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  1. Lancelot0001

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.11: Sailor's Day

    Hate this design, and there is 5 sub chain.... Guess most players would never gonna make it, might better spend time on something else.
  2. Lancelot0001

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Premium Black Friday Pack

    This one is better than T4 early-access ship, and much better than 3-day rental ship.
  3. Lancelot0001

    Superships in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Lol, token stuff again. Does WG dev really think supership is so popular that many players are willing to grind mission for it? Not to mention no credits can be earned by these ships. Besides till today, WG still don't know why people play TireX more. It's not because X ships are fun, it's X are always top tire. And now the introduction of supership de-value every X ship.
  4. Lancelot0001

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    When will the new rank start? This week or next week?
  5. 1. It's pay 3$ for a 9% chance to get a ship, and 91% chance to get .. ehh.. trash? 2. The ship price tag is 50$ doesn't mean it should sell at $50 nor it has 50$ in value.
  6. You may see detail here: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/warhammer-40000-containers/ or https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/en/category/event_6 In summary, every loot box has 91% chance to lose and 9% chance to win. And if you didn't get a ship in last 26 loot box continuously, the 27th box will give you a ship. Each loot box is priced at 1250 doubs. Single ship price is 10300 or 11300 doubs.
  7. Lancelot0001

    Armada: Kearsarge, a Hybrid Ship

    In terms of battle performance, is this ship the most "normal" one in since 2020? Kearsarge is not too trash to be pay-2-lose, and not too good to be pay-2-win; although it's ugly.
  8. Lancelot0001

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    Perhaps the idea isn't to have 50 SS in the game queue like we do battleships? Maybe part of the concept is to add something new without it becoming so overly popular it dramatically changes the distribution of players, especially if considering MM restrictions to the class? I mean come on guys, part of balance is the number of each class in each match. Its not hard to figure out they wanted to add something that allowed players new dynamics without changing the game so dramatically as to actually ruin it. You misunderstand what I posted. "10% players play sub" means 90% player don't play sub (in random match for this context). Everyday there are 50~ bb players in queue, but those player also play dd or cv. For these 50 players, only 5 are willing to try subs.
  9. Lancelot0001

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    Only 10% players play sub, I don't think you guys can come out a conclusion "sub is popular".
  10. 1000?Really!! I missed something?
  11. The max free tokens you can get is 390 (130/week, total 3 weeks; based on the condition you can finish all missions on time; FYI, it's 70K base exp ). The lowest amount needed for a T8 perm camo is 400 (T9 camo price is 500). You may spend money or Community Tokens to exchange more Event tokens; but please note without spending extra resource, you cannot get any perm camos.
  12. Lancelot0001

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.10

    Is there any news for new pan-asia line? Release them in next update or...
  13. Lancelot0001

    Personal Challenges and the Naval Battle

    Friendly reminder: Brawl mode is not counted in personal Challenge. I don't have time to participate both...
  14. CV CV BB CA CA CL DD DD DD DD Sub Sub Somewhat like a real world fleet
  15. Lancelot0001

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    In theory, yes. But, in reality such players don't exist. I don't think anyone who never played game, are willing to spend so much money.