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  1. Stephen57_battleship

    Resen Assistant

    Jolly... thank you! i'm not the best player but this will help ,always looking to get better thanks again and yes it was in the modstation.Stephen
  2. Stephen57_battleship

    Resen Assistant

    I saw I Chase video on Resen Assistant.. trying to set this for my ships can someone help me with this can't seem to find it in the settings or Mod's?? it would be great to know how much heal you can get back? thanks Stephen
  3. Stephen57_battleship

    learning how to play the new CV'S

    Sovereighdawg thank you for the how it works videos that will help a lot thanks again.Stephen
  4. Stephen57_battleship

    learning how to play the new CV'S

    I am going to try to learn how to play the new CV'S where are the tutorial's how to play them? is there a link that someone could send me ? I don't want to go into coop not knowing the mechanic thanks Stephen
  5. Stephen57_battleship

    Unfair play costing xp and credits

    you know it sounds like you are a real jag off reporting people that is some of the problem thinking you are sooo great you should be learning to be a better team player and helping out instead pointing finger at everybody.
  6. Stephen57_battleship

    Supercruisers comparison: Alaska vs Kronshtadt vs Azuma

    yes.. I would like to see WG change the Kronshtadt dispersion to match Alaska or Azuma to balance the ships the different would be the armor platting.
  7. Stephen57_battleship

    changing green team to red team

    I have seen this a lot when you have someone on the green team and the next battle he is on the red team same ship same guy .. I would like to know how you can change from green team to red team? how do you do this ?were in the settling do you have to go please advice and thanks .Stephen
  8. Stephen57_battleship

    Russian Cruisers

    hi Yashma.. that would be great if I got the Kutuzov in a super container ,I heard people get ships in super containers but I never get one and yeah we all have to see about the Stalingrad Thanks a lot Stephen
  9. Stephen57_battleship

    Russian Cruisers

    hey everybody. my goal is to have one ship or two from every nation to play and I am wondering if WG will bring back the Kutuzov? I am working toward the Kronshtadt and would like to earn the Stalingrad but I don't play clan battle's will there be a different way? let me know thanks Stephen