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  1. EvelIntent

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    I click on the ( More details on our New Year festivities are available in a dedicated article. ) and then it wont take me to any article nor page. So how can I find these special button's that are active for 3 days that I have to click? If it doesn't send me to anything then how is this gonna be possible? I clicked on this in the News from the port of the game section. So it don't work.
  2. EvelIntent

    Submarines are Coming

    Just put them back into the Halloween Event and keep them Submarines there because playing em for a short time was fun and so now thats just gonna be taken away
  3. EvelIntent

    Submarines are Coming

    So basically BB's are gonna be screwed along with CV's from these submarines? The chances a plane is gonna get the chance to attack a submarine seems pretty low. Also wouldnt cruisers and Battleships have Depth charges also ? Why is this saying only destroyers are having them? But after this whole messed up CV rework and still a mess came and still isnt done now they are gonna bring a whole new class to the game that im sure many people are not gonna agree with. But WG you people need to fix many other things about this game instead of dropping a entire new class to the game. MOVING TO FAST Wows slow your ROLL... But lets see how this is and maybe im gonna end up dropping this game. But i guess I learned a lesson about these games to not drop money to support them by buying premium ships or things like that. The money that is prolly gonna be flushed down the toilet from this game
  4. There is almost no point in even buying premium camos cause they dont bring anything special besides 100% XP and why would i want 100% XP on a premium ship ? I would rather have em change it to 100% commander XP or 100% free XP that would make more sense. Dont need premium camo that gives -10% post battle services and + 50 or 100% xp per battle when its a premium ship, come on XP for a premium ship that you cant grind to the next premium ship to? Ya makes sense WoWs these premium ships arent tech tree ships and i got so much convertable XP its coming out my ships rear ends. If i am gonna pay cash money for a Camo i want it to come with something a bit better then the 10% post batlle and 100% xp. Make it more like the Prinz Eugen premium Adler camo that brings -10% post battle and +10% credits per battle and 50% xp per battle and 50% commander Xp that rite there sounds like more of a deal for cash money camos..... and there is really not that many of them in the whole game.
  5. Newer Captains in the Armory for 1500 doubloons is kind of a JOKE...... You can buy captains for the price of 1500 dubs but htey come with special skills along with them. The newer ones for that price come with absolutely nothing but 10 points so whats the point of buying them? I would of rather of bought them captains from the last event that cost 4 million credits because they came with the same exact set up, no extra advantage and 10 points. So why would ya want to spend actual money on a captain you could get for free that are basically bare bone captains. WoWs give them captain some kind of special skills like Overchekin has and or like George Doe or Jon Doe, Viktor Znamensky and Vasiliy and even better you could make em like the new captains Nikolay Kuznetsoz. But all i am saying is make it worth the peoples (real) money for buying them captains.
  6. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    Not a BIG fan of the Zara or the tier 5 Mot(how ever its spellt. The reload is quite a bit to long for a tier 7 and tier 5 cruiser the semi AP should just be switched to regular H.E. instead because fighting Battle ships it really has no chance. Also the traveling smoke is only 25 seconds and 25 seconds doesnt get you to far in this game. Along with the ship still being able to be detected from i think it was 8km while in the smoke if im correct maybe it was 7km but it should be fixed up a lil bit. The torpedo's hahaha 51kts what is that a joke or something ? They do reload pretty fast but say a ship is chasing you your gonna have to turn quite a bit to launch the torps in there direction. But the number one thing is the traveling smoke really needs to be longer then 25 seconds and WAY lower detection while in it. The ship is made of tissue paper it seems. This semi AP ya cant shoot a Algerie from the front if its chasing after you and i had no way to damage the ship only from launching my torps while giving a lot of my ships side and then the turning radius wasnt that great on it also compared to other cruisers and the speed is lackluster also. But besides all that the ship is wonderful Oh ya i forgot to ad this.... Making people go over the lines that many frigging times to waste so much damn time was such a joke and I am the sucker that thought maybe that it would be worth it and i was wrong for sure.
  7. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Had this same exact thing happen to me, but enemy rammed me and I died and they didn't and another time same thing happened I had near to full HP and enemy had like 300 HP left and I rammed them and die and they did not and I had the ram flag(signal) on? Made not much sense but hell a lot of the people that play this game don't make much sense when they play the game
  8. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Same thing with me as well I got everything else but the 19 point Russian captain
  9. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Also I went to finish the missions and played the CV's and in the start of the battle I sent off my squadron and when I got to the enemy ships and went to fire the planes did not drop to do the attack run.
  10. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    I finished the missions to get that special 19 point Russian captain and it did not show up on my account. I finished the amount of wins it said and nothing showed up in my port.
  11. EvelIntent

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Feedback

    Have feedback for the Savage battle. The ship the Atomic Rage is kind of Meh …… That detection range is pretty bad as I played threw every ship in that mode and out of all the ships I would say that is the toughest one to get a win in. It having to switch between using H.E. rounds and its torps does make it a bit different then all the rest. Also the 60 reload of the torps on top of the horrible detection makes it a very undesirable ship to want to play in that Savage battle mode. There is a couple others that are kind of like it but I cant remember the names because that one stood out so much. I had to play that ship a numerous amount of times I forget about the other ones that were like that ship.
  12. EvelIntent

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    Absolutely correct anyone that has bought a tier 8 premium ship could load into a Co op battle and BAM they have a tier 10 ship for ranked. So hell ya I would be really disappointed to have one of them ships on the ranked team i would be on. So maybe instead of me ripping my hair out and yelling at my computer screen at players that have the slightest clue on what the hell to do in a tier 10 ship and never mind that also with CV's allowed into the ranked, then maybe i will just sit out because I would put money on that the prizes are not worth the aggravation of tier 10 ranked with players in RENTAL SHIPS. But ya if they made it so you could only get a tier 10 rental from having to play a tier 8 TECH TREE ship it might be a little more comforting ... ya rite. But everyone knows Wargaming "WoWs" employees are not gonna make it that way.
  13. EvelIntent

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    I feel ya man.... I feel ya. Them throwing in CV's and then throwing in players that have the slightest idea on how to play a tier 10 ship they have never played in there life. way to go WG. I do see there side of it as they want new players to see how a tier 10 ship plays and it might make them want to grind to that tier 10 BB or Cruiser or DD but man i wish they would do it in a different way. Like maybe the people that are going to use them "RENTAL SHIPS" should have a separate ranked or something but bring'n unskilled players in a tier 10 ship into a tier 10 ranked battle what a joke. Another one of WG wonderful ideas
  14. EvelIntent

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    Your gonna give everyone tier 10 ships for ranked ? Are you serious the game is already loaded with players that own tier 10 ships and have the slightest clue on how to use them. Now you want to bring even more players into tier 10 ships that have never ever used these ships into ranked battles? Oh ya great this is gonna . What do the people at WG wanna make sure all there customer base has ripped out their hair by the end of this ranked season coming up? They are allowing CV's into it and then allowing unskilled players into this ranked? "WoW" they better make the steel prizes a hell of alot bigger along with the other prizes also. It was bad enuff in tier 9 ranked with players that were poorly skilled that had the slightest clue to what there role was in the battle. This is just gonna be a great season of ranked