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  1. DaFarmacist

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Hopefully its a ship that is going to be owned by few and far cause them torp walls are to much and i would put $ on if it is a easy ship to get your hands on then there will be ALOT of PINK players and a lot of pissed off teammates.
  2. DaFarmacist

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    They should just take away the Co Op game mode away and then there wont be anybody that can complain about it
  3. DaFarmacist

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Ya I got that same problem for saying in a twitch chat this " Some other streamer has more people watching then this stream has" So I got a chat ban on my account so I had to go and make another account to be able to chat and that was really dumb getting a chat ban for that one sentence. But I looked threw the rules and reasons to ban a person and any channel can basically ban an account from there channel for what ever they want and you cant do nothing about it.
  4. DaFarmacist

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    ever since last post i have the spinning thing around the wows symbol and the game hasnt gone onto the port I got to play maybe 8 battles and then the game shutdown and will not come back up. Around maybe 8 or so it did this and i do not see any thing saying they will be shutting down for update or anything. I tried to log in and i got the WoWs logo with the blue ring spinning around it and i waited for more then a hour while i watched twitch. Any clue why the game is not starting?
  5. DaFarmacist

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Have seen bugs with the Midway the torpedo squadrons boost wasn't showing up, the little blue line that tells you how much of your boost you have left. Also the server just kicks ya off for no reason. Another thing is the tokens weren't given correctly also.
  6. DaFarmacist

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    watch this video and tell me that after seeing this
  7. DaFarmacist

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Your a super tester aren't you the people that give WG the data? Why be a super tester and if you seen how the AA was why didn't anything get said to them?
  8. DaFarmacist

    Video - 19x planes - Good for the Atlanta now?

    gotta spec it with the Manual AA spec not AFT and BFT. Gotta use Manual fire control for AA, and Advanced fire training. I wouldn't pick Basic fire training and put superindenden instead for the consumable for AA. After watching a bunch of streamers they all said that Basic Fire Training is kind of pointless when you can have Manual Fire Control for AA arm witch gives you 100% to AA instead of 20%. But it looks like if that's your video then you need 1 more point. Also if you use the consumable for AA then don't use it until the Cv is committed on doing the drop on you and you will see a big difference by changing that one skill. But maybe more like this spec but I don't even think concealment is even worth taking anymore now that the CV's can almost constantly keep you spotted basically. But a lot of ships got robbed of there AA from this update also. But WG is going to be doing more changes to these CV's. So all you can do is just be the guinea pig for WG on the live server and or don't play and respect you captains to zero and when its all over then do some research and then spec your captains and ships equipment. But now it seems to be to much for a lot of people having to pick witch side in time to choose for your AA. For it to be stronger on the left or the right and all at the same time trying to aim at the enemy and at the same time try to dodge shots from ships and also try to dodge drops from the planes. But yup its getting a lil crazy and out of hand so I am just gonna sit back and relax until its fixed. So good luck on your decisions.
  9. DaFarmacist

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Wanna see how broke this Update really is and when people start to figure this out nobodys gonna wanna play this game. When you can just constantly just send torpedo bombers out and just hit the left mouse button and drop torps and then just hit it again rite after and then again and constantly drop torps then hit F. Then take off with another squadron with no punishment and just send torps all over the map for the enemy team to just keep dodging. Then they have no chance to even aim to shot at the your team because they don't have time to. Wow just look for yourself here is the youtube video Ichase put up on this same thing I was saying when this was on beta and test. Broke cant explain this because its beyond broke. Just gotta see how WG is gonna fix this mess because this went to fast and there wasn't any time put into this rework. I know I don't wanna be the live server guinea pig for this till its fixed
  10. DaFarmacist

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    This person is absolutely correct Now I have to waste my skill points to pick AA spec captains and also us upgrades for AA on my ships. So now where is that gonna leave space to have skills to fight the other 3 classes of ships This is so correct it isn't funny.... Now a squadron of torpedo bombers can fly over drop its torps and then do that same thing over 3 more times in a tier 8 and 10 CV and at the same time when your own AA is shooting flak at them that they can dodge they can easily drop more torps and not have there aim be messed up like it is on the live server rite now. But who knows maybe they will fix that stuff? Also wargaming is gonna get the best data from when they drop it on the live server so for the first couple months are WoWs accounts on the live servers are going to be the real guinea pigs...….. <<<<<< wargaming <<<<<<< us players
  11. DaFarmacist

