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  1. What do you want from me?

    Almost every time that shows up for me, it's right after getting deleted within the first 5 minutes or less. It's like they know I'm irritated. Oh, did you just have a bad game? Tell us how you feel about it!
  2. Ending the losing streak

    I was not having much fun over that last few days. Wins were few and far between, and of my many losses, more than half were total curb stomp battles. The losing streak ended tonight while mostly playing my Italian ships. I enjoyed much success with Giulio Cesare tonight and this match was one I didn't expect to survive. Estuary, Standard, T7 match. My team starts to lemming east, leaving the west flank unprotected aside from our CVs. I hang back in our cap as I see an Aigle and Konigsberg trying to be sneaky on the west flank. Enemy Saipan takes 2/3 of my HP with his torp bombers, and then I'm set on fire again right after that. I started on the DD, CV finishes him off. Then I catch the Konigsberg coming out of a turn and get Deva-strike one with 3 citadels. My DC comes off of cool down and I put out the fires with 153 HP (153!!) remaining and start the healing process. Allied CV had his fighters in the right place at the right time and took out the Saipan torp bombers before they could attack me again. The Saipan had moved in for whatever reason and was in my gun range while performing some evasive maneuvers against planes. I fire a full salvo through the mountain peaks and get Deva-strike two, which was quite satisfying after his airstrikes. After recovering as much HP as possible, I join a friendly BB in the enemy cap whilst in a cyclone. Enemy Colorado appears in the cap and shoots at our almost dead Budyonny instead of me. I was able to close in and finish him off. Props given to the allied Independence.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    It was, perhaps I should've included a smiley.
  4. Was this wrong?

    I'll take win rate over WTR any day. Barely hit 15K damage with a DD and still be in the top 3 for experience earned by solo capping. Play for the objective because a win is a win.
  5. question about the Dunkerque

    Dunk is one of my most played ships that I still can't get my win rate over 50% in, but I find it a fun ship. Watch the How to video posted above and there is a useful thread with video by @Sventexon how to play Dunk in a T8 match which happens a lot (Deconstructing Dunkerque guide). If the opposing team BBs are armed with guns no larger than 356mm, then you can bow tank them like crazy and if you angle right, you'll laugh at the number of AP rounds you bounce. She is good at flanking and supporting a push as long as your teammates don't bail on you. Her secondaries get a bad rap due to their positioning, but you can have fun with DDs that get too close or while you run away from them. Her speed can and will get you into trouble, but she is decent at dodging air dropped torps. Never give up your broadside or she folds fast. You have to keep a watchful eye on the minimap and see which way the enemy BBs guns are pointing before you try any large maneuvers. Also, while you may enjoy some limited success at brawling a Fuso or NY and deva-striking them, she is not a brawler. Dunk is a battlecruiser in all regards. Also, she has terrible concealment, so drive her like a big Russian cruiser with BB guns. Or any other cruiser with poor concealment.
  6. Unexpectedly Fun Ships

    As a BB main, I'm finding several ships to be quite a blast to play that I didn't expect to enjoy so much. Fiji has got to be my favorite ship right now. I'm the guy who can't make the Kamikaze or Okhotnik work for him, but the Nicholas just seems to get the job done. Now I'm working on the Russian cruiser line. I didn't enjoy Bogatyr or Svetlana all that much. But the Kirov...THAT is a fun ship to play. Guns are accurate, good damage, good range and fast. Sure, she's made out of Explodium, but what cruiser isn't? Kirov will be staying in my port once her successor is unlocked. What ships have surprised you?
  7. I'm so bad at driving DDs, I can't even make a Kamikaze work. With that kind of gun range...maybe. Might be a fun boat once I start investing more play time into DDs.
  8. I never said they were, just offering alternatives to an unnecessary AA buff. But I'll agree with the paying attention, as in not sailing around isolated from the team. Might as well be wearing a "Sink Me" sign.
  9. GC can handle T4 & T5 CVs well enough if you invest in AA. She will struggle with anything higher. Like the Hiryu/Kaga (I don't remember which one it was) whose DBs started 4 fires on me while my DC was still on cooldown and burned me to the waterline. Just buddy up to your friendly American AA cruiser or Texas. Failing that, sail with the biggest threat on your team so the CV drivers have to choose between you. Any buffs to this ship will turn it into a Santa Crate/Supercontainer only ship.
  10. why are there so many AFKs??

    One AFK is bad enough, but I had the pleasure of two on my team on the PT server earlier today. Nothing for them but a repair bill.
  11. Initial Santa Crate results

    I got the 20x big gift boxes. 90 days premium 3000 doubloons Okhotnik + cmdr 150 Frosty camo 15 Wyvern 15 Red Dragon 30 Dragon 15 Ouroboros Was hoping for more ships, but the Premium time, doubloons and Okhotnik makes me feel like I got my money's worth.
  12. The Federal German Navy named a ship after him after all. That should count for something. Plus, he had Jewish heritage and protested the brutality of anti-Semitism. He was one of the KM officers that was as far removed from the Nazi party as you could get and he became the Fleet Commander.
  13. I also love the Algerie's park benches on the fantail. Nothing like taking a moment to enjoy an ocean breeze and toasting your enemies while HE is raining down upon the ship.
  14. That was hilarious! I sense that you might be a fan of the 12 Pains of Christmas! +1 to you, sir.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! Never would have thought to go dual fighters. Playing on the public test server, I know what a difference the captain with 15 points can make. I do play a bit too aggressively with Dunkerque ( and the Cesare and Shiny Horse, because speed) since I like to support my DDs and CLs and don't like hanging back at range like most BBs. And I get punished A LOT when trying to retreat. BTW, those 26 fighter kills against T7 carriers is most impressive for a ship with "crap AA."