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  1. Moggytwo

    Invisi-Fire. Alive and Well

    I also miss OWSF, loved sailing around burning people from stealth in the Blyska. It was a sad day when they changed it.
  2. Moggytwo

    Bearn completely broken

    This is it exactly. Bearn is setup to be extremely powerful against DD's and CV's, average against cruisers, and very poor against BB's. Her main weakness is the poor damage she does against larger ships. Bearn absolutely murders DD's, they can mitigate by dodging, but if the DD has more to do than just dodge the CV, it's quite easy for the Bearn to hit a DD hard, and a decent Bearn can kill a same tier DD with the one squadron. Bearn's ability to counter CV's is also unmatched, the deployed fighters activate very quickly and there are plenty of fighters per squadron, so it's easy to wipe out entire enemy CV squadrons. However, this is also easy to counter by a well played CV, you just wait for the Bearn to drop fighters and then recall. The Bearn's fighter squadron has a long deployed time, so it's quite a while before they can drop again. Overall it's the effect of Bearn on DD's that make her have such an outsized effect on the battle. Once the DD's are dead she becomes much less effective than other CV's, but of course having no DD's left significantly reduces that teams chances of winning.
  3. Moggytwo


    If Halford didn't have planes it would be quite balanced at tier 7. The planes are apparently enough to make it a tier 9, but anyone who's regularly used tiny tims know that they are very difficult to use against even slightly agile and maneuvering targets, having an extremely long (5 seconds from memory) strafe delay. The spotting is nice of course, but this is a situational benefit, and requires competence in your team mates, and of course while you are spotting you are not doing other DD things. Not to mention that spotting is a natural key strength and role of DD's anyway. Overall I'd say Halford would be better balanced with the same stats at tier 8.
  4. Moggytwo

    Nerfing the Hybrids +1 for mediocrity

    Sure it is supposed to be easier to do damage at higher tiers, and the consequences of misplays are greater, but the ability for Louisiana bombers to do consistently high damage with little effort to aim is most definitely excessive. WG clearly thinks this as well, because they have gone for a very specific nerf. Compare Louisiana bombers to any tier 10 CV that is effective against DD's. Those CV squadrons need to complete the attack at certain angles to have a chance to do big damage. This gives opportunities for well played DD's to mitigate. This provides counterplay for the DD while rewarding the CV if they catch the DD out. Louisiana has none of that. A small circular reticle with a quick drop time means that you can approach from any angle and it doesn't matter what the DD does, they will take significant damage. It isn't balanced, and this is why it has been nerfed, and nerfed very quickly as well.
  5. Moggytwo

    Nerfing the Hybrids +1 for mediocrity

    Nebraska and Delaware are fine. It's Louisiana that is the real problem - it has a much smaller reticle than the other ships in the tree, and it's so easy to hit and crunch DD's from any direction with the maneuvering of the DD being pretty much inconsequential. You should be able to mitigate somewhat through maneuvering, and Louisiana doesn't let you do that. There is a reason they chose this specific nerf, and it's the correct one.
  6. Moggytwo

    Submarines Extra XP?

    Subs definitely have a better XP modifier than other ships. WG did this because subs on average have a shorter lifespan and do less damage than other classes. The idea being that when you play a sub to the same standard as other classes, you should on average get the same XP. In practice what this means is that if you have a really good game in a sub, you'll get a heap of XP. It also means that subs are often right at the top or right at the bottom of the team list.
  7. You all may jest, but just remember that I gave WG the concept for the CV rework back in 2016, which they implemented as requested, and I also suggested that they should implement CV hybrids, and exactly how that should work, which is precisely how they implemented it. Every WoWs player now gets to enjoy these key improvements to the game. I've no doubt USS Tang has just been put on the development schedule, and I look forward to playing her. You're welcome!
  8. Moggytwo

    Daisen is a another dockyard crap ship

    Rhetoric? The way this works is that I have an opinion, and I share my opinion, back it up with a few facts, to present an argument I think is correct. You're under no obligation to agree with me, and you get the opportunity to offer counter points. It's called a forum thread. I'd love it if you'd tell me my agenda as well, because what agenda could someone possibly have in a thread about the relative merits of tier 9 battleships. I can't even fathom your direction here. Such a bizarre comment. I have three times as many battles in DD's as my next most played class.
  9. Moggytwo

    Daisen is a another dockyard crap ship

    I never play co-op, only pvp. Iwami has significantly worse guns, with less AP pen, higher shell flight times, shorter range, longer reload. It's also 7 kts slower, making it much worse at being where it needs to be, and at dodge tanking. Iwami sadly is not even close to the ship that Daisen is.
  10. Moggytwo

    Daisen is a another dockyard crap ship

    Those are strong tier 9 BB's, but Daisen is better imo. I have all three of the ships you referred to. Musashi is extremely strong, but also very static, and absolutely one of the most boring ships in the game to play. Static immobile BB's are a blight on the game. Georgia and JB are the most comparable to Daisen, because all three BB's are fast mobile ships with good gun power. All three ships have similar survivability, which is adequate for the role they play. These ships only need adequate survivability, because that is not their key trait, and they tank damage as much by avoiding it as they do tanking hits. The most important aspects of how well these ships perform are their ability to move around the map quickly, and their gunpower at range. Daisen and Georgia are pretty similar in their ability to move around the map, and be where they need to be in time. JB is a bit worse at this, but still not too bad. All three have good gunpower, but the Daisen is the clear winner in it's ability to get damage out. It has the best shell flight times of the three, the best AP pen, the best DPM, and in terms of shell hits per salvo is also the best, having comparable accuracy to Georgia (worse vertical dispersion but much better sigma) with 33% more shells per salvo. Compared to JB, Daisen has massively better accuracy, which compounds with the better shells to make Daisen's guns significantly better, even taking MBRB into account. Daisen's guns are the absolute pinnacle of tier 9 BB gunnery. So Daisen is better than all three of the ships you listed, and is the best tier 9 BB in the game. Name a better tier 9 BB. Daisen is the sweet spot of epic guns and mobility that makes for an incredible BB to play. She is the new standard against which tier 9 BB's will be judged by.
  11. Moggytwo

