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  1. Billy2Hawks

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    I actually found it this round. I think they failed to put it in last round. It is on the settings screen (Press the gears in the upper left corner), it is in the left corner along with patch number.
  2. Billy2Hawks

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    Thank you. :) I don't want to showcase the current DB tactic, I was just hoping that WG would weigh in on the matter. I was just surprised that they had not said anything since it was being used to great effect in KoTS.
  3. Has WG ruled on whether or not the DB tactic used in KoTS is a bug or working as intended? If not, could we get official word? I am not asking the general populace for a discussion on if the think it is a bug or exploit, I want to KNOW if that is what WG says it is.
  4. Billy2Hawks

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Has anyone at WG confirmed this as a bug? I would think that someone from WG would have said something during the KoTS tournament if it was an exploit. I am in no way advocating for or against this, I just want to know if WG has gone on record.
  5. Billy2Hawks

    Coop and CVs

    I also forgot to mention that DBs got more consistent hits when approaching from the side on CA/CL and DDs (Not attempting the exploit). If I attempted a run from nose to tail or vice versa, I would more often than not, stradle the ship and gain no hits multiple runs in a row. The height of the drop did not seem to matter.
  6. I have noticed that at least solo, it seems like coop is taking almost a full game to decide. Not sure this is because I am solo or what, but if this is what is to be expected, WG might want to think increasing XP rewards if coop games are going to take longer. Coop is usually the refuge of people that do not want to play randoms, if you muck too hard, you are likely to lose that player base because they will not move to randoms. Now, as for CVs 4 - 6 in coop at least. AA seems still a little too much, I expect you guys will reduce it by 5% before too long. It does however seem like it is better. I still lose my last attack wave, so you will still see people dumping one or two waves before they engage. Too me it seems like the last wave is supposed to die as I will lose it to even a low AA DD that is isolated. As for CVs viability solo in coop, they aren't. I lost about 80% - 90% of my games in coop. CVs just cannot carry the damage to pull off a win, especially with yoloing bots. It can take me upwards of 5 minutes to finish off a BB, even with help. I would attempt to stack dots, and in some cases I could do some good damage, but I just could not do the damage I needed to pull the game. This might be different on the live servers. Another issue was with IJN CVs. Due to them having AP DBs, I had a harder time laying down a fire since I could only use rocket fighters to cause fires. Causing fires is the only way to bait a DCP so I could move in with TBs to TRY to get a flood started. This really caused an issue with being able to do damage. IJN DBs do extremely low damage to DDs, I was getting 300 per bomb. With the recent issues with DBs getting 5 bomb hits exploit, this will make rocket fighters till the most efficient way to deal with DDs which will get you 1.5k a pop. I think that spotting of DDs might need to be expanded a bit, as I had a DD in my base on trident and it took me 15 - 20 seconds to locate it with my fighters. Then he smoked up when I did spot him, effectively neutralizing me. even when I did spot him, I had to back around and attack on the position I THOUGHT he was in to be able to get a good attack run before he smoked. I of course lost that game.
  7. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Yes, and this was my point. The OP had said that because unicum players could do this kind of damage, it meant that any CV player could do that kind of damage. Then called for DBs to be nerfed. My point with the video is that a DD could do large amounts of damage with a unicum driver. My point was that just because the vehicle has a unicum driver (i.e. skill gap), does not mean that the class as a whole needs to be further nerfed, thus widening the skill gap even further and alienating more players. Honestly, I have not played a game in 4 - 5 weeks and have not really felt the need to play the game since about a week after this whole debacle began. I honestly have no illusions that CVs will ever be truly viable to the average player, as I think WG has dug themselves too deep of a hole to resolve the issues the overlooked, ignored, or did not forsee. The only reason I keep coming to the forums is because I have like 340+ days of premium left that I got over xmas. I keep hoping I might get enticed back, but it looks like WG is just going to let it ride unless a player comes up with a solution because WG does not want to put any more time into the problem.
  8. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    It would almost be like the CV was a counter to the DD, you know, to reduce the effectiveness of the DD? Your can stick your fingers in your ears all you want and lalala all the way home. This only continues to validate the point that you already agreed to. Whelp, I am done for the moment.
  9. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Did you notice something about that video? There was no CV....... I wonder what would have happened with a CV in that match?
  10. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    So you did get my point.
  11. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Oh, also, because you did it, does that mean anyone can do it? If so, then maybe damage for the DD ddoes need to be looked at if the average player can do this kind of damage regularly. Do you get my point?
  12. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Yes, but the OP and many others said that CVs need to be adjusted because unicum players can do really well. This is my point with posting this. Just because there is a 10% subset of players that do well, does not mean that the other 90% need to be punished.
  13. Billy2Hawks

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    From this video I would say that this player might be a good reason to look at DD damage. I mean, over 240k of damage and seven kills......