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  1. YngvarGH94

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    I agree with what you said LWM. People seem to misunderstanding what I mean when I say it needs a "Slight buff". I didn't say it needed to be 'proper' buffed. It is a strong ship, but it is a one-trick pony. When you compare how versatile other gumboats are. Harugumo has excellent HP, excellent guns (so has the khab), great concealment, great torpedo range and main gun range. Khab has great guns at the cost of range, concealment and that horrid rudder shift. You can only shoot people whilst tanking damage through evasion 95% of time. I think it needs one extra heal consumable, or DFAA so it ain't so easily picked by CVs. A Khab that needs to stay too close to it's ships it is not a very usefull khab, you should be up ahead making the enemy team target and miss you whilst doing damage. One more time, I SAID "SLIGH BUFF". It IS a strong ship.
  2. YngvarGH94

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    This is last time I will say this. I did not made this post after playing khab ranked. Khab is a pure gunboat, and pure gunboats won't ever have a place in competitive gameplay.
  3. YngvarGH94

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    Nope. Khab is bad at Ranked because of it's concealment and torpedos. Much better pick for Ranked is Grozovoy, YY or Gearing.
  4. YngvarGH94

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

  5. Khab needs a buff, not a big one, just a slight one is enough. When you compare it to Grozovoy and Harugumo you see it is quite lackluster. Be it better Rudder Shift (WG you nerfed it too much), 1 more Heal consumable. Simple stuff like that. Just buff it a bit please.
  6. The first thing I did when I decided to get better was to get better and more consistent with my damage dealt. I focused on trying to get the Elite cruiser commander emblem (so 95k average damage with T10 Cruiser). Also, playing with good people and/or joining some of the top clans discords that are more or less puplic really really really helped.
  7. YngvarGH94

    Ocean - For those that hate it...

    I like ocean! Keep it, WG!
  8. They did let us know that'd happen. And as said above, you did get credits for them.
  9. YngvarGH94

    Henry / Hindenburg Ranked question

    Ok, I consider myself a experienced Henri player. Henri with the MBRB can do insane ammounts of damage to broadside Cruisers and BBs. Ideally you'll want to run around the map and when you see an opportunity on a broadside ship you delete it. Henri was alaways useful (and a great ship overall). But ultimatelly play what you are comfortable with and you will do well. Ps: You want to shoot AP with it most of the time. Unless you are shooting a BB at 15km+
  10. YngvarGH94

    Khabarovsk v IJN Dakka Botes

    The thing about the Khab (perhaps its biggest disadvantage) is its 50mm armor plates. I haven't played much the Khab since update but I imagine and IJN DD shooting you with AP would desintegrate you
  11. YngvarGH94

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    Make so T5 and T8 MM only goes one tier up? (T5 MM= T4-T6 / T8 MM= T6-T9) Not sure that'd be good though
  12. I didnt meant to "shame" anyone, sorry if it came across like that.
  13. Lately (maybe I just started paying attention now) I've been seeing a lot of posts of people complaining how dumb their Teammates are. What if I told you you can make a big impact in a game? Sure, there will be many games you will lose, don't matter how great of a player you are, this is, after all, a team game. There will be many frustrating teammates. But despite all of that, you can still make a huge difference. Why do you think the top-tier clans have usually a certain requirement for win rate for you to join them? Because a good player can effectively change the course of a game. Different types of ships have more effect than others. (e.g a good CV player can have consistent win rate of 70%+! However even them will lose some games). Being good is not about how many ships you killed or about how much damage you inflicted. It's about a multitude of things that involve damage dealt and ships killed but also when it is time to go dark, to go for a cap and, sometimes, when not to shoot. There are many players better than me, I'm sure they can go more in-depth in this, but of one thing I am sure. YOU can make a difference. Instead of making angry forums posts about MM or how your teammates made 1789 mistakes take some time after each battle to analyze what you could've done better. Just 1 minute it is enough, and you will start seeing things much more clearer. Ps: 90% of the time it is NOT worth to repair a single fire on your ship! EDIT: Grammar
  14. YngvarGH94

    I know not is place...

    Nice, on a T5 too! Good job!
  15. YngvarGH94

    Kronshtadt upgrades question

    I don't think I'd like to sacrifice DFAA though. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.