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  1. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Why Steel Ships?

    I bought Bourg so I can hemorrhage my BB PR. :)
  2. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Are subs going to stay in the game like this?

    TIL 450m to 800m is more than doubling. Counterplay against subs already barely exists, doubling the depth charge radius isn't going to do much when the sub can just dive and go dark while moving at 30kt and turning like a DD.
  3. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Are subs going to stay in the game like this?

    Next update is going to make subs easier to play against. And by easier to play against WG means removing the ping indicator that shows you which direction the sub is in, and well as introducing a little blip on the ocean surface of where the sub is that disappears after a second or so. So have fun looking for that. Oh, and the blip also has built in RNG. It'll pop up anywhere from a few meters from the sub to several kilometers. Enjoy your new counterplay.
  4. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Fix the American and British CVs

  5. I give this post a rating of anime pfp/10
  6. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Vent: Getting farmed by carriers in KII is starting to get old

    My very easy guide to 0 carrier AND sub games. Just one very simple step. Step 1: Don't click battle
  7. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    The devblog we all want to see

    The Hopium is strong with this post.
  8. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    CV's Need to go.

    Should expand this to other armaments, torps should only be dropped below a certain height, DBs can't be dropped when your planes are literally on top of the ship, etc.
  9. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Actually effective AA?

    Not really, only the TDBs have really long reload. The other two squadrons you can get up within 2-3 rotations. Dive Bomber -> Torp Bomber -> Tactical Rockets -> Dive/Torp Bomber -> Tactical Torps -> Repeat For the United States it's: Rockets -> Dive Bomber -> Tactical Torps -> Tactical Rockets -> Repeat Very simple and easy concept. The vast majority of your damage will be coming from tactical squads anyway, your normal squads are just there as reload buffer. If you can basically get a free 15-30k damage every 2-4 minutes per tactical flight, fires/floods included, you're already set to do 120k+ in damage in a standard length game, add indamage padding from your normal squads and you're looking at high 100ks low 200ks at the minimum.
  10. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Actually effective AA?

    Number of planes shot down means even less now with tactical bombers since they're cooldown based. Doesn't matter how many tactical planes you down, it'll always be a full squad.
  11. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Midway and Audacious feel like garbage.

    I agree, they should bring all CVs down to the level of surface ships
  12. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    As a DD/CL/CA main I say sure make overpens do flooding or whatever. Just give me a heal on every DD and cruiser down to t3 like BBs.
  13. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Carrier Lost

    -Don't attack high AA ships, especially if they're grouped up together -Don't eat the flak (black puffs, use WASD to dodge them) Flak will always spawn directly in front of your predicted path, so use A and D to turn and S to slow down to avoid the flak. Continuous damage should not be killing the majority of your squads unless you're eating flak beforehand. That or you literally fly into 2 Gouden Leeows with DfAA active.
  14. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    DD's Able To Turn and Stop/Reverse Too Quickly

    I agree. Let's make every ship accelerate like pre-buff Henri, would be funny.
  15. I_Am_Mashed_Potato

    Wargaming Keeps Making Me Play This Game!

    Blink twice if you're being held hostage.