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  1. Batmantis_

    So this just happened

    My last container for the day and I get a new toy. I hope I didn't use up all of my good RNG on that!
  2. Batmantis_

    What's your favorite ship?

    Roma Giulio Cesare Massachusetts
  3. I will grumble out loud when I see I'm either the only T8 or one of 2 or 3 on my team in a T10 match, then sail out and do the damage that I can. If you know what the strengths and weaknesses are of your ship you can make it work in any tier. A T10 cruiser is going to get blapped as easily as a T8 cruiser. A T8 BB can blap T10 cruisers and put a big hurting on T10 BBs who misposition. One of the truly satisfying things to see is seeing your salvo from the wonky guns of a Roma balance a full health Stalingrad with a quad citadel and your teammates see it.
  4. Batmantis_

    Von Der Tann Battlecruiser proposal

    At those low tiers as a BB, she would only get the standard DCP and Repair party consumables and never a "gimmicky" consumable. Her speed might necessitate her being a T4 ship for balance reasons, though with such short range, T3 is the better spot. Nassau barely has 11km range. I would love the VdT as a premium, but as many have stated before in many other threads, low tier premiums don't bring in the sales like the higher tier premiums. WG could make the VdT, and woud probably give us those infernal grindy missions to earn her like the preceding Vampire, Varyag, October Revolution and Exeter.
  5. Batmantis_

    Premium Ship Review #123: Lazo

    It was good to see you driving an Atlanta on my team the other day! Keep feeling better! And thanks for the review.
  6. Batmantis_

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    From the news page: Please find more details on our portal in a special article published on May 1. To obtain Azur Lane content, you need to press a special button in the Azur Lane-related news article, or purchase the relevant packages in our Premium Shop. So, yes for free stuff on May 1, I guess.
  7. Batmantis_

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    5 for 5 with Perth and Vampire. Vampire got back to back High Calibers.
  8. Batmantis_

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    The trouble with Perth is that she requires a heavy investment to unleash her potential, and as a T6 ship that can only train Commonwealth captains, that investment is better spent elsewhere for many players.
  9. Batmantis_

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    What? Another reason to take out Perth besides being a really fun ship to play? Count me in! Vampire too, she's the only T3 ship I play.
  10. ^ This for sure!
  11. Fiji is an outright boss and dominates in her tier, but Yorck is no slouch either. Many players have less than fond memories of Yorck from long ago due to her gunnery, but she was changed so that her AP and HE have the same muzzle velocities, so her gunnery is very comfortable, and her range is really good. Yorck really does set you up nicely for the rest of the German cruiser line, as all the remaining ships have similar gun handling and range and powerful, but short ranged torps. Roon is the oddball, going back to Nurnberg turret arrangement and giving up 2 torp launchers, but still quite strong. The thing about Yorck that sets her apart from her tier mates is her armor. While she has the 16mm bows, she has 25mm upper belt armor on top of her 80mm (?) belt. Angled well, she can bounce up to 356mm BB AP. I once angled in and rushed a Lyon with Yorck and he gave me all 16 barrels of AP. And then I laughed as the shells either missed or bounced and I point blank torp killed the Lyon. Quite satisfying. After Yorck, the rest of the cruisers all have 27mm external plating, so you can bow tank and rush 381mm armed BBs since their AP can't overmatch you. Plus, they all have the built-in IFHE, so their HE will hurt almost anything it hits. OTOH, while British cruisers are made of paper, they do have heals and smoke and better stealth. I like both cruisers and kept both cruisers. I did get the Fiji first, but stalled out on Edinburgh, so started grinding German cruisers and finished that line. Hindy is my first and only T10.
  12. Batmantis_

    Ships you play the most.

    Giulio Cesare (167) Roma (164) Dunkerque (145) Roma will soon become my most played ship.
  13. Poor Leander didn't make the cut. That's too bad, especially given how good she is in AL. And her voice is quite pleasant.
  14. Batmantis_

    Space Battles are barely playable with the playerbase

    You know what space battles doesn't have? CVs and their annoying planes! And everybody is top tier! And the ships all come with 19 point captains! Personally, I'm enjoying it from the perspective of seeing what gunnery is like on the various T10 ships in lines I've been grinding. I had no interest in unlocking Republique, but I am impressed by her guns and fast reload. I haven't ground out the IJN cruisers, but I must say that I enjoy playing Zao since I played the German CAs the same way, more or less. But yes, there are so many players that don't know what they are doing. A Mino uses hydro and drops smoke barely out of spawn. Looked up the player's stats and they are barely into T6. Whatever. Like many said before, it doesn't count against your stats.
  15. Batmantis_

    Should I buy Prinz Eugen

    Both PE and Hipper have the 27mm plating, but Hipper has 40mm bow armor all the way up (PE is not quite all the way the last time I looked at them), so she can actually take some more bow on hits if they are at the waterline. If someone aims high, then 406mm+ guns will overmatch. I have both ships, and actually prefer the Hipper over the PE (even with her heal). The differences are minute, but Hipper has faster rudder, slightly more gun range for kiting, faster reload and 300m better concealment. But again, if you like the Hipper or even Yorck, you will probably like the PE. Yorck has similar range and muzzle velocities to the Hippers, the heavy torp armament and same speed. If you can perform with the Yorck, you should do fine with PE.