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  1. If it was nerfed to fit tier 4, I would have bought her... ...but WG doesnt want my money.
  2. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Preach. I would love it if playing CV became harder... ...but the only way WG appears to listen to that is when CVs are exploiting the game. So yup, just feeding the spreadsheet more data. Im amused at all the purple players who think WG cares what they say or think after the boycott fiasco...
  3. Daniel_Allan_Clark


    Become one with the rudder...pray to Neptune.
  4. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Given the actual results of the clan battle 'boycott' fiasco...you are entirely right. They do not really care about the well being of the game. All the talk seems to be mere virtue signaling trying to show off themselves as the best.
  5. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    But CV's are loved? Right?

    Amusing that the OPs anecdotal evidence is acceptable...but he wont accept other's anecdotal evidence. The more I listen to most unicums, the more disgusted I get. Sure, you know the game really well...but you behave so poorly...
  6. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Things as a CV Captain that annoys me

    Dont listen to people who refuse to give you advice in a professional manner...or who give advice in such a way as you doubt their sanity. Filters out most of the useless chat spam. For me, the hardest thing is to get my team to use the minimap ping for spotting and fighter requests. I basically play the game from the minimap (old RTS habits die hard)...so demanding spotting or air cover without providing a location first really adds to my workload.
  7. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    First premium ship unlocked from container

    Congrats on the ship. Getting one from a crate is extremely rare.
  8. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    A CV can actually be in 4 places at once. You can cycle squadrons fast enough to have two fighter squadrons up at the same time...plus your strike aircraft, plus your hull and its fighter CAP. The more you know...
  9. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    No players

    Buy a Mikasa...farm krakens and achievements against the bots. You will never need to buy flags again.
  10. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Need Streamers Help - Reload Booster Not Firing

    I had the last turret on Bismarck do this...I pulled lock away then put it back and fired. It was strange. It might not be just JB...
  11. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    If you are going to criticize via in-game chat...

    Ryujo is a lot of fun played forward...she is so maneuverable...you can get away with a lot. I spec all my CVs for secondaries...just to see the panic on DDs sailing when suddenly they are getting hit on their drive by attempt. Lexington and Midway have some fearsome rate of fire...
  12. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Update of commander skills: questions and answers

    The evidence would seem to back this up... ...personally, I'm disappointed that WG believes that they can [edited] us on this.
  13. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    why are the russian destroyers so bad?

    Indeed. I hate playing torpedo boats...thought that DDs werent for me. Then I got Visby, and picked up Blyskawica for coal...and discovered I LIKE gunboats. So, picked up Friesland (instead of Alaska)...and am grinding away on Swedish DDs when I want that change of pace from CV time. I really need to get to grinding the Russian and French DD lines. As a CV captain, I know how to work against airplanes...and I dont have a mental block thinking that DDs job is to CAP...because it isnt the primary directive.
  14. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Thanks for seasonal gifts WG

    I got some camos and flags... ...so...yay? Caveat Emptor.
  15. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel