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  1. I have had 1 tier 8 CV game in the last week as top tier. Almost always in a tier 10 or 9 game. This isnt a huge problem for me as tier 8 CVs can work in that environment... ...but it does highlight that the MM is not living up to the promises made by WG staff.
  2. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Does anyone think CVs are perfectly balanced?

    Which class is which here? Last night I HE spammed some battleships from range in my Friesland...they couldnt kill me or counter me at all. You need to understand that 'griefing' is part of the game design.
  3. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Does anyone think CVs are perfectly balanced?

    This has been my assessment of late as well...
  4. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    German Carriers: Part 2

    Yay for a new collection.
  5. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Friesland - Build: Theory Crafting

    The Friesland is now mine... ...took her out for a spin tonight. Of course the 'random' MM gives me not one CV battle. In other words though, she is pretty fun. I can see why I will be getting concealment expert once I get up to 10 points. Right now enemy DDs just never engage. This does make screening my BBs easier...and it is hilarious to finally be on the other side of the HE fire spam meta (the poor BBs!)... ...and the Tallinn that thought he was awesome to radar me soon regretted that decision as his health melted to nothing. She is pretty good as an open water gunboat machine. All in all, so far a good purchase.
  6. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    ...and they still won't shoot at what we spot... Don't fly into overlapping flak...problem solved. A better solution would be to give the red team dynamic fighters...so that there would be a risk your strike could be attacked ANYWHERE...as opposed to now, where there are only islands of risk...outside of which your planes are perfectly safe to spot.
  7. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Idea for CV balance change

    Hmm. I took my new, completely stock Shokaku into a tier 9 match and did nearly 100k damage...with a captain still retraining so I didn't have access to the extra plane armor and extra plane health upgrades. We won. The part that makes CV OP in CLAN BATTLES is the spotting. The part that makes them OP at higher tiers is the playerbase at higher tiers being incompetent. Many a battle I spend wondering if anyone on my team is going to shoot at the enemy team I am spotting... Yep, WG continues to intentionally remain ignorant of how CVs actually work in practice...instead they just look at the Holy Spreadsheet and try to make changes. But their ignorance of how the class actually interacts with the meta dooms all of their efforts to failure. Point out how the class actually interacts with the meta, and WG staff says that your posts are not 'constructive' enough. This is by design, because... Dynamic fighters are the ONLY effective air defense...against ANY CV player. Dynamic fighters also can be used to control enemy air spotting. This, and exploitation of the incredibly buggy strafing mechanic was the main source of the 'skill gap' in the RTS era. Again, by design. WG did not want sniping to be the meta...because it drove away new players. ...or basically the same playbook they have been using for the past three years. Until they are willing to throw out their current 'experts' and begin UNDERSTANDING the class and it's impact on the meta...the CV 'balancing' will continue to fail to meet even WG's low standards.
  8. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Does anyone think CVs are perfectly balanced?

    Yeah...about that. CVs have secondaries (Saipan being the exception). The number of fools who try to rush down my Lexington in their DD thinking they have enough health to take that rocket strike and still get the torps off...only to eat multiple 127mm shells to the face and die... ...is getting larger as the weeks go by.
  9. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    I, for one, enjoy a game with CVs more than a game without...while playing my DDs. Now, I am no longer at the mercy of the elite captains with concealment expert and concealment modules that I can't outspot...because the planes can do it for me. Much nicer environment to do the DD work within.
  10. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Idea for CV balance change

    These two are mutually exclusive. Spotting IS the supporting role. Removing it tells CV captains NOT to spot and turns them into even more of damage farmers.
  11. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Does anyone think CVs are perfectly balanced?

    I want to know who thinks ANY ship in this game is 'balanced' soley by in game combat performance... ...because we know WG also balances based on ship popularity. Given this truth, I suggest you acknowledge that the cause of your problem with game balance is that your personal definition of balance is not shared with WG.
  12. See below... Though...certain people at WG do seem allergic to all critical feedback, no matter its format.
  13. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Weser in CB... a cv thats biased towards cruisers, and gated.

    I think he is suggesting that WG intentionally chose to have a CB designed to be full of cruisers...where the only CV available that is good against cruisers...was gated behind a loot crate purchasing event...
  14. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Rhein DB bombers

    Dodging flak is like playing 'Dance / Dance Revolution'...you've got to get the timing and rhythm of the turns / boosts right. Once you figure it out it will become second nature....and you will be surprised when you catch a flak burst. Also, the Rhein DBs are really poor at making the turns...because you have to use the A and D keys to turn sufficiently to get the flak to miss...but using those turns the planes so sharply that you make little progress towards your hoped for drop point. It's the terrible handling of these planes that makes it problematic. Funny. I have no problem seeing the reticle for the DBs (I zoom out a bit so I can see both ahead and the reticle). I have serious problems seeing the AP rocket reticle against the surface glare of the sea.
  15. Daniel_Allan_Clark

    Rhein DB bombers

    They are just different. I find these DBs EASIER to hit with since you dont have to do as much lead to START the attack. Keep practicing...I think those DBs are the bread and butter of the line. Use them against battleships. Attack from the bow or the stern. Commence attack when the reticle is just ahead of the point you want to hit...practice the release point timing so that the bombs hit the citadel area of the battleship. You will overpen most cruisers...so use AP rockets on those... ...use the TBs for the enemy DDs and cruisers.