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  1. You both totally misunderstood my meaning, granted I was a little vague. MM can decide a match before it even begins in the fact that it can load a team (randomly, and not intentionally) with a skewed skill distribution. You know those matches, the ones where you are down 5 ships in less than 5 minutes, while the enemy has lost none? Everyone has those matches, and those matches are decided before the game loads you in. I am in no way saying it is done intentionally, but it does happen. Suddenly you are in a match where you have wasted 10+ minutes where you never even stood a chance of winning.
  2. No, but MM can decide the fate of the game before it ever begins.
  3. Yup, a team based game that does not encourage team play. No coordination between players, so unless you are in a division, everyone is playing their own game. If that does not sync up, then it will very likely be a loss. Rewards DMG farming, and static play. There are also the missions that appear from time to time which encourages bad play. RNG slumps can be horrendous, not out to get you, but can be frustrating enough and in long enough runs that you get to where you don't want to log in, because you don't know whether or not you will waste 2 hours in steam roller losses/victories, or if you might actually challenged. To be honest, I think that is the greatest failing of this game. Challenging matches are so far and few in between. To be honest, I will come back to a game in which I feel challenged, because a close match is exciting even if I lose. What is not exciting and a waste of time, is being steam rolled by the enemy who does not lose more than a few ships. The last game I played, we lost 5 ships in about 4 minutes. At that point I didn't even try, I just logged out of the game, as there was no point in me sticking around. Didn't even care if I turned pink. Then there is the extreme turn over. I have had about 30 people go through my clan, and 5 or less logged in more than once a week. I myself have not logged in in over a week because I had the same frustration as you. I would love to see the retention rate numbers on this game. You, like me, might want to come back in about 3 weeks when the kids go back to school. Give it a few days to a week of playing, then decide whether or not to find a new game or stick with internet ships.
  4. Extended Break?

    Yup, this event was literally my jumping the shark for this game. Yes this is a rant, to blow off steam. I have gotten to where I don't even want to log in. I tried last night, played a game or two, and tonight I bailed on a game before it ended. It was a rollover victory for the other team, it was not competitive, or close, or fun. What it was, was a waste of 7.5 minutes of my time. I have had issues with team composition and RNG on shots. You know the kind of RNG where you shoot a cruiser from about 14KM hit amid ship and 3 of the shots bounce. Or the RNG where you shells literally land all around the ship but don't hit it. I have been having strings of games like that. You know the kind where you are shooting in the right place, but RNG has just decided you can't hit or do damage to anything. Let's not get into retainability of players. I decided to actively recruit players a few weeks ago. We had 18 players, and it dropped to 16 because I kicked someone who had not logged in for about 130 days, and one left the Clan. Now I have 16 players. 5 of us have logged in in the past 2 weeks. I have just started the T9 grind, and have been playing for a year. I have a crap load of premium ships and like 140 days of premium, and I just can't bring myself to log in, and am seriously considering being done with this game. I don't have to win every game, but I would like it to be competitive, and easily 50% or more of my games are not competitive. The RNG even extends to how I try to play the game. Do I move forward? Well damn, all of my team is in the back, and the enemy is focus firing on me. Do I hang back? Oh look my team is rushing in and dying, and now the enemy is focus firing on me. What even sucks more, is that I cannot seem to find a decent tier either, this kind of RNG/Play seems to be prevalent through all of the tiers. Let's not even get started on the Sharks event, which I am pretty sure will be an Eagles event in about another week. I would say that the event should have used RNG to place players on teams, but I am pretty sure that the RNG would have put 75% of players on Sharks anyways.
  5. This is too good not to share....

