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  1. The_Mary_Celeste

    WoWS x Transformers. More than meets the eye!

    WG can you please consider options to loot crates? many of us have limited incomes and would be willing to buy something they want, a string of loot crates unlikely to get what you like is depressing, and many have stopped buying any. If I want a book I don't want to buy 5 book loot crates in the hopes of winning the one I want!
  2. The_Mary_Celeste

    Iron Cross camo

    Anyone know if they will become a permanent option to buy for doubloons after the event and if at a more normal price? 7500 doubloons is a bit much.
  3. The_Mary_Celeste

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.6

    Wargaming its a shame you've chosen to make the german camos 600 tokens yet you can only earn 300, pointless to do the grind. 7500 doubloons to unlock more tokens lol!!!
  4. The_Mary_Celeste

    Dragon dance mission 3 how long to go?

  5. I play half as much now, I like carriers, but now the fun is gone and I no longer do, I don't want to play world of warplanes when I play warships! I don't want to fly a bunch of planes around.
  6. The description says expiration date the 16th, does anyone know what time zone that is? thanks
  7. The_Mary_Celeste

    Any way to still get sovereigns?

    yep bert it is :)
  8. The_Mary_Celeste

    Any way to still get sovereigns?

  9. I've got 190 sovereigns just short of 220 for the warspite, and was hoping to buy some more, but checked the shop and you can't buy them anymore, anyway to still get them? they're valid until 21/11 and seems odd you can't buy them until then
  10. Since about 2 days ago the game has been disconnecting me, about once on average per battle but sometimes twice, to the log in screen it takes me about a minute to return to the battle which is ok usually but still annoying, it also happens when I'm simply sitting in port (a DC about every 10 minutes). I've done nothing to my computer for weeks, and have tried the repair tool, anyone got an idea of the problem and what I can try next? Thanks POTUS