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  1. I agree 100%. They keep saying they want to increase the CV players in game, but then they do this. And of course, everyone knows they are increasing DD defensive fire, so that means more ships the CV cannot attack, and don't forget adding AP bombs which don't damage DDs, or deep water torps which don't damage DD's. Pretty bad when a tier 8 USN KIdd, can take out a tier 10 Midway's planes every single time. I bet it has already happened where a Kidd sails straight for the Midway and destroys him because he is totally defenseless to destroyers now. Yeah, that is the perfect way to get players to become CV drivers. And I am aware that WG likes to give lower tier aircraft to some of the CV's in an attempt at balancing them, but really, two tiers lower? No other CV in game gets a punishment like that. This is just my opinion of course (as every post on this forum is really) but I think WG is doing this so the CV population goes down to zero and they don't have to rework anything. Might as well remove them from the game now, and give everyone who bought one their credits/money back and move on, instead of lie to their players about fixing them. No CV's in clan battles? Why not? Because they are getting rid of them, why allow them in clan battles when they are not going to be here much longer? Another interesting thing I see about this is the USN CV plane load outs. I notice they are not readjusting the Japanese plane load outs. So now we are going to have Rangers and Lexingtons with 3 squadrons going up against Hiryus and Shokakus with 6 squadrons. No wonder everyone prefers IJN. They can be everywhere, and the poor USN CV driver is chasing his tail trying to minimize the damage. Maybe I am missing something here, but on paper it doesn't seem to be a fair trade. I have no CV experience higher than tier 7 at the moment with the exception of a small handful of games in the recently purchased Shokaku, I have played against tier 10's as I currently own six tier 8 ships which seem to be constantly up tiered with 10's. However, none of them are CV's except the previously mentioned Shokaku. I was able to buy the Lexington last night, but have no $$$ to upgrade it, so it and the Shokaku will sit in port, or do co-op until I can afford to get the upgrades. Now that I see the changes in DD defensive fire, and what they are doing to the Midway, I think I will stop at tier 8, and just play co-op with them. Then at least I will know what the enemy carrier is going to be, and I know I cannot come up against a 8 squadron Hakuryu in my feeble little 3 squadron Lexington.
  2. Bismarck v Tirpitz

    I agree, Tirpitz because of the torps. I have recently acquired both, and the Tirpitz is by far the better ship for me. Nothing more fun than going in between two ships, and torping them both to oblivion.
  3. Magnus-S permanent skin

    I received the Tirpitz Halloween camo in one of those Halloween containers, but don't own the Tirpitz. Is it a decent looking camo?
  4. You can buy it now in the premium shop (You will have to log in to see it). It even comes with another captain, even though I removed the captain before the trial, so now I have two Okhotnik captains, and it retained the ship xp I earned in it.
  5. Interesting. I got the same message. After I bought enough Doubloons to get the ship. I find out it is unavailable to me. Came here to report my findings, after adding to my ticket what I found.Saw the above post, logged in to the premium shop, clicked on ships, and lo and behold the Okhotnik. Not 2700 doubloons, but $10.39. I bought it. Guess I will use the 2,700 DB for something else. What a "interesting" up way to do business. Took two days but I finally have it. Thanks for the help Erebthoron.
  6. So I bought my Okhotnik

    I received the same response. Have less than three hours for "tomorrow" to get here. Well see if it shows up in my tech tree.
  7. I received a reply to my ticket telling me the same thing as Wacko mentioned. I should expect an offer to show up tomorrow for the Okhotnik. I will let you know if that happens or not.
  8. Okhotnik trial

    Lucky you. I waited for my trial to end but never got an offer to buy. Not in tech tree either. played 12 random battles in it too. Filed a ticket.
  9. So I bought my Okhotnik

    Ah well I should check mine then. Thanks for the info.
  10. played more than 5 games in the Ohotnik, never showed up in tech tree, never got an offer to buy. Filed a ticket.
  11. So I bought my Okhotnik

    I was offered the Ohotnik and I played it for 3 days. I never saw it in the tech tree, and i never received an offer to buy it. I played 12 random battles and 6 or so co-op battles in it, and never saw an offer to buy. Already sent in a ticket. However, I doubt they work weekends. IK want to buy it as well. One of my clan mates did get an offer to buy it, but had one so he declined. I would ahve bought it in a heart beat if I had received an offer.
  12. Rental ship, how to get?

    I don't know who makes the decision to put a rental ship in your port, but I found a Okhotnik in mine two days ago. Some clan members got the Okhotnik and others got the Scharnhorst.. After getting it, you play 5 random battles, and you are supposed to get a popup message asking if you want to buy it. I currently have a total of 11 random battles on the one they put in my port, and I never got that pop up message, so I started a ticket. My 3 day trial ends tomorrow morning at 10:25am, so I will see if I get the message then. One of my clan members did get that pop up regarding the Okhotnik and since he already had one, declined to buy it. Like I said though, I never got the message.
  13. Oh my God OKHOTNIK

    I received mine in the port 2 days ago, and have played 6 random battles in it today and no offer to buy.
  14. Okhotnik trial

    Ok, thank you for the reply. My trial doesn't end until 10:25am tomorrow.
  15. Okhotnik trial

    Hello Captains, As most of you know the Okhotnik and Scharnhorst have been made available as rentals for 3 days. Never been interested in the Scharn, but I have wanted a Okhotnik ever since i saw my first one. I have been told by clan members that after playing 5 Random battles in the Okhotnik a message box will pop up asking if I want to buy her. So, I played the 5 games, and did not receive any message. Do I need to wait until the trial is over before they give me the chance to buy it or did I miss the message somehow? I would hate to miss out on buying it over a miss communication.