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  1. Billy2Hawks

    I can't keep up with this sewage spill in MM tonight

    Nice, I was having a bad time at t9, and thought maybe go to t6 for awhile. Thanks for helping me to decide to not log in. It has been bad enough lately that every time I think of logging in, my stomach sinks. I think I might just kiss the Cossack bye because I am not sure I am going to get enough guineas.
  2. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    What was heinous was how much skill was stacked "Randomly" on one team. What was heinous, was that game was a loss the second the algorithm jammed those 2 sets of 12 together. It is because of posts like these where you clearly are just trolling that has relegated you to the kids table. I think from here on out, for you to be taken seriously, you will need to bring an adult to the table or find one to speak for you. Your opinion has little or no bearing any more. Back to the topic: Retaining players means you need to make them at least feel like they are making a difference. Someone else had said it, but having a close battle means that people are more likely to learn from their mistakes and attempt to progress. Better MM makes a game seem like less a roll of the dice and more like there is actual skill involved. I really would like to see this game succeed. I like it and wish it would retain more players, but it doesn't. I worried the pool of players is too small for them to implement a skill based MM, especially in off hours. The only way I could foresee them having a large enough player base, would be to merge the regional servers.
  3. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Please explain it to me, because I think you are just trolling to troll.
  4. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Since they have changed the co-op ai, I am pretty sure even losing repeatedly in randoms is a faster accumulation of xp than coop. Almost like the coop pool was being poisoned. Oh, and just in case you did not know, coop ai skill will scale depending on how the game is progressing. Coop is usually rigged for the player to win, and the skill of the ai can be adjusted on the fly. Comparing coop to randoms is like comparing go carts to formula 1. Oh, and that 2 players being adj comment that you snipped out of the middle of a paragraph? Let me put into the context of which you snatched it out of, you know, what you should have read. MM had stacked the skill of the team's so one sided that the enemy had 2 players afk, and the still won the game losing 4 ships to our 12. Let's break that a little further down for you. We had a 2 ship advantage on the enemy. Random match making distributed players in such a way that the skill of the enemy team still won and had 8 people left.
  5. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Yes, and I have loved more than a few games that broken mechanics killed. If they cannot get people to form social bonds, and the only that is driving them is a win rate or getting to T10, then this game does not have more than a few more years left. It might soon be like a lot of older games where the early game is just a place to pass through. I saw this with agame. I was looking for a game to play with my son 2 summers ago, and this was the game he wanted to play. We spent about a month playing. During that time we saw NO one that was actually playing the early game. I also had decided to start crafting so I could craft an item for my son. All of the guides I found were out dated and no longer worked since the crafting system had been reworked a year previous. Not only that, but in game help was almost non existent. It took me almost a week to find out I was going about crafting the wrong way, and that I would have to rely on players that were crafting at my level to get parts for me to increase my skill. Needless to say, within 30 - 45 days, we were done with that game. We went on to play a very popular RTS game. Actually MM had a lot to do with everyone I have seen quitting/not logging on. A lot of progression in this game is predicated on winning. If you are not winning, you are making crap for XP and you are wasting expendables. Many people do not get the long losing streaks and mediocre winning streaks. They don't get how their luck can be that bad, or how they can improve that little. Let me give you an example of why people have this sort of problem. I was just in a game in which the enemy had 2 people AFK and they will beat us by losing only 4 ships. The battle was over at about the 9 min mark. Now, the whole cascade of available damage does not seem to apply here, because the enemy team was already down 2 ships the whole game. It is multiple games like this that are the problem, where the enemy team seems so stacked that it is an absolute waste of time even trying. This is the type of game I think of before I ever bother logging in, and quite often makes me find something else to do other than be frustrated with this game for things I cannot control. This is the type of game that I have heard most people refer to when they talk to me in game. Let us put this into context of gambling. If I am feeding a slot machine money and get 15 bad runs to 5 wins (often of mediocre payouts). Am I going to stay at the machine and keep feeding it money? You can spout stats and mathematics all you want on the forum, but if a person feels like they are not gaining, or have no effect on a "skill" based game, how long are they going to stay around.
