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  1. Moggytwo

    DevBlog 337 - New Map — Closed Testing

    This map looks really interesting, I love that you're directly using a real life place again. It's also really good to finally see a map that doesn't have a thousand islands, because maps like Greece really stifle mobile game play. The primary change I would suggest though, is to move the spawn locations. Directly North and South means the main islands cut the map in two, and provide very limited channels to get around the enemy. Having spawns to the East and West, or even NW/SE or similar, would make the game play around the main islands much more interesting, as well as give open water to work with as well.
  2. Moggytwo

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    Absolutely. This is only at tier 10, and the majority of surface ships are faster than this, including every DD. Also subs have a dramatic loss of speed when turning or changing depth, and take forever to get up to speed, so you're only getting these speeds once you've set a course and depth for an extended period of time. If anything they should buff the tier 6 and 8 underwater speeds. There are no null re-immersion times. It takes time to ascend, and then descend, and if a sub comes to the surface, gets spotted, and immediately dives, there is plenty of time for every ship in the vicinity to get a salvo off on the sub if their guns are pointing anywhere near the right direction. Once they've done that, every large ship in the vicinity can also drop depth charges on the sub as well, effectively double dipping on damage output against the sub. Absolutely. Subs are the ultimate stealth units in this game, they obviously need powerful stealth capabilities. Also, they are never immune, they are just hard to hit unless spotted. The game against subs is to spot them and kill them, because even a second of spotting can cost a sub much of their health bar. Plenty of other ships in the game can attack without being spotted. The pertinent question is not the one you asked, it is actually "is the sub concealment system balanced in an overall sense?" I would say yes, others may disagree. Yes absolutely. Subs are vulnerable to being hard spotted when they surface, because they don't know if there is someone within their surface detection radius, and they usually operate at very close ranges. They are also vulnerable to long range radar while surfaced, because it only takes that moment of being spotted to have half the enemy team raining depth charges on their head. Hydro severely limits their ability to close in as well, and to get away from hydro DD's. Overall we need to look at how often and how long subs are spotted for, because they are balanced around being vulnerable to the very briefest spotting, and are quite different in their vulnerability to this than their closest comparative ship, DD's. Yes. I've covered most of this above though. I would point out though that just like any other class, there are things to be aware of for subs, and clear mistakes that can be made. Sailing broadside to battleships, sailing in straight lines against torpedo DD's, going forwards into a cap defended by a radar cruiser, these are all things that are accepted as terrible play against those particular classes. Yet every day I see ships that are aware there is a sub in the area continue to sit and bow tank, or hump an island, and they receive a broadside full of torpedoes for their lack of awareness. Players will learn, and the accepted knowledge of the game will grow, as subs become just another part of the game to be aware of and play around. You can list the strengths of every class and they all seem broken and overpowered. The whole point of the game is that every class, and every individual ship, is balanced around its strengths and its weaknesses, and there are plenty of weaknesses (some I've outlined above), that make up for the strengths of the sub. The question isn't "are these traits OP?", it is actually "is the entire package of the submarine class OP?" I don't think so in its current iteration. Leaving balance aside, it is most certainly not broken (it has been in a number of previous sub iterations), and the class is starting to fit the game very well indeed. Subs are ready for release, finally.
  3. Moggytwo

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    They don't seem broken and overpowered. They are clearly skill dependent though, much like DD's, and therefore will probably have fairly high win rates for the best players. This is understandable given they are concealment based units. WG will have the stats on what the skill gap is, and can rebalance based on those figures. It seems likely that the recent dispersion nerf was intended to reduce the effectiveness of subs in the hands of the top players, since one way to do that is to increase RNG. Really we're at the minor iterations stage of sub development though, and they seem like they're pretty close to a release iteration. They're really fun to use now, they fit the game pretty well, and fill a nice niche that no other class currently does, with their ability to get into positions to disrupt flank stalemates. I'd be very happy to see them announce a full sub release in the next patch or two. We shall see!
  4. Clearly an MM dump. Having said that, this looks like potentially very fun match making if there were zero to one BB's in the battle and those BB's were replaced by cruisers and/or another CV.
  5. Moggytwo

    Tiers 11-15?

