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  1. Airglide2, I must have been having a bad day when I complained of the micromanagement. The more I play the Independence, and now the Saipan, the more I am liking them. I do well in the scenario of the week, even if I get stuck with a sub par team. I have lost the last 3 battles in the Saipan, one because I got so wrapped up in micromanaging my planes, I did not notice the whole team went one way and I was all alone. The last lost was to a fellow Saipan captain who knew his stuff. I had 3 fighter squadrons linked together, and they would always get killed by one fighter squadron from him. HazeGrayUnderway Thanks for the tips.I currently have the Independence and the Saipan. I had heard about strafing, and watched it done on YouTube videos, but they don't mention what keys to hit, but totally forgot to try it when in the Saipan. Same with manual drops. Back to Co-Op I go to learn, and gain experience using both techniques. I have less than a month of play time in this game, but I do play a lot of hours a day, so I should be able to improve quickly. I have decided to stay at the intermediate levels and just work on skills and tactics before going any further up the tier ladder. That, and the increasing amount of xp needed to continue is pretty steep for an unskilled low xp per battle newbie like me. I am about 50k xp away from the Ranger, but it will be awhile before I get it. Jim
  2. Well, I don't usually read the chat when people start yelling insults. I play this game for fun, not to be yelled at. If they can't handle me making newbie mistakes, then they are SOL. I am not going to stop playing because someone doesn't like the way I play. Especially since I have invested real money in this game in a premium membership, and now, two premium ships. I first bought the Sims because I like DD's as well as CV's. It is just the micromanagement that takes some getting used to. I sold my Bogue to make room for a USS Saipan. And I love it. When I first looked at premium ships I had set my eyes on the Indianapolis, but I have not seen any good reviews about her, but was going to get her if/when they put her on sale. Well, this weekend, she was on sale. However, I also saw the Saipan was on sale, and it looked to be the better deal, so sorry Indy, but you will have to wait until next month. I played the Saipan first in Co-Op to get used to her, and never lost any of the 5 battles she was in. However, that is Co-op. I then tried her in Random, and won the first two, but lost the 3rd.So, in 7 battles she has 6 wins and 1 loss. Too bad she is too high for the scenario of the week. I love playing the Independence in that defend the base one. So, basically, I guess I will continue with CV's with a touch of DD (Sims) on the side, and I will never sell the Omaha, as she is my favorite ship. Thanks again for all the replies/opinions. Jim
  3. Premium ships don't give free XP? Well, I too must have misread the description because I just bought my second American premium ship (first was USS Sims, and latest the USS Saipan - which I love so far). And I thought they both would help in that department. Jim
  4. The people who burned Mc Vay should have been jailed. I understand the need for top secret stuff but that doesn't make it okay to ruin someone's life. And the families of the victims although distraught, should never have sent any hate mail. When the sub commander himself states it would not have mattered if he was zig zagging or not he still would have hit him, then there is nothing Mc Vay could have done. Moot point today, I doubt the haters are alive today either. Jim
  5. Hello fellow captains, I have been experiencing a game crash problem. It used to happen randomly, but now seems to be crashing every other time I start a battle. Most the time it crashes on the battle countdown screen, however, a couple of times, it crashed while in the game and moving. I have the latest Nvidia drivers for my card (I know this because I installed them recently while dealing with a frame rate issue in Farming Simulator 2017) so I am at a loss to know what is causing it. Jim
  6. Haven't played it in 3-4 months. Come back to it every now and then. However, after getting addicted to this game, it may be awhile before I play it again. Jim
  7. Without miners, there would be no ships to pew pew in. Jim
  8. Hello all, I have a quick question, How do you get the total damage indicator to show up in the upper right of the UI while in battle? I keep seeing YouTube videos with that there, and I have searched settings an can't seem to find it. I also notice on some of the videos, that it shows the name of the ship above the ship in the screen as well, not just the type indicator. Is this an add-on or is it available in game? If so where? Thanks in advance. Jim
  9. Handgun is for self defense. I live alone and am disabled, so an easy target for the young cowards who pick on the old and helpless. I am not helpless however. That is an old photo. The top computer (Nimbindi) is now where the main computer is on the right side and the main computer is where that old subwoofer is. The new sub is on the outside between the desk and trash. And I don't keep the handgun in the open like that anymore, it sits on top of the main computer with that black table providing cover. Jim
  10. I am playing on a 4 year old 3.2 Ghz i5 Pentium computer (home made) with an equally 4 year old nvidia GTX660 video card. The computer has 16 GB of ram, a 1 TB hard disk, and SB sound card (sorry, don't remember which one). Built it back in 2013. The two other computers are store bought HP's with 3.4 Ghz AMD processors, same 1TB hard disk, and ATI radeon video built into the MB. They both have 8 GB of ram. Laptop is an HP 17" screen with AMD processor. I have WoWs installed on it so I can play anywhere (who knew a laundromat would offer free WiFi?) but my main Wows action is done on the Pentium computer. I built/bought these with the settlement money from an accident that disabled me. I originally had 3 accounts of Everquest, and then as you see on the screen 3 of Eve Online. When I get bored of them I stop and look for something else. Found WoWs two weekends ago, and now play it almost exclusively. Jim