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    this is wrong there is not unlimited amounts of planes or atleast when on the common test server they just dropped you lost planes and could lose them just like in the live server old version CV's. So if you did play on the common test server witch you said then you would have known this, but maybe you didn't notice because you were having way to much fun playing them CV's kappa.... another thing wrong as you can control you CV as long as you are not flying a squadron and actually you can hit M and go to the map and use the pin point marks to use autopilot for the CV but can hit F and not have planes and switch to manual. But besides that the CV's are really kind of on the OP side because when getting shot by flak (AA fire) you can actually dodge it. But after that if you want then you could just do one drop and hit F send your plane back and not really lose any of you squadron in return not lose planes. But a good player can do a lot of damage to ships just because the AA is really not good at all but maybe towards players that have a bit of lesser skill in flying the planes. Using more then one account I have ships that are set up not really for AA spec on one and the other some are but with this new update I hope they are going to give everyone a reset on there skills and not make us waste are elite XP or dubs because that for us the player base will be real costly and would send people in a rage about it im sure. Honestly wargaming should have taken a lot more time and thought this threw a lot better and taken more time on creating this update. I can bet that they are going to have a lot of patch fixes for a while on these CV's and never mind that all the ships AA specs as well. I myself wish I didn't buy the year premium time and all them Xmass containers until this whole thing is fixed and set with most of the bugs and glitches and what not fixed. But being able to drop torps and then fly around for another go and then again and then one more time Is kind of crazy when your ship doesn't really have much to protect it. But these planes can just repeatedly attack you over and over is gonna be a problem. Also how many CV's are they going to allow on one team I didn't see that yet? I would like to say that the lower tier ships are going to be alright but after playing all the TST updates and common test server and Beta and blah blah servers with these new CV's I see a bunch of people complaining even more. "Just watch and see" I was reading the Saipan is going to have tier 10 planes but the other 2 tier 8 premium CV's are only going to have normal tier 8 planes in the squadrons. But nobody can really say anything until they actually drop the update and then we all will know for sure what we are going to get. So and then let the complaining begin...… <<<<<<<<<<<<< Saipan planes WoWs gamer blog posted And WoW all the HP them CV's have you could just steer out there and use you deck guns and planes out in the middle of the map But here is info on the British CV's and all the premium CV's at this link https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/01/world-of-warships-cv-rework-tier-viii-premium-stats.html
  12. Ya I could say I had a few games with incompetent players that had no clue or even better a 40% or 30% win rate in random battles but hey wait till some people actually get the VARG and then your really gonna complain. But ya there is to many people that are clueless on how to even play the game never mind twilight OP.
  13. DaFarmacist

    CV Rework Feedback

    I just really dont enjoy that the AA guns on enemy ships can shoot threw the mountains before you even get to the ship to be able to drop a torp or bomb on them. Also having to ditch your plane when your CV is targeted by a torp or a ship is trying to shoot at you that should be fixed some how. But it seems like the TST server is kinda screwed up also i have been noticing. I would like to be able to have more then one plane on the map so you could switch between locations if you wanted to because having one plane makes it seem like your just playing a regular ship. The camo value of the planes are weak they have the camo of a tier 6 DD without camo pretty much. I think the midway had the planes camo at 7 or 8km where you could be spotted but yet you can not have any skills on the TST server so its gonna be hard to tell once you have the skill for camo. Also its almost like you need to have a platoon mate to be near you on the TST Server so the enemy CV's cant just go straight for you rite from the start because thats what i do and ya end up destroying CV players that are clueless. But again its a test server so i am sure it will be different if it gets live. But there could be a few more things that could be touched up on them for sure.
  14. I got this camo and David Jones from the pumpkin but I do not own the Mogami Ship feels bad man.... So I guess I need grind 2 more ships to get to it. But does this ship or the Captain have anything else special that it does besides having a awesome camo? Also I don't see David Jones as your captain In the ship you put the video up for?