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  1. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Favorite permacamos?

    The Varyag Pacific Squadron camo is very attractive.
  2. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Question on Practical Impact of Proposed IFHE Changes

    Pages and pages of arguments going round and round about rounding. I just want to know what is effect this is going to have on my Mutsuki's guns.
  3. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    I think the A.S. time will be more B.S.
  4. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Is Engine Room Protection now the best choice for MOST cruisers?

    Certainly for every cruiser that took the old PM1 (Yorck) or SGM1 (French cruisers), the new ERP will provide an even better benefit. Looking through my own cruisers I see that most of the others (which do not mount the special hydro, engine boost or radar mods) have DCSM1 installed, though.
  5. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    London Naval Treaty cruisers were not divided out by their armor thickness, only by their gun caliber. One ship may be armed with 6" guns and called a CL, but the exact same hull armed with 8" guns will be called a CA. In-game, Mogami has the option to mount 155mm or 203mm guns. Does 203mm Mogami suddenly gain an increased armor thickness?
  6. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    New Upgrade Modules (PVE use)

    I am trying to fit out French Tier IX cruiser Saint-Louis. While the demounts are still free, I have been testing both CSM1 and the new Ship's Consumables Mod1 in slot 5. Since her concealment is terrible regardless, maybe the extra 10% action time on the heal, reload booster and speed boost is a worthwhile tradeoff? Unfortunately I have so far found that every equipment fit has been terrible. Or at least I have been terrible with this ship every time. Seven battles, no survivals, it is like I am going against the Dread Pirate Roberts each time. :-( EDIT: For whomever was confused, I presume you have not seen "The Princess Bride", the Dread Pirate Roberts was a character in the movie whose reputation was that of leaving no survivors.
  7. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Saint-Louis — French Tier IX cruiser.

    I must echo the prior sentiments regarding Saint-Louis. I am having a hard time playing her successfully. Only 7 battles so far but 2-5 record, no survivals.
  8. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Ships in a line that are so bad you should just free XP

    After really enjoying LaGal, the French heavy cruisers have been a disappointment to me. Both Algerie and Charles Martel were just 'meh', but I am really disliking Saint-Louis so far (my most recent ship of the line). I FXP'ed all of the upgraded modules, and fully trained up my 16-point Jean-Jacques Honore as her captain (PT,PM/AR*,EM*/SI,DE/CE) but I just seem to get sunk so easily, and am not enjoying it at all. I played around a bit swapping out CSM1 for the new Ship Consumables Mod1 to get the 10% longer heal, main battery reload boost and speed boost, but nothing yet has made this ship at all fun to play. That being said, I am not about to FXP to the HQ.
  9. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Port Slot

    Every few months port slots have gone on 50% or sometimes even 75% off sale. For the last few months, WG has been giving free port slots away for completing 3/9/20 of the daily mission chains each patch.
  10. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    PSA: 3 Scenarios have been brought back / another removed

    I cannot recall ever seeing a transport routing malfunction on Aegis, unlike the now-regular occurrence in Narai and occasional waywardness in Raptor Rescue or Newport.
  11. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    Ship Consumables Mod1, like Jack of All Trades commander skill, is more valuable on ships with more consumables. For me, only Georgia and Alsace with Speed Boost as "extra" consumable (beyond the common Damage Control, Repair Party, Spotter/Fighter) are in port.
  12. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    Go ahead and use your FXP to skip the grind to the upgraded modules, and let that be your little bit of accelerated advancement. I agree not to use it up skipping ships entirely.
  13. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    PSA: 3 Scenarios have been brought back / another removed

    After four Random losses in a row I was ready to call it a night, but stuck around for one Aegis Op, just to complete the first daily chain. :-(
  14. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Ocean Map!

    The only time I can recall playing on Ocean was one of my very first matches in Buffalo. I slotted MBM3 instead of GFCSM1 so I was one of those who were wailing in that match. :-( Short-ranged cruisers without speed boost are hard-pressed to do well on Ocean. What I would like is for all of the regular maps to lose a bit of island mass. We could certainly do with some more open water across the board.