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  1. Stampineer

    Which FXP ships to get?

    So I have them all.... I would prioritize Azuma and Agir, then Groningen. Agir is a beast in Brawls (it is why you saw so many when they did T9 CLs). Azuma is a fire queen that can do some heavy damage and I find a fun boat. The Groningen/Friesland is a fun pew pew boat, but with so much radar, it is tough to sit in smoke and throw out HE spam and that is almost your only weapon since you don't have torps. Sherman and Tromp are much better pew pew boats for damage IMHO. I have not had any luck with Hayate, but she has largely been a hangar queen for me (only taking her out on events). I think I have like 5 random battles in it (with 1 win... ). Since I have the Shima and Harugumo I have no need to have something in between. Unlike the Smalland, there just isn't anything different or compelling about her IMHO. Going the T9 ships is a better option for sure and better bang for the buck! As well, Coal while free to earn daily with crates, is harder to earn than FXP. Wtih FXP you can get battles where you get 20k+ with the right flags. To get 20k coal playing daily you'd have to play ~ 15 days. Given that Agir and Azuma will likely go up for sale in the 225k-240k coal range and if they have Hayate in the 265-290k range getting 2 ships at 480k coal vs one at 265k+ is a better option And T9 battles are more fun than T10 in my experience!
  2. Congrats! I didn't realize they had a different badge for ALL activities vs. getting the final activity..... Something new to seek out
  3. Stampineer

    Battle Pass 12.0 It's a HARD PASS due to their Greed.

    While I don't care about the demounts (since I rarely sell ships and if I do I sell them for credits) I have been buying the 2500 dub premium pass. However I don't see the value for 1500 steel. The rest is nice bonuses, but I have plenty. Tech tree ships as a prize do not interest me.
  4. Stampineer

    Legendary Commanders' Supplies

    With 10% discount it is 945k freeXP to get them all. I only need 4 more T10 to get another mega crate (last 4 tech tree) and I am playing their respective t9 now, I was going to speed research them... but since I have ALL the ships in the santa crates now (got Gremy last night as last ship remaining with my Bonus coupons) and I have 1.0 million FXP (and that is just past few weeks) AND I have to wait another 2 months for 2x reset why wouldn't I do this???? 945k free XP (that I get from playing anyways) will give me 42 miliion credits (for three GOOD premium ships I have) - (enough for a super ship) 45,000 coal (since I have the ships is just commanders and modules - but I am good with that!) 11.5 million additional credits 420k elite commander XP (which I rarely pay attention to but allows me to quick promote new captains to 6 or 10 points) 5 days premium a bunch of signals, camos and bonuses. signals and bonuses I use... camos I sell (I use the 22k ones only since they look best IMHO) So if you have the FXP ships this is a great deal! it basically means I skip a reset (which is about 850-950k for non-CVs) bonus (ie. turn a 2x to a 3x) but get a supership and a bunch of free stuff.... If you are not as "complete" as myself or other players, you can likely get a free good ship for ~ 350k FXP (which is the price the old Nelson was) plus a bunch of other goodies.... How can ANYONE complain about this? It is a great deal for those who have been here forever and those who have played a lot lately but don't have enough for the fancy Hayate (which is not that great anyways) or Azuma (lots of fun!) or Agir (same)
  5. This was a great feature and I am now completely cleared of my 460+ ships after of yesterday! I would only be about 30% through if it was not for this feature. My biggest challenge is which ships do I "want" to play? I found I ended up clicking "deselect all" and selecting individual ships I wanted to clear. Usually I cleared out ships like "North Carolina" which I like, but didn't feel the need to play it. Instead favoring ships I normally don't use like "Perth" or "Marco Polo"... this gave me an interesting choice. I like it.
  6. Stampineer

    Battle Pass impressions

    I also didn't get the Battle Pass for December path because it was lack luster in my opinion. I will always get it for a ship. An Xmas Santa free prize is meh. The coupons was enough for me to think Mega Crate(s) so I will do it this Xmas in the search for the last few ships. But I will evaluate Battle Pass on a basis. Last Month I think I got to level 79? so got a lot of boosts + a boat.
  7. One of the dreams (to A get a ship in low santa and B to get Touloon - one of the 3 low tier ships I am missing to clear to only goodies!!!)
  8. Stampineer

    Wiki Santa crate contents fubar - fixed

    Yeah that is what I do. I play all my T10 to get tokens. Then figure out if there are any T10 I can reasonably get with credits. (I still have a few lines to complete - but not many). I play those with credit boosts. Then I look at my coal/research points/steel/community tokens/dubs and get whatever T10 ships I can (to get more tokens). If no T10 available work my way down, except coal/dubs where I will buy the cheapest up (in my case that is just the South American BB). I will use my 25% coupon on either Steel or Coal ship to get more T10. etc. Once I have ALL the tokens I think I will get (keeping in mind that Santa crates come down from Dockyard and other things - likely Amazon Prime) I will wait until I have everything I can covered and then start to open the MEGAs. If I get Dubs in crates once I have enough to buy the cheapest crate ship I buy it. Last year I got 23 ships! That was in 101 Mega crates. I am not expecting to be as generous this year in my WG donations. I personally would prefer credits. Then I could use them to buy camo, or tech tier ships or other things. I just sell the camos for credits anyways (but take 50% hit)
  9. Stampineer

    Treasure Hunt

    Thanks @Bear_82 - when I read it it was that there would be a different daily task (like spot 100 torps etc.) - I was thinking it was too good to be true for Dub chances. This makes more sense. Regards!
  10. Stampineer

    Treasure Hunt

    So I was steaming along (no pun intended) with the daily / weekly challenges and then got the invite your friends daily challenge... days ago. Does it not change? ie. until I invite a "friend" and get them to T6 we are stuck on that daily challenge???
  11. Stampineer

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    Yeah... just saw (I was writing that before it was posted... hahaha) Ok some "limited" spending might be in line...... plus others I need are there like gremmy and Fujin
  12. Stampineer

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    Very nice! Let me guess... the Iwaki????
  13. Stampineer

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    Interesting.... No ships for me to get. Strangely missing are the few ships I am missing such as "Rochester" and "Dalian". No reason for me to purchase any crates. The rare ships for me would be Fujin and Gremmy which I was not expecting to see. So I guess I am an anniversary super container hoarder.....
  14. Stampineer

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    I have a few dubs to try it for a month. For a free T7 ship + all the goodies.... worth it. Will evaluate each month though. Can't see a free ship every month coming!
  15. Nice so I won't need to play the Poltava or other ships on my *hit list