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  1. Nelson. Used her to finish grinding out my first 19 pointer. Close second is Cesare.
  2. A couple of days ago, I finished the KGV grind and found that overall, I enjoyed the ship. Good concealment, AP hits hard when you're not trying to citadel BBs, plus the old RN BB fire starting capability. Given players' opinions on the RN BB line, I found KGV to be underrated, though it is the only BB that I've had the front turret destroyed...twice. So, now I'm on to the famous and historical Monarch, or KGV round 2. The atrocious dispersion aside (completely missing the target at less than 7km!), I've noticed that her AP is very...unsatisfactory. Playing her in coop, I sent my salvoes into the upper belt and superstructure of an undamaged Bismarck (broadside to me at the time). Two regular pens for no damage, and a bunch of bounces. Against her German counterpart at ranges of less than 7km, the AP when it penned barely damaged the target. I finally switched to HE just to get some damage on it. Other games, she can knock off 15k easily in a salvo. Her AP like all BB AP still wrecks cruisers that can't bounce it, and when RNGesus blesses your salvo, I'm sure the short fuse timer shells will wreck DDs. I'm trying not to be an HE spamming derp with my RN BBs, but with the very inconsistent AP performance that I've seen against BBs in about 5 matches, I can see why most players just stick to HE and fire starting. Does Monarch just have terrible AP, or is it just me? I should think I know how to aim BB guns at this point.
  3. Thought so. Surface RO here.
  4. Why does Dunkerque have a higher detectability range than the Richelieu and Gascogne? Richelieu was bigger overall, yet she marginally beats the Dunk on her stock detectability range not to mention as a T8, she has access to Concealment upgrade. Even the Lyon with that huge superstructure is less detectable than the Dunk. Also, since Normandie became the tech tree ship, what are the chances of implementing a second hull for the Dunk which represents the Strasbourg with her increased armor values to make her a little tougher?
  5. Same here. Maybe I got too used to the Fuso shotgun and adjusting to the Nagato rifle is taking a while.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    @Sir_Davos_Seaworth was on the opposing team driving a Shira and shouting poi to the world. I believe he was BB AP'd to death. Too bad my team lost...
  7. Do you keep Normandie?

    Some ships click for some players and others don't. I enjoyed Normandie and kept her. Sure, she has no AA, armor isn't the strongest and her torpedo protection sucks. But my first game in her was a 4 kill 120K damage game. I never did that good in Dunkerque in over 120 games. Now the Lyon, with the expection of the French gold Operation, I have hated every moment of her. Sure, she has great AA, but my experience with her was that at T7, her guns (albeit 16 of them) are terrible, AP shells shattering on BB upper belts and superstructure and the shells are all over the place. She doesn't have the Normandie's agility and her armor isn't much better. Plus, in my experience, I always seemed to get focused down quickly or HE spammed to death even at bottom tier. I couldn't buy a win in her. IMO, Lyon is very overrated and Normandie is underappreciated. Again, some ships click with the player and some don't.
  8. It was only a special commander, it's not like you missed out on a ship. I missed the Aigle by a few missions, and started the New Years campaign too late, so I didn't get the DoY and the subsequent T6 tech tree ships that I didn't have for free. It bothered me some, but I know I wouldn't be using them much, as I won't be making much use of this commander as I rarely play Russian ships. The only thing I found irritating about the campaign wasn't the ship kill requirement, but the T6 requirement. I had to alternate between Leningrad and Molotov (got them in Xmas crates) to do the missions and I never played them (Leningrad is fun though, very fast). Until this campaign, my Russian experience was limited to the Kirov grind and the Okt Rev.
  9. Lyon OP

    I have not enjoyed playing the Lyon. I can't get the same performance out of her that I could get in the Normandie, despite having 4 more of the same guns and lots of AA power. I won't miss it once the grind is done. On the flip side, I don't see or hear much praise for the Normandie, and I enjoy her immensely. To each their own, I guess. I will say that Lyon was fantastic in Operation Hermes.
  10. Started at 20, made it to 15 in 9 battles today. First one was a clear loss in Roma, so exited and took the Prinz Eugen. 6-2 with the Prinz so far. Some games good, others not so much, but I've gotten Dreadnought with her twice already. Haven't seen more than 3 BBs on one side so far. I'm tempted to switch to BBs, but I'm having a good time with Eugen. I guess I'll keep moving toward rank 10, then I'm forced to stop due to lacking T10 ships.
  11. USN DD Capt Skills

    I have a 13 point captain on the Mahan right now, who will be going up the line and could use some advice on the last 6 points. Currently equipped skills are PT, LS, BFT, SE & CE. It doesn't look like any of the other T4 skills are useful, so, I'm looking at maybe HA, TRE & PM for the last 6 points. Other options could be SI, but I rarely end up using 3 smokes or DE, but I don't see that helping the painfully pathetic fire chance on those guns. Please and thank you!
  12. Not a fan of the Alabama

    I have a love/hate relationship with the 'Bama. I love that she's a good boat with some great guns that can pen everything, but she's not a brawler and those shells are floaty. She has reasonably good concealment for flanking. My issue is, I can't seem to buy a win with her in randoms. Before I stopped playing the last ranked season where I ended with a 50% win rate, I was doing rather well with her. But I've had so few good games with her in Random that I rarely take her out.
  13. Varyag SCs

    100 Juliet Charlie signals. May my DDs never detonate...
  14. Who have you seen in game

    @Rolkatsukiwas on the opposing team driving an Aigle. My team didn't do so well. At least I got to dev-strike their annoying Atlanta.