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  1. I bought 60 (20 of each size) and only got ships in the Megas. I got 4 ships, Kransy, Marble, Gascogne, and Monaghan. I got like 8k in dubs, some coal, and a lot of flags and camo. Last year, I got almost a year of premium time, on top of a bunch of ships and dubs. To me, premium time not being available in this years crates, kind of devalues them. Last year I found that the 5x medium crates was the sweet spot for me, as I was averaging 1 to 2 ships per purchase.
  2. Billy2Hawks

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas Rabbin69!
  3. To be honest, the CV rework is all about preparing the game for console. I have been having the feeling that new players are not being retained and some of the long term players have been leaving (read slowly bleeding out) due to power creep, MM, and boredom. Having the game on console gives them a completely new vector for making short term (over 1- 3 yrs) monetary gain as console players invest in premium ships and time. I hope the removed CVs make it in as a parallel line, because if they come back as premiums, this will be a huge signal that WG is suffering monetary loss on the PC version by releasing prebuilt ships that have a low dev cost as premiums.
  4. Billy2Hawks

    Twilight Battle Highlights MM Skill Disparity

    Also access to higher level play/mechanics to lower tier players. The landslide victories, you know, where the team gets blown out. Two of the three games I have played so far (yes a small sample, but completely indicative of randoms) have been over in less than 5 minutes, except for the enemy cleaning up the stragglers. I have pretty much given up on randoms because I hate getting dumped into games where the disparity is so great that the game has been lost before a ship even moves. I find it a waste of my time. Twilight mode pretty much highlights this, as one side seems to get stacked with players that are more skilled about 2/3 of the time (Win or Loss for my team) with the other 1/3 being actually somewhat competitive and fun. It is an optional mode, but I am guessing this mode is being tested for rotation like the one we had for T9.
  5. Yes I know, dead horse, but I can already see Twilight battles are going to shine a huge light on how MM can stack low skilled players together to produce a loss. WG, you need to be parsing data on these battles. If this is a test bed for them, you are going to find that the data might highlight some issues since you are throwing players who are not used to some of the mechanics in with players that can efficiently execute them. I am glad that every time when I think I might spend money on Santa crates like I did last year, you remind me why I do not want to spend any more money on this game. Over the past two months you have done a great job at pushing me farther and farther out of the game.
  6. Billy2Hawks

    Port "Naval Base" location

    Actually it kind of looks like the view from the water front area along the Napa River. I did some work on apartments across the water for about 3 months once someone pointed out it was Mare Island, I could totally see it. :) This was also around the time the Iowa was in the mothball fleet in the Carquinez Strait.
  7. Billy2Hawks

    CV Rework Feedback

    Biggest problem I am currently seeing is the drop in FPS when there are a lot of planes in the sky. Playing a CV and as I got closer to the other remaining CV, we had all sorts of planes in the air. Where I had smooth aiming prior to this engagement, the more planes that were in the air, the harder it was to control the direction. I was constantly correcting and over correcting because the planes would lag in turning.
  8. Billy2Hawks

    Would this make you uninstall?

    Well if you are a BB you should hang in back and play the static game. If you are a CA/CL you should find an island to hump. If you are a DD you should wait until the radar cruisers are taken care of before you commit to anything. Besides getting crap rolls for teams at T9, you also have to start playing the meta for t9 and t10, which is VERY static. Me personally, I am where you are, and have not played many randoms for months and am one good game from leaving this one behind. This is a team game in which team play is not encouraged. It is also a game of steam roll victories and losses in which you have very little power in preventing a good many of the losses. It is not just you. I have been doing what some have said and sticking to scenarios, but even then I don't play nearly as much as I used too. The crap teams and over priced items in the shop, have caused me to close my wallet as well.
  9. Billy2Hawks

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Player retention. I think this change will make DDs a much greater priority target. You think focused fire was bad before? These two comments. In a one on one contest, what ship type would you choose against a BB. I mean, if there were no other ships in the game and you were up against a BB, would you want a BB, CL/CA, or DD. If you have any kind of decent stealth, you can continually throw torps at the BB without ever being detected. Also, it is not necessarily the single shot that is killing the DDs, it is the 5-8 ships firing at the same time the second the DD becomes visible. I have had a torp kill a/my cruiser, when it hit the magazine.....
  10. Billy2Hawks

    What is your current interest level in wows?

