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  1. When i was playing and actively recruiting people to play, I saw 5% or less stay after 3 months. Generally once people started doing T6, they would get frustrated or bored and just not log in any more. Even after that 3 months, I rarely saw people stay over 8 months. 50% player retention is actually a little pie in the sky. You are likely to see 10% or less. If WG is lucky, they might see 1% or less of the tubers subscriber base play, and probably less than 5% of that will play past a month. You might get 5% of those who stay past the low tiers, and 5% that stay past T6. Plus, if he appeals to the BF style FPS crowd, WoWS might be a little slow for them.
  2. Srsly. while a small portion of the player base is like this: A frustrated portion of the player base is pretty much doing this.
  3. Billy2Hawks

    Why do we still play?

    Actually there are a couple of high sec/faction warfare corps that are pretty good about helping people out like Eve Academy and the Red V Blue corps. It does help having a IRL friend though, as you definitely have someone you know to trust. Also, be careful what items you store in the corp hanger. :)
  4. Billy2Hawks

    Why do we still play?

    Totally, I had to stop playing because I was running 3 accounts to be able to make money. Then having to know where each character was going to go in the scheme of things required a ton of planning. Paranoia is defintely a good thing, especially when you see those 4 battleships hanging out around the station when you undock in you 6bil isk ship, even in high sec.
  5. Billy2Hawks

    Why do we still play?

    1) Because I paid money into the game and I might as well get some services that I paid for BEFORE the incident(s) that caused me to leave. 2) Because maybe there is validation in that you might find the answers you are looking for from another disaffected player. Maybe if enough disaffected players post, WG might figure it out, though I doubt it. 3) If it is irrelevant, then why do you post? Is it because you are part of the toxic community? Do you need to put someone down to make yourself feel better? Maybe you are the one that is irrelevant? Don't bother to answer, as I will not interact with you further. The OP has every right to voice his disaffection with the game and company in whatever venue he so chooses.
  6. Billy2Hawks

    Why do we still play?

    I went back to an old game I loved and was just resurrected. City of Heroes was brought back by fans and now runs on donations. Not sure how long it will be around, but I sure as heck will be playing it for as long as I can. The community for it is the most awesome I have played with in a MMO. I played Eve, and anyone who as played Eve will tell you that it is a deep pool. It is a sand box, and pretty much anything goes in game, to include scamming other players out of in game cash, and epic heists of in game items worth $1000s. Infiltrating and destroying corporations from the inside. There is plenty of salt to be had in Eve, yet it is still a better community that WoWS.
  7. Billy2Hawks

    Why do we still play?

    Do what I did, I found another game. The blatant false advertising, bait & switch, and the ploy to make it so hard to accomplish a goal you would need to spend cash to do so. It is like their marketing & sales departments are running the roadmap for the game now. Add to that, the balancing issues they have had for almost six months now and the horribly toxic community, I have given up with over 250 days of premium time and a boatload of premium ships. The last money I spent was in January, and I refused to spend any more. The CV balancing where they declared the premium CVs to be where they wanted, then selling them as "finished" only to continue to balance them was a red flag. Then the NTC attemp,t now followed but the reported mis-advertising of the current loot boxes, all show that you should be wary of this company. If I am wary of the company, then why should I invest any more time in a game that I did/would leave soon? I would say look for a replacement. Don't spend any more money on WoWS, and move on when you find something you like and trust more.
  8. Yes, I remember, I was in the closed beta. I think I lasted for about 6 months of live before moving on. I don't necessarily agree about the vehicles though. Planetside 2 was much better all around though.
  9. You have to think they have a serious conundrum here. There is no way they can remove CVs from the game. I mean how would they refund players? Doubloons? Premium of their choice? There would be no way they would refund cash. At this point they have to make it work, and in doing so, they are likely going to lose a portion of the player base in doing so. Either those who have invested in the CVs and those who do not like them. OR, they could do what other FPS games have done, which is flip flop on a patch by patch basis to one or the other being OP. This used to happen all the time in Planetside 1, as heavy weapons would get balanced and everyone would flock to the faction that had the best one.
  10. Billy2Hawks

