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  1. Sirzin_6

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I now have 250 ships in port...... Ouch
  2. Sirzin_6

    Flamu review of Thunderer

    That's a lot of coal for squishy and timid, and a large sack of Idaho, oh and good luck hitting anything, this ship sucks.
  3. Legendary downgrades you mean, hahahahahahahha
  4. As bad as some of these Upgrades are maybe you can compensate players for the grind,if they sell them. The upgrades are really downgrades for the majority of ships and (imho) aren't really worth the headache, that said, I appreciate everyone's hard work in trying to balance, but I don't think I will be downgrading any of my ships after this one.
  5. Sirzin_6

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Bottom line, you dont control losing a match, get real
  6. Sirzin_6

    Hindenburg build

    All hail Flamuu
  7. Why do ya have to reload aslain for every WoWs update?
  8. Sirzin_6

    ST, ships balance changes

    Basically, your initial purchase or upgrade to any ship is moot. there will ALWAYS be a nerf for any purchase, its a waste of money therefore NEVER buy a ship. Wait for 3 to 4 months before considering any NEW ship to your fleet, NOT WORTH IT
  9. Why are these grinds getting more and more outrageous, yet once you obtain the GRAND PRIZE, the ship and or upgrades SUCK really BAD. Please reevaluate and keep in mind, this is NOT Good folks. WoWs is a very good strat game, but its become so outrageous even I'm getting depressed.
  10. CV play should be in a whole new game until they figure out what the heck who does what, how and what fer…………… since the rework CV's have been a pain the rump.
  11. Sirzin_6

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    I still don't know why they rapped the conq for this? Why, why? This ship should have been sooooo much better and fears, but it's Kitty litter.
  12. Sirzin_6

    What is the Puerto Rico class cruiser?

    To sum it up nicely, it's a collector ship, nothing more. Not very good at anything , it's just another Alaska, Georgia. Anyone noticed you're going through a lot of farming for.......? Mediocre
  13. Sirzin_6

    Smolensk Build

    I have equiped my Smol with: IFA, AR, LS, BFT, DE, AFT, IFHE. I like to burn everything, it's a pure gunship from HELL, I play my map a lot, use dd's for spotting, second hand smoke to surplus my own and light massive and I mean ,"BURN TO THE GROUND, FIRE". It's the only way to send them home crying. That is all folks.
  14. I'm getting a headache with all these changes...…………., Servers are messed up no matter.
  15. Anyone notice that ships (Smol) comes out swinging, then like a lot of ships (AFTER you buy them) they get nerfed so bad, you're left with a hole in your wallet of hours of game time. Then there is RNG, yes RNG, its a guess who's who. The game is becoming tooooo commercial or rink-e-dink. I use to enjoy leveling up to the next ship, but when I get it, its nerfed so bad, I'm left with "Duh which way did she go"? I don't enjoy the game as much any more. Now I find myself going to take really long breaks from it. I don't think i'm going to druel over new ships, cuz they are ALLL going to be nerfed or crippled in one way or another. I've played all the tier 10 ships, sold some, got them back, left some alone. I've got over 200 ships and I ask myself , "WHY"...... Smolensk was AWESOME when it hit the seas, NOW? Oh well, easy come easy go. Just like the Conq, ya buy it for its diversity and then WHAM, surprise...……….Psyche.