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  1. Hello fellow Captains. I have a question regarding duplicates in the American Cruiser Collection. In previous collections they let you exchange them for items you don't have, however, I see no option to do that with this collection. is it not possible, or am I missing something somewhere?
  2. Server Issues

    Server crashed, we are fixing it, meanwhile, feel free to spend some money in the Premium shop while you wait.
  3. Server Issues

    Yes, same message, unable to connect.

    Forcing content on people is what WG does. Look at USN CV's. Forced to use one loadout, and one loadout only.
  5. Graf Zeppelin release any idea?

    Gavroche, LOL 23rd century. I like that. Thanks Panbun for the FB link. I have a FB account, and I have bookmarked it (and liked it). I too was wondering about the Graf Zeppelin, looks like I have plenty of time to save my money then. Even though I am an average CV player at best, (just now getting comfortable with strafing, and manual drops, although most the time I forget to do them) I have decided to own every CV from tier 4 to tier 8, and thanks to the USS Enterprise being moved to the tech tree last month, I am only missing the Graf Zeppelin now. If I played them more, I could try grinding up the tiers to get the 9 and 10's but honestly I don't see that happening as 6 squadrons is all I can handle and sometimes I don't even do that well. So, I will stop at tier 8. I don't really want to free XP my way up both lines to 10 from 8 as I know I would not play them, so I will just own every CV up to 8. And before anyone starts flaming me for free XP'ing my way up. I only did that from 7 to 8. I did the usual grind from 4 to 7.
  6. I agree. I have only been playing for 5 months, and usually it is every captain for themselves. Only a small handful of times, have I ever seen anyone do what you witnessed. Good to see sportsmanship is not dead.
  7. Reporting players at battle's end

    I don't report bad game play as a lot of people are still learning. Unless, as stated above, it is blatantly obvious they are doing it on purpose. I report AFK players, at the end of the battle. I have seen quite a few who have started out AFK but then "come to life" and contribute. Having played CV's I never report a CV player unless he/she is AFK. that is one thankless job, and rarely does anyone give them a compliment. I still play CV's myself, but only in co-op as the bots don't yell at you for every little thing. Anyway, that is off topic. I guess we will never know. My grandson had an incident early this morning, where at the beginning of the battle he did the customary "Good luck, and fair seas" salutation, only to have someone on his team tell him to go eff himself. He took a screenshot of the chat window, and announced he would report him. Later in the battle, that same person TK'd him. He announced again he would report him. At the end of the battle he reported him for bad play, and harassment as well as making a ticket. He was told by WG that they appreciated the screenshot, and disciplinary actions would be taken, but due to their privacy policy they could not discuss what actions those were.
  8. Hello fellow captains, I am just wondering if WG does anything with the AFK reports they get at the end of the battles? Anyone know? That is the only thing I ever report as I never report bad playing, unless the person is going around team killing, I will report that, but I have not seen that except once. However, it seems I am seeing a lot of AFK players, and it is really frustrating, especially if that player is in a CV. So I usually report them. I know some things cannot be avoided, like losing your internet connection, or getting kicked out to the login screen. However, when that happens to me, I try my best to get back in the game and contribute. I am talking about people who are AFK the entire battle. Those I report. And it seems to me that it is a total waste of time, except to make me feel better.
  9. If the Tirpitz is the reward for completing the Battle of North Cape, I wonder why the New Year Raid is in front of the Battle of North Cape? I guess WG wants us to start the campaigns in the middle and work outward?
  10. Ranger/Lex change suggestion

    I agree, or just give it tier 9 TB's. I don't see that as OP.
  11. Hello fellow captains. Just tried to do the New Year Raid campaign on the PT server, and it is impossible. The very first task requires you to be in the top seven XP earners in one battle, either in co-op, random or ranked, which is extremely easy given it can be done in co-op, but the kicker is, it has to be completed in a Tirpitz... A ship that is not available on the public test server. Interesting that they would include that on the PT knowing full well it is not available. And of course, since it is a premium, even if it makes it to the live server, (which it will, everything they put on a test server is already finalized, and ready to implement) only people who spend the $$$ to get the Tirpitz are eligible to complete the mission. Of course, looking at the reward for doing the mission I can see why. The Magnus-S camo from the Halloween scenarios, which I already own. So, I would do it to get the equivalent in doubloons. Still, the question remains, why would you put a campaign on the test server that is impossible to complete because you don't have the required ship? Wait a minute, this is Wargaming we are talking about here. The same people that gave us the Graf Zeppelin before it was ready, and destroyed the USN CV line with only one load out in order to "balance" the CV's... Makes perfect sense now.
  12. Ranger/Lex change suggestion

    Can someone from WG please explain to me (and many others I am sure) why they think giving the Midway tier 8 TB's is a good idea? I understand balancing, but really? two tiers lower? How is the Midway supposed to do any damage against tier 10 BBs when you cannot even get close to them?
  13. Ranger/Lex change suggestion

    I agree with OP. Lexington/Ranger should get 2-1-1 load out.
  14. USN AP dive bombers

    I agree 100% with the idea of allowing CVs the option of switching between AP bombs and HE bombs in battle. After all, every ship in this game has that ability except the CV. Why restrict it to a pre battle decision? I see no reason to restrict every USN CV to only one load out either. When I play, I prefer the AS build, but I know there are those out there who prefer a strike load out. So now we will have neither, and be hampered by the single jack of all trades load out crammed down our throats that will make the gap between IJN and USN CV's even larger. I also agree the AP bombs are not worth it. I tried them on the Lexington on the PST this past weekend and found out they do less damage than the HE bombs. I did like the drop pattern but since they did not perform better than the HE's I no reason to use them.
  15. I played the Ranger just long enough (2 battles I think) on the test server to get to the Lexington and then stayed there for the next 4 or 5 battles, only because I had just bought those two on the live server. I too received all the rewards for the live servers (except the clan battle award) I had already had the Ranger, but sold it after only 4 battles, but decided to repurchase it again, then got the Lexington right before the test server went live, so I wanted to try the load outs. I don't like the fact that we now have no choice in the load outs, and especially the single fighter squadron limitation. I bought the Saipan over two months ago, and I have a feeling, I will be playing her a lot more often once WG stabs the USN CV's in the back when they go live with this unbalanced balancing they speak of. It is obvious by their lack of attention to the soon to be overpowered IJN carrier line, that they have no intention of ever bridging the gap between IJN and USN carriers. I will continue to play USN, but have a feeling it will be Saipan only. Don't have enough games in the Kaga to form an opinion, and my Shokaku experience is very limited at the moment, but since it has the same load outs as the Hiryu which I have over 30 games in, I am guessing it performs the same as the Hiryu. In which case, i am over whelmed with the 6 squadrons. So Saipan it is.