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  1. Ooo I like that idea. Guarantee WG will never implement it though. But that's the thing...their revenue stream was FINE before all this tomfoolery, and they still wouldn't have really come under fire from the anti lootbox/pay to win laws. It's just that they decided they wanted to make even more than ALL TEH MONIEZ and so have been quintupling down on steering players towards spending money at all/becoming whales/milking the existing whales. Honestly if I didn't know better I'd say they hired an EA exec or two, or have at least had some phone calls asking for advice.
  2. I agree that nice easy goals are a welcome change, it's just the payouts seem subpar even for that. Like one camo or 2-3 flags as a reward for most of them? Or a handful of consumables if we're talking about the dailies? That doesn't even replace what you'd have spent to complete the objective, it just feels the same as paying $10 to make $1, you're operating at a loss. Then there's the whole odds for a ship in a token bundle vs paying a ridiculous amount for a guarantee, AFTER all the bovine manure WG has pulled the past few months....like others have said, it's getting reeeeal old that WG can't seem to get a clue. Bleh
  3. Glad I'm not the only one. It's infuriating cuz I've seen people in game chat saying they got a ship in 4 bundles or less. And did I read/remember things wrong or didn't it say the odds were supposed to be higher for dropping a ship from the token bundles? On top of really crappy rewards (for the most part) from both the daily missions and the directives, and credit/XP rewards seeming very low even with premium time I got from a supercontainer, play hasn't felt very rewarding this week.
  4. Still seems pretty bullshitty IMO -_-
  5. There it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That Mogami launched torps WELL after it exploded. My Hydro was up, and even if it wasn't, I was close enough I'd have seen them the second they launched anyway, and they weren't in the water until after it's death. You fix this, Wargaming. You fix this now. It's bad enough they have magical psychic torp evasion.
  6. Like the title says, game says I have 2 confirmed penetrations but no damage. How....?
  7. Stormie1126

    Transport Ship AI for OP: Narai is bugged!

    Saw this issue happening too and made my own post about it a bit ago cuz I hadn't seen this. Consider noise having been made :P
  8. This is the 2nd time in 3 battles I've seen this happen today, and when I asked teammates, they said it's been happening to them frequently too. I have to figure something is up with the AI (unless WG made a change and didn't tell anyone? ) but this is the path it took in both games: That ending bit could already be tricky if you don't have a good team, now it's impossible if the repair ship suicide derps, unless you're well coordinated (and very likely sacrifice teammates, which ends up making the very final stretch even harder)...which means basically an automatic loss of a star if you're not- which we all know non-divved games are a crap shoot for that. Can we get a fix and/or explanation?
  9. Stormie1126

    What's with all the early hydro use?

    RIGHT?! Like as far as my own play was concerned, once I had consistent T5 matches and was getting REKT constantly, I got sick of it, cuz dying and not getting any rewards is no fun, so I looked up how to play the various lines/nationalities/ships. Like I won't fault anyone for not caring about being UB3R L33T UN1CUM but even for the players who just wanna have some fun with big shooty botes, how is getting knocked out first in every match over and over again entertaining??
  10. Stormie1126

    What's with all the early hydro use?

    Yeah, sometimes, cuz I've seen it happen then the same player immediately follows with the 'Thank you' or 'Good Luck' hotkeys, but those are a minority lol.
  11. Now I'm sure we've all seen this at times, but lately it's been happening a LOT in my battles, and normally I'd just peg it as the person being a new player, but it's happening at T6 and up, with non premium ships, so they didn't buy their way into upper tiers. But I've been seeing a lot of captains popping hydro the literal second the battle starts. This seems like a waste of the consumable to me; even with as fast as cruisers and destroyers are, there's no way they can get in range of hydro being effective before the timer runs out. Is there some benefit I'm missing, or are these captains just ignorant of how hydro works?
  12. I can *sort* of get this, but there still needs to be some rework. A hit like mine, if it were IRL sure there's gonna be some noticeable damage-at minimum some warping of the armor, at most you lose the last foot or two of the ship and some resulting flooding depending on the speed of the hit. But that doesn't equal not combat worthy (especially when you can still fight with 50 hp left after fighting off countless fires and floods and taking a ton of shell hits), and ANY hit regardless of placement under 2 or so knots, I can't see causing enough damage to take you out of the battle, especially when the most you have already is equivalent to a couple surface scorch marks. It's the equivalent of tapping a nail lightly with a hammer and getting a 500lb TNT explosion.
  13. Yeah, except it was an insta-kill. Second we hit we both went kaboom. T_T lol No chance to use consumables.