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  1. I just saw a bunch of Free XP show up in my account and I'm not sure why (BTW, not complaining). Is there a way to get a detailed breakdown of what was added to my WoWs account (e.g., signals, camo's, etc) over the last 24 hours and for what reason? Thanks.
  2. JackSchitz

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I finally got in and I've seen 1 other player. Also it wont start random with bots so its a lot of the tasks are unplayable. Not good guys....
  3. JackSchitz

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Same for me.
  4. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    That is true for me.
  5. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    Still nothing for me. Looks like it's only certain accounts.
  6. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    They're trying. My guess is that they either don't know what's wrong or something big has broken. It also could be that it's late in Russia land and they're all trying to drunk code....
  7. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    Just tried. Same issue.
  8. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    BTW, Another data point for the programmers. I ran in the Public Test version and it worked fine (although there were initially some installation problems - see my other posts). Cheers.
  9. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    Turbo07: Can you let us know when you think this issue has been fixed? Thanks.
  10. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    Just saw the mini-update. Tried to restart and it didn't work. Same issue. Thanks.
  11. JackSchitz

    NA server unavailable?

    Just got the "you have been disconnected from the server. technical issues found" message on startup. Its 9:10 Eastern Time.
  12. I've only been playing for a year, but my suggestion seems like a must have and I'm a bit surprised that it hasn't been implemented already. Currently when you want to join a game you push "Battle" and you are assigned to a match often with some amount of wait time. Only after you are assigned a match, will the WoWs system load all of the necessary code for you to play the match. Normally this is not an issue as most of it is already loaded from just starting the game up or having come from a previous match, but on occasions where you have been using your computer (I am on Windows 10) for other things (e.g., cat videos) your computer will de-allocate memory to WoWs. In these cases you may have only ~300-400 MB allocated to WoWs where WoWs needs about 1,400 MB to run a match. In this sort of circumstances it can take 5+ minutes to load all of the required resources to run the match and in some cases WoWs can actually crash causing you to have to restart. Even when the match starts in these circumstances, it is often supper chopy and difficult to play. In fact these sorts of failures are the cause of most of my "pink" time in the game as I'm pretty careful about FF issues. I know that I am not the only person that this issue affects and I would assume that most of the AFK in the game is as a result of this issue. Here is my suggestion, simply reverse the order of events in the WoWs code. When we push the "Battle" button first have our machine load all code but the map itself (which will come from the match selection) and have the code run an internal diagnostic to ensure that it is running well. Only then put us in the queue for a match. I'm sure that implementing this suggestion is not as easy as this, but I really doubt that it is impossible and would have a great effect of the player experience.
  13. JackSchitz

    Prinz Eitel EVENT

    Am I reading the 4th directive mission list correctly in that I need Tier V ships from most of the countries listed to get the Prinz Eitel under the event? If so, does anyone know the number of completions that you need to finish this? It sort of looks like what WG is doing (for people who don't have a huge roster of ships) is making finishing the event contingent on finishing the Mighty Pinz Campaign. It also seems that running these 4th directive missions in series (i.e., one country at a time) is a big incentive to by the PE first so that they occur all at the same time with the PE. But IMHO, WG has never really been good at describing the rules (maybe it's a translation thing or its intentional to lead people down bad economic strategy paths), so I'm not sure if I have it right. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.
  14. JackSchitz

    "First Time" Clan Tier X Mission

    Many thanks. That's what I suspected. Cheers.