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  1. Stampineer

    King of the Sea Collection

    Ultimately my theory is each season they will do this and so like you I have 8 or 9...... in another reason or two I will get it. Since I am only missing a few level VI ships..... it will be a good one.
  2. Stampineer

    Yubari can still be fun

    Yubari is one of my favorite ships and agree with @Princess_Schala there is something about it. When I am done my daily missions and there is no ranks or weekly stages I take her out and toot around shooting down planes and burning up ships. I find the torpedos are all but useless since you have to be broadside to use them. I wish..... the guns were 139mm vs. 140mm so you could use Advanced Fire Training to full effect. My high score is "almost" what was posted at the beginning.... 71761 DP with 5 kills so almost the same. I did get 29 aircraft kills though. When I first had it I scuffled around at the 35% mark until I learned to use the maneuverability (only 4 games from breaking even, but I have been likely 55-60% the past year). Constant turning is key but the guns are super accurate. I mean I have a 50% accuracy rating after 92 games.... that is a lot of shells fired..... For comparison in a Wichita/Salem I average ~ 35% and Atlanta a paltry 29% so you can snipe with it. It truly is a plane shooting DD hunter. The other key is HE shells. The AP on paper may get more damage but I have had many AP shells land for 500 dp, and will regularly see HE land for 2000-3500 dp on CLs and others. Plus you get the fire damage! The one problem is she is basically a large destroyer and while AA is key, rocket planes are her death sentence. So the key question is... How do you Yubari?
  3. Stampineer

    Guide to European Tokens

    yeah I came within 120 tokens of Skane. For 1000 doubloons I could get it, and while I'd love to get the camo it doesn't seem worth the cost..... I'd rather save my doublooms for ships
  4. Stampineer

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Nice job..... and summary the name I am putting forward is my daughter since she has no chance of getting Gorizia by reaching stage three..... (she has tried but only gets 1-3 games in a day!) angela_destroyer (NA) For me it is a tossup. I am outstanding in my few battles in Azuma (nearly 70%) - it is my style I guess..... but Ark Royal is my winner. I love the pace and it is so much fun to play after a bad day at work. Like you LittleMouse I was leery of new CVs and took a while to warmup but now I am just missing the Midway, Enterprise and Saipan and have played over 1000 battles in the new format.....
  5. Stampineer

    What did you get in your crates?

    decided to cave and get 20 more Big Santa crates..... Not as rich as first time but still decent IMHO * Only ship was T-61 (note: I have quite a few premiums) - I like KM ships so ok with that * 5 x 1000 doublooms * 3 x 15 frosty fir tree (I like these camos) * 5 x 15 dragon flags (my least used one) * 3 x 7500 coal (meh - but I'll take it) * 2 x 15 Hydra * 1 x 15 leviathan. So I am happy getting the signals over the new years camos..... I was surprised to see 25% doublooms! So now it is really interesting for a ship purchase post 12/26 with doublooms + coupons. So I figure considering I got 8000 doublooms, I got 5 ships for about $50 which isn't shabby all things considering. Considering I play daily for a few hours!
  6. Stampineer

    What did you get in your crates?

    So I caved and bought 20 of the Blue "Big Santa" crates. Now in my own defense I usually get 2-3 crates a day for the past few years and while I normally get resources I do on occasion win a super container in there (probably 15-20+). I have NEVER won a ship.... ever. So far my Level 10 super containers (I had 4 or 5) had 300 doubloons and some flags. For My 20 Big Santa crates... luck changed considerably * Dunkerque * Yudachi * Tirpitz (which I have wanted for a LONG time) * Wichita * 3000 Doublooms * 15 crates for flags/signals Other than hoping for a 90 day premium, this was perfect. I figured I would be justified if I won 1 BB or a CV (yes - I love playing CVs!) and I won 2 (ok Dunkerque is fun at level but not a pricey ship by any means) - The 3000 doubloons puts me in range with a coupon 12/26 to pick up a nice premium (with a possible 1-2k top up) for either a Vanguard/Massachusetts or Kaga. Or maybe I cave and get the Krasny Krym .... (kidding) Of course my daughter completes a directive mission and gets the santa crate and wins an Aigle on her first try (she was happy as punch)
  7. Stampineer

    Why is everyone so negative?

    Agree other than Smolensk is just too unbalanced on fire parade. It is the level X atlanta (at intro). I never see the "negativity" really in playing CLs. Rarely in BBs. However if I play DD and make an early mistake.... I hear it. But when I play CV.... people expect everything and the negatively is horrid. Spot everything, kill all DDs, all damaged BBs, shoot down all planes etc. I think it is a general lack of understanding of how they play and just that they can only be in one place at a time. And while perhaps some players can one shot kill a ship in CV, even in my audacious I need many strikes.
  8. Stampineer

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Yes, this ship had to grow on me. I picked it up last year with coal. I had a horrible sub-30% win rate in it, but have really been playing it lately to focus and improve. I am now up to 45% overall and climbing (I would say last few weeks I am 75%+ WR). I like the AA hunting and find keeping it at full speed and juking and setting AA priority sector works best. I did get a Kraken at 72k damage in it at one point. I would say I now regularly get 30k+ - the Long Range AA is horrid. I see 5,6,5,6,6,5,6 spitting out on the screen..... it takes like a minute to shoot down a single plane.... but if they get close...... they start dropping. Definitely an oddball ship, but one that I love having in my fleet. I don't have a single line I grind on, so I might have 120 ships in port at any time and I certainly play this more than others just for the fun quirkiness of it.
  9. Is the meetup family friendly? While I have been to see the ship, my daughter who plays WoWS with me might like to go (she is 11) so might make the trek down (it is only an hour for me) Did the USS Olympia this winter. Thought that was a great tour! Completely different kind of ship from WWI era
  10. Actually it looks like I got switched. When I look now Warships Premium is now "checked" as Active whereas the Wargaming premium is deactivated..... ok well I am good
  11. I purchased a Wargaming Premium annual membership just prior (a few weeks) to the unveiling of the new Warships Premium (31 days +/- a few free days). As I have no interest in playing WoT or WoP how do we convert it to a Warships account? Can we do this?
  12. same here..... daughter driving me nuts.... need it online!
  13. Stampineer

    server blow up????

    My daughter wanted to play on our 60" Plasma after the grandparents web call..... errr…. no go. Same issue as others. BTW: Plasma hooked up to my amp and 15" Subwoofer is awesome esp. in the Musashi with its 18" guns
  14. Stampineer

    Santa Container Survey

    Well Midnitewolf you did pretty well... I bought 5 Mega crates (if they were good I would have bought some for my daughter too). In the 5, I got 2000 doubloons (always good), 60 NY camo (worthless) and 30 Basiliks flag (meh) I also did not get any steam ships even though I got the max "free" containers by completing missions etc. Buying containers is not worth it in my opinion. I much prefer that I go the Mutsu for $25. Added her to my other 19 premiums When I get a 30% coupon once or twice a year I use it to get premium membership. I play almost every day and 365 for about $65 is reasonable
  15. Thanks @Bear_82 - you are right. I didn't see it at first but then I realized I wasn't logged in..... nice!