  6. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    And I have been saying that the retention rate has been very low. From friends have tried to talk into playing, to people I have met in low tiers of the game, I have seen a 10% - 15% retention rate of players past T5-6. Even those I have friended who are post T5-T6 play rarely more than a few games a month. What they are currently doing to retain players, from what I am seeing, is not working. I am beginning to wonder if many of the MM complaints we are seeing are a result of more players exiting the game. Thus their WR is dispersing into the rest of the population.
  7. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    If I am rolling in my BB and RNG gives me only 1200HP hits on a full broadside CA/CL where normally the same spot would be a CIT, or if my shells are falling short AND long in the same salvo, then I am not doing the damage I need/should be doing. This means the enemy stays on the field longer producing superior DPS. Granted this problem is not an every game thing, but there are definitely times where I just cannot cause damage to ships. RNG can have a significant impact on a game if you get series of bad rolls, or if key ship types suffer bad rolls. I have to say that this is applies mostly to those people that say, "Farm Damage if you are losing". I tend to cause lots of damage in games I get steam rolled. The games where we steam roll, I tend to get little to moderate damage.
  8. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Let's not forget the possibility of horrible RNG on dispersion and pens. I have had games where my team got rolled in which I got horrible rolls on pens, or my shells fall all around a ship.
  9. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Have you not played WoWS? LOL. Stat shaming already happens on the forum and in game, and even in this thread. Many of the "Good" players think that the the potatoes don't try hard enough. For everyone with a 65% win rate, there hast to be someone with a 35% win rate..... If the 35% win rate players quit, where is that W/L ratio absorbed?
  10. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    So let's advocate for a MM monitor that give a percentage chance of a win for your team to be part of the game client? So are you saying you are an average player? Below average player? How common do you believe players of your caliber are in game? How often do you think they appear on teams? I knew a very smart person, north of 150 IQ. He said he always used to get frustrated with people. He quite often believed people were just not trying hard enough, that every one should be able to do, and understand things they way he did. He thought just as long as they took the time to at least try, they could be as smart as him. That just as long as they tried, they could be as smart as him. You know what he realized? Not everyone is the same, and not everyone can be that smart.
  11. Billy2Hawks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    The MM and random games will be exactly why WoWS will maintain the same 15-20k people playing on the NA server and never grow any larger. I am also betting/guessing this is why WG seems to be a little more aggressive with items/premiums they are selling lately. The turnover rate on WoWS is horrible. I am guessing that less than 30%-40% of the player base stay past T5-6. From looking at the people I have played with and my personal experience, I would say that percentage is about 10%-15%, but I am giving WG the benefit of the doubt. I hear people talk about "I bet you don't complain about your win streaks", however win streaks are NEVER as long as your losing streaks. My longest win streak compared to my longest losing streak was 20 losses to 6 wins. You know what happened after those 20 losses? I took a two week break. You know what happened after I got another long losing streak? I took almost another month off. You know what else happened? I have not spent nearly as much money on the game since then. You know why? It has become gambling to me, and in gambling, the house always wins. You know all those pixels that you pour money in to? If WoWS or WG goes away, you get no recompense for them. So in all reality you play the game for immediate gratification. My feeling is that the pond is as full of fish as it is going to get. If WG is lucky, they will roughly maintain the same player base.
  12. Billy2Hawks

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    Playing the sub in the new scenario, torpedo 1 became locked even with one line green. I could not fire the one green, I had to keep waiting for the second one to load before I could fire. And game froze after i was killed. I was the last one alive.
  13. Billy2Hawks

    I get one more full health Lion....

    Pretty much, all RN BBs have a repair party from hell.
  14. FFS people, I burn down to half, pop a RP and I recover most of my HP. I am not sitting in back not drawing fire. And for those that don't know, RP stands for REPAIR PARTY.
  15. Billy2Hawks

    Your Favorite In Before the Lock!

    This one?