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  1. pepperct

    Seal Clubber? Low tier

    Yeah it makes me laugh a little when I get pinged by RPF at low tiers. That means somebody went past CE and had enough points to pick that skill above other more useful skills at that level. I drop down now and then for the fun of some of the ships.
  2. pepperct

    WG Secondaries Just Why ?

    When I play my Mass with a secondary build I try to use it to my advantage as do other secondary build BBs which I think is fine. Most ships get some type of gimmick such as more stealth, bigger guns, longer torps and such so why put the few ships that rely on secondaries at a disadvantage such as German BBs? I wouldn’t quit over this but when it comes out we’ll all have to test it out ourselves. There are testers testing it now and if they all report that it’s broken and WG stills goes ahead with it then I would at least like to hear a justification from them why they think it’s good.
  3. pepperct

    CV's are balanced !!!

    I don’t have much of a problem with one CV per side but when there’s two per side then it just sucks for everyone especially the new players. I play CVs from time to time for a change but when in a game with four I’ll go back to playing another ship so as not to add to the problem. Hopefully when the new captain skills come out then maybe some of the CCs can do some videos on what works vs CVs.
  4. DD - Fletcher, cruiser - Atago and BB Mass with its great secondaries.
  5. pepperct

    USN BBs

    I was never a BB fan until I received the Mass in a Christmas container. I still wasn’t a fan until I noticed how great the secondaries are. Now it’s one of my favorite ships to play.
  6. pepperct


    I also have Alaska and as of yet have a hard time aiming the guns. I like the idea of specking him in my Mass and Alaska since they are premium And are interchangeable.
  7. pepperct


    After what seemed like a long campaign, I finally earned Commander Halsey from the “Hit em Hard Campaign”. He was always on my to get list but I never seemed close to getting him. During that time I was able to obtain Ovechkin, Doe, and Da Rong. So my question to everyone is does Halsey play better in a certain type of ship then another? I don’t really stick with one type of ship during my playing time. I usually play a ship until I get that first win bonus then move to another favorite ship. For DDs I play the Gearing and Fletcher, for cruisers I play the Worcester and DM, which has Doe as the capt. For BBs I play the Mass mostly but sometimes I’ll go to a lower level for a break. All the commanders are 19 point. I have the 4 US CVs but don’t play them that much. I see that all these unique commanders have a little bit for every ship. What are your favorite ships to use Halsey in and why? Thanks and stay safe.
  8. pepperct

    12 Mega Santa's boxes, not one ship.

    I bought 30 and got 4 tier 5 and 6 ships.
  9. pepperct

    What did Santa bring you this year?

    So just before logging off I decided to buy one medium crate and it dropped the Lazo. I have a 19 point Ovetskin (spelling) that I use for my other Russian ships that I received last Christmas. I’ll probably buy a few more before it ends. I got a lot of doubloons last year that I used for perm camouflage for 4 of my ships.
  10. pepperct

    OMG! I feel like I just won an OSCAR!

    I was just going to ask if anyone got a ship lately and you just answered that question. WG should just get rid of the SC choice and just drop one with the other three now and then. Why would you ever want to select one these days for just a couple consumables. Especially if your new to the game and could really the credits or flags to help with the grind.
  11. pepperct

    Attacked by CV while smoked

    I play DDs and CV,s lately. With you shooting out of the smoke it gives the CV a general point to fire rockets at. If you can stretch your smoke bloom out it will give you more room to maneuver in. Also keep moving slightly back and forth in the smoke if you can. But watch out you don’t slide out of the smoke when doing so. It happen to me. Makes for a great target for everyone. Also remember that British CV bombers carpet bomb and can lay a pattern the length of your smoke.
  12. pepperct

    Done complaining......just done

    What about dispersion camo? Doesn’t that come into play at some point? Maybe the first couple salvos. I’ve had that too where you spot a ship at a distance, zoom in to take your shot and the target disappears. You zoom out and the target reappears only to disappear when you zoom in again.
  13. pepperct

    Midway since last patch

    And you need to have a really good game if you want to make any type of profit. Even with premium.
  14. pepperct

    How to adapt to cvs

    I’ve done the DD, Cruiser grind since I started. I tried the old cv play every now and then but was not really good at it. Plus the top down look was boring. I’ve been trying CVs now and kind of enjoy it. The visual look of the planes and landscape are great. As far as the DD, CV play go, from what I’ve experienced is DDs still rush to cap and get spotted initially in a fly by and sometimes get targeted. After that most CVs will target larger ships out on their own. DDs get targeted again if they go after the CV or it’s late in the game. Even though this is a team game not many play as a team. Loners get targeted first, by everyone. Not just CVs. I play to have fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it’s rewarding. That includes all class of ships I’ve played. Pre CV rework and post.
  15. Thanks for asking about torpedo acceleration as I was just going to ask that. I just started using Ranger and Lexington and have sight stabilization but not torp accel. That was going to be my next pick but as a DD main it’s not something I’m familiar with. So are you dropping closer or farther? Since I’m still learning I never thought about dropping on an angle. I always dropped on a 45 degree angle. So far all the videos I’ve watched don’t show the drop cone so it’s been a little difficult learning the lead time.