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  1. Stampineer

    Process to concern Wargaming Premium to Warships Premium

    Actually it looks like I got switched. When I look now Warships Premium is now "checked" as Active whereas the Wargaming premium is deactivated..... ok well I am good
  2. I purchased a Wargaming Premium annual membership just prior (a few weeks) to the unveiling of the new Warships Premium (31 days +/- a few free days). As I have no interest in playing WoT or WoP how do we convert it to a Warships account? Can we do this?
  3. Stampineer

    Technical Issue Found, disconnected from server

    same here..... daughter driving me nuts.... need it online!
  4. Stampineer

    server blow up????

    My daughter wanted to play on our 60" Plasma after the grandparents web call..... errr…. no go. Same issue as others. BTW: Plasma hooked up to my amp and 15" Subwoofer is awesome esp. in the Musashi with its 18" guns
  5. After patch 0.7.12 it appears any rewards are earned, but if I win with a ship with a snowflake it immediately jumps back to harbor without any post-battle screen. If I lose I do get the post battle screen. I can see I am earning Steel/Coal and my missions are progressing..... Anyone else seeing this?
  6. Stampineer

    Password is not saving.

    I have the same issue as reported. Even though I have the **** of my password I am forced to manually enter it to log in. Good thing I know it!
  7. Stampineer

    Santa Container Survey

    Well Midnitewolf you did pretty well... I bought 5 Mega crates (if they were good I would have bought some for my daughter too). In the 5, I got 2000 doubloons (always good), 60 NY camo (worthless) and 30 Basiliks flag (meh) I also did not get any steam ships even though I got the max "free" containers by completing missions etc. Buying containers is not worth it in my opinion. I much prefer that I go the Mutsu for $25. Added her to my other 19 premiums When I get a 30% coupon once or twice a year I use it to get premium membership. I play almost every day and 365 for about $65 is reasonable
  8. Thanks @Bear_82 - you are right. I didn't see it at first but then I realized I wasn't logged in..... nice!
  9. Maybe someone needs to explain the math to me here. You get 1 GUINEAS if you complete the stage, which means you can earn up to 4 per week. (I only got 2 the first week because I was not paying attention). So the event is on till I believe 11/13 (since 11/13 is the last day you can use sovereigns) so that means 24 GUINEAS are up for grabs. (so in my case that brings me up to max 30 GUINEAS meaning I'd need to purchase 20 to get the Cossack which would be $19.96. (which I am ok with). How do you figure you "earn" the Cossack thru play to pay out doubloons on 12/11... You would need to find a way to earn 50 GUINEAS, but there is only 32 total up for grabs - am I right? There is no guarantee that WoW will have an event from 11/13 to 12/11 to earn the remaining 18 GUINEAS. What am I missing?
  10. Stampineer

    When WOWS makes you feel old...

    I gave my daughter a laptop with WoW on it..... now she is sinking ships!
  11. Stampineer

    CV Rework Feedback

    So while I have had CVs for well over a year it was only about 2 months ago I started playing in earnest daily. I was not aware of this CV revamp when I started. I liked the RTS nature of CVs and while it took a while to learn went from < 50% rating to > 50% on all but a few (I was 25% on the Zuiyo - I am now like 45%?) I like the change of pace from the destroyer/battleship form of play. I will admit that Japanese CVs after level VI is getting hard to control (6+ plane groups) - but frankly that is just me and if that was the only reason could be fixed by WOWS. I should mention I seldom alpha strike. I need potentially more than one attack, or rely on flooding/fires etc. to kill off a ship and do my best to help my team. I have noticed the past week a HUGE increase in CVs in battles. While I may use them for 2-3 battles a night (out of say 8-10) rarely do a fight a battle in tiers III thru X where I am not seeing a carrier in my battle. I would say it is CVless only 10-20% of the time. Now I suspect this is driven by peoples interest in the rework, but at the same time - it appears to me we are building a huge number of players playing CV IV through VII - this is likely reward driven (ie. they will get credits, captains will be reset etc.) but I would think also a portion of these players will grow (like me) to like the RTS game play. Is this arcade style really needed? If their goal was to increase use and sell more CVs as premiums, is there not improvements/adjustments to the current system that would satisfy that? If having perks/missions/free ships that are driven by CV play a way to get more players using them? Look how many people are playing right now without even understanding how their time will be rewarded/reset! I actually had stopped for a few days because I thought "I don't want to waste my time" but came back to it because I like the style...... Am I right? Is the uptick because of the potential rewards (like level 6 cleveland to level 8? - it was WHY I started a US cruiser line)
  12. Stampineer

    Chat spam

    I didn't know this...... interesting and I agree... mistake on their part
  13. Stampineer

    Chat spam

    I thought if you hit shift-tab you can click on the user (might be right click) and ignore/blacklist a user..... I am sure I had to do this once with someone spamming while I was trying to coordinate with another CV on locations
  14. Stampineer

    CV Rework Feedback

    Valas1 I agree with you. I have been playing CVs a lot lately.... probably 200 battles in the past month and I am starting to get the hang of it and I am having fun! My record is better than 50% now and I play both US and IJN CVs. I like the RTS style. I still play a slew of other ships but the CVs draw me in (they did as well with NavyField). When my Ryujo goes up against an Independence I love the challenge.... Vice versa I like using USN CVs to dominate the air superiority. This arcade style does not appeal to me.
  15. Stampineer

    Can't gain xp

    read the next 10+ topics. All citing the same thing. Apparently WoW developers are working on it