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  1. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    I'd say the INS Mysore is as close as you're gonna get.
  2. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Le Fantasque no love

    So this is why WG keeps releasing OP ships with a low skill floor lol... shouldn't laugh though...
  3. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Proposed Abruzzi Fix Patch

    Abruzzi is fine. You need time to get damage with this thing but it's 'tanky' as hell. It's the definitive WASD hacks ship. Even with it's anaemic AA you still do fine as long as it's not rocket planes. It's AP is under rated as well.
  4. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    How To Play with Cruisers?

    Not trying to be negative here but being that you're new and still inexperienced at this game even your BB stats are not up to a level where I'd attempt a different class with much hope of success. BB's in general are the best class to start this game on and learn the general mechanics because of their HP and your ability to survive mistakes. In saying all that though it is good to dabble in other classes to learn what they have to counter you in a fight but just don't have high expectations. Best advice I think for anyone new like yourself is to spend literally hours watch someone like Flamu on YouTube. Most CC's YouTube vids will teach you everything you need to know to progress and get to where you want to be. Even the most experienced players usually learn something though a new video. I wish you luck!
  5. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    the Cvpocalypse .....

    Fun police in the house! Lol
  6. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Harder to win

    There is less ability to pull matches back from a 2 or 3 ship deficit with CV's in the game. The ability of a CV pilot to move around the map allows them to squash any last stand from the team trying to claw the win back. In a sense this allows the CV to negate good positional play, from the down team, for caps and map control. Even if they, the CV, had been focusing the wrong flank the entire match. This also leads to these massive blowouts happening as of late. Where the winning team only loses two or three ships.
  7. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    What premium ship tops your wish list?

    I'm waiting for the shop release of Irian. Wasn't interested in the arsenal dubloon option during the Chinese new year even.
  8. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Duke of York

    I can't remeber ever seeing anything on the auto bounce angles... how'd I miss that... that changes everything... is there somewhere I can read up on this? I've had this thing forever... how did I not know this? Lol
  9. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Why I am concerned about limited charge DCP on RU BBs

    Personally I'd rather they relese new ships slightly underpowered rather the the norm as of late. Ships these days are generally released OP and we all complain when they nerf them or suffer from the inherent power creep. From what I can gather from the current Russian BB developments this wont be any different so I wouldn't worry too much about the DCP. In any case like all changes in this game I would love if the forum wasn't the land of sky falling before things are even half way done testing.
  10. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Irian in shop release date?

    Any word when it will be available in shop? I know you could buy it for dubloons in game but let's get real... wasn't really a deal lol. Especially if you just wanted the ship itself.
  11. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    Montana Enhanced Damage Control System slot 5 Unique (Legendary) Upgrade -30% rudder shift -30% flooding recovery time -15% fire extinguishing time -70% steering gears repair time Although it doesn't show it, this is a concealment nerf because you can't take that upgrade if you go legendary. The strong points of this build as Flamu points out in the video I linked is it's ability to fight DOT. And the fact that concealment has lost a lot of worth in the new meta of being spotted almost constantly from the air.
  12. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    Anything you find pre 8.0.0 will not be accurate anymore due to the massive meta changes since that particular patch drop. Case and point: https://youtu.be/ApidQjqnFzQ
  13. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    I was actually on a break from the game when this was a thing. It is what it is now I guess. I already have lots of premium American ships hence why I'm looking at the Nueve. I like grinding captains for future lines or premiums so I generally try to spread out my premium buying so I'll eventually have a ship from every nation/conglomerate.
  14. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    You just reminded me of something too... Boise is probably being used with 19pt capts with ifhe most likely from a Worcester... where as most people aren't using elite capt xp to boost their new Pan American capt to 19pt. Hence the difference in stats.
  15. o0_BattleFlower_0o

    Nueve de Julio vs. Boise stats

    I've been contemplating on purchasing the Nueve de Julio as of late and like most people I'm sure decided to research as much as I could about her. Videos, articles, forums, stats, etc. And the only difference I can find between these two ships are the current live server stats. It's not a huge margin though it is noticeable in win rate and damage output. I can only assume that this must be due to maybe player familiarity with the American play style or something of the like that could cause this. So I guess what I'm looking for is confirmation from community that they are completely identical ships. It would also be interesting to hear people's thoughts on the cause of the differences in stats as well!