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  1. This. I run this loadout on my QE, gives her turrets about the same rotation speed as Warspite, and much easier to work with. Yes, she gives up aiming assist, but I find her to be accurate enough, not Warspite levels of accurate, but good enough. MBM2 is much better now that it doesn't include slower reload speed in exchange for faster turning guns.
  2. Batmantis_

    Stealing kills

    Players who whine about kill stealing are the players that don't care about winning matches and get the bonus XP from winning, or are just trying to pad stats. The amount of extra XP for getting a kill doesn't compare to the amount of XP earned for smacking a ship for 3/4 of it's health, especially if it was a higher tier ship. The goal is to work together to remove enemy guns from play and win. I'll get annoyed if I've done most of the damage to a target and I actually have shots out on said target and someone else gets the kill, since that was a salvo I wasted that could've been used against something else (especially as a BB main). I play to win. If I have a shot on a low health DD or HE spammer, I'm taking it as that removes either a key ship from play or a nuisance from play. I'm pretty sure you would never hear someone whining about kill stealing the enemy CV.
  3. Batmantis_

    California Dreaming

    A USS California post and it isn't @Soshi_Sone!? What devilry is this? Too many people are having fun with this ship, so I now expect to see WG bring out the nerf hammer again! You get 40sec reload and you get 40sec reload and you get 40sec reload, everyone gets 40sec reload! Well, I hear Country Roads playing, so I'll see myself out. Won't be shooting down many planes with Mountain Mama, but she can smash face real good.
  4. Batmantis_

    Lamest Clan (NA)

    So leave and find a new one. My buddy and I were commander and deputy commander and got tired of not being able to field 7 members to play CB even though we had more than 40 at all times, usually almost 50 members, so we left. Go to the recruitment page here on the forums, find a clan that is advertising for CBs and talk to the recruiter! I didn't get to play a single CB match this season until I changed clans.
  5. Batmantis_

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    Seeing multiple Petros in CB is annoying for sure, but that doesn't mean that team gets the insta-win. I said screw it, spent some FXP since all the FXP ships don't interest me and grabbed Petro for CB. I took it out twice and hated it, as I hate that playstyle. The next time I take out Petro will be for the snowflake event. I've had better games and more fun driving kiting ships like Yoshino, Hindy or Venezia.
  6. Batmantis_

    Triple YOLO Emilio

    Here is my replay from it. Sorry, don't know how to edit or upload in video format. I would love to see one of their replays. From my end, seems rather lackluster given my damage numbers. But I spent most of the time re-flipping caps and trying to get those 3 once they moved from the other flank. 20201110_182012_PBSC507-Belfast-1959_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  7. Batmantis_

    Triple YOLO Emilio

    Thanks for the details from their side of the game. Very intense match and one of the most fun ones I've had!
  8. Batmantis_

    Triple YOLO Emilio

    Heh, I was in that match with them on the opposite team. I was kind of dreading it when I saw them and having just watched VirtualSenpai's replay on Jingles' channel. My team won though! I actually took top spot with Belfast. Darn good match. Those Emilio's are fast...I just watched my replay and I missed so many shots.
  9. So, WG said they were moving the DM UU from slot 6 to slot 5 because it was "too effective" back in 0.9.5 along moving everything to the RB. I just checked in the the RB though, and it still says slot 6 upgrade. So, anyone still running the UU, is it slot 5 or slot 6? Because as I understood it, DM UU in slot 6 was really good, and I might spend some research points on it.
  10. Batmantis_


    There is a fairly recent video on YouTube from iChase showcasing the Nelson and how to abuse her 32mm armor sections by kiting away to keep her in battle longer. She's a great ship, AP will punish pretty much everything and she has the really good HE that the RN BB line is known for. And for the asking price vs what you get in return, Nelson is among the best bang for your buck as far as resource ships.
  11. Batmantis_

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    Most ships are quite feasible with top tier or all same tier matchmaking. Roma is a monster vs T8 ships for one example. Now come back and continue singing its praises after several matches of getting farmed by any of the following: Thunderer, Zao, Hindy, Henri, DM, Yoshino, Haragumo, Kitakaze, throw in Bourgogne for the reload booster laughs and Yamato/Musashi for the overmatch memes.
  12. Batmantis_

    HMS Furious (Pre CV Conversion HUGE Guns)

    We don't even have proper battlecruiser classes like the Renown class, why would they suddenly give us a Courageous class? Also, Furious was completed with only the 1 turret. IF they were to implement one of these ships, it would most likely be either Courageous or Glorious with the dual 15in turrets. They would be horribly fragile if classed as BBs (76mm main belt is easily penned by cruisers for citadel hits), and horribly unbalanced if classed as cruisers unless they got standard BB dispersion and long reload to compensate for the alpha strike potential against cruisers (over 44000 alpha dmg against mid tier cruisers). There is no reason to implement the Courageous class before the likes of the Renowns, or Tiger or any of the Splendid Cats, and why not throw the Invincibles in the mix as well.
  13. Batmantis_

    Silly Ship Names

    Roma: Beer can Giulio Cesare: OP Italian premium Ashitaka: I like to refer to it as Sh***y taco FdG: Fat Freddie Any CV: Stupid F***ing CV Worcester: Yuro's How to Des Moines video called it the Wh0re Chaser, and I use that one on comms all the time
  14. I have to say, I wasn't expecting much from the Transformers Event from doing all the missions. Imagine my surprise to see one of my containers drop the Optimus Prime perma-camo for Monty! While I don't have Monty yet, getting a T10 gold camo for free is quite the deal. Here's hoping some fellow captains either got or will get a free gold camo!
  15. Batmantis_

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    Strasbourg has a 21sec reload on her main guns??? Well that won't last long, especially with reload booster as well.