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  1. CorbinDallasMultipass

    Ships for Ranked

    I'm limited by the ships I have, but was thinking the ARP Myoko, Gneisenau, Mahan, & Skåne. Maybe the Shchors for the lols. It seems to be poorly considered for Ranked, but I've been playing it a lot lately.
  2. CorbinDallasMultipass

    I just want a fun ship

    I lurve the HuangHe, but I mostly play it in co-op and operations. I've also found the Romulus to be stupid and fun.
  3. CorbinDallasMultipass

    Huanghe is gamebreaking and unfair to play against

    And with Smoke Gen Mod 1 it's nearly two minutes. :D
  4. CorbinDallasMultipass

    Huanghe is gamebreaking and unfair to play against

    While one can't get those kinds of numbers in operations anymore, the HuangHe is still better at citadeling than the Perth. It's still my go-to cruiser for tier VI operations. [ Oh, and a shout out to the blessed waters of Lake Minnetonka. ;) ]
  5. I tried all the 'for credits' ones I could. Can't remember all of them, but the Alabama and Lazo made a good impression. I really liked the Lazo.
  6. I *strongly* prefer co-op to randoms. I've played just under 300 random matches compared to the 3800+ co-op and operation matches I've played. I prefer co-op for lots of reasons, but a big one for me is co-op feels like a relaxing puzzle game. A puzzle game with boats and explosions.
  7. CorbinDallasMultipass

    What is your lucky boat?

    Graf Spee. It really clicked with me for some reason. Sadly I've only had it as a rental on my main. Otherwise the Perth and HuangHe are my current favorites. With Minsk and Svietlana being runners up.