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  1. Except if you read the majority of the thread, you'd know that we were getting the same numbers for more than just the first operation of the night. It might play a minor factor, sure, but not make it a difference of consistently getting, in my case, 1100ish FXP per op, per night for 3 weeks, then dropping to roughly half that per op, per night. If this were the only thing causing a drop, we'd have noticed a bigger drop after the first mission both before and after Sunday, but we haven't/don't.
  2. An honest question for you then: How do you imagine getting 1000-1200 FXP for 3 weeks (and that's just me, that's how long I've been with the group and what I've been getting for my grand total FXP returns; even if the actual numbers are different, the other members have been getting the same consistency with theirs since the day Narai came back, which is an extra couple of weeks), multiple times per night, in this op-and then every match on every day since Sunday it's been half that? If you get that same FXP consistency between that many people for that long, that should mean you're getting the same consistency in base XP, no?
  3. Yes, we know this. I wasn't part of the group at that time, but the reports from the members who were were saying that yes, XP rewards were STUPIDLY high at that time, as in double digit thousands, especially if dragon flags were used. We're talking about after that, once it came back, up till 2 days ago. Well perhaps we're arguing because people are telling us we're not seeing what all of us in the group are seeing plain as day, hmmmm? How would you feel if you and 10 other people all saw a ball sitting on a table and every person who walked by told you all there was no ball? First off, you're mistaken. The issue was firmly noticed the day the OP was posted. That was 2 days ago-which was Sunday. Since we're now in a new week, and that post you're referring to was written in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, yes, the statement of 'last week' applies, since we're in a new week from the time we were getting the results we expect, and the issue was noticed at the very end of the previous week. The timetable hasn't changed. Up till then, from the point that Narai was re released, we were seeing a certain return on FXP. The day the OP was posted, it dropped by a crazy amount, which was the reason for the post. We didn't know how or why it got cut. When people started posting math about the modifiers, we double checked that ourselves, and found that yes, the math for flags and camos is correct. We also checked the math for base FXP when that was mentioned, and that checked out too. But we're still not getting what we expect with FXP for how we run the op. The only thing that's changed is suspicion of where the issue lies, if you could even call it a change, because we never really suspected flags and camos in the first place, but we double checked anyway when people mentioned it-same deal with base FXP. Yes, we're complaining about FXP because it's not what it should be/what we're used to, that's how we noticed there's a problem. For the umpteenth time, the modifier math is correct, the base FXP math is correct, but the grand total result isn't what it should be-this doesn't make sense and why we're ready to die on this hill of 'there's a problem.' So the issue is somewhere before all that math gets done, but we don't know what it is. That's been our point the entire freaking time. Everyone here keeps trying to argue a moot point about math, we've acknowledged that's not the issue, and yet everyone keeps pushing it when we're trying to figure out what the issue actually is, because you don't run an op the same way for weeks and weeks, getting the same results for FXP during that time, and then one day it gets cut in half when you haven't changed the way you run the op and all the math is apparently working as it should-as was said, if the math for modifiers is correct, if the calculation for FXP before modifiers is correct, then the issue is somewhere else, we just don't know where or why, and why we're only seeing the effect in grand total FXP, and we'd like to figure it out. We don't know how to be more clear in this. Edit: @real_icebeast, even if you're seemingly disagreeing, I do want to thank you for being civil and respectful. It's been...unpleasant seeing a majority of the responses to this; people have every right to disagree, but there's been no call for some of what's been posted.
