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  1. Gummby_

    GK Replacement

    I would agree with this to a point as it seems for a while now the meta is " I am in a battleship.... going to fire HE exclusively all game", while yes there are BB's with a high fire chance like the thunderer and the conqueror they have pretty good AP as well. I am not saying I am not guilty of firing HE out of BB's but that is normally if I am not getting any pen damage from the AP, or I'll switch back and forth slap a fire on them and have AP loading in the next salvo as a lot of players will turn and give some sort of broadside after being slapped with HE and catching fire to turn out giving a good opportunity to deal heavy damage.
  2. Gummby_

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I think the only real way to make these things work for live game play is to lose the homing torpedo's, sure you can try to dodge them but that doesn't always work and all it takes is one DCP whether from a ping or a flood and the subs have you at that point and you're pretty much at their mercy. They should go to using the same mechanic as other ships as it pertains to the torpedo's, it would make the ping feature pretty much useless, I am sure WG can find something else to fill that slot. I'd be even fine with them keeping the outrageous torpedo speed if they would drop the homing. I've played several games with and subs in almost all of those game and the subs have free reign to pretty much do whatever they want with little to no worries, the only ones that really were a threat from what I saw was someone who had never used the subs before.
  3. Gummby_

    Submarines in Random Battles

    All of this.
  4. Gummby_

    King George V, grind or skip?

    For me it was more out of frustration more than anything and personally I think the ship is trash at tier VIII
  5. Gummby_

    King George V, grind or skip?

    Great ship for the tier, don't skip it.. However I do recommend skipping the monarch personally
  6. Gummby_

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    Let me get this straight, you're going to move the G/K that has 12 guns, terrible dispersion at medium to high range( I do understand it is a brawling ship and isn't played in the back), and the high overpen value if you hit anything with them 420mm guns if you have them equipped to an 8 gun 457mm guns that I will almost guarantee will have just as equal if not worse dispersion, and the overpens I feel will be constant. Sound like another bone headed move by WG.
  7. Gummby_

    Coop mode

    I think the increase in number of players you have noticed playing co-op as of lately is due to them grinding out their ships for the crates. I would assume things will die down over the next week or two as players return to Randoms after they complete the crates.
  8. Gummby_


    Finished all of the required mission for the Might MO ( which I have been trying to get for years) and headed to the premium shop to reveal that I and many others that played through the missions now have the great honor bestowed upon us from WG to pay the full price of $78(= 19500 Doubloons) for the MO... Something about this just sits wrong with me, I had a good idea about what kind of price tag they would put on the ship when this event was announced so it isn't like I am surprised as much as I am just disgusted by the whole thing and now that I have the chance to actually get the ship I'm passing on it rather than giving WG anymore of my money. WG had an opportunity here to at least offer the MO for those that ran the missions and completed them for Free Xp rather than actual cash. The missions were not very difficult so I could see the ball park of 1.5 - 2 Mil free xp and as per usual WG... swing and a miss on your part.
  9. Gummby_

    Important message for the community

    This all seems like a "day late and dollar short" clean up for PR. You want to fix the Missouri issue? Easy, put if back for FREE XP like it was originally to begin with, your "fix" by adding mission you must complete to then and only then may you have the HONOR AND PRIVILEGE to buy it with actual cash is nothing more than a slap in the face to your players. From going to past posts this has been building for years, WG has received communications from the community of issues and nothing was ever done and after so many years of being ignored when you have a major failure this is what you end up with as a result. Maybe if you actually took value in your player base and not in the player base's wallets ( I do understand you must earn to keep things going) things would be different and your name wouldn't have been smeared all over the gaming community across the world for your clear and apparent power creep. Personally I would have to see huge changes before I changed my mind about supporting this game or its company again.
  10. Lets be honest, can you blame them? It isn't like the this is new information so I wouldn't call it "negative" I'd call it "accurate" .
  11. Gummby_

    CV vs DD attacking advice

    It isn't a perfect solution to the question but try going into the training room with the other side just DD's or whatever configuration you think you would like to work on and try that doing this has helped me a little bit since the CV rework on the rocket planes.
  12. Gummby_

    WG not responding

    I would just be patient (it is hard to do at times) I wouldn't send 5 tickets in as I would just see that as wasting your time at that point as I am sure they have a "spam" filter of some sort. I know in the past it took them almost 5 days to get back with me on a ticket I made so it could just be a heavy back log at the moment.
  13. Gummby_

    Tired of these posts

    I cannot confirm or deny that I fall into this group...who am I kidding that is me to the T .
  14. Gummby_

    Tired of these posts

    If you do not like the posts... don't read the posts maybe? It would appear you have sandwiched CO-OP games between your Scenario games although I could be wrong. I came to this conclusion because your profile shows you 61% of the time play only Co-op and a win streak in co-op is not hard to accomplish, when you have 38% of your battles are in random you really don't have any data to support your argument/complaint. I am in no way stat shaming you, or saying that the way you play or how you play is less than any other player. If you want to play co-op play co-op and that is what you enjoy by all means enjoy, but the variables are night and day from co-op to randoms when it comes to winning streaks and losing streaks. Just my .02 I think you'll need more random game play at higher tiers to understand where the frustration some of these players, myself included are coming from at times.
  15. Gummby_

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    I would agree, I had no issues in a DD in the past when rocket planes were sent towards me of dodging the planes most of the time and yes some times they got me some times they didn't. If you are aware of what is going on and you have the opportunity to turn out it shouldn't have been a problem. With the new way they have them now if I play cv I do not even go for DD's anymore as the odds of hitting them are so far out it isn't worth the planes.