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  1. Call her Tallahassee (Cleveland-class hull completed as CVL Princeton) then. The not-really-completed ship can then have justification for not getting the same stats as a class-mate which was completed. Point is that it could have been much less complicated, and not forcing a high-point captain to move to a ship for which his skills are not suitable.
  2. Very well, they could have simply renamed the Tier VI cruiser "Brooklyn" while keeping all the current Cleveland stats, and made the Tier VIII CL the un-nerfed Cleveland while not actually moving anything around. We would go to sleep one day with a Tier VI Cleveland, and wake up the next day with the exact same ship having a different name, and there would be no need for compensation. Seems a reach to move a Tier VI and a Tier IX to Tier VIII just for such sentimentality. Any anime fan will tell you that "His and Her Circumstances" started out great but did not end well...
  3. Finally toured the USS Alabama

    A couple years ago when visiting Houston on business I went out to see the USS Texas. I ended up with a private tour since it was a rainy morning and no one else was about. Lots of great stuff to see. I am going to be visiting Norway in a couple weeks, and am still trying to decide whether to go all the way out to Orland to see the old Gneisenau turret which is preserved in Austratt Fortress. It is about 2-1/2 hours beyond Trondheim so would take some extra getting to. It would be interesting to see a piece of Axis naval history.
  4. It seems to me that WG could have made this a lot easier on themselves and us. You want a new USN CL line? Fine, just do the split from the existing Tier VI Cleveland. All the existing ships could have stayed exactly the same, and they could have just added Tier VII Dallas/Tier VIII Helena/Tier IX Seattle/Tier X Worcester as the CL line. Then you would not have the problem of moving captains around. You would not have the problem of ships changing tier and getting nerfs/buffs. There is one fewer overall ship, but was WG so determined to not waste their time sunk into Buffalo that they really needed to make this so complicated?
  5. Lert's "Rank" Meme

  6. 637 Containers and 22 Super Containers Later...

    Based on counting up over 100 posted responses in the Varyag mission supercontainer thread, it seems as though the SC content distribution is: 40% Signals or Camos 25% Upgrades 10% Premium Time 10% Doubloons 10% Free XP 5% Premium Ship
  7. Spotting Aircraft Mod 1

    That is an Upgrade. Spotting Aircraft Mod1 goes in slot 1, so if you wanted you can put it there (for a Tier VI+ ship that has a spotting aircraft) in place of Main Armaments Mod1, or whatever upgrade you might have purchased to fill slot 1 on that ship. LIke any other upgrade you can demount it from that ship for 25 doubloons and put it on any other applicable ship you want to use it on instead. Or you can sell it.
  8. Russian navy is my one line which is least in need of a new captain. I have a 10-pointer in Kirov, a 10-pointer in Budyonny, and an 11-pointer in Gnevny. I did just research Shchors though not yet purchased...
  9. I cant afford any prem ship anymore. Thanks wg

    With the current bundle it looks like you get $10 worth of signals, $10 worth of credits, $28 worth of doubloons, which would make PE cost $24 (if you were willing to spend list price on the other items). How much does PE cost normally?
  10. British aircraft carriers

    I too think it would be great if WG would introduce RN aircraft carriers (presumably after whatever fix is planned). I would change things up a bit from some of your suggested ships though. Tier IV Argus was really just an experiment and not a real warship, I think Hermes would be the right choice. Tier V Ruler would be just fine. Tier VI Eagle is much bigger than her competitors, I think that the light carrier Colossus (your Triumph) would be appropriate vs Independence and Ryujo. Tier VII Ark Royal would be the appropriate RN competitor to Ranger and Hiryu. Tier VIII Illustrious would need an a-historical plane loadout to even compete here. You could justify some increase from the typically-quoted 36-40 planes through the use of a deck park, and the fact she has an armored deck would give her some special capability. Tier IX Implacable would need an equivalent loadout buff to compete against Essex and Taiho, but again she has that special armored deck. Tier X Malta (cancelled when WWII ended) would work vs Midway and the fictional Hakuryu.
  11. Soviet Commander Mission: Why tier 6+?

    Lucky for me I am grinding both Gnevny and Budyonny right now!
  12. Favorite car you ever owned?

    1992 Acura Vigor, red just like this one. I bought it the first weekend they arrived on US soil in April 1991, and I had her for 16 years.
  13. Sunset on Orion--What a difference a day makes!

    Well I will have to play her more to get a proper feeling for the changes. I was shocked how bad it felt in my first game after the nerf, but maybe it was just me, and I need some more time to get used to it. I understand the desire to reduce the power Orion had vs her contemporaries, as she was pretty good. I am sure the development folks put a lot more thought into the exact parameters than I have yet, and exactly how much less accuracy she may have with 1.6 sigma vs 1.8 (or split the difference at 1.7?). Thanks for checking though, if I get some thoughts after playing Orion some more I will post them.
  14. On Tuesday night I took Orion into a battle one last time before the nerf in Patch 0.7.4. What a glorious battle it was! Over 105k damage, three kills... I took on two Wyomings at once and I felt like I was going to win, if not for the intervention of a third Wyoming and a Danae that charged me (I did sink one Wyoming and the Danae, to go with a Kuma from earlier). I was hitting repeatedly, starting fires, all was good. That was Tuesday. Wednesday came with the patch, and the nerf of Orion's sigma from 1.8 to 1.6, so into a battle we go to test it out. And now I cannot hit anything. I got a total of ten hits in my first battle after the nerf. That's it, ten! I would have had an embarrassingly low damage total if not for the fact that I still started four fires, and for that foolish Phoenix who went broadside to me at 6k that I citadelled into oblivion. Almost every salvo at a greater range was straddle-no hits. Even on BBs. Having now the worst sigma of any 10-gun battleship in the game, Orion will be a chore to play, if my first go with it is any indication. I had kept Orion and several other Tier IV ships around that I had fun playing, but this change and the fact that Tier IV ships are no longer eligible for most of the monthly missions means Orion is likely headed for the scrapyard, to free up a port slot for something new.
  15. What is your Warships.today description?

    Mostly plays cruisers, especially low-tier and is good in them Deals an above average amount of damage Very rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - La Galissonnière