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  1. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    A Free Tirpitz???

    Play it quick, they cannot take it back then. 😁
  2. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Transport steering in Aegis

    Another Aegis run with the exact same team composition (CV, 4x CL, 2x DD) was a 5-star win, no transport shenanigans...
  3. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Transport steering in Aegis

    I just got out of a loss in Aegis. We had no BBs, and the cruisers just did not seem to output enough damage to kill the bots fast enough to stay alive. That is not what I am here to talk about though. I was our last player ship alive, sunk right at the exit circle. We still had all five transports steaming for the exit though, so the Operation was still running. The first transport would have given us a 3-star win if it had just kept sailing straight, but about 1 ship-length from the exit circle, it turned hard a-port to stay out of the circle, and was then sunk. Three more transports were sunk in the next minute, but the last one would still have won it for us, if it did not sail straight into the broadside-on wreckage of the first sinking transport, one ship-length from the exit circle. If it had altered course slightly either direction it would have made it to the circle before being sunk. Has anyone seen this kind of Aegis transport steering before, or is it a new "improvement"?
  4. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    Frankie likes to play World of Warships!
  5. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    After 5 years and 27,000 battles

    Congratulations! Only 3 years myself, but I am still waiting myself.
  6. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    New Code

    Still working even now. thanks!
  7. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    New bonus code

  8. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Making Tier V Japanese DDs suffer

    My Tier V destroyers have been among my most-enjoyed ships: Mutsuki, Acasta, Jianwei... Unfortunately with the recent increase to excessive levels of CV presence at that tier, they are not quite so much fun.
  9. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Naval Legends code today: CURTISSLEGACY

  10. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    GERMAN CV CONTAINERS do they really drop the cv ship ?

    If you do not get a mission in a container, you cannot play CVs. Yeah, that’s it...
  11. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    What to do about gross misbehavior?

    I was once rammed by a low-health pink destroyer on my team (accidentally I believe) who sank. Just the same, the post battle results showed his destruction as “team kill penalty” and I was not punished for it.
  12. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    super containers Useless rewards

    I do not understand what you are on about here. I quoted the generally accepted SC drop rate, which you then questioned. I pointed out my own experience coming very close to that value, and you responded by bringing up your own battle count, not to dispute my numbers, but to say that you already know. I think it is reasonably well proven anecdotally the SC drop rate, so pointing out that it is not actually documented as such in-game is not a big thing in my opinion. Sure WG could change the drop rate up or down at any time, and could even give preference to favored players and punish those they dislike with fewer. Most of what comes in SC are also earned in-game, even premium ships, premium time, and doubloons.
  13. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    super containers Useless rewards

    I can use my own experience as an example and we will see. This is not exactly scientific since I do not have completely detailed records, but it will be close enough that the fudge factor will be small. I have played WoWs for just over 3 years (my anniversary was a couple weeks ago). I play most days that I am not away on vacation, so probably about 90% overall. I typically play to the second container, unless I have Premium Time running, in which case I will use higher bonus camos and go for the third. The times I get 3 will about balance out the times I only get one, so 2 is a very close average. I do not take TYL, only More Resources (and More Signals and Camo previously). I have recorded getting 28 supercontainers from the dailies (not counting those from missions, campaigns, anniversary events, etc). I may have missed a couple in the beginning of my gaming career, but certainly that is pretty close. So three years worth of days at 90% play and 2 containers per day gets 1971 containers, divided by 28 SCs gives a 1.4% drop rate.
  14. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    super containers Useless rewards

    It was long ago mentioned, I don't believe ever published in the game though, that the "normal" container choices had a 1.5% chance of an SC, and TYL was double that. I think folks have posted their own drop results over several hundred containers, and while not enough to get a true reading have been pretty close on average to those numbers. Certainly the actual chance is not twice that, nor half it.
  15. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    super containers Useless rewards

    If you are truly getting half a dozen Supercontainers per month, you are getting a lot more than you deserve. Even if you play to all three containers each day, that is 90 by the end of the month. If you pick TYL for all of them, the 3% SC drop rate should net you only about 3 for that month of play.