  4. I type like I speak. That's where the emphasis on words is. Simple as that. That's where we noticed the problem at first, before we had looked into things, tested things as best we could, and learned more. We have since, in numerous posts, clarified and explained what we're finding. Trust me, if we had screenshots from before, we'd be posting them-but we don't have them because we were getting what was expected, what we were used to, so there was no need for us to record it, why would we when we don't notice an issue? And that's why we invited anyone who has a longer record of then vs. now to post it. As soon as we felt something was off, we started recording it to post. But as we've now said numerous times-we run this op daily, we have for months, the same way, and we got the same results until the other day. If we aren't doing anything different, but we're suddenly getting less FXP, why wouldn't we raise our eyebrows and start to think something is off? And as was said before, it's not just two people who noticed, it's an entire operations division group who noticed something was off-we're just the two people being the mouthpiece(s)-if there were nothing to this at all, if it were just a random weird quirk for a couple of players, there wouldn't be that many people noticing the same issue so consistently. Except there is. In addition to notifying people, it's right in the title-we asked if anyone else who runs this op regularly enough to notice a difference to respond if they did-and at least one person outside our ops group said he noticed the same thing, which tends to make me think there are more who have noticed, and for whatever reason-not being on the forums at all, not having seen the post yet, whatever it is-haven't replied yet. And if there is something screwy, it comes down to two things-either it's a glitch of some kind, and WG needs to know so they can fix it, and if not, and they intentionally changed something-which they have done in the past-we'd like to know what, and how, since this is a basic component of the game, one of the returns you get for actually playing. And for christ's sake, we've now said numerous times-the math you've shown us, which we've also done ourselves, for the modifiers like camos and flags is correct. But that's just it-they're modifiers. Even if the math for them is working correctly, if the number they're being based off of is different, the end result will be different-that's the point we've been trying to make, not that we think something like Papa Papa isn't working correctly. In other words: x+.5x=y. If x is higher, y will be higher; if x is lower, y will be lower by an exponential factor, so even minute changes to x will lead to big(ger) differences in what y is. We want to know how/why x has changed, essentially, because we've noticed y isn't what it should be. And if x hasn't changed, then that begs the question: why is y suddenly different? In the case of my last personal posted results, that performance should have gotten me 1000-1200 FXP after adding in Papa Papa and Fire camo, like I always do; instead i got around half that. If modifiers are right, and Ship XP is right, then what changed? How was it changed? Why has it changed? Those are the questions we're now asking. To use a metaphor-let's take football. Halfway through the game, people start noticing that numerical scores aren't what they should be for what's happened in the game-the number of touchdowns, the number of field goals. They're going to start asking what the deal is, they're going to ask if there's a glitch with the scoreboard, are field goals and/or touchdowns suddenly worth less points for some reason, and if so, why? That's what's happening here. We noticed a massive difference in what our FXP numbers should be for what we're doing in the match-something changed, somewhere, and we've now determined that it's not modifiers like flags and camos, which means it's somewhere else-but we don't know where, how, or why. That's now what we're trying to figure out. as I said. If we were just blindly trying to 'stick to our guns' (key word is blindly) we wouldn't have run the operation more times, done the math for modifiers out, and confirmed that that aspect is correct, but still receive drastically lower FXP results than we should; but most people here seem to want to keep arguing a dead point that we're not trying to argue, and it's getting tiring.
  5. Ok, I apologize in advance for this, but something is definitely wrong. We just played another Narai, and we are just not getting what we're used to. And to re-iterate, we're not saying the math from modifiers like flags and camos is wrong-we checked that, and that math is correct. What we're saying is something with base earned XP has been changed, and it's most noticeable in what we're getting for FXP. The following shots are from both me and Falcor, I was running Fire camo and Papa Papa like I always do, and Falcor was running Papa Papa, Stars and Stripes, Equal Speed Charlie London, Ouroboros, and Hydra, me with premium, Falcor without and I got around half of what I was getting last week with those same modifiers for FXP, Falcor got a third and if he'd been premium he'd have also gotten around half. Falcor was running his standard Narai loadout for max FXP gain, without special camos, and I was running my standard loadout. We understand that burden of proof does not lie with us, and while yes we are going off of memory in terms of we used to get, but as we've said a few times in this thread, we've run this operation daily for months-same people, same loadouts; we know what our post match numbers should look like, and what we're getting now suddenly doesn't match up. If you have screenshots from before the last patch, or from when Narai dropped to the present, please, by all means compare them to what you get now for this operation, and post them here. Something. is. not. right. We have to assume base XP gained was somehow changed, which is thus nuking what we get for FXP.
