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  1. Patching to 7.12.0 appears to have fixed my auto login issue. Something in 7.11.X definitely affected a few. Cheers
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    It's been reported by others, you're not alone.
  3. I'm having the same issue as OP. Started maybe 2-3 weeks ago. Have uninstalled WG and WoWs, resintalled. No fix. 0 mods on my end. Vanilla install.
  4. 12 crates. Meh drop. 1 bote. 1. 14 days premium 2. 20 Shadow Lurker 3. 14 days premium 4. 20 Shadow Lurker 5. 10 Type 59 6. 1250 Doubloons 7. 20 Shadow Lurker 8. Massachusetts B 9. 35k free XP 10. 35k free XP 11. 20 Shadow Lurker 12. 10 Type 59
  5. This may get ignored, but perhaps someone out there can relate. A couple of months ago, I received a warning for using a mod/3rd party. I don't have/use any mods installed for WoWs. I then thought about what could trigger this. I concluded it was my Steam overlay so I stopped using it. This week I received a 7 day ban for a second time alleging use of mods/3rd party apps. Again, I don't have/use any mods installed for WoWs. Now baffled by what could've caused this, I realized it may have been when I plugged in my iPad via USB (to charge the battery) during a battle. This caused a momentary overlay from my laptop to pop up asking me what I want to do with this device. It didn't even cross my mind at the time, but the very next day, 7 day ban! I opened up a ticket only to receive an automated message to not use mods and no other help or further investigation/reconsideration. I am at a point where I have to walk on eggshells because a 3rd strike, I'm assuming, will get me a permanent ban. This is unacceptable. My statistics proved otherwise- I'm an average player not looking for any advantage. I really enjoy the game. Like the majority of players, I have spent money on a premium account, ships, and miscellaneous items. And now this. I am hesitant to invest in further premium items with only 1 more false positive. Again, if any Customer Service Rep actually reads this, please reconsider.