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  1. VostroyanAdmiral

    Theorycrafting the upcoming USSR BB Line

    I was hoping for Higher tiers to have faster Shells (Like Stalingrad or Moskva, or even in between) and better sigma, but that sort of stuff can be easily changed, so I am going to be on the lookout. Gameplay-wise, I'm thinking it'll be a lot like the Moskva, Bow on, very tanky, and can angle nicely, punishing AP Shells, can set fires decently, longer than average reload, and practically invulnerable when in the right position and supported correctly. Edit: With Ovechkin's improved Skill, Survivability expert, It will give you the Largest HP pool in the game, a massive 112,300!
  2. VostroyanAdmiral

    Alsace, nerfed, now time for a buff?

    Overperforming? It was nerfed far before the usual 6-month wait, so the only "Overperforming" in my opinion that was occurring, are those who are extremely good at the Game and were able to play a fun ship well. A large number of guns was the only thing abnormal about it indeed, the back turret, however, does not have a 30-degree angle when facing the bow, and the guns are taken out quite frequently, so that Is why I agree with the 1.7/8 sigma with 28/29 second reload. That is true, here is a chart that a user had created comparing gun statistics of tier 9 tech tree BBs Alsace: 3X4 380MM 20.3km Max Range 265m Dispersion 13.05m of dispersion p/ km of range 11900 AP / 5400 36% HE Current Reload - 30 sec / Nerfed Reload - 32 sec Current Sigma - 1.7 / Nerfed Sigma 1.6 FDG: 4X2 406MM 20.3km Max Range 265m Dispersion 13.05m of dispersion p/ km of range 12700 AP / 4800 38% HE Reload - 28 sec Sigma 1.8 Or 4X2 420MM 20.3km Max Range 265m Dispersion 13.05m of dispersion p/ km of range 13500 AP / 5000 41% HE Reload - 32 sec Sigma 1.8 Lion: 3X3 406MM 20.7km Max Range 267m Dispersion 12.9m of dispersion p/ km of range 12600 AP / 6900 46% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.8 (I think) Or 3X3 419MM 20.7km Max Range 267m Dispersion 12.9m of dispersion p/ km of range 13000 AP / 7200 48% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.8 (I think) Izumo: 3X3 410MM 21.7km Max Range 240m Dispersion 11.06m of dispersion p/ km of range 12900 AP / 6500 30% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.8 Musashi: 3X3 460MM 26.5km Max Range 274m Dispersion 10.34m of dispersion p/ km of range 14800 AP / 7300 35% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.8 Iowa: 3X3 406MM 23.3km Max Range 293m Dispersion 12.57m of dispersion p/ km of range 13500 AP / 5700 36% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.9 Missouri: 3X3 406MM 23.4km Max Range 294m Dispersion 12.56m of dispersion p/ km of range 13500 AP / 5700 36% HE Reload - 30 sec Sigma 1.9 With a mode of 0.2 sigma points below most ships, 0.3 for 2 cases, The 12 guns don't mean anything if they can't hit anything, Most Salvo's I get in it usually give me 1 shot that hits the target, over-pens, bounces, or shatters, while in other salvos I have a completely broadside Atago/(cruiser with a significant citadel) 8km away, get 1-4 over-pens, or in some rarer cases, completely miss the target. I believe that if the reload stays the same, at least change the sigma to 1.75 or 1.8.
  3. That's true, you are a support ship that heals and equips others with more stuff.
  4. gun_in_canoe I agree with you so damn much with this, It's hard to be a BB (Especially a French BB Because of their FBBHHES Armor, or French Battleship Historical H.E. nonSpamproof Armor.) If WOWs had Warthunder levels of HE Penetration we wouldn't have this problem, but then again, these are 2 separate companies Who does WG listen to? the Premium-Buying-Tier-1-levels-of-experience players or the Veterans who know how the game works? In my opinion, some veterans must Have the Engineer's Intuition, or "The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning." Because they know when something works poorly or overperforms
  5. Destroyers are already more powerful if it is BB VS DD, look what he has to say- and Him Battleships are Indeed supposed to be powerful, It took the British home fleet to finally cripple the Bismarck's steering and pound it for hours with hundreds and Hundreds of shells, and it was scuttled by its own crew, while in World of "Wonderful-ppl" you can be killed by a DD that is firing 4 Inch shells. 4. Inch. Shells. I have seen Warthunder Naval forces, and if they are going to add BBs, they are going to be invincible to everything but BB shells and torpedos.
  6. indeed, Some new maps will be quite welcome New maps and maybe a revival of the improved Arms race game mode would be nice. There needs to be a motive to get people to fight closer to the action, instead of sniping and camping from a distance.
  7. Sometimes That happens when a DD is low Hp and I am in my secondary Build Alsace (with IFHE, because those 100mms cannot pen even 19mm of armor) A single hit gives me a kill and an achievement (this usually happens when a DD is trying to disengage after being nailed and is 6-10km away)
  8. VostroyanAdmiral

    French BB Bourgogne?

    Also, why do people think the Boar-bone will replace the Republique? it would be just too much work in my opinion. Edit: I just found out that the Alsace had a spotting aircraft. and that it had longer range. why was Alsace so heavily nerfed?
  9. If a BB actually manages to hit a destroyer from such a long range where such an event would occur, that's just a Bad play or a mistake made by the destroyer captain, a BB should not be able to hit you at such long ranges if you were actively maneuvering AS YOU SHOULD BE unless they had guided Shells (which was not a thing in WW2) Lesson to be learned- If a DD gets nailed from 10-20km away by a BB that's just either bad play on the DD's part (Or if you just ran into an island and was moving in a predictable fashion, then...well... that sucks.) or some incredible marksmanship by the battleship which you got to compliment for such an incredible shot.
  10. VostroyanAdmiral

    French BB Bourgogne?

    I would like that very Much, give it 1.8 sigma and 30 second reload, and if that is too much, keep the reload the same. Pre-nerf, the Alsace had the Statistically worst guns for its tier, both the smallest at 380, the worst sigma at 1.7, and the shortest range (Barely beaten by the Izumo of all things) It's 32mm hull armor soaks up damage from nearly every target with or without IFHE, and you won't bounce 460s no matter what angle. I don't care how you improve this ship, I just don't want 1.6 sigmas unless this ship had 16 guns ( a 16 gun Republique would've been really interesting)
  11. VostroyanAdmiral

    When Use Conqueror AP?

    That is true, those who pop DCP on purpose just to snuff out 1 fire without expecting any consequences do deserve (in my opinion) to literally die in a fire. However, the Meta of the Game does make the ship less Powerful, but when the rare competent team in Random battles shows up, oh boy, you are in for a treat. in Clan Battles, the ship gets REALLY brutal when you can properly communicate and plan out what you are going to do with your team.
  12. VostroyanAdmiral

    When Use Conqueror AP?

    Silhoutte... What was your point there? I am not sure what you mean by that.
  13. VostroyanAdmiral

    Moskva..What just happened?

    I do not know if this just me and RNG having a dispute, but my once laser accurate Moskva is suddenly getting BB dispersion... Strange.
  14. VostroyanAdmiral

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    The Stalingrad seems so frustratingly unclear, I can't even tell if they ruined him, or just made it not unique or worth it anymore
  15. VostroyanAdmiral

    USSR wants compensation

    Maybe another week or 2 to CBS season, because this problem is getting annoying, and it never happened before(well, when someone actually cared, like in the middle of CO-OP) this badly.