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  1. AustralopithecusHominida

    The appalling behaviour of players in battles with PR

    What is the sentiment about PR on the EU and RU servers?
  2. AustralopithecusHominida

    Q about the Armory

    This question is for the people who have been around the Armory for a long time. I know it was called something else before. The question: If WG decides to remove a resource ship, or replace a resource ship, or even add a resource ship do they give any notice and if so how much notice? I am asking because the coupon refresh is coming 26 Dec. and I have my eye on those 457 guns on the Thunderer. Smolensk doesn't interest me. Smolensk is just a gimmicky toy. It only does.............what it does. I can go down to the bowling alley and put a quarter in an arcade game and do the same thing Smolensk does.
  3. AustralopithecusHominida

    Buff Kremlin, it sucks

    All it only needs is an onboard Starbucks
  4. AustralopithecusHominida

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    Like it matters what NA server thinks or wants, it only matters what the RU servers want
  5. AustralopithecusHominida

    I finally broke 100 Karma....

    Alternate accounts do come in handy
  6. AustralopithecusHominida

    Any News on KMS Siegfried Super Cruiser?

    The timeline stated from posters for the KMS Seigfried is disappointing. What and When are the next coal and/or free XP ships to come out? -- any opinions about projected new releases?
  7. AustralopithecusHominida

    Any News on KMS Siegfried Super Cruiser?

    Please, Please does anyone have any definitive news or updates on the KMS Siegfried Super Cruiser? -- release date -- cost -- which currency -- final stats and goodies
  8. AustralopithecusHominida

    Karma system = Flawed

    Or maybe a system like ice hockey's +/-. One point per sunk ship per win, lose one point if you are sunk.
  9. AustralopithecusHominida

    Want to Change In Game Name for Free?

    Get several friends or clan mates or just convince several strangers to report your present name as offensive. The automated system then gives you a "RENAMED_xxxxxx" account. With this, you get one FREE name change. Several weeks ago I was thinking how lame my in-game name was....but 2500 doubloons (gold for WoT) is a bit much. I could use that amount of doubloons for sooo many other things. Then low-and-behold I log in this weekend and I am a Renamed account (after 2+ years with the previous name). I checked into it, and I get one FREE name change. I want to thank those individuals who are easily offended and feel the need to make the planet a better place. You saved me 2500 doubloons for something stupid like game name change. Now to choose a kewl, kik-rear-end name.
  10. AustralopithecusHominida

    Real Life Torpedo Reload

    In reality, real-life (under combat conditions) how long did it take to actually reload, aim, and fire torpedos on destroyers? on cruisers? Come to think of it.....what was the successful hit rate also?
  11. AustralopithecusHominida

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    CVs are nothing more than mobile runways. While the rest of us are playing historic naval warships, CV players are playing aeroplanes. Wonder why they don't go play WoWP. So much more fun than the aeroplane version in WoWS.
  12. AustralopithecusHominida

    Player Colors?

    what are the details of the colors of players......i've seen pink and heard of orange.....are there other colors? what do they designate? are they like WoT if you turn 'blue' you are fair game to both allies & enemies? i've looked thru the Wiki and forum tutorial guides and none mentions the details or even definitions for designations.