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  1. Highvelocity4U

    Whale guide to ZF-6 (Is it worth it?)

    Looks like it's from a video game released in 1970.
  2. Highvelocity4U

    Which DD Is The Best DD Hunter At Tier 9 and 10?

    You can do it with a CV. That way you can eat pizza and watch YouTube at the same time.
  3. Highvelocity4U

    Is WoWs the slowest loading game on the market?

    32 seconds from an NVME drive.
  4. Highvelocity4U

    Anyone Else?

  5. Highvelocity4U

    WoW Latest Update and C-Drive space

    A lot of these people may not understand that most newer mobos support M.2, older ones will not. The simplest solution for older machines would be something like a Samsung EVO in an external USB case. Even if their system doesn't support USB3 they can add a card or possibly they have an external SATA port. Bottom line, USB 3.1 controller $40, 2.5 inch external case $20, 500gb EVO $90. Canadian prices so a fair bit cheaper in the US.
  6. In summary: New skills were added and some of the old ones were changed Now each class will have a separate section with unique skills Maximum skill points number increased from 19 to 21 New way to get elite commander experience: dismiss unused commanders The amount of experience required to retrain a commander to another researchable ship reduced by half. If and when the changes come to the live server, everyone will have an opportunity to reset their commanders' skills for free. Details will be announced at a later date.
  7. Highvelocity4U

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    Details about the changes Commanders will still have a specialization for a particular ship. Only one skill set corresponding to a class of ship is active at one time. The skills for each class are distributed independently from each other. For example, a commander with 10 skill points can distribute 10 points in the section of destroyers and 10 points for battleships. It would seem you can spec a commander for multiple ship types. Since Stalin is special there would be no cost to move that commander back and forth.
  8. Highvelocity4U

    Anti-CV Divisions encountered today.

    It's funny really. I've read many Pro-CV posts saying that the majority of players want CV's in the game. Considering that your post, at the time of reading, has 20 upvotes and only 5 various downvotes, it would suggest otherwise. I don't think the Pro-CV crowd is using the word "majority" correctly.
  9. Highvelocity4U

    WG Survey

  10. Highvelocity4U

    3v3 Ranked sprint is the most fun I've ever had in game

    So, you ranked out?
  11. Highvelocity4U

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    I got lucky as well for $25. 32k FXP, 14 days premium, 3 x 1000 dubs, Kronstadt, Hood and Sims B This was from 3 Black Friday containers and 5 Santa containers.
  12. Highvelocity4U

    Can not connect to server.

    The notes said up at 7:05 which is strangely precise lol
  13. Highvelocity4U

    Other team reading chat with a mod

    Which game are you playing that has valuable team play tactics being discussed in chat? Surely not WoWS randoms lol
  14. Less applicable to some of us but you're making the assumption that all WoWS players are tech savvy simply because they managed to install the game. Maybe he thought the OP wasn't aware of SSD and M.2 drives or U.2 drives for that matter. I didn't see any harm in someone pointing out that there are fast alternatives to HDD drives. I've read a bunch of comments from people being forced to use WGC and it's pretty clear that some are less than tech savvy and run older hardware.
  15. So you got down voted for suggesting SSD drives are a good idea. This forum lol