    For some reason I love that ship. I had a few games like that in it, which is why I ended up with the Makarov. GG!
  6. MM Love

    You win. :P
  7. MM Love

    First game of the night and weekend. I have actually only been playing like 3 games a night anymore because I am getting tired of crap teams and horrible MM JUST LIKE THIS. I am a sudden discovery of a game away from leaving this. In this game I did less that 11k damage, and not just because my team evaporated. I actually got two full broadsides on a broadside Gascogne for a grand total of about 8.5K. The first broadside had everything bounce. I had one volley with a bounce and a Pen with no damage (been getting a lot of those lately) This was the kind of crap that I was seeing in WoT before I bailed on 70+ days of premium.
  8. Yes another MM rant

    Yes, I actually am not really satisfied with steam rolled wins as well. Why? Because some times I don't even really get to engage the enemy, and can spend 10 minutes trying to get to the action only to get a few shots off before the game is done. It also really sucks because now I am partaking in making someone else just as frustrated. I have worked really hard at improving my tactics and damage dealing to try to improve my win rate. Unfortunately that only goes so far. I cannot honestly take on 5 - 12 other players and expect to carry the game. Especially if those players have any actual skill. I have done this as well. I will and have gladly taken agro to let my team try to pour damage on to the enemy team. I do try to find a silver lining, but it still does not make a steam rolled victory any less frustrating, especially when they happen in streaks. Now, this has not been nearly as bad as WOT for the XBox, where I would find myself bottom tier and unable to do any damage to enemy tanks. I gave up that game with about 70 days of premium left when I went several nights in a row of this happening about every game.
  9. Yes another MM rant

    ^^^ This too. I have actually been in winning battle where I could not get to a place where I could do significant damage. In and goo battle with most ships below t8, I can usually do 60k + dmg. In some battles, I can't get in range fast enough and will have under 40k. Even in the battles where it is a rollover win, I feel kind of bad, because it really isn't a GG, and someone suffers through the same frustration I have.
  10. Yes another MM rant

    Yes, I need to get this out, sorry for having to do this, but I need to get it out of my system. If you are going to MM me into a losing game, could I just take the loss and be done with it? It is seriously a waste of my free time, to have to sit through a game that is so lopsided that there is absolutely nothing engaging or fun about. Bam, 10 minutes of my time wasted fighting a battle that my side had no hope of winning. Bam, 15 minutes gone because no one will move forward to engage or cap. Bam 2 hours wasted on battles where the teams RNG has put me into might have sank 3 of 48 - 60 ships. There really is nothing fun about being shot up by 4 - 8 ships, half of which you can't even see to fire back at. So now I have a choice, take a break and WASTE my premium time, or continue this fecal show and get more frustrated. I don't want guaranteed wins. I would love to even have competitive losses, but these are getting to be fewer and fewer. It is frustrating to have the feeling that you cannot influence a battle. It even gets to the point where I want to just park the ship and walk away and let the enemy have the kill. I just did this in my last battle where I had 5 ships shooting at me, 3 from behind islands, 1 from smoke, and a BB that was angled against me. I was literally defenseless. I could not harm one of the ships shooting at me. How is this supposed to be fun, and why am I paying money for it?
  11. Haida Maple Leaf Camo

    I was curious why Haida is referred to as a destroyer considering how friendly Canadians are. Should it be referred to as a Harsh Tone or a Kind of Mauler?
  12. Haida Maple Leaf Camo

    Awesome! Thank you!
  13. Haida Maple Leaf Camo

    I was wondering if the camo is available in game for dubs. I really want the maple leaf camo, but don't need all of the extras they are selling in the bundles.
  14. Actually, on the way to A for the SE team, BBs can cover the push for B. The BBs can also draw fire to allow the CLs/CAs to let lose a few salvos. Yes, the cover at A is not the same as the cover in C. Coming out of A is an art form, but if you make sure your angles are right before you start firing, it is not nearly as traumatic. Also coming up the west side of the map allows you to put the NW team in a crossfire, and a good crossfire negates angling. In no way do I condone a lemming train, and in no way am I saying that you cannot use the northern islands for cover. What I won't do, is go INTO the northern islands, as this is just asking for it. Skirting the northern islands and using them as cover to contest the northern cap is a solid strategy. The SE team going into the islands early on for any other reason other than the NW team has a lemming train south is just throwing away your ship. Also going too far north is likely going to separate you from the rest of the fleet, or string out your line. OR you will end up suddenly alone, as the other ships realize they have over extended. All this is also dependent on ship classes and the numbers of each you have.
  15. Pop increase has slowed, we are at about 17,830. So close to 18K, don't think we will hit 20k unless we get a sudden surge from players in other regions.