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  1. Menagerie

    Update 0.8.4. Feedback and Performance

    Has anyone noticed that a ship returning to port has its camo removed even with the "enabled" enabled. This doesn't happen every time, but often enough.
  2. I've had the same problem {hard drive crashed}. I'm getting old and hand coping that string onto the "install by ID" is a real problem for me. Unfortunately, at least on my computer, you can't copy and paste. There must be a easier and better way! V09XUy5QVC5QUk9EVUNUSU9OQGh0dHA6Ly93Z3VzLXdvd3NwdC53b3JsZG9md2Fyc2hpcHMucnUv
  3. Menagerie

    Top Ten Challenge: Week Three

    How can one receive "Its just a flesh wound" multiple times per battle.
  4. Menagerie

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    I wonder if the GC is even going to be a real issue should WG introduce the Russian BB line into the game at their current testing state. There will be a whole new chorus of real complaints.
  5. It would seem that with the forthcoming changes to CVs and how they can now offer multiple attacks in short order on the same ship, the reduced odds of an unstoppable fire or flooding {for sure} will at least allow ships to survive a little bit longer. BBs rightly need some additional help with fire/flooding control.
  6. You can also just use the "O" key to shift the AA to port or starboard.
  7. I agree that all captains {NA server} should be heard in English. Captions, at the minimum, should at least be available. Yes, the 10 PT rating was the reason that I purchased.