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    Forum Funnies

    Co op match, guy rushed straight in in an Emerald vs a Scharn, NM, Konig, Emerald, and 2 other BBs and 2 CLs and died immediately. Yes, you died only because they weren't bots, that must be it.....
  7. As Falcor has said we've done. The. Math. And yes, the math for modifiers is right. We confirmed that. That's not the dang issue. The issue is base free XP is low, thus even if the math is right, our grand totals will also be lower. We're trying to figure out why that base number is so low. Stop arguing a point we're not trying to prove.
  8. EXCEPT THEY WEREN'T, BECAUSE WE RUN THE SAME MODIFIERS EVERY TIME. Are YOU that dense that YOU can't read a [edited] thread and see that we've said this multiple times already?? Literally EVERY person running in the div right now has noticed this-SAME MODIFIERS, DIFFERENT PAYOUTS.
  9. Nope, as I said, we run ops nightly, we have solid strategies for each of them, and follow them consistently. We always get roughly the same damage scores in a given op, which means we know what our XP returns should be for what we do.
  10. Guys, I SAY AGAIN: YES, the math works out. But we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're not getting what we should for base. We run this op nightly, multiple times, and with camos and flags, always get the same payouts; we know what we should be getting for the damage we do. We're not. So yes, the math for the modifiers works out, but our base is lower than it should be, which means the grand total post-modifiers is low as well.
  11. This is from multiple players, not just me, and most of us were running FXP camo's AND Papa Papa AND are premium. New screens incoming.... This is me and another user for another battle we just ran but what we're saying the BASE is way low, even if the math for the modifiers works out, that's the issue.
  12. So my ops div has noticed tonight that our free XP payouts are kinda low for the damage we're getting. We did our usual run through Narai twice, and compared to previous days/weeks, we're about 3-400 FXP low. Example- one game I did 143k dam, got 755 FXP *with* premium, camo, and regular economic flags. Next game I got 145k dam, same modifiers, got 955 FXP. Normally those damage numbers with those modifiers, I'd get at *least* 1100-1200 FXP. Two other members noticed the same issue-all premium, camo's and flags loaded, and FXP not being what we're used to. Anyone else notice issues with this, did WG silently alter equations....?
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    Things I can't eat T_T
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    Best in game chat [edited] you've ever heard.

    I had a similar experience (although somewhat excusable, as you'll see) when I dropped back to T3-4 to start the French and UK lines after being in T6-7s for a good long time. Had a match on Solomon in my Danae, started south side, went north round the islands with a Kaiser, another BB and a DD and CL. All of us push against the reds who are also pushing, save the Kaiser, who's staying back juuuuuust outside his max range, not doing diddly. "Kaiser, can you push up and help please? Not gonna do squat from back there" "I'm in a BB, BBs aren't brawlers. If I close in, I die." I stared dumbfounded at the screen for a moment before typing out that some are, some aren't, but KM BBs are purpose built for brawling. "Just stay angled so you're bow or stern-on and you'll bounce most shots." "Ok, see how this goes..." He then pushes up....and proceeds to stay broadside to 2 BBs the whole time and gets rekt, AND has the gall to say "See?" "Well duh, you didn't follow the advice I gave. You don't go broadside, I told you that." "Then how am I supposed to use all my guns?" "....you don't, obviously. Surviving is more important because while you do less damage immediately, you even out by living longer to deal more over time." "That's retarded. You don't know [edited.]" Meanwhile there's another player or two who either had done their homework as newbies or were like me and back in low tiers after being in higher ones a while, backing up what I was saying.