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  1. Le_Potate

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    Who asked for this? Is your community asking for more ship? Or are they asking you to fix the ones that are already there? I wish I had the words to describe how much I hate WG staff.
  2. Le_Potate

    Legendary Module for Moskva?

    Except that the two ships are entirely different and fill completely different roles. They are nothing alike.
  3. Le_Potate

    Legendary Module for Moskva?

    I think this is a pretty ideal Moskva game. There's some pushing, but in the latter half of the game the kiting is what pulled out the win. https://youtu.be/6SyAcI0iTNM
  4. Le_Potate

    Legendary Module for Moskva?

    Pretty sure it's 5 tier x. The LM for Moskva is absolutely worth. Better range + better dispersion works very well on Moskva guns. I did the grind for Moskva and the LM while Moskva was still a tech tree ship. The thing with that ship is people think it's as tank as Petro, and it isn't. The concealment is horrible, and you should be at long ranges in almost all situations. Moskva is a sniper, Petro is a brawler.
  5. Le_Potate

    AFK Problem

    So, it seems that there is an extreme AFK problem in ranked. I had nothing to do today, and ranked out of bronze. Easily 80% of my matches had an AFK dd or BB. The amount of people who load in to a match and then don't play is absolutely insane. There really needs to be more differentiation between ranked and fandoms. There need to be stricter punishments for Afk of griefing. There also needs to be a higher minimum battle requirement. I played 2 matches with an individual who had 36, and 38 battles. This guy was in a ZF-6. 36 battles. Not that I expect anyone at WG to care about anything but lining their own pockets no matter the cost to the player base.
  6. Le_Potate

    Somebody needs a Snickers

    There are a lot of sub-humans in ranked.
  7. Le_Potate

    Positive Dead Eye Rant

    What you are completely failing to take in to account is wargamings obsession with high caliber bb's. 30mm overmatch is everywhere at t10 so nerfing uk fire chance doesn't fix anything. Sorry buddy, but wargaming screwed up, as always, and refuses to acknowledge it, as always. Why? Because they don't care about you. They don't care about high level play. They only care about metrics.
  8. Le_Potate

    Why no tweaks to commander rework in 0.10.1?

    Spreadsheet said we're having fun. Да товарищ. Да.
  9. Cant wait for.... Ahem.... "CERTAIN WG STAFF" to come across this. They seem to be a bit salty.
  10. Voted. It should absolutely be rolled back. Not like WG will listen though.
  11. Le_Potate

    I can't be the only one...

    I'm in the same boat, pun unintended. The odd thing is that Mass has the same shell speed as NC, but I consistently do more damage with Mass. The arcs on the North Carolina are unbearable to me, and I play Wooster.
  12. Le_Potate

    I can't be the only one...

    I'm still working with her in training rooms right now. Beers are helping. I do more damage with mass than nc.
  13. Le_Potate

    I can't be the only one...

    I've got Massachusetts and I've always liked that ship. Yes, the guns are inaccurate. Wildly inaccurate. But the secondaries make up for it. They give you something to do when your close. Most of the time it just freaks people out and they run. NC doesn't have that.
  14. Le_Potate

    I can't be the only one...

    Unfortunately not joking or baiting. I have not had a good experience with this ship.
  15. After spending a day with North Carolina, I have to say that for me it is 100% unadulterated hot garbage. The guns are terrible. I have better accuracy with Bismarck. I keep seeing rave reviews about how good the ship is, but when the shells are that slow its impossible to hit anything. A Baltimore parked in front of me at 9km broadside, shelles in front of and behind and zero hits. Almost every shot is like this. And if you do get a hit it's almost always at the stern of the ship because there isnt enough room on the screen for all of the lead you need to take!! So what's the answer? Play closer? The armor and secondaries suck. So that's out. Spam HE? I've seen NC players do that before and now it makes sense. Myself, i refuse to sit in the back of the map. Sell the ship and stop with US ships altogether? Most likely. I really do think that people only like North Carolina so much because it's faster than Colorado. It's got good AA, good concealment, rudder shift is still slow, speed is still low, turret traverse is still slow. Same caliber guns as Colorado with worse accuracy. I'll most likely be selling it soon. All I hear from people is "dont show broadside". Never "you cant do any damage because by the time the shells get there your enemy has turned and went home, ate dinner, and came back". Sorry to rant, but this ship sucks. Hopefully there are another round of bluffs for USN BB's that fix the shell velocity.