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  1. Minsk revisited

    Does Minsk really have a faster rudder shift time than Gnevny, or is the Wiki article wrong?
  2. Go Navy Was a Mistake

    For the Eagles players, are the Sharks still inviting you to switch sides?
  3. I recently purchased Yorck and am still grinding the modules. And in typical WG fashion, I keep getting "score 3 citadel hits" as the GoNavy mission when driving Yorck. I have not achieved said mission yet.
  4. Strafe seems to be a regular target for removal, because it is so powerful. What if instead of removing strafe entirely it was just nerfed? Make it so you don't shoot down everything in your path, and you use up more of your ammunition than you do now. Strafe would not be as devastating, and you would have to be more judicious in its use, since you will more quickly run out of ammo and be forced to send your fighters back home for rearming.
  5. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    It will be interesting to see the oil costs for the new buildings. For example, the seven national elements of the old Research Center cost 14k oil total to build, giving seven lines the 3% XP bonus. How much oil will it cost to get the new Research Institute to that same level, and then how much more for the extra two 1% bonuses for all? The old Dock cost 18k oil to get 10% service reduction for DD/CL/BB/CV. How much oil will it cost to get the Drydock to that same level, and then how much more for the extra two 5% reductions for all? The old Shipyard cost 6250 oil to get the 10% purchase discount on Tier V-VIII ships. I would guess it will be quite expensive to get the new Shipbuilding Yard to 15% discount on all levels.
  6. I am only 5 Random battles into my CV experience (Langley) but I am enjoying it. I wish that I had not been so put off by all the negative CV press from trying it earlier.
  7. screwed over

    Interesting that the non-super TYL rewards in coal (900) are so much more competitive than TYL rewards in credits (75k) or signals (4).
  8. Tier VIII Matchmaking

    Instead of advocating restricting Tier X to -1 matchmaking, how about hoping that the MM would bring in more Tier VIII to the Tier X battle? Being the only bottom tier ship on your side really sucks, but if there were more Tier VIII present, with a corresponding number of Tier VIII opponents for you to shoot at, and fewer number of Tier X opponents to shoot back at you, would feel better, right?
  9. screwed over

    You can totally buy all the signals from the Arsenal now, you know. You even get two 50% off coupons every month or so.
  10. screwed over

    India X-Ray is the increased fire chance signal, not the ramming signal... Use them on your Pensacola, or maybe start a new cruiser line like the Russians or the French.
  11. screwed over

    Those are pretty valuable signals, unless you only play British cruisers...
  12. french cruisers reload time with MBRB

    I think they are only planning the nerf to the Tier VIII and IX, so no legendary upgrade for them.
  13. french cruisers reload time with MBRB

    Getting a reload nerf just to accommodate the reload booster consumable sucks though...
  14. Fake wars - theory of a theory

    That may be how the developers thought they were setting it up, but it did not really work out that way. There are different rewards for "stayers" and "switchers", and I think most folks have decided that the "stay" reward (an ugly Tier X permanent camo which has the same benefits as the standard one costing 5000 doubloons) is worth more than the "switch" reward of a few signals and a camo in a container. And since the team imbalance so quickly went in favor of Sharks, simply staying with Sharks gets you an equivalent container as switching, since Sharks will apparently win each day, and you get to keep earning "stay" rewards as well.
  15. Russian Navy Day

    They specifically say 60% discount for resetting commander skills. So that is not "training".