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    It's useless, like talking to a wall. The original stats where produced out of context. The ones I posted are IN context, which is why it was ignored and the argument began for the sake of argument. This community is just toxic, I don't really think that half the time all some posters are looking for is a reason to argue. The toxicity will honestly be the end of the game, I have given up on WG and the community of this game and moved on. It is just not worth it to have this screaming and yelling and falsely presented data and out right lies trying to push a agenda, when probably the majority of us just want to enjoy the game without whiners and anarchists trying to change the game one way or the other without regard to balance.
  11. Billy2Hawks

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20190706/na_week/average_class.html http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20190629/na_week/average_class.html
  12. Billy2Hawks

    While you were sleeping - SURPRISE!

    At first I was LOL about this, but the way things have been going, I checked the shop and was only mildly surprised to find this. I saw someone say that this had been done previously? When? Must have been while I was grinding up lower tiers, and I have been playing for just shy of 2 years. I look at this and think: WG Exec-001: How do we get people to play lower tiers? WG MKTG-002: How about if we give them a special in a store that gives them a tier 8 with a booster that makes it easier to get to tier 10. WG SeniorVP-001 & 002 & 003: Brilliant! Get that man a better parking spot. While the whole idea of paying to get higher tier ships within the tech tier is only mildly annoying, it allows players who do not understand some of the most basic mechanics of survival in late tier play. This in turn stacks the queue with more players who die to seasoned vets who will tear them apart as they sail gingerly broadside without a care in the world until BAM! triple CIT. Then you will get even more "MM SUX! It stacks teams so I lose!" Then again, maybe throwing more people like that in the queue will even teams out more! WG PR-001: We have a lot of players who are very frustrated with MM, we need a solution. This really is a growing problem. WG MKTG-002: Hey, you know we can push the suggestion of MKTG-001 as a fix for MM by putting more players in the queue, thus increasing the pool size and reducing the average player skill (While we won't say reducing the skill, we might say something like evening the base player skill)! WG PR-002: umm that might cause..... (Gets cutoff mid sentence) WG Senior VP 001 & 002 & 003: So many great winning ideas! Get that man a parking spot! We do have more parking spots, right? WG PR-003: And what about bal.... (Cutoff as well) WG Corp Services-001: We might have to cut a few parking spots in half....... WG Senior VP-002: That's OK we can just tell the employees they are now premium parking spots! And they can pay an extra $20 a month and they can get a similar parking spot! WG Meeting as a whole: (murmurs throughout) So much winning. On a serious note, I have seen other games that began to over monetize. Taking games that were either pay to play with a monthly fee, and began to monetize all sorts of little things, and began to experiment with ways to pay to win. I think every one I saw trying to over monetize outside of the original vision of the game mechanics or game vision failed within a year or so. Seeing a huge exodus in players that happened after about 6 months. Stack this with some of WGs seemingly shady marketing over the past few months, I am not feeling warm and fuzzies about this.
  13. Billy2Hawks

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    I think that someone on high set a plan in motion that was going to happen regardless of what bridges it burned or chaos it created. The CV rework is the perfect example. Poorly thought out changes implemented against the urging of seasoned testers. Telling the public that CVs were close enough that selling the premiums was OK. Those things alone were enough to make me close my wallet. It was the grindy rogue wave event that threw me over the edge and now this? Maybe they think that they know the player base better than the player base knows itself? Maybe the marketing data says we are wrong about wanting to grind a line 9 more times, or pay money for it. Maybe the marketing data says it works best when you turn the player base into a toxic mosh pit that creates rifts. I don't know, I think I have had enough of WG cramming things down my throat. I just no longer trust them. I think i will stick with where I moved as of Sunday: City of Heroes. I can just haunt the forums since I have like 250 days of WOWS premium that I will not be using.
  14. Billy2Hawks

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    It really feels like WG has jumped the shark, starting with the rework. If this goes in, you can start digging a hole, because something is going to get buried, whether it be the player base, the game, or some arm of WG.