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  1. Danhvn

    All about cruisers

    A) You can learn about cruiser positioning by watching Flamu's vid B) That is literally all tech tree cruisers, they don't usually want to eat damage (beside Petropavlovsk and Riga) I would suggest you to try the German cruisers, they are very solid - good - close to OP. IJN cruisers are tankier than you think, they have 40mm deck.
  2. Danhvn

    ST 0.9.11, changes to test ships

    hmm yes, compensating 17mm HE pen and 4s reload by buffing her fire chance to 8%
  3. As long as you don't get sneeze at, she's very strong with her DPM and nimbleness.
  4. Danhvn

    FDR and Nerfing Steel Ships.

    WG don't usually nerf premium ships cause duh, look at the Cesare. They only nerf them through global nerf.
  5. Danhvn

    Petropavlovsk Tier X cruiser (BROKE-AF)

    what does Petro have beside tankiness and AP pen again?
  6. Danhvn


    All Russian ships are overly hyped anyway.
  7. Danhvn

    FDG - Not as bad as I remember.

    Yea, I would rate her on par with Izumo for the best tier 9 tech BB.
  8. WG nerfed the amount of rockets, their fire chance and turned the ellipse
  9. Danhvn


    no, what are YOU talking about? If Stalin has 50mm bow armor, how tf can a Petro pen it and get to the citadel? If you're saying the Stalin is broadside, even a Marceau can reach her citadel. sure, she got higher shell velocity and crazy pen. Then what? Have you considered her accuracy? It's on par with the FR BBs. Also, the ship is spesilised into AP, ofcourse her AP should be good, else it's gonna be Monarch all over again. WeeGee release an AP cruiser and people crying about the AP, make me wish they unlease even more HE spammers.
  10. Danhvn


    -Petro is widely used in KoTS because she's hard to kill and her stealth radar can counter the mean of spotting from the enemy team. Her mistake punishing ability can make every mistake even small one big. -17mm bigger guns. That ain't gonna change anything. -Her shells are faster cause they are 220mm/65 and not 234mm/50 like Goliath or 240/50 like Henri. -Any ship in the game can bow pen Stalingrad given enough angle so wdym? She can overmatch? KEKW -"This ship not only has bigger guns, but higher velocity. It's a perfect example of ridiculous fake ship russian bias." Again, 220mm is no different from 203mm. The only thing left is shell velocity, my Roma has the best shell velocity compare to any other 380mm. That surely make her OP. -Imagine Russian bias in 2020
  11. Danhvn


    Petro's strength is her AP and tankiness. Other than that everything about her is bad.
  12. Danhvn

    Kremlin OP?

    I would suggest you go for the IJN or the France. Kremlin line's job is to sit infront of the enemy's face for 10 minute then die GK line's job is to die.
  13. Danhvn

    Finally Met a CV Unicum in a FDR

    FDR is desgined to farm big capital ships therefore have a very low impact on the game, Midway meanwhile can strike small and important targets like DDs.
  14. the ramming damage in the game is realistic and fine as it is. If you want to reduce the damage taken, equip the ramming flag and slow down to below 10 knots
  15. sorry, I only see Stalingrad and Petro complains