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  1. thatGcat

    Bismarck builds

    I just finished a terrible game in the Biz where I ate three citadels from a Montana. Rather than rage about it here I'm curious. I know the bismarcks turtleback has weak spots like the cheek in the bow where there is no turtleback protection but how is Montana penning my deck and reaching my citadel? should her shells not shatter on my 50mm deck? there's a weak spot here the bismarck os eating citadels and I don't know where it is.
  2. thatGcat

    Bismarck builds

    I like the idea of a stealthier more main battery focused build. however in terms of captain skills you have 3 tier 4 skills and two of those are AFT and manual secondaries. what if you dropped manual secondaries and picked used the 5 pts to get superintendent/vigilance and jack of all trades/high alert?
  3. thatGcat

    Bismarck builds

    in interested in your definition of average. what makes a ship average? not having the largest or smallest hit pool? not having the largest or smallest guns? having states that don't force her into a specific one-dimensional strategy?
  4. thatGcat

    Bismarck builds

    the jist of it is the Bayern and Gneisenau were quick and nimble beasts not very tanky. should I fit modules to make Bismarck like that? or buy in on the tankiness?
  5. This is a really weird topic for me to cover. The best way I can describe this is situational awareness. its an advanced skill that you need in order to play well but it's not about learning game mechanics like learning how to brawl is (although having great situational awareness I believe makes one a much more effective brawler). now that I'm finally going into high tier gameplay I find myself in situations where I don't notice the enemy destroyer's smokescreen until too late. one time I was trying to disengage from a really annoying worcester when I look at the map and realize that I'm only 5 km from where the enemy conqueror was last spotted. I knew where the conqueror would be but it was too late. I spotted him a measly 6 km away where he easily stuffed his HE into my aft. Idk how the t10 players do it so well but how do I maneuver out of situations where I am not too late? how do you teach situational awareness? how do you teach proper positioning? thoughts?
  6. thatGcat

    Bismarck builds

    So in my struggle to figure out how to post on the forums, I was grinding in my shiny new Bismarck (Biz) and I like her. the guns are glorious. secondaries, GLORIOUS (also very nice looking ship)!!!! There are still some growing pains to go through with her maneuverability but in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what modules to fit. for the previous two ships steering gears was a godsend. but now I have to choose between that ad damage con. Bismarck is not like Gneis or Bayern. Idk if it makes sense to fit steering gears on a ship that is slower than the Gneis, has a wider turning circle than Bayern, and is tankier than both those ships. damage con makes sense to me bc Bayern is a big tanky ship. but either I sacrifice a little durability and take steering gears (or propulsion) and concealment and shes slightly more nimble-closer to her mid-tier counterparts. or I take damage con. and from there it doesn't matter if I take target acquisition or concealment target acquisition makes it easier to spot torps for if I don't care about getting spotted or I take concealment so that I'm actually close enough to shoot whatever tries to spot me. Thoughts? more nimble or tankier?
  7. thatGcat

    balance updates

    Just curious about the latest update. when I logged into my first battle on my Bayern today I realized that she got a spotter plane. now I have even more reason to love this ship! When I looked at the update page tho, it said that she (and some t5 BBs) got catapults on their main turrets. What does that actually mean? I haven't noticed a change in how Bayern's guns perform, still as deadly as ever! so what does it mean when a ship gets a catapult on their main turret??
  8. thatGcat

    Help with 14 point Gneisenau captains skills?

    been tinkering around with the captain skills myself(admittedly with only a sad 12 pt commander).BFT is the norm for such a build, for my build though, I decided to go with superintendent over BFT. with an extra heal I get regular fireproof ribbons (and a couple dreadnoughts). AFT is a must in my opinion, bc I secondary specd Gneis, boosting the secondary range to 8km is wonderful.