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  1. Yea we are waiting for another 11 minutes, which would make it 2 hours past the time they said it would start...
  2. CB ends in 4 hours according to the screen, but it does not let us in. Goes to ready and un redy's all players. Great job WG, it is already 10am my time, and the CB screen says it starts at 9am my time, now it looks like it will be 11am my time. Lovely.
  3. That would be too logical. And we all know that is one word not in WG's vocabulary.
  4. Mine says ends in 3 hours. Yet it hasn't even started, so how does that work?
  5. This is a joke...on us apparently.
  6. Same thing...different day... Says clan battles EU has started, but when we click on battle, we are all un readied, and stay in port. Thanks for nothing WG...
  7. Same. Did manage to get in one battle an hour after it was supposed to have started, however, after that, noting but long queue times. Finally gave up. Came back an hour or so later, only to find out clan battles had been cancelled. Exactly like last year. I guess, they have not learned their lesson from last time, and are doomed to repeat it. I am just guessing here, but I think a lot of clans have already decided WG has no clue how to fix this. Oh wait, they will give coal and steel rewards to only half the participants like last year...
  8. Nighteyez

    Your very first Premium was?

    Ishizuchi was my first premium. Had just started playing WoWs back then and wanted a cheap premium to play. Still have it, but hardly ever play it anymore.
  9. Hard to say one way or the other. Doesn't seem to make a difference whether I play Co-op or random, I always get bots. One human CV player on enemy team filled with bots. Me, the only human on my team. Enemy Des Moines shot down 28 of my planes, and sank 4 ships. I can't tell what ship I am attacking though as my main computer (with the good graphics card) is down, so playing it with a 6 year old HP. :( Co-op, it is me against the world, no humans. So far today I have won in every CV except Midway. can't get a win with that ship to save my life. Played Wyoming but there was no enemy CV so unable to tell how good/bad AA is from a non CV standpoint. But as a CV player, the AA is ferocious at tier 10.
  10. The OP asked for tactics, and all I see is haters. I know one thing from playing the Midway on the PT today, the AA is ferocious. I couldn't even get close to any enemy ships without losing all my planes. And the unlimited planes although technically true, the wait time after your squadron is wiped out negates that. It looks like the CV will need help from team mates since they can't one shot a ship anymore. The entire match, I was only able to get one torp to hit, after making 3 runs. The ships turn too quick for the slow torps to hit it.
  11. Nighteyez

    Unsporting conduct for killing own planes?

    This game never has been, nor will it ever be a real life game. Yes, IRL you would be court martialed, but in real life, your sunk ship would not automatically appear in your port when the battle was over either, and you would not have s Space commanders, cat commanders, teenage Asian girl commanders, Russian model commanders, paper ships, radar only on a select few ships, and then only for less than a minute. Nobody wants 100% realism, that is why it is an arcade style game. It is one thing to shoot a teammate, but to shoot yourself? I was in my Saipan a few months back, and ended up torping myself. I went pink for two battles. I agree though, that in the grand scheme of the battle, if you take yourself out, you are essentially hindering your own team. So it does make sense to get a pink penalty.
  12. Yueyang is my favorite DD. Love the DWT's. hate the long reload. Got the legendary for it, never mounted it. Total waste of grind time. Biggest complaint I have with it (besides not being able to torp other DD's of course) is the long torp reload time. Now, they want to make it longer? Really? I don't use guns that much so the extra second to reload is no big deal to me. However, the torp reload is already painful, now it will be unbearable...
  13. Nighteyez

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Wow WG, now I have seen everything. You make the rules, you announce the rewards, then you screw up (technical difficulties? really?) and then pull the rewards for those on the NA server who were not allowed to play any other server due to "technical difficulties" Nice going. and reducing the requirements to only 5 games on a different server? What a joke. Since those are the servers you would not let us play on due to your "technical difficulties. If you are wondering why you are losing players, you might look at this joke you played on the community....
  14. Nighteyez

    Clan battles Nov 10th

    Marketing ploy. Pure and simple. They announce rewards, they can't deliver. Then they string us along to keep our interest. However, after three (Four? lost count) failed attempts at this, you would think they would call it a day, and give everyone a consolation prize.
  15. Nighteyez

    Dasha Perova

    My Japanese Dasha on a Japanese ship (naturally) speaks Russian. Sure hope the crew has brushed up on their Russian. LOL