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  1. You can buy it now in the premium shop (You will have to log in to see it). It even comes with another captain, even though I removed the captain before the trial, so now I have two Okhotnik captains, and it retained the ship xp I earned in it.
  2. Interesting. I got the same message. After I bought enough Doubloons to get the ship. I find out it is unavailable to me. Came here to report my findings, after adding to my ticket what I found.Saw the above post, logged in to the premium shop, clicked on ships, and lo and behold the Okhotnik. Not 2700 doubloons, but $10.39. I bought it. Guess I will use the 2,700 DB for something else. What a "interesting" up way to do business. Took two days but I finally have it. Thanks for the help Erebthoron.
  3. I received the same response. Have less than three hours for "tomorrow" to get here. Well see if it shows up in my tech tree.
  4. I received a reply to my ticket telling me the same thing as Wacko mentioned. I should expect an offer to show up tomorrow for the Okhotnik. I will let you know if that happens or not.
  5. Lucky you. I waited for my trial to end but never got an offer to buy. Not in tech tree either. played 12 random battles in it too. Filed a ticket.
  6. Ah well I should check mine then. Thanks for the info.
  7. played more than 5 games in the Ohotnik, never showed up in tech tree, never got an offer to buy. Filed a ticket.
  8. I was offered the Ohotnik and I played it for 3 days. I never saw it in the tech tree, and i never received an offer to buy it. I played 12 random battles and 6 or so co-op battles in it, and never saw an offer to buy. Already sent in a ticket. However, I doubt they work weekends. IK want to buy it as well. One of my clan mates did get an offer to buy it, but had one so he declined. I would ahve bought it in a heart beat if I had received an offer.
  9. I don't know who makes the decision to put a rental ship in your port, but I found a Okhotnik in mine two days ago. Some clan members got the Okhotnik and others got the Scharnhorst.. After getting it, you play 5 random battles, and you are supposed to get a popup message asking if you want to buy it. I currently have a total of 11 random battles on the one they put in my port, and I never got that pop up message, so I started a ticket. My 3 day trial ends tomorrow morning at 10:25am, so I will see if I get the message then. One of my clan members did get that pop up regarding the Okhotnik and since he already had one, declined to buy it. Like I said though, I never got the message.
  10. I received mine in the port 2 days ago, and have played 6 random battles in it today and no offer to buy.
  11. Ok, thank you for the reply. My trial doesn't end until 10:25am tomorrow.
  12. Hello Captains, As most of you know the Okhotnik and Scharnhorst have been made available as rentals for 3 days. Never been interested in the Scharn, but I have wanted a Okhotnik ever since i saw my first one. I have been told by clan members that after playing 5 Random battles in the Okhotnik a message box will pop up asking if I want to buy her. So, I played the 5 games, and did not receive any message. Do I need to wait until the trial is over before they give me the chance to buy it or did I miss the message somehow? I would hate to miss out on buying it over a miss communication.
  13. I saw one of these a month or so ago, and wanted one ever since. This morning, there was one in my port after playing one game. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time. I immediately took it out and played several battles with it. I used my 10 pt captain from the scenario missions to help her get up to speed. What a blast it is. Can't wait to get one I can keep longer than 3 days.
  14. It never ends. No matter what WG does, there is always someone who will complain about it. After hearing about clan mates getting a free Scharnhorst for 3 days, I decided to check my port, and found the Okhotnik. A ship I have been waiting to go on sale ever since I saw my first one. I will gladly play that ship for the next 3 days. No matter how many people sink me and tell me in open chat "That is what I think of your ship, wallet warrior" Incidentally, that person was in an Arizona....Go figure. Anyway, if the Okhotnik goes on sale soon, I will definitely buy it. Yes, I am a wallet warrior, you enjoy the game your way, and I'll enjoy the game my way.
  15. No wait, you need to click the gears next to the ships view in lower right corner to get it to show up in your camo window.