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  1. New to World of Warships? Or are you a veteran of Wows and you want to improve your skills? Or even better, are you an adorable kohai who wants to make senpai notice you? Welcome to Adorable Ramming Kohai aka KOHAI! We’re a group of senpai who strive to support our kohai in learning all the tips and tricks of how to kill stuff without dying. Our hopes and goals? That you can make senpai notice you and join their senpai clans! Why would you join the KOHAI clan? We’ve got awesome perks including: (note all stats subject to rise) 14% off all ship costs 10% off servicing fees 2% extra XP 10% extra free XP 6% extra commander XP 5% extra coal We don’t trash you for making mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the process of growth and getting stronger. We have friends in high places. UCCMaster is friends with a lot of skilled people (including Notser and the RKN) and can recommend you to other skilled clans as you grow stronger. We are degenerative Weebs who love you and support you with all the adorable kawainess KOHAI can give you. Because we are a beginner friendly clan, we have no base skill requirements other that you have world of warships and you play at least once a week with us. We also require that you have a growth mindset and be willing to listen to critiques and advice in order to grow further as a player. As KOHAI we strike to make senpai notice us, whether that be screaming in chat, excessively bombing them, or chasing senpai down until they notice us. If you or a friend is interested in growing stronger together, DM @UCCMaster and join the legions of adorable KOHAI as we make senpai notice us! https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000053826,KOHAI-Adorable-Ramming-Kohai/ https://discord.gg/8VkeBsE
  2. My only concern is who would be playing IJN ships T4-7...oh wait...that includes Kuma, Minekaze, and Kamikaze R. Welp...may his Excellency reign supreme in these future battles!
  3. UCCMaster1

    Why am I saving up my coal for the Yoshino?

    Ok thanks guys, I'll keep an eye for the Georgia and maybe wait a bit to see the reviews of the released Yoshino when it comes out.
  4. Hello, I am UCCMaster1 I am an average level player. My WTR is 51% and my PR is pretty crap. But I have 3 tier X ships and actively play on a daily basis both on NA server and PTS when its out (I do it because it's an excuse to try out lines I normally don't play, you know, testing). If you're on Notser's discord, you probably have seen me messing around in the weebville/shitposting chat. My question is as follows: So I hear that the Yoshino is coming out soon and want to know: why should I be buying the Yoshino with all my hard earned coal? I'm a cruiser main who plays a lot of Zao (I'm starting to get good at her). So wouldn't the Yoshino be a great addition as well? I also watched Notser's video on Yoshino and got the idea that the ship was poor in survivability but great at HE spam. Basically I need to find a reason why I should not invest in the Yoshino (aka it being a waste of coal). I've been told the Salem isn't worth it and I hated the Richelieu so I didn't think I would like the Jean Bart. Are there other coal ships coming down the line I can be looking forward to?
  5. UCCMaster1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Who said a Kidd couldn't torpedo ambush a Khabarosk and a Assashio in the same game? Then I did... I do heavily agree with this. Though at low tiers, ships like the Phoenix, Omaha and Emerald are very dangerous to dds as well.
  6. UCCMaster1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    huh...well...Hey UCCMaster1 here, fresh new guy on the forums so let's get along (does anime head tilt). This is an interesting discussion. What to do about radar boats? Well...I think it's fine right now, or rather, too soon to tell. The new US CLs have made a major impact on the game, both bringing back the HE spamming meta and reinforcing the radar meta. It makes playing any torpedo dd almost impossible to play objective wise and now brawling bbs are scared crapto leave cover. But as people have mentioned above, still the greatest threat to dds is still another dd. I get far more dd kills in my own dds (I run Kidd, Akatsuki, and Harekaze), than in my light cruisers (Cleveland, Fiji, etc). I think the major thing that people are scared of isn't the radar itself, but rather radar paired with a gunboat dd or some combination of other competent players. The whole point to smoke was be able to use defensively for torpedo dds and offensively for gunboat dds. And with the insanity of Chinese (sorry Pan Asian) dds, and their unlimited smoke works, the only possible counter is a limited amount of radar to flush them out. I would wait a bit longer before making any educated guesses on how to properly deal with radar. Why? Because so far, all the times I've been radar sniped as been my own fault, be it overextending or drawing too much attention to myself. From what I've seen, most objective playing dds are able to make plays and still carry the team in spite of radar. The moment you significantly nerf radar, you empower dds and any type of torpedo cruiser extensively. Maybe we need a combination of smoke and radar nerf to really rebalance the game. But as long as I still can citadel minos hiding in smoke with blind shots and torpedo cocky dds in smoke, I don't think radar would make that big a difference. I think we just need better dd players and more supportive bb players. That way dds can go back to their intended role: capping, spotting, and ambushing. btw...I don't know much about WR and stats and this is only coming from my own experience and listening to the guys in Notser's channel.