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  1. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    Well my ideal fleet would have the Tillman class Battleship escort carriers, cruisers and Destroyers, one part of the convoy. i would probrably settle for 16 inch guns and limits to keep the weight down so the ship can keep up with the Carriers.
  2. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    Battleship United States of America BB-120Displacement: 70,000 tonnesSpeed: 26.5 knotsCruising radius: at 10 knots over 12,000 milesEngines: Steam Turbine15 eighteen inch guns in five turrets Anti-aircraft guns: 20 dual mounted five inch guns, 45 Bofors, 50 Oerlikon machine guns.conning Tower thickness: Eighteen inches on top and nine inches on the side.
  3. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    i called it the battleship united states, 18 inch guns in five turrets with three in each and a whole lot of Dual five inch mounts.
  4. Carlos_Rivas_13

    RN CVs are on the way!

    Based on the little research that i did, i have come to the conclusion that the Royal Navy has more than 10 classes of ships so filling in the gap is a bit of a challenge. I hope the ark royal is in there, love the name.
  5. Carlos_Rivas_13

    wth IS THIS THING?

    I figured out what to do with all the extra space and i put in single five inch guns mounts like the original training ship.
  6. Carlos_Rivas_13

    wth IS THIS THING?

    So pretty much what the wymoning was, a training ship at best?
  7. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    I have the IOWA so i am right next to this!!!
  8. Carlos_Rivas_13

    North Carolina — American Tier VIII battleship.

    I guess no one has any complaints about this ship and having been in it i can say, i am not one of them either. enjoy the IRL pictures of the old girl.
  9. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Turenne - Oh God, what a cow.

    I got MIKASA back and i love it, it moves so quickly, basically its a slow Cruiser with guns, the secondaries are awesome and on the TURENNE, pretty much traded up ASAP. its not the Kawachi. its not the tier 3 german one, i forgot's name.
  10. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Richelieu — French Tier VIII battleship.

    I am working with the Bretagne and working my up, i can see the lyon and Normandie with similar gun configuration, does it help to get a good bead on the Richelieu? till i saw the scale compared to an Iowa, this thing is YUGE!
  11. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Bretagne — French Tier V battleship.

    I like this ship and i am working my up to the Tier Eight ship which took half my heath in one volley, Awesome, the tier eight one, the tier five one reminds of the Texas.
  12. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Tywin Class Battleship

    This is my design of a Tywin Class Battlestar which if you know GOT then you will ask why is it flying a greyjoy banner.
  13. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Colorado Class Modified

    No really i did and the West Virginia 44 looks nothing like a Colorado Class anymore.
  14. Carlos_Rivas_13

    Colorado Class Modified

    Honest to god, i designed this before i saw West Virginia 1944.
  15. Carlos_Rivas_13

    300th Kill in Wyoming

    I love this ship, even when it was used as training vessel, imagine seal clubbing in that.