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  1. The Federal German Navy named a ship after him after all. That should count for something. Plus, he had Jewish heritage and protested the brutality of anti-Semitism. He was one of the KM officers that was as far removed from the Nazi party as you could get and he became the Fleet Commander.
  2. I also love the Algerie's park benches on the fantail. Nothing like taking a moment to enjoy an ocean breeze and toasting your enemies while HE is raining down upon the ship.
  3. That was hilarious! I sense that you might be a fan of the 12 Pains of Christmas! +1 to you, sir.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Never would have thought to go dual fighters. Playing on the public test server, I know what a difference the captain with 15 points can make. I do play a bit too aggressively with Dunkerque ( and the Cesare and Shiny Horse, because speed) since I like to support my DDs and CLs and don't like hanging back at range like most BBs. And I get punished A LOT when trying to retreat. BTW, those 26 fighter kills against T7 carriers is most impressive for a ship with "crap AA."
  5. Not weirdest, but most infuriating. The first good game I have in the Iron Duke. We have a DD in the enemy base, though spotted by the enemy CV and under fire from a NY that myself and a fellow Duke are taking down. The remaining enemy DD is in our base capping, but we have the cap lead. We get a cruiser into the cap and both BBs are moving in the help and the damn DD gets greedy and goes after the CV, leaving the cap and setting us back 90 seconds which allowed the enemy team to cap for the win. Needless to say, everyone started berating the DD for costing us the match.
  6. Here's a question for the more experienced Dunk drivers. What is the optimal build for the captain skills? Is it worth it to pick up CE to get detection down to 14.1? Are the firing training skills better to boost AA and secondary range? Or should the captain be focused more on survivability with fire prevention and whatnot? I've almost got my captain to 10 points, running with PM, EM, and SI. I do enjoy the ship, but my win rate is only about 45% (50+ games) in it. I'm going back to the basics with cruisers and starting down the German line, figuring that could help me with battlecruiser play. I don't want to give up the Dunk! And yes, I've read LMW's review and watched the How to Dunkerque video, but still, the game changes.
  7. Forum Funnies!

    I was (too) aggressively driving the Dunkerque and was the only one on the team to be sunk, much to my dismay. Captain #1: Report the Dunk for sinking! :p joking Captain #2: Compliment for having more balls than any T10 BB!