    Daisen is a another dockyard crap ship

    You must be playing a different ship to me, because I'd rate Daisen as the best tier 9 BB in the game.
  12. I'm not seeing your logic here. Firstly YY leg mod isn't that great, it gives you better ability to use your guns, but then nerfs your guns. YY in randoms is best played with smoke and concealment mod. Secondly, the guns are clearly better on KM, and significantly so. The starts are completely identical between the guns in every respect except that KM has 7% more dpm and 12% more range. Thirdly, the torps are what these ships are all about, and the torps are where KM is hugely ahead of YY. KM has 39% higher torp dpm! That is absolutely massive on a torp DD, and is where KM earns its position at tier 11. KM can also put out much more difficult to avoid 15(30) torp spreads, than YY's 10(20) spreads. The only argument for YY being better is in concealment, but with KM having the excellent PA smoke she can disengage pretty reliably if caught out at close range, and having 6.3km concealment is perfectly usable for a torp DD. The problem with this line of thought is that you've both got facts wrong, as well as weighing irrelevant factors as if they are important, while minimising the key aspects of the ships. Your analysis is a mess.
  13. Moggytwo

    Daisen Builds

    Daisen is the best tier 9 BB in my opinion. She's incredibly fast, doing about 37kts with the flag. She has excellent IJN BB horizontal dispersion (and not so excellent vertical dispersion), and that combined with her 2.1 sigma makes her salvos extremely reliable. Her spotting plane is unique - it has a very long uptime and short cooldown, the opposite of other spotters, and that means it is pretty much always available when you need it. Because of this, you can take reload mod in slot 6, getting Daisen's already short reload down to under 24 seconds, while still being able to have 25km range. This spotter plane is a big part of what makes her so strong, because she has basically no downsides to her guns. All this adds up to an amazing long-mid range BB, that has the ability to be where it needs to be fast. As for builds, there is only one build for BB's, and that is the standard tank build. Anything else you are just nerfing yourself.
  14. Sure, I've written it in a somewhat tongue in cheek way because I know there may be a few people not entirely on board, but I am absolutely serious that it isn't right that the game doesn't have supersubs when every other class gets superships, and I'm absolutely serious that my particular ship suggestion would be a good, balanced, and fun implementation.
  15. There is something seriously lacking in this game, something that every class gets but one: there is no supership submarine yet in the game! Every other class has multiple superships available to play, yet poor old subs have so far missed out. It's well past time for WG to correct this massive oversight. To solve this problem, I present to you a concept for a new US supersub - the USS Tang. This boat was the first submarine designed post-war with the lessons learnt from the German Type XXI U-boat, giving them a much deeper test depth than previous designs allowing them to better evade sonar, as well as giving them much improved underwater hydrodynamics, enabling them to go faster underwater than on the surface. Tang has six forward and two aft torpedo tubes, and fires both the Mk27 passive acoustic homing torpedo, and the Mk37 doppler pulse active acoustic homing torpedo. To represent this in game, we have a boat that is faster underwater than on the surface, doing a dismal 24kts surfaced, but able to do 35kts underwater. In the theme of the US subs already in the game, it has fairly poor battery duration at four minutes, but is able to recharge the batteries quite quickly when surfaced. It has fairly good detectability, especially underwater (to represent its real life improved sonar mitigation) with 6.0km surfaced and 1.7km at periscope depth or hydro'd at max depth. It can fire the Mk27 passive homing torpedo in standard homing format with a range of 13.5km, and can also fire the dumb fire version of this torpedo with a range of 11km. Of course, being a supership, it needs a supership gimmick, and thus I present to you the Mk37 active acoustic homing torpedo. These torpedoes were guided initially on a straight run by a gyroscope, and when it reached it's designated target area, the torpedo would start up its own active sonar, and then home on any targets it found within its sonar range. In game this would be represented by a separate torpedo cooldown of two minutes, at which point you have two Mk37's available to launch. These have a long range of 16.5km, but also a long minimum arming range of 3km. They are aimed with a view the same as the BB spotting aircraft view, and a position on the water within range is selected to fire the torpedo. The torpedoes can be fired separately (each of the two alternative fire torpedoes available have separate timers) with the sub facing any direction, and they will turn and run in a straight line to the designated point. While on this run they can be spotted, but run deep and are unable to hit any targets at all. When they reach their designated area, they speed up, start circling, and turn on their active sonar. Any ship in a frontal cone of the torpedoes within 1.5km range will be targeted, and the torpedoes will rapidly home on the targeted ship in a stern chase fashion. The torpedoes hit for a high damage of around 25k. If the torpedo does not find a target within two minutes, it deactivates. The design of these torpedoes mean they are unable to be used for shotgunning. The counterplay to these is obviously not to be within the rather short range of the active sonar as it circles in position, and obviously there is plenty of opportunity to spot the torpedo while it presents no danger to anyone on its run to its designated point. Overall the USS Tang would be a well balanced supersub, a natural progression from the Balao, that plays in the spirit of the real boat while having an interesting new mechanic as its supership gimmick with good counterplay options available, making it both fun to play and providing a fun challenge to play against. Introducing this sub would address the grievous imbalance that the game currently suffers under, of having no supersubs available in the game. Make it happen WG!