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  1. pepperct

    Santa Premium Discount

    I wish there was a way that when you win premium time it would come in a special crate or something that you can open when you have the time to use it. There have been about 7 or 8 times now I won time only not being able to use it because I was leaving for work after have just won it.
  2. pepperct

    20 huge crates 2 ships.....

    Lol, when we were kids if you were bad your parents said you would get coal for Christmas. Now it’s a good thing...
  3. pepperct


    From what I remember from last year I didn’t get any premium time but I did get a lot of doubloons from the $5. crates. I did get the Sims which was my first premium ship and then used the doubloons for the Atlanta and permo cammo for my favorite ships.
  4. pepperct

    DD Lesson of the Day.

    I think using T5 DDs is a great way to learn tactics because there is none of that 20k torping from a safe distance. You have to get right up there close and personal on almost every engagement. Not many people posting videos show the mistakes and why they happened as a teaching tool. I just got Capt Ovechkin but to get him I had to use my BB which is so slow paced next to DDs. After getting him I placed him in my Leningrad so now I can go back to playing mid tier DDs again. For some reason I just can’t get my gearing to work for me like the Fletcher. That’s another reason it’s good to see T5 matches.
  5. pepperct

    DD Lesson of the Day.

    This was a fun game to watch. It’s nice to see close in battles with lots of action where DDs are pretty much the same. The narrative is always great. You’ve said it many times, situational awareness is really the key. It’s easy to lose that in the heat of a battle.
  6. pepperct

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I sold my Seattle the second I could buy the Worcester. I would play a few games in her then back to all my ships with 19 point commanders. I have enough to now get the Buffalo on the way to DM but I’m really hating to start that grind. It brings back memories of the Seattle grind. There’s nothing worse then playing a ship you don’t enjoy but have to to get to the next ship that you really want.
  7. pepperct

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    The first time I played there were no DD,s and for some reason the transport went to the left. We made it to the end before the transport was destroyed. The second time I played a DD and there were two of us. This time the whole fleet went straight which who knows if it’s any easier that way. Without comms we both took turns smoking and torping and in the end we both torped Rasputin and everyone focus fired him for the win and 5 stars. Funny thing is after as I was looking at the ships in the dock I realized that I never used the 19 points the commanders had.
  8. pepperct

    Gearing Hull

    Thanks Bill. There’s some really good reading in there.
  9. pepperct

    Gearing Hull

    There is a mission “Family Matters” in which the Gearing would get a modified hull. What is that? Does it add HP or concealment? Thanks for the help
  10. pepperct

    Paper Ships in the game

    And while we’re at it, for all the realist out there, let’s remove the all the space ship, eagle and shark camo,s. They weren’t “real”either. I think WG did a great job modeling all the ships, paper or otherwise. Good point Aggressor, who wants to play just 7 ships.
  11. pepperct

    Worcerster a little OP

    It’s funny. There are some ships in this game that players love to hate. Atlanta, Worcester, Mino and any spotted DD. People would go out of their minds looking to shoot one up at the expense of a closer target. These ships might have an early advantage when hiding and rapid firing guns but when pushed out of their hiding place it’s a whole different story. I finally got my Worcester after a long Seattle grind so now I have to learn how best to play her. Most of my games have been in a DD both on the receiving end and spotting/flushing end. To me this is what makes this game fun. First we owned the game with torps, then radar changed that so we adjusted our style around it. T-10 DD,s have longer torps but now ships fire faster so we spot more. Who wants to play a game where all the ships are the same? OP Worcester? Yes and no just like every other ship once you learn how to best play it.
  12. pepperct

    Is there any interest in me releasing CA videos as I do for DDs?

    I finally got the Worcester so now I have to learn to play her the right way. If you have more of them that would be great. The next ship is going to be the Buffalo on the way to DeMoine but the Worcester is the main ship for a while.
  13. pepperct

    DD Play is NOT dead.

    As Baron has stated, I like teaming with another DD especially if we’re communicating a plan. Some DD captains just feed off each other. At the start of the game I’ll always type what cap I’m going to. At least it’s a plan. Most time others will join in stating where they will go. Then the cruisers will type who they are going to cover and now it’s a game. Positive communication, not the whiney stuff is what wins games. If I have time, I’ll switch to my Seattle grind, which I’m not a fan of but will still type out what cap I’m going to support. There’s nothing a DD main loves then knowing he is going to be supported in some way.
  14. pepperct

    WG we need some camo sales!

    It would be nice to see some sales on permanent camos too. 5000 doubloons is quite a bit but I guess WG has to make their money some way.
  15. pepperct

    Is there any interest in me releasing CA videos as I do for DDs?

    I put my 19 point commander from my Cleveland in her and finally got the two upgrades. The gams have been going much better now. At least I’m surviving more.