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  1. Highvelocity4U

    IFHE change is trash

    You didn't look up the definition you read the wiki which is people based information. People that have played MMO for many years tend to agree that the minimum number of players is closer to 50 and it's not per server, it's per "instance". A full instance here, in randoms, is 24. Additionally, who cares lol
  2. Not only 30 million players but it's also a thinking man's game. lol
  3. Highvelocity4U

    IFHE All Night Long

    When I look at the armor layout for the ships in port I still see 25mm/27mm for the tier X cruisers. If it is 30mm then shouldn't it say 30mm?
  4. This ^^^^ I already knew about it and already had the free respec from playing CB, opted in mind you to get extra week of trial and error. I got a pop up today to take a survey but not for a respec .... well done WG .... if you think about that it is quite funny lol I think that is should have been done without players needing to "participate" so in that sense it is a cash grab. I also think the player that clicked the reset button when it clearly showed the cost in doubloons beside the button should read more carefully.
  5. Highvelocity4U

    so long wows

    His computer is weak; it is also old.
  6. Highvelocity4U

    Devastating effects from CV's speed and vision.

    I believe it's called an opinion. People that don't want to hear an opposing opinion call it whining. He's pointing out one of the problems with cv's. In my opinion there's an even bigger problem. Red team will get a unicum cv player and green will get a potato. I looked at your cv winrate so ....
  7. Highvelocity4U

    Some thoughts about what 'OP' means

    OP stands for "Out Played"
  8. I agree with you 100% but these are the hurdles in front of you. People that don't understand how computers work think it would add a long time before a match starts. It would not. Pick the 24 players as usual and then balance from that group. I think that average expected damage for that class, as in the badges, would be more balanced than winrate. Pretty sure a computer today can do that calculation in a fraction of a second. Players with a 55%+ winrate will never support balanced MM as they fear that number would go down. They're more interested in the unicum colour than they are in a more balanced and fun game for everyone. If you're not purple in WoWs then you won't get invited to the best parties or have the hottest partner so I see their point. WG doesn't see money in the change which I think is short sighted. Yes, they will make more in the short term as players spend money to get that higher tier "more powerful" ship they think will help them win. In the long run they'll discover random is just too annoying to play even in their fancy new ship. I've been playing coop for months. It's definitely "short bus" mode but at least it's stress free lol
  9. Highvelocity4U

    Why is smoke so useless

    So your answer is to be insulting and condescending to someone that "you" believe is being childish. Better hop into that pram yourself dude.
  10. I think the problem is they care too much about the opinions and get caught up in a "squeaky wheel" issue. You can never have absolute balance with this many variables in the game. As in life, there will always be someone smarter, stronger, faster etc. You want balance? Remove ALL of the ships from the game except one. It won't matter which one stays but that would be balance.
  11. Highvelocity4U

    WG...refund requested afterHenry nerf

    Not that bad? In a straight line, without engine boost, it takes 2 minutes and 3 seconds to reach full speed. Not that bad lol
  12. Highvelocity4U

    Being forced to reconnect after every game

    Error (403) It seems you don't belong here! You should probably sign in. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home. When trying to download the patch
  13. So you're suggesting team play in a random game? You said the previous comment was nonsense? Lol
  14. Highvelocity4U

    Cannot get into battle?

  15. Highvelocity4U

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    Yes, the sound is pretty bad now. Playing it through a Yamaha V781 with an ATMOS speaker setup. The old sound was very good and now some of the effects are very annoying. I will say however, the CV plane sounds are excellent.