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  1. British_Beauty

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    No one sent me you child. Its very apparent that you have some serious self esteem issues. Such a sad person actually.
  2. British_Beauty

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    Wow that is about the most pathetic post I've seen in ages. You really have to act like a child and insult a tester because you disagree with him. Wow you really showed him. Grow up dude, I really feel sorry that you are that immature.
  3. British_Beauty

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    Oh nice, isn't this the pot calling the kettle black. SO you're going to reply to someone for making insults with the use of insults. Sounds more like you're reflecting and have your own insecurities. I mean really, you children are hilarious.
  4. British_Beauty

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    Ah, yes, whereas you did the same thing by feeding to him and posting nonconstructive comments to him. You just proved his point this forum is nothing but spoiled brats
  5. British_Beauty

    Evidence that WG is doing something about bots?

    LOL, stats stats stats, everyone wants to quote their stats like it really means anything to anyone in the real world. All you do is whine and moan and accuse people of things that are just in your head. Pretty pathetic really. And I'm sorry, even if your stats are worth anything it doesn't excuse the fact that in matches all you do is complain about other players, boss people around and then hide in the back like a scared little girl. Makes you look more like a bot with the you hide than the actual bots.
  6. British_Beauty

    Evidence that WG is doing something about bots?

    Heck I've seen you play like a bot too but I don't scream that you're a bot. What a foolish thing to think that you see that many bots out there. Most of the time those that aren't moving until after you fire on them were either AFK for a sec or just loading in due to computer problems. And just because they ailed right into your torps doesn't mean they are a bot either, it means they either weren't paying attention or like so many others have said are potatoes. Get over yourself
  7. British_Beauty


    Oh look another immature internet bully making nonconstructive posts to make himself feel better. On a side note, I haven't gotten far enough up the Tiers to be a victim of the Wors, which is one of the reasons I've been staying at mid teir, that and I just don't have the time to deidcate to grinding like I used to lol :)
  8. British_Beauty

    Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    How is making an opinionated comment trolling? I see you're still acting like the little internet tough guy. And what do you mean by pretending to be a girl? More insults? Wow, you really do want to be banned don't ya.
  9. British_Beauty

    Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of little kiddies coming into this game that will do nothing but whine and complain about something. This is a game, not a simulator. Historical accuracy doesn't play a factor in it. If that was the case there would be a lot of things about every ship that would go away.........like unlimited ammo, especially HE.
  10. British_Beauty

    Seriously fix this ...

    LOL, wow, people are getting dumber and dumber. And I love the fact that some idiot downvoted the guy who stated the fact that people are lazy, talk about the playerbase going downhill lol - Awe some poor little but hurt child downvoted this comment as well. Truth hurt your fragile little feelings?
  11. Things better?  You calmed down Officer?


    "England expects every man (woman) do do their duty".....Admiral Lord Nelson. I think I got that quote right.  Trafalgar.

  12. British_Beauty

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    LOL, oh dear the salt on these hands from my 10 years in the RN will never wash away.
  13. British_Beauty

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    Thanks LWM, Awesome review as always!!!! Looking forward to getting my grubby little hands on it.