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  1. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Means the 14d of prem time start ticking the moment you press it. i.e. If I clicked the button right now on 4/30/21, prem time would run until 14d past today (5/14/21). Meanwhile, if I waited until say the last day (5/14/21) to activate it, then the prem time would run for 14d after I clicked the button (5/28/21). There is no underlying conspiracy.
  2. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Francesco Caracciolo is a gudbote change my mind

    ?? But you don't do citadel dmg to DDs. Caracciolo does 12,500 dmg on a single citadel, you're never going to hit a DD that hard with a single shell, it's just not possible. Overpens have always dealt 10% of max dmg, that hasn't changed. I don't see what's confusing here.
  3. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Francesco Caracciolo is a gudbote change my mind

    It's 10% of max dmg, so SAP overpen on DDs do 1,250 dmg.
  4. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    You killed CV's with the new commander skills!!!

    CVs got stronger with rework. I would know, I play the damn class. I haven't had much problems dropping single or double targets, unless the double target had 2 ships with tons of flak/continuous, in which case you should be avoiding that anyway. Sounds to me less like rework and more like poor target selection.
  5. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Paolo Emilio should be removed from the game

    Ok Paolo main.
  6. No... Whenever you fire, your shells fall inside an "ellipse" around the area you're shooting. The smaller the dispersion, the tighter the ellipse meaning the more shells you hit. So what dazzle does is it increases the size of that ellipse. And a 20% increase really isn't that much. It's oftentimes like a 10-20m increase.
  7. I_Am_Mashed_Potato


    With this playerbase, I don't think I know what is and isn't a joke anymore...