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  1. Jedrzejczyk

    Request for the Devs: Make Co-Op a priority

    What are these high tier premium 20k players with 500 games here for? While I'm at it - Which part of carrying a team to victory against a team of human players (both teams including some random percentage of the aforementioned research subjects) is so superior to carrying a team (including some random percentage of the aforementioned research subjects) against a team of bots that you call PvE dumb?
  2. Jedrzejczyk

    Request for the Devs: Make Co-Op a priority

    What many players don't realize is that WG counts $$$ as votes. They have identified an easy to exploit demographic as their key to success. Their most successful Community Contributor, Flamu, was fired for exposing this group using what he called 'animal research'. WG was embarrassed every time he took the time at the end of a game to (live on twitch) pull up the profiles of players who camped at the edges in high tier premium ships because more often than not, it was obvious by their lack of t10 tech tree ships and their 20k avg damage in t10 premiums how they got in the game. WG benefits financially because these players are happy with 20k avg damage.
  3. Jedrzejczyk

    Co-Op Ruined Part II (PVE Thread)

    What I'm struggling to understand is why those of you who continue to spend money think that's the best way to get an improved game? I've been monitoring these forums for 4 years so I've seen dozens of posts from WG predictably making claims of improvement. Where are they? Aside from a minor but noticeable improvement in graphics I've seen nothing but a steady progress toward dumbing down the game. Since this is precisely how they destroyed WOWP there is plenty of room for some Bayesian conjecture. You may want to give some thought to how you will feel a year from now after spending your money on this Chuck E. Cheese game.
  4. Jedrzejczyk

    server stats

    Is there a way to view server stats like this https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/ for coop during a chosen date range?
  5. Jedrzejczyk

    Which is best for coop dominance? Salem or DM?

    You may be right but I suspect the relative lack of value of CE and leg prop mod (in coop) vs more range and Heavy HE is a large enough factor to show up over many battles.
  6. Jedrzejczyk

    What's the trick for farming CO-OP DD spotting damage?

    Harugumo with leg mod, smoke mod, and xray papa unaone
  7. I've had better results with Salem most likely because of the different builds. What skills/equipment are making the difference? Salem: arm mod1, Hydro mod1, aim mod1, prop mod1, conceal, range mod2 / grease, gunfeed, prio, Heavy HE, AR, sup, top grade, outnum DM: same as Salem except slot6 prop leg mod / grease, prio, AR, sup, top grade, outnum, CE
  8. Jedrzejczyk

    Just in case if this isn't obvious

    I got hooked on coop because - like Operations - learning how to use concealment, shot dodging, etc., along with maintaining a high k/d ratio and winrate, was rewarding and ample incentive to continue to improve and expand my fleet. For me, that meant I almost never ran Salem as she was inferior to any smoke cruiser/dd at achieving my goals. Aki, Kita, Haru, Smoly, Mino, and even Flint were much better on average. Now I couldn't possibly care less about any stat in this pathetic excuse for a game. Unfortunately for some of my fellow players, I am highly motivated to spam Salem, Buffalo, and Baltimore to help more players understand why many of us stopped spending money on such an obvious attempt to somehow monetize a game that would struggle to break even at Chuck E Cheese. I do wonder if anyone else is experiencing a steady stream of -karma that appears to be associated with being at the top of the leaderboard with 800+ xp while the rest are below 400. If so, perhaps progress is being made so join with me and spam your Salem til u puke yo.
  9. Jedrzejczyk

    Just in case if this isn't obvious

  10. Jedrzejczyk

    Just in case if this isn't obvious

    Am I the only one who sees a Salem or 2 at the top of nearly every coop leaderboard? Scratchin my head over the DD/torp cruiser dominance hypothesis.
  11. Jedrzejczyk

    Just in case if this isn't obvious

    For some of us, the problem is that we became coop mains in part because of the challenge offered by flawless accuracy of the bots we had for years leading up to the infantilization that began this past summer. Back then smoke firing was actually valuable. Now if you're sitting/smoke firing you're giving up half your potential reward while the other ships sail past you as if they were invisible moving in for torp runs or broadsides. The old bot accuracy still exists in Operations where pretending to be invisible will get you sunk immediately.
  12. Jedrzejczyk

    What genius at WG thought limiting BBs was a fix for co-op?

    No clue how they manage to monetize this, but I've enjoyed what WG has been offering on a silver platter for a few months now. I'm still around 30mil shy of the 1bil credit mark but it won't be long due to the gift WG has given to Salem, Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo players (with permacamos). Simple formula for taking advantage of this gift: Reset your IJN dd gunboat line just before Killer Whale begins. Use fxp to buy Hatsuharu, then run her a few times with flags, etc in KW until enuf xp for Shiratsuyu which u can grind during the following week @ Narai. Then in coop run Aki and yolo every single game. If you die early, jump in Salem and yolo. By that time Aki will be ready for the next yolo. Repeat with Kitakaze. With permacamo and NO other flags this is worth ~1mil credits per hour. You may want to start each of the dd line resets after the double bonus reappears, which i think is 3 months. If anyone has found any other easter eggs WG has hidden, please share the wealth. p.s. don't confuse my attempt to embarrass WG head programmer - Dasha - into fixing this disaster for an endorsement of this embarrassingly pathetic excuse for programming.
  13. Jedrzejczyk

    Current flood of DDs and upcoming events

    Once you get Nurnberg and Budyonny, start playing Operations. Use your economic flags (+credits, +xp, +cmdrxp, +freexp) and camos. Use free xp to avoid grinding until you get to Hatsuharu (t6 Jap gunboat), which you can grind in Ops. Then get Shiratsuyu (t7 Jap gunboat) which you can grind in Narai (t7 Op). Once you get the t8 - Akizuki - you will be able to take maximum advantage of the benefits available from the current kindergarten bot programming. Consider bypassing all dd lines (except t3 Rus dd Derzki) until tier 4 to avoid learning bad habits. Also consider skipping the Jap torp boat line altogether.
  14. Jedrzejczyk

    All these complaints about COOP are missing the point

    WeeGee may've anticipated some of the fallout. I've exited to port early every game that ended with submerged nme subs way out of my range and have not had any penalties. Rotating Akizuki and Atlanta is noticeably more profitable now than ever before.
  15. Dasha and her awesome development team have sacrificed their reputation in order to give us a faster way to earn research points. Now you can reset the Japanese gunboat line and grind it out in COOP in record time, especially if you were wise enough to put permacamos on the Aki, Kita, Haru. WeeeeGeeeee!