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  1. Batmantis_

    Pretty ok Coop run...

    Nice! I remember just doing whatever blah blah get ribbons mission for whatever blah blah event and broke 1000 base XP in a coop match. With Salem. On Ocean. I think the 50+ plane kills helped me there and the 5 kills.
  2. Batmantis_

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Another T8 premium German BB with lots of guns and torps and almost 70k HP? Can Odin have back the 8000HP that was taken away because she was "too strong?" Actually give her like T7 levels of BB HP instead of T6 levels, lol.
  3. Batmantis_

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

    Brawls were good because it was 3v3 or even the 2v2 season. They were fast-paced and fun. I remember the first brawl at T10 was 5v5, which wasn't bad. Or that 4v4 Clan Brawl which was fun (also the ONLY time I took a CV in PVP because GZ secondaries). This T10 9v9 isn't enjoyable. It's essentially clan battles 2.0 with the same ships over and over just like CB. The only thing that made it acceptable was the ability to div with 9 players. Brawls should be small teams like before and played among the other tiers that aren't T10. Please and thank you.
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I want to love it but I hate it so much. It's got the biggest alpha guns but on a hull made of wet tissue paper. The only good games I've had are the ones where the enemy team don't bother shooting at me and let me run wild. When her guns sing, oh boy do they sing. But they have let me down just as much as Roma's guns. The biggest thing about this ship and this goes for all cruisers as well, is that all it takes is one little misplay and you go back to port. Or even better is when a Slava catches you while repositioning with a salvo from 23-24km and deletes you with over 50k health. A CV that decides to focus you will ruin your game (even a T8 CV). IMO, it's kind of like the Georgia. Fast ship, few really big accurate guns, overly gimmicked (and I never really liked that one either, only just coming around to it). But at least Georgia can take a hit or two. I'm a BB main and I enjoy flanking as much as I enjoy a good brawl. I do not enjoy the Incomparable. I only choose to play it since I spent steel on it. I expected a bit better from her protection scheme, as it's quite similar to the Hood, but I find that the Hood can take a beating far better than Incomparable. Long story short, I'm a detractor on this one. I don't regret the purchase since none of the other steel ships appealed to me and I already had Bourgogne. I will also note that I have struggled with ships that are highly popular and labeled OP but thoroughly enjoy and do well in ships that are labeled as mediocre. But as the old trope goes, YMMV.
  5. Batmantis_

    Time to buff HMS Hood?

    Hood's original gimmick is dead thanks to the CV rework. The changes to her gunnery made it so she could gain more citadel hits against battleships, but the one thing that wasn't changed that should have been was her penetration values. If WG doesn't give her back her short fused AP to reliable blap cruisers again, she needs more penetration on her shells, since at the ranges most people play at, her shells are just going to shatter constantly as is, even against thinner belts, like NC for instance, a very easy BB to citadel. Gameplay wise, she has great turret angles, and can get all 4 turrets shooting forward without over-angling for citadel damage and her rear angles are really good too. Great kiting ship and her armor is actually quite solid for this role, with her "weak" deck capable of shattering most cruiser HE rounds in her MM. Plus, I do believe she gets the improved heal that Warspite has, so she can soak up a bit of damage and keep at it. Not Nelson levels mind you, but Hood's citadel isn't nearly as vulnerable as Nelson or Warspite for that matter. I would like to see the old girl tweaked for the better as well, especially since T7 isn't the gold standard anymore and sees more and more T9 matches these days.
  6. Batmantis_

    Yoshino or Napoli

    Long range HE spammer with long range area-denial torps vs a decently stealthy cruiser (10.3km min) that can brawl with hilarious secondaries that can reach 9.2km and 90mm guns can pen 26mm. Of the two, I prefer Napoli and not just for the memes. She has better armor and better maneuverability. Oddly enough, though she has bigger guns than Venezia, she has a smaller smoke firing penalty. She doesn't kill DDs as nicely as Venezia, but I think she's more versatile and her secondaries are much more useful. So, yeah, do you want to farm or do you want to get in people's faces?
  7. I'm actually happy to hear that Repulse will be part of the dockyard rewards and thus obtainable for free with many hours of grinding.
  8. Batmantis_

    There will be a lot of crying…

    As far as coop goes, subs have one good effect...the matches last longer. On the downside, it's a snooze fest while you wait for the sub to be at a depth from which surface ships can attack, especially with 3+ subs.
  9. Batmantis_

    Why WG?

    Wow, you just took me way back because I did the same thing...must find books! I remember the book was World War 2 Warships. Had great color images...I'd buy a copy if I could find one just for nostalgia. As far as movies go, The Enemy Below will always be my favorite even if it's sub warfare. Especially since they filmed it on an actual DE.
  10. Batmantis_

    Why WG?

    Right now, I've got my clanmates from my clan and some of our other sub-clans and even ex-clan members and we can still have fun playing together, sync-dropping and having a good laugh at one another while dealing with our teams. They are ultimately what keep me around. WG wants money, more money and even more money, hence these early access missions encouraging a player to spend money for the chance to get a T9 tech tree ship a patch or two early. Dockyard events all require money to complete...only the PR could be done completely without spending doubloons, but they made it nigh impossible for most players to complete. Like you, I've loved surface ships from the past, ever since I saw Sink the Bismarck at age 7. I love visiting the museum ships. I play this game to keep that interest going. I could visit the Massachusetts one day, then fire up the game and take the Massachusetts into battle and have a good brawl. I've been close numerous times from walking away from WOWS, but my love for ships still keeps me here...for now. Hang in there.
  11. Batmantis_

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    While I will miss her excellent reviews, this is better for her overall. Better for her sanity and her health.
  12. Batmantis_

    Coal prices creeping upwards - Napoli

    Still cheaper than Neustrashimy with it's 296k price tag...for a T9 DD
  13. Batmantis_

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Win on Random. Win on random Loss on random
  14. Batmantis_

    I Did The Thing

    She sure is a blast to play. Enjoy her!
  15. Batmantis_

    Truth in advertising

    When we face them in CB's, we race to beat them to the F11 spam. They're good sports about it too.