be honest if there had been battleship captains IRL that were as inept as BB players on WoWs than we might have had situations where a cruiser took one out.
  3. I have very few random battles. I'm also a noob. With that said, i've been burned to death by a cruiser once, well, it was 2 cruisers, Atlanta's. I was exposed, they were behind islands, i died due to my own stupidity. I learned my lesson. In a game of rock, paper, scissors, the rock (BB in this case) can be beaten by paper (HE). I've started playing my German tier 7 and 8 BBs in randoms now and so far, despite brawling, i'm not seeing a HE issue. I'm aware of which ships have good HE and i either prioritise them as a target, or i simply avoid ending up in positions where they can shoot me. If i do get set on fire alot i retreat, then use damage control and then heal the damage. If the cruiser tries to follow, i send it some AP love whilst kiting. Torps are the things that kill me. Due to my potato PC i can't see their wake in the water, and they don't move smoothly, they kind of teleport forwards multiple km at a time, which, when you can't tell exactly which way they are going, is a nightmare. That is due to my PC and not the in-game torp mechanics themselves though. HE spam doesn't bother me at all. I recently started playing the De Grasse and not having a heal is a huge disadvantage, and even with HE you have to work alot harder to get damage than a BB, especially a German BB that can get to within 5-11km of enemies and let secondaries farm damage for them as well as having the main guns. OP go try playing cruisers for a while. You will find that unless you get an idiot BB who sits exposed, doing a load of damage to them that they can't just heal back afterwards is tricky. More often than not you either hope that they either use damage control to soon and then you can light them up again, or that the HE took out their AA and a friendly carrier can finish them.
  4. Rodney would be good, we have King George V on the TT and Duke of York as a premium, and the same with the Bismarck class ships and the Scharnhorst class so having Rodney on the TT would follow the trend.
  5. HMS Repulse HMS Renown HMS Prince Of Wales HMS Ark Royal HMS Exeter.. There's plenty that would be great to see.
  6. Bismarck containers

    What's the point of them? I haven't been playing long so not sure. Due to buying a crate i've been getting Yamamoto items but no idea what purpose they serve.
  7. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    This is a fun idea. I'd steal it and do it on the WoT console forum but they would ban me for naming and shaming everytime i added a skull..
  8. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    I'm a complete noob still but i found her awkward. If you can get close she becomes very dangerous, but getting there is the hard bit. The rest of your teams BBs will hide and snipe and the cruisers will run as soon as any red ship is spotted and then you are alone relying on guns that just don't work half the time. At range the odds of you hitting anything are tiny, and mid range engagements work well until a King George V shows up and sets you on fire with every salvo whilst also going undetected after it fires. Gneisenau seemed to be sat inbetween Scharnhorst and Bismarck but is worse than both ( Bis is a tier t8 though obviously). Scharn's extra guns suit her playstyle far more than her sister ships fewer in number higher calibre guns do, and Bismarck's extra range on the secondaries plus hydo make her a far superior brawler. Again though, these are the thoughts of a player with barely 400 battles and only 140 of those in randoms. When i've played a few thousand maybe my opinion will change and it could be that Gneis just isn't noob friendly. The AA is really nice though.
  9. Well played OP, very nice game :-)
  10. I've opened a few and only got camo. Odds of a ship seem to be really quite low, it's a gamble, compared to just buying the ship you want and having a 100% chance of getting it so seems fair.
  11. WG hate us wherever we go :'( Hope to see you on sometime mate, be good to get some battles in.
  12. I haven't played PVP since around Halloween either i don't think, alas i didn't get anything though. WG did give me loads of free xp, credits and the Texas when i got to tier 6 due to the refer a friend thing a bit ago however so can't complain. Congrats to Kaito and the others, enjoy the ships, the Guilio is a very fun ship.
  13. I think i need help, please.

    Really do appreciate all the advice guys. It's going to take a while, it took me quite a while to learn the in's and outs of WoT but i eventually made it to where i wanted to be with the help of expierenced players , and i intend to hopefully do the same here, being a floating free xp pinata is going to be a temporary condition i hope :-). I've ordered a mouse, went for one with adjustable dpi, i'm guessing that's to do with sensitivity. That will be here by Wednesday, looking forward to using it. I've started the US CA line and am at the ST Louis atm. Seems like a decent ship however it feels like it has too many guns, alot of its potentially dpm can't be used. Instead of going broadside to targets i'm wiggling left and right to try and keep the front half of guns firing at least. I've crashed a few times though. Still getting used to the delay in movement changes. A forumer mentored me for a few games the other day and taught me about how some ships can remain behind some islands and shoot over them, and when to go on some maps, when to push, predicting torp attacks etc. I'm going to keep my premiums for co-op use for now as they still seem to earn alot of credits and train captains fast and stick in mid/low tiers and try out the different classes like you guys have suggested. I'm a bit nervous about trying DDs but better to know the enemy so to speak so will give them a go. I've downloaded Aslains mod pack and activated replays, added more detailed HUD displays so i know which ships people in chat are using and added some garage changes. Seems like a great mod however i'm not going to use some as they will lead to over dependence on them. Other than that i'm watching as many vids and reading as many articles and threads as i can in whatever free time i get and i hope that if any of you see me in the future i won't be dragging you down or being free xp. That might take a while however so if you see me in the mean time, mention that you're a forumer in chat and i'll do my best to support you if on the same team. I've watched some of my replays and see my faults, atm the main one is getting tunnel vision and trying to fire an extra salvo instead of dodging torps in time, and just being a bit clueless regarding where to go on the maps, experience and watching others should help there though. Thanks again for all the help so far guys. This forum community has been very welcoming and friendly. If any of you ever try WoT console for whatever reason, hit me up on the forums there and i'll gladly return the favour ( or WoT in general, there are differences between platforms but the core mechanics are the same).
  14. OP you think WoT is balanced?? must not have been very good at it if you couldn't see the glaring issues that game also has.