    Not a massive fan of doing this all at once, but slowly increasing the tier cap as they have just started doing would be interesting. They would have to design an enjoyable iteration of anti-ship missiles (and SAM's for AA) to go up any further in tiers however. I would think you'd have to stop all battleship lines at tier 11 though, since by this stage they are effectively obsolete, and shift the BB lines over to large guided missile cruisers at tier 12. This has the benefit of providing markedly different game play as you move up the tiers.
  6. Moggytwo

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    I've been pretty on the fence about subs for quite a while, not being overly excited about them being in the game, but also not particularly perturbed either. I played them a bit last year and didn't like the implementation much. I tried them again a week or so ago to see how this iteration felt to play without much expectation, only to discover it is night and day different. They've really nailed the battery mechanics in particular, and now they feel much better to play with. The decision of when to ping and the consequences of giving your position away make for engaging decision making as well. I've honestly had so much fun playing subs over the last week. I can't bring myself to play other classes much to be honest, subs are just hilarious to play. It's an absolute breath of fresh air for the game, and I can't remember enjoying myself this much in WoWs for a long time. I did not expect to become a sub convert, but it seems I am. Balao in particular is my new favourite ship. I really hope WG give them a full release as soon as possible, because they have never been more ready to go in my opinion.
  7. I have both, and in my experience Ragnar and Smaland play quite differently. I much prefer Ragnar personally. Ragnar has larger guns with better HE pen (30mm vs 21mm), much better shell travel time at range, and most importantly the same incredible best in game dispersion that the alt KM DD line has. Where Smaland is a close in DD counter gunboat with limited ability to gunboat at range, Ragnar is much more focused on burning down ships at range, while also having the ability to push in and counter DD's when the game situation allows. Ragnar is one of my favourite ships in the game, it really is a joy to play in my opinion, although it did take a few battles to get used to its rather unique positioning triggers.
  8. Moggytwo

    Wargaming stop the lies about subs

    Not only that, but the sub is likely moving as well, and there is a reasonable delay from launching the attack to the depth charge explosion. Even if you aimed well a sub has time to get out of the way if they are planning for it. I find just using the tactic of going laterally from the direction of your target will cause depth charges to be mitigated significantly. Most people drop in line with the marker on the water, but if you are traveling laterally you'll be comfortably out of the way when the charges explode. It's when you're traveling in a direct line to or from the target that you're in danger as a sub.
  9. What happened to the one ship limit in clan battles? That was the number one reason that last season worked so well, and why you only had to ban one ship for the season. It's the CB rule that fixed a lot of the problems from previous seasons, and should be a rule for every season going forward. You will have much more significant balance problems in the upcoming season without this rule in place.
  10. That camo is an abomination on any ship though to be fair. It's one of the worst looking camos in the game. I've personally found some camos look superb on the planes, and some look awful. Much like camos on other ships I guess, so I don't have a problem with it. I prefer the camo affecting the aircraft, so I'm happy with this change. What they really need to do is get on with the separating camo bonuses from the camo appearance like they said they were going to do, then we don't have to go around with awful looking camos half the time.
  11. There is only one real answer. Venezia. Everything else can be played around with mild attention by the DD. Radar, not an issue, just another day in DD life. CV's, super easy, barely an inconvenience. DD gunboats, well decent ones can be challenging, especially a Ragnar, but you've got plenty of opportunity to mitigate and time for your decisions and play to get the better of an engagement. Venezia though, if it's on your flank, means you have to always be aware of that specific ship at all times, and if you miss seeing a salvo at some point in the battle, goodbye most of your health bar. It completely changes your ability to position aggressively, far more than any other enemy ship.
  12. Moggytwo

    Yukon in Bronze League Ranked

    I played through bronze for the last two seasons in Yukon for the exact reasons that the OP described. It's weaknesses aren't weak when you're top tier, and suddenly the ship becomes an absolute beast. Yukon makes bronze league a joy to play.
  13. I'm sure they are. No doubt they could choose to release the patch as usual. The issue would be, as I said above, who would fix any problems post patch, given that all the people who normally do that and have the knowledge to do that no longer work for WG. They could potentially break the game with no way to fix it by releasing the next patch. Of course, they may have already convinced enough Lesta devs to leave Russia and work for WG to cover this issue, we just don't know.
  14. I'd say it would be all but ready to go, but I don't know what they do in the last week or two before patch day. There would no doubt be some development input required (probably mostly QA at this point), and as for the patch going live, I guess it comes down to whether the regional server maintainers can upload it with no input from Lesta. Also, what if there are issues with the patch? There often are, and the knowledge base to understand those issues, work out fixes, and implement those fixes, no longer exists. Even if the patch is ready to go, it's a pretty big risk to deploy a patch, have an unexpected issue (that risk would be increased because of likely reduced QA for this patch), and have a broken game that they can't fix. Perhaps they've already managed to get enough Lesta devs from key areas out of Russia and setup in time to solve these issues for next week. I have no doubt they are trying to do that right now. We just have no idea, and I would imagine behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on to try and save WoWs.
  15. What could they possibly be talking about on a WoWs stream? The game no longer has a developer, all upcoming content is in doubt, I'm not sure what they could talk about that isn't related to this issue. We don't even know if the next patch will be happening - it's hard to see how it could.