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    At one point, Tier IV was a very healthy tier to play. Ships were relatively balanced and it was a good place to learn. It was easy to find games full of other players. However, this dramatically changed with the new CV style of play. As a result, Tier IV was no longer fun as CV's dominated gameplay. Fewer and fewer players played at the tier as it basically became unplayable. As a result, changes were made where players were protected for the first 1K games, this further reduced the number of players and ultimately bots were added. New players no longer had a good place to learn how to play other than beating up on bots and the occasional seal clubber. For those players that wanted to play real games, they were pushed into higher tiers earlier. This likely has impacted the gameplay for higher tiers due to more unskilled players. While I dislike carriers as a whole, I do strongly feel that the tier IV carriers are fundamentally changing the game in a bad way. Changes should be made to encourage tier IV play, especially for new players as it help train the next generation. My 2c