  11. I've been playing for 11 days and my WR is 27%. Must be King of the potatoes. As was mentioned before, all kinds of people play this game. And a lot of them for free. And I am willing to bet, most of them don't care how bad their WR is they just play the game to have fun. Me personally, I am disabled, so I have all the time in the world to play this game and have played quite a few times most of the day. I too get frustrated by always being on the losing side, but I am still working on improving myself, and getting better at the ships I captain. There is no use getting mad at team mates who are casual gamers. Or worse yet, start a shouting match in team chat because someone made a newbie mistake. I saw that quite a bit this past weekend. You don't know who that other person is, but one thing is for sure, he/she is a person, and WoWs is only a game. No need to belittle a person when they are either new to the game, or casual gamers. Actually, no need to belittle a person for any reason in this game. I too had someone send me a personal message telling me I was terrible, and should uninstall the game. I did not reply to that person, but I got news for him. I play this game for my enjoyment, not his. And if running solo down the slot is a newbie mistake, why not tell me that instead of tell me I am terrible? Jim
  12. Thanks all for the replies. I have stopped at Independence so far, because of the micro management. Takes a different mindset to play CV's that is for sure. I loved playing the Langley, and even the Bogue, but now it seems my planes are always shot down first, and I become a useless flat top floating around waiting for the inevitable destruction of the ship. And the previously mentioned USN CV's being at a disadvantage doesn't help my drive to grind through them either. I have already learned about keeping my planes away from enemy ships as their AA takes a huge toll. However, I love the damage the torpedo bombers do, and doing them right, gives me a sense of contributing to the battle. When I play DD or CV, I am usually the "first blood" victim. Though, honestly, I chalk that up to my inexperience mostly. Maybe I should just keep doing the other classes like I started in the beginning. I have DD's and BB's up to T5 and the CV and CA up to T6 and even though I have the USS Cleveland, I find myself playing the USS Omaha the most because I like the fact that it has torpedoes. So maybe I should concentrate on the US DD's. I prefer zipping around like a scalded cat wreaking havoc instead of the chess match interface of the CV's, or the lay back and lob volleys from 16k like the BB's. I made a second account and am trying the IJN cruisers, and I like it. So I may end up retraining Nighteyez to IJN, since I cannot afford to play two accounts. Of course, being a newbie, and only having 11 days of play, it makes sense to try out the other ships. I mean really, the main reason for playing this game is to have fun, and currently with a win loss ratio of 3-20 it is not fun but frustrating. And I realize that will change as I gain more experience. I still make newbie mistakes (DD's number one cardinal rule-Don't torpedo your teammates) but it seems I am still having fun even when losing in a DD or CA. Not so much in a CV. I like all the different points of view I see here. Common sense would be to sit back and gain experience in all the classes before making a decision to grind one up to T10. Anyway, thanks again for all the replies. Jim
  13. Hello fellow captains, I mentioned in a previous post that my goal was to work my way up the American carrier line to get to the USS Midway. And even though I have read on the forums, and heard on YouTube that the American carriers suck, I was still determined to try. Now however, I am hearing that nobody plays carriers at the top tier levels. So, I am now wondering if I should switch to another class to try and level up, or continue on with the Midway goal? I am still a relative newbie at this game, having played a little over a week, and been playing all four classes of American ships, because when I first started playing this game, I was trying out all the classes to see which one I liked the most. Currently I am in tier 4-6 ships, as it is getting harder to level up, especially when I am leveling all four classes. LOL That is why I want to find something to concentrate on and just level that class up for now. However, I am already frustrated with the carrier game play, and getting beat by enemies who always seem to have more fighters than myself. Now, after hearing carriers are not played at the upper tiers, I am wondering if all this frustration and grinding is worth it? Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance. BTW, even though I am starting down the carrier path (I hope) my current favorite ship is the USS Omaha. I like having the aircraft and torpedoes on the same ship. I have only recently advanced to the USS Independence but like I stated before, it becomes useless very quick when all my planes are gone. If nobody plays carriers, maybe I will switch to leveling up my cruisers, although it seems they lose the torpedoes after the Omaha. :o( Jim
  14. Thanks all for the replies. Jim
  15. Hello all, Another newbie question. I have seen some YouTube videos where the captain has both friendly and enemy rosters on the screen while playing. Friendkly in upper left corner, and enemy in upper right. I know to press TAB to get the roster, but it does not stay, and it blocks out the screen. Jim