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  1. Batmantis_

    Hood Kite T9

    I think I was top tier, but I took my Hood to C cap on Shards. Most of my team lemming trained to A cap. Our DD at C got blapped, so after I entered the cap and saw how many reds were bearing down on me, I made a sharp left out of the cap and took off back towards spawn. There was a friendly cruiser with me as well. Looking at the mini-map, at least 9 enemy ships had lemming trained to C and instead of taking the cap, they all started chasing the Hood, looking for that historical end to the great ship. After my team finally cleared A, I told them to push B as no one was there, they were all busy trying to kill me. My damage numbers weren't great, but towards the end of the chase once my team had arrived and the reds started engaging them, I did dev strike a cruiser. I think I managed to finish off another cruiser and a DD before we won the match. This was before the changes to Hood's shell fuses. She really does have great turret angles and strong armor for kiting.
  2. Batmantis_

    How Do You Perth?

    She doesn't get improved AP like on the British CLs, so she uses HE more until a cruiser gives up it's broadside, then shoot AP. Perth needs the smoke generator mod, hydro mod and even spotter mod to truly be awesome. Creeping around in her smoke with extended hydro duration for defense and spotter plane to help her see and extend her poor range.
  3. It wasn't a dev strike, but a Stalingrad turned around an island and gave up its flat broadside at 15km from my Roma. I hit it for a quad citadel. It died about 30 seconds later. Or the triple cit on a Moskva at max range with Roma with spotter up. That was satisfying.
  4. Batmantis_

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    Odin is too powerful a brawler in testing at T8 with what, 305mm guns???
  5. Batmantis_

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    It might be time to continue the Chappy grind to Donskoi, and get Moskva before the split, for more free ships. If nothing else, I'm stoked about being able to have a perma-camo for Kirov...reporting.
  6. Batmantis_

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    Sweet, I will be able to get Flint for coal in the future. That's a win. Once more, no need to worry about acquiring steel. If you don't have Jean Bart and are somewhat into BB play, get her! She is one of the most fun ships I have in my port. She is far superior to Richelieu in all regards, and the reload booster really makes her a threat to anything she will face.
  7. Batmantis_

    What ships are best for what operation ?

    It must be a preference thing, since no one mentioned Graf Spee for the T6 ops. I don't play Ops that much, last time was Raptor Rescue, and I've had more fun with Graf Spee, than any of my many BBs that I prefer to play. She may be slow, but her guns murder the cruisers, her torps are good, strong hydro, T8 levels of HP and gets a heal.
  8. Batmantis_

    Your First Kraken?

    Mine was in the T3 Bellerophon. It came down to 1 vs 3, with me at a little over half health against a low health Bellerophon, half health Kawachi and almost full health South Carolina. I was engaging the Kawachi when the Bellerophon took a shot, so I burned that one into submission. As the Kawachi was disengaging, the SC showed up giving me full broadside, so I was able to get multiple citadels with the crappy British AP. After finishing off the SC, I sailed towards their spawn, spotted the Kawachi and finished it off for the win and the Kraken. I was still fairly new, but used aggressive angling which I learned about on there here forums to good use, that and consumable management. I channeled my inner Yuro by being sure to say "bye" in all chat right before my shot landed for the kill.
  9. Batmantis_

    Well, this is fun...

    Figured it out. It was Mermaid's Wrath mod causing the issue. Cleared the mod out, and back to normal.
  10. Batmantis_

    Well, this is fun...

    That would be nice. I just loaded a training room to see if that works and no luck. Still stuck.
  11. Batmantis_

    Well, this is fun...

    So, I'm in the que for a match, match starts and I'm stuck seeing the load screen. I can hear the action, sound the horn, move the ship, shoot guns, but I'm not actually in the game. I've restarted the game twice now and I still can't get past the load screen, but can hear the gameplay. Lots of fun. I'm sure I'll be working off some pink for all the AFK reports... T7-9 match, North, domination.
  12. Batmantis_

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    PEF's guns are crap and while her secondaries look good, they don't help. She has terrible penetration for a BB and I have struggled to do meaningful damage to enemy BBs with her. PEF doesn't get the same citadel protection as the rest of the German BBs. The Graf Spee, while having 2 less barrels has much better accuracy, is meant to murder cruisers efficiently, and while her gun penetration is low when dealing with BBs, she is the ONLY KM cruiser that gets decent 8km torps to use against the BB driver not looking at you. She also gets the german hydro and best of all, repair party on a T6 cruiser. She may be much more fragile, but she has T8 levels of HP. Graf is such a versatile ship. Both ships will struggle with DD's, but Graf at least has the hydro to help, though cruisers are her primary prey. Let me offer another perspective. I'm a BB main. I love my big alpha strikes and heavy armor and healing ability. I picked up the HSF Spee way back when I was still learning the game and it didn't work out back then. Then I got the standard Spee some time later from either the Steam sale or Xmas crates and started using her. I have 92 random battles in Spee, and my stats show that it is one of my best played ships, if not the best. Now, the Scharnhorst on the other hand, would be the best bang for your buck. But PEF...I can't recommend it over the Spee.
  13. Batmantis_

    What is with the AI in Raptor Rescue

    I must've been lucky then. I played 3 RR matches yesterday, and while some bot ships were lagging behind, Raptor was always on course and all 3 matches were 5 star victories. While communication may not always be the best, the players I had seemed to know what they were doing. The first two games, when I drove south with Dunk, I had at least a ship or CV support. The last game, I was in Graf Spee and scouted the North side after the rendezvous while the rest of the team cleaned up the southern group. Worked out good for me since I got to solo kill the CV. Maybe today will be a different story as far as the bots and players.
  14. Batmantis_

    Italian BB line next please

    Italian BBs national flavor/gimmick: They will have better stealth than same tier cruisers, at least as far as T6 and onwards (Cesare beats Trento, Roma laughs at Brindisi and Venezia), SAP that people will complain about, short range self-defense only AA, and decent speed for the T5 and upward ships. Of course, WG could just equip them with HE instead of SAP, because reasons. They will likely all have waterline or above water citadels. They already have a model that they can use for balancing the T6 Caio Duilio in the form of the T6 Cesare with various stat changes due to the differences in the rebuilt classes. And since Roma's accuracy issues are so well known, if they aren't going to change the dispersion values for the Vittorio Veneto/Littorio, at least give them the higher sigma that Roma had in testing to compensate, especially given the shorter range that WG gave them. On a side note, how long of a gap was there between Warspite in the game and the British BBs? How about Tirpitz and German BBs? Cesare was in the game in fall of 2017, Roma early in 2018.
  15. Batmantis_

    Thunderer compared to Conqueror

    Thanks Mouse, now that I think about it, I remember this graphic of yours! And now I just checked your famous and historical review page to make sure I didn't miss something.