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  1. pepperct

    Attacked by CV while smoked

    I play DDs and CV,s lately. With you shooting out of the smoke it gives the CV a general point to fire rockets at. If you can stretch your smoke bloom out it will give you more room to maneuver in. Also keep moving slightly back and forth in the smoke if you can. But watch out you don’t slide out of the smoke when doing so. It happen to me. Makes for a great target for everyone. Also remember that British CV bombers carpet bomb and can lay a pattern the length of your smoke.
  2. pepperct

    Done complaining......just done

    What about dispersion camo? Doesn’t that come into play at some point? Maybe the first couple salvos. I’ve had that too where you spot a ship at a distance, zoom in to take your shot and the target disappears. You zoom out and the target reappears only to disappear when you zoom in again.
  3. pepperct

    Midway since last patch

    And you need to have a really good game if you want to make any type of profit. Even with premium.
  4. pepperct

    How to adapt to cvs

    I’ve done the DD, Cruiser grind since I started. I tried the old cv play every now and then but was not really good at it. Plus the top down look was boring. I’ve been trying CVs now and kind of enjoy it. The visual look of the planes and landscape are great. As far as the DD, CV play go, from what I’ve experienced is DDs still rush to cap and get spotted initially in a fly by and sometimes get targeted. After that most CVs will target larger ships out on their own. DDs get targeted again if they go after the CV or it’s late in the game. Even though this is a team game not many play as a team. Loners get targeted first, by everyone. Not just CVs. I play to have fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it’s rewarding. That includes all class of ships I’ve played. Pre CV rework and post.
  5. Thanks for asking about torpedo acceleration as I was just going to ask that. I just started using Ranger and Lexington and have sight stabilization but not torp accel. That was going to be my next pick but as a DD main it’s not something I’m familiar with. So are you dropping closer or farther? Since I’m still learning I never thought about dropping on an angle. I always dropped on a 45 degree angle. So far all the videos I’ve watched don’t show the drop cone so it’s been a little difficult learning the lead time.
  6. pepperct

    Anyone else think Ranger might be best CV?

    I practiced in CO-OP just to get the lead straightened out and for some reason it is hard to win. Those bot ships know where to find you when it’s down to a couple ships left. With only two torps I wish they did a little more damage. But I guess that’s right in line with tier 6.
  7. pepperct

    Anyone else think Ranger might be best CV?

    I’m starting to get back into playing CV,s. I’ve only played a few games but have a 69% win ratio with the Ranger. I just can’t seem to get the torping right though. I need to do more CO-OP games for the practice but contrary to what others say I am having fun with it. I need to find more YouTube videos on them. A lot of the tips I get watching how other CV’s play in game especially after I get sunk.
  8. pepperct

    Worcester Radar Upgrade

    I’m close to getting the unique radar upgrade for Worcester. Does anyone have it and if so is it any good. I got the upgrade for Gearing and hated it. It lowered your detection but your guns did not fire as fast. What are your thoughts?
  9. pepperct

    I am tired of ungrateful teams

    As a DD player the most important thing a CV player can do is the initial spot in the beginning of the game. If he picks up the enemy DD that’s a huge bonus. That forms a big part of my initial strategy. I use RPF to give the CV player direction and most of them acknowledge it and head that way. If he is able to damage the DD that’s pretty big. After that it’s his call on where he should strike next. As a DD main I have to be aware of the radar ships. He has to be aware of the AA ships. One mistake and a whole squadron of planes are gone and now he can’t help anyone. I give everyone still playing CV,s credit with sticking with it and trying to make it work.
  10. pepperct

    What causes these strange losing streaks?

    I agree. I found myself doing just that when I went from playing DDs back to cruisers. Sit back a shoot over islands when everyone made a push past my range. Now I try to group together with other ships and focus on what they are firing at too. Videos really help too.
  11. pepperct

    What causes these strange losing streaks?

    I get those streaks too from time to time. How is it that your team is down 4 or 5 ship to the other teams 0 before you know it. Some ships when I was grinding like the Seattle and Baltimore just drove me crazy. As soon as I made T10 I sold them. But now after some time I rebought them to learn to play them better now that there is no pressure in grinding. That has seemed to help my win rate which has helped my team. I also dropped down some tiers and started playing the Helena which for me is a really fun ship. Try switching ships and tiers and grouping with other ships to focus more fire power. Don’t get too discouraged it happens to all of us. Good luck.
  12. pepperct

    What do DD want?

    I played a game in my Farragut last night against two cv,s. I was spotted within a minute by rocket planes. Three rocket attacks and down 50%. The second cv comes in. Same as the first, three attacks. Now the first one comes back, I smoke up but they fire into the smoke. My game lasted three minutes. That was real enjoyable. WG has been tweaking this game as long as I been playing to try to make it better. They can only go on the reviews/complaints/recommendations of the community. It will never be 100% approved by everybody. No game is. As a DD main I hated radar when it came out. I still do unless I’m playing a cruiser. So I watched videos and read the forums to get tips on how to counter it. I just want a chance to enjoy the game a little longer then three minutes.
  13. pepperct

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    The Sims was my first premium ship. It’s fast, you can use def fire in place of smoke and the torps were just buffed. I still use it to this day with my Fletcher commander. It was how I got my first 19 point commander. I play mostly US ships except those I received in Christmas crates. DDs are my favorite. If you ever get a chance to get another premium then get the Atlanta next. Another fun ship that DDs hate. Have fun with your choice.
  14. pepperct

    AA Sounds

    To add to the list of other complaints about CV and AA, if WG is going to keep this style of play then maybe do something about the horrible AA sounds in the game. To me it sounds like someone beating on an old Tom Tom drum and another person banging on the keys of and old typewriter. There has to be better sound bites out there or maybe work on creating something better. The old style didn’t sound too bad. Since AA fire in games has gone up so much now please make something that’s not so droning on the brain.
  15. pepperct

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    If you have time watch some of Kuro,s DD videos on YouTube. He has all sorts of different tier destroyers he plays. If you can’t find yours you can always pm him and ask for one. He does a great job breaking down the scenario as it unfolds. He plays a lot of tier X DDs but also midrange. Take the suggestions of others here, watch some videos and have fun. Good luck.