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  1. IvarTheBrainless

    Cruiser Concealment

    Could also be the fact that some players are too ignorant to get upgrades, or they are poor, or the worst who use Target Acquisition Mod.
  2. IvarTheBrainless

    Framerate Issues T9 and 10 the worst

    I’ve had this issue for a long time as well, I put in a ticket and changed my settings around to where it wasn’t so sever so instead of dropping from 75 to 40 it will maybe only drop to 55 at the lowest. I honestly don’t know what it is at this point.
  3. IvarTheBrainless

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Now that I imported the PTS and EU clients to my WGC, whenever I open it up it always defaults to PTS. Is there any fix or plan to fix it?
  4. IvarTheBrainless

    Explain this to me please

    Because of WG’s lack of countermeasures against obtaining t10s without any game sense or knowledge of mechanics and the lack of an elo system, ranked isn’t competitive at all really. Anyone can just mash the battle button and try and play so many games that they eventually get to rank 1.
  6. IvarTheBrainless

    Is Kagero a step backwards from Akatsuki?

    My biggest issue with Kagero was the removak of the third torp launcher which makes it harder to stagger torp walls for floodings. TRB consumable is the way this can be offset but IJN DDs are just not good in this meta with torps spotted from the moon and marginal conceal advantages which don't make much of a difference. The main line IJN DDs are a lost cause for me until they get some love. I will be grinding the Akizuki line soon :p
  7. Don’t worry a CV rework will be coming soon(tm)
  8. IvarTheBrainless

    FPS drops during battles

    It’s not anything performance related in terms of my specs or anything. I can easily run on very high at the same FPS as I already do, it’s mainly the fact that it drops randomly during battles and never climbs back up.
  9. IvarTheBrainless

    FPS drops during battles

    99% while running WoWs in high settings I get a constant, solid 70-75 FPS. During battles, after zooming in and out of binocular view pressing shift, I experience a slight frame stutter. Sometimes this leads to 50 FPS or lower for the rest of the match. I installed Aslains and uninstalled to check if it was the modpack, but it seems to not matter if it’s installed or not. I even tried reinstalling my game which also didn’t do anything to fix it. I find that restarting my client can help. It may be related to alt tabbing during battle but I haven’t been able to pin the issue on that. I posted in the update bug report but posting this more detailed version here to see if it could be an issue anyone else is experiencing. Also this issue doesn’t seem to appear on PTS at least from the few hours I’ve played on it. Let me know if there’s a workaround or something. Cheers!
  10. IvarTheBrainless

    Valkyr's Ship Guides: Kronshtadt

    How dare you insult comrade Stalin like that! To Gulag! Only potato skins for you tovarisch!
  11. IvarTheBrainless

    The Current State of IJN DDs

    I fixed the wall of text. Is it at least somewhat bearable now?
  12. IvarTheBrainless

    The Current State of IJN DDs

    I remember when I first started playing WoWs last August. As a typical noob I wanted to grind the IJN DD line to Shimakaze as I had seen videos (that I realized were back in its glory days) of its immense power. I get my DD stats (don't even look at my Mutsuki stats) are pretty terrible as a whole. This is partially due to my inexperience when starting with IJN DDs. I'm not the upmost authority on IJN DDs but my blissful ignorance when I began playing led me down the line to Kagero, which I sold because the playstyle had become quite underwhelming when the enemy easily evaded my torps. My whole issue with IJN DDs is that it seems like they've lost their identity. Other DDs have similar concealment (around 400-800 meters worse) but are way better at contesting caps. The uptick of radar ships also certainly doesn't help that. IJN DDs have also been outclassed in torpedo armament. Case and point PA DDs. Who cares if you have long range torps when another set of DDs has torps that aren't spotted from the moon, but can't hit DDs. It's not like you'll often hit a competent DDs anyways since one of the most important parts of playing DD is to not sit broadside. Now, the ship that has lost its identity the most in this line is Shimakaze. Sure, she has those long range, hard hitting torps that reach 20km, but these torps are extremely hard to kill with due to their 2.5km concealment which gives enemies more than enough time to dodge. You might land a torp here and there, but you won't do much unless an enemy (most likely a battleship) makes a colossal error. These torps' main purpose I can assume is to zone, but that's not how players use them. In my opinion, these torps are a waste and should be removed-or should be somehow reworked. If you keep them at 20km Shima's will definitely torp into teammates and try and "flank" to hunt CVs. That flanking playstyle, though, has been influenced by better cap contesters namely the PA and KM DDs. I always dread having only IJN DDs on my team due to this because you will lose all map control as Shimas will chase kills with their 20km walls of skill launched 5km away from an enemy BB which is basically a definite kill. Then teammates will call them out for not capping and losing map control while they rebut with "I got a kill stfu". This playstyle isn't exactly contained to IJN DD players, but it is definitely more typical of them. The only DDs who should be flanking a lot are the VMF DDs since they have lackluster concealment but great guns they can use at range. Honestly these guns sometimes make them better at contesting caps. With the increased presence of radar I'm fine with the flanking to spot, but I immediately detest any DD who never even once goes into a cap. I feel Shima and the IJN DDs need to have an identity other than being kings of concealment because that is immediately negated by radar and CV planes. One way of balancing them could be to buff their main battery traverse speed or reload or alpha even to make them better at self defense within capture points (plus hopefully better reward incentives by WG). Another thing that could be changed is a reduction in the alpha strike of each torpedo but an increase in concealment. WG should also probably remove the 20km torps or reblance them with a shorter distance but still greater than Gearing which allows for better zoning and more chances of hitting a target. These changes could possibly make Shimakaze and other mainline IJN DDs more competitive and enjoyable . Now I'm not a complete expert and would like to hear your fellow opinions on this topic. The least I want WG to do is at least make the higher tier IJN DDs as fun as Shiratsuyu with TRB consumable, because man that thing sure is a blast.
  13. IvarTheBrainless

    Can't win

    I agree with the OP. I try and help but I will admit I get a bit salty when having to tell a t10 BB why he shouldn’t shoot HE at a broadside cruiser when he has thousands of battles in which he should’ve learned sooner. I know it’s futile but I try and give players an fyi x does x or something but players tell me to shut up and play or something along those lines in which they won’t take criticism. This is a stretch but I feel that our self sufficient NA mindset makes players resistant to help. Surely you’d wonder why they don’t care to improve but that’s something you will never understand about the Uber potatoes. WG should definitely change their tutorial system and not allow noob players to buy premiums and stuff like that but then they’d lose their ideal customers who are 43% Tirpitz mains. Just hang in there and don’t let them drag you down. You do you. If they report you it shows that you’ve won at the end of the day.
  14. IvarTheBrainless

    Can I pick everyone's brains for a hot minute?

    You can guess I won’t be much help based on my username
  15. IvarTheBrainless

    Now that WOWS is nerfing all my best ships, I'm done.

    Maybe find other ships that aren’t sealclubbers to play *shrugs*. This game isn’t about playing t4 or t5 to pad stats. It’s about grinding to that t10 at the end of the line. Sure the Alsace nerf is going to change a lot, but it’s needed for the purpose of balance as this is a multiplayer game. I recently got Alsace myself and it is a monster with 12 shells in the air at once. Sure t9 is a tier with a lot to be desired from the non premiums but it’s designed that way to get you to purchase doubloons and free exp to the t10. If you have no intention of doing anything but sealclubbing, I wish you a sour farewell so t5 beginners don’t have to deal with you.