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  1. Sirzin_6

    Team Honor or Team Glory?

    I'm team HONOR, never switched, been over 15 days, got nothing for loyalty, oh well that's what I get for being loyal.
  2. I was straight "Honor" for 15 days, so what was i suppose to get for Loyalty...…..? I got NOTHING, hahahahahahah, I got nothing!...…..?
  3. Sirzin_6

    Moskva — Soviet Tier X cruiser.

    wish I had the ship when you guys are talking about how great she was, good times dont last very long AYE?
  4. Sirzin_6

    Legendary upgrade Moskva

    I have the upgrade on my Moskva and I love it!!!!!!!
  5. I have experienced the exact same issue!
  6. Sirzin_6

    Moskva Legendary Mod ?

    Just saddled this upgrade on my Moskva and one point from 19 point Captain. I love the upgrade and yes, there is a noticeable difference. Beautiful and very deliberate hits although (with any ship), don't get carried away, you can still be fried, but at this distance only a yamato, Monty and the like can reach you. Recommended HIGHLY.
  7. Yawn, all of these professional cartoon veterans. Although I understand some points. Many have sweat their way through the ranks, I've been playing almost 2 years, and I'm still learning. Each ship has its own characteristics, play style and I have headaches trying to remember, at times, what ship I'm using. Maybe the powers that be have a master plan. All I know is, I enjoy the game, I get frustrated with myself, but still try to pick up pointers as I go along. I'm not perfect (by no means), but I can tell you all, it's better then the real thing and I'm a veteran of foreign war, Iraq and get a kick outta this.
  8. Sirzin_6

    No steel allocation after Clan Battles

    this makes more sense, we are a good clan, we play for fun, but we only advanced out of squall league once or twice. This is probably more reasonable. Again thank you!
  9. Sirzin_6

    Naval Battles Ruined

    I'll just go with the flow of things. I know an individual player suffers dramatically if they are spawned on a team where there is no team work. I see it all the time, but there again, I thought the premise was for everyone to work as a tream, but its never there. Maybe this will be better, i have no clue.
  10. Sirzin_6

    No steel allocation after Clan Battles

    still weird, Ive never had any steel to purchase anything with it. So no biggie I guess. Thanks for the info though
  11. Ive been playing WOW for over a year and a half, and since i have always participated in Clan Battles. Recently (Unfortunately) there was a discussion on how much steel each member had collected to purchase specialty ships in the Armory, well out of over a year of playing, i looked and my steel and have only collected 181, is that normal or am I missing something while playing. Even during clan battles, i hear everyone else collected all of this stuff, but all i get is a flags or coal. Im doing something wrong, but cant figure out what it is....Can anyone explain or help me?
  12. I think the tier VIII ship is a teaser to get you to spend 10000000 real dollars to buy it. Guys I appreciate the game, but pushing the dollars is a bit much!
  13. Agreed, I tried the same thing, but Im not spending that kind of money for ONE More ship! Crazy
  14. Very talented bunch!!!!!!