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  1. There's at least one group dedicated to divving up for Ops, and they operate till the wee hours EST. Check out the Hoperations Discord group. Few hundred members, and they div to run ops nightly.
  2. Given WG's track record, and the overall temperament you see in Randoms, no not at all lol. My point was surprise at the claim that PvE matches are dead/dying given the number of players who've done the same as me and sworn off PvP.
  3. Which is weird cuz a TON of people I've seen on various forums and in game have sworn off Randoms for good and play Co Op and Scenarios exclusively, myself included.
  4. Stormie1126

    No operations this week....?

    Ahh I see it now. Silly site search failing me XP
  5. I assume this was intentional, but why? There's not even an option to select ANY operation, they all seem to have been pulled, I can only choose between Random and Co Op. I didn't see anything about Ops in the 9.1 patch notes other than removing Narai due to the suicidal transport AI, and I haven't seen any posts about this on the forums yet. Is there an explanation hiding somewhere I haven't seen, or....?
  6. Stormie1126

    KGV or Izmail?

    I'm well aware lol. Learned quick to stay bow or aft-on, and the Pyotr could tank most of what was thrown at her then. The bright side is since I only play co op and the occasional scenario, bots in Russian BBs LOVE showing their broadsides early, and then I just rake in the citadel hits XD From all the feedback, sounds like I'll go for the Izmail first as it's closer to my usual BB playstyle, save for when it comes to my Gneis, which is essentially a cruiser on ALL TEH STEROIDS XP
  7. Stormie1126

    KGV or Izmail?

    So I can either get the Izmail now and then make another 2 million-ish credits and get the King George V, or make another millionish and get the KGV first then make the 3 and change million for the Izmail and get that. Which should I get first? I liked both the Pyotr Velikiy and Queen Liz equally, how do they play in comparison to those?
  8. For the life of me I can't understand why this isn't a thing. I get why reports are hidden, don't want revenge stalkers/reporters etc. (even though we all know reporting is kind of useless most of the time), but I had a Co Op match in my Gneis just now-I did decently, not superbly; couple kills and was the main force behind getting most of the damage on the enemy BB's, think I topped out around 70-80k damage. No one talked in the entire match, but I get out and see the notification I've been complimented. No idea who decided to give me kudos, and didn't really think I deserved it-like I said, I didn't play an overly outstanding match, just your run of the mill game. Would like to at least know who thought I deserved recognition, if not hit them up in private chat after and toss them a thank you, or at least give them kudos in return. I feel like it'd promote more camaraderie and friendship-making in the game, and be a balance to the sometimes overwhelming amount of negativity present a lot of the time.
  9. Stormie1126

    Meaning of plus sign on captain skills?

    Jack Dunkirk
  10. Stormie1126

    Meaning of plus sign on captain skills?

    Oh huh, cool. Is there something specific you can do to get the bonuses on a captain's skills or is it RNG?
  11. Never seen this before in my 3 years of on and off play, and didn't find anything via google. What's it mean? There isn't an additional drop down and right click doesn't do anything.
  12. Got a bundle last night and I can see the next is the Hawkins, so I'll be opening that one once I get today's tokens. Little behind the max, I think I've opened 11 or 12 so far. Gotta love RNG amirite?
  13. Ooo I like that idea. Guarantee WG will never implement it though. But that's the thing...their revenue stream was FINE before all this tomfoolery, and they still wouldn't have really come under fire from the anti lootbox/pay to win laws. It's just that they decided they wanted to make even more than ALL TEH MONIEZ and so have been quintupling down on steering players towards spending money at all/becoming whales/milking the existing whales. Honestly if I didn't know better I'd say they hired an EA exec or two, or have at least had some phone calls asking for advice.
  14. I agree that nice easy goals are a welcome change, it's just the payouts seem subpar even for that. Like one camo or 2-3 flags as a reward for most of them? Or a handful of consumables if we're talking about the dailies? That doesn't even replace what you'd have spent to complete the objective, it just feels the same as paying $10 to make $1, you're operating at a loss. Then there's the whole odds for a ship in a token bundle vs paying a ridiculous amount for a guarantee, AFTER all the bovine manure WG has pulled the past few months....like others have said, it's getting reeeeal old that WG can't seem to get a clue. Bleh