    I see the poll results as kind of why the battles have been so bad. I personally just don't bother logging in much any more. I just don't want to deal with the possibility of horrid MM or the static play style the meta has created. Unfortunately I am suspecting that a lot of players have put down the game, and the nasty MM we are seeing is a correction in the games percentage. I mean someone always has to lose and someone always has to win. The W/L of the players who have left, not playing, or taking a break has to disperse into the population. It also means that those who had a middle ground win rate are likely to drop some as they become the bottom of the barrel players to replace those who have left or are not playing. My interest is diminishing. I can see this in how little effort I have put into the RN event. I mean I normally would have done any and every thing to complete the missions, now, like others, I am just like uggh who cares about the free ship. It also seems more and more like WoWS has jumped the shark. Subs being "Tested", the CV rework after years of player requests, premium boxes being way over priced. It feels like WG is trying to appease its extended (read, not fanatic) player base, but it is happening too late. TBH, I am just one cool game away from being a former player, and I have spent enough money on this game to think twice about walking away. And I have been thinking twice about logging in lately. How many other players feel like me......
  11. Billy2Hawks

    Been away; can someone fill me in? (submarines!)

    Jumping the shark.
  12. Billy2Hawks

    CV Rework - My Impressions Part Two

    This was my experience when I played DDs today. I was almost perma spotted by planes and the other ships focused on me and took me down. The bot DDs that hid behind islands, or played out of range instead of trying to spot for the fleet or push caps lasted longer than I did. I think that current DD play will be similar with the new CVs. There can be a skill gap, and I feel like it will be much more of a twitch gap than a multitasking gap. After about 5 games with the carriers, I still could not line up a good DB drop. A lot of times I tried to line it up, the ships would turn and mess up my drop. Other times I would underestimate my drop point, mostly because I was worried the ship would turn out of my drop before I could loose the bombs. TB drops got to be pretty easy when I figured out leads and drop timing. Rockets were actually kind of fun and much easier than DB. I think with practice on aiming things might work out, but I feel like DBs will be the hardest to master. 1. I got to where I would engage multiple targets. Sometimes it became more efficient for me to go after a different target than to circle back and lose planes to AA. Sometimes it was even more efficient to just launch a new flight of a different type of plane. Late in the game, it actually became more practical to circle back for a run. 2. Fighters for the most part, stay where you drop them. They are kind of like an AE dot for aircraft. They will pursue enemy aircraft. 3 From what I have seen, they will engage each other. I am not sure how the AI handles attacking other fighters or attack planes. Another observation on my part: One of the biggest problems I had with playing surface ships was when I got dropped by torps. I would turn into the flight of planes shown on the minimap and the torps would hit me from the opposite direction. Another problem I had was that I would hear the torp alert, but could not see where they were coming from before they hit me. In these two situations I had zero chance to dodge the torps. Problems I see with TB planes: 1. You can juke the warning system so that a player does not know where torps are coming from. 2. It was more efficient for player to zoom out and not engage the enemy ships to have to look where the attack aircraft were and guess where the torps were coming from. Currently with CV/TB I can at least guess where the attack vector is. 3. TBs have no minimum arming distance (That I have seen), so they can drop right on top of you.
  13. Nice, I was having a bad time at t9, and thought maybe go to t6 for awhile. Thanks for helping me to decide to not log in. It has been bad enough lately that every time I think of logging in, my stomach sinks. I think I might just kiss the Cossack bye because I am not sure I am going to get enough guineas.
  14. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    What was heinous was how much skill was stacked "Randomly" on one team. What was heinous, was that game was a loss the second the algorithm jammed those 2 sets of 12 together. It is because of posts like these where you clearly are just trolling that has relegated you to the kids table. I think from here on out, for you to be taken seriously, you will need to bring an adult to the table or find one to speak for you. Your opinion has little or no bearing any more. Back to the topic: Retaining players means you need to make them at least feel like they are making a difference. Someone else had said it, but having a close battle means that people are more likely to learn from their mistakes and attempt to progress. Better MM makes a game seem like less a roll of the dice and more like there is actual skill involved. I really would like to see this game succeed. I like it and wish it would retain more players, but it doesn't. I worried the pool of players is too small for them to implement a skill based MM, especially in off hours. The only way I could foresee them having a large enough player base, would be to merge the regional servers.
  15. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Please explain it to me, because I think you are just trolling to troll.