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  1. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    But I regularly get citadel hits using HE against same tier light cruisers...how is that possible if their armor should be shattering it? Ah, this would be a consequence of the German and British special HE penetration perk. Interesting...
  2. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    If your AP is over penetrating, the HE won't have much issue penetrating the citadel...
  3. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Excellent data! So BBs with high shell penetration should switch to HE if expecting to try to blap a cruiser at close range...
  4. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Its possible, especially when you are close enough that hitting ANYTHING other than citadel will cause an over pen... I am coming round to the opinion that BB HE is criminally underused.
  5. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    New CV meta secondary build ships recommendation?

    It might be LESS vulnerable since the USN AP bombers will not come to delete you as soon as the match begins...
  6. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Strawman post. I'm saying I'm hitting the citadel, and the shell is over penetrating the citadel. I know where the citadels are. I'm not really annoyed by it...as cruisers need a buff to survivability.
  7. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    Meh. Data costs...either money or customer goodwill. WG has made their choice.
  8. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Mehta. Give test it yourself. Load up Raptor Rescue...let one of the bot cruisers get within 4km, and hit his citadel with a New Mexico and see what happens. You can't miss at that range, and you will see what we have been experiencing.
  9. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    ...only because WG is too cheap to properly fill the PTS...
  10. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Except we have been experiencing shells over penetrating citadels... WAD? Or Bug?
  11. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    Its WGs way of incentivizing everyone to shoot HE.
  12. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Friday Night Fights - Battleship or Battlecruser?

    Give me armor and big guns over speed any day. Speed is overrated.
  13. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Yep, perils of the free2play genre. I get to the point of irritation at the new players...and I go play something else for a while. I do find that some OPs are easier because they are easier to single ship carry. You really can't do that with Narai...it is very team focused with dispersed objectives throughout the OP. I like Ultimate Frontier even though it is hard... because I can single ship carry in my secondary spec Gneisnau. The objectives all funnel down by the end of the match to defending the base from behind the repair island. If I were better, I bet I could carry a team of potatoes to a win on that map...like I can on Killer Whale and Raptor Rescue with my CV.
  14. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Narai is hard because you need to coordinate three separate objectives...AND keep your team alive to distract the final enemy push. Plus it is more susceptible to the ship composition brought into the battle (need a ship to torpedo Missouri without dying, need good lone cruiser captains to take on CV and transports)... The actual fighting isn't hard. But corralling the random team is like herding cats.
  15. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    How to support DD

    As a BB, follow DD towards his chosen cap. Position so you have good field of fire into CAP with armor angled to bounce return fire. Get close enough that you are in EFFECTIVE range. Delete or deter cruisers. If no cruisers, shoot at DDs. Use heal if necessary but maintain dominance of the field of fire. When your group has advantage...communicate and lead push. (The other ships will be quicker than you and will take up their proper positions). Hopefully you have baited the enemy into trying to hit you first for pushing...which will allow your team to murder the red ships while they are distracted bouncing shells off your belt and getting only one torpedo hit on your WASDing behemoth...which you then heal. If your group loses advantage...communicate for the team to bail, and COVER your teams retreat! The BB should be the last to leave and be kiting the enemy. Often, it is best for the cruisers and DDs to reposition to a non support location to you while you kite the enemy ships away from the key points. A kiting battleship is REALLY hard to kill. Use that.