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  1. Asashio Poll

    Disclaimer: I am by no means the best at what I do, but I would like to think—I doubt most of my teammates would agree—that I do my bit. Speaking as an IJN DD player (I also do IJN BBs and Atago), I personally think Asashio is fine... if you’ve spent a good amount of time in an IJN DD and are as suicidal as I am. From what I can tell: she can’t contest caps; her guns are, from what I understand, as comically bad as the rest of the line; she can’t hit anyone but BBs... If you’re tired of life, you can try getting at the BBs in the back, but I for one wouldn’t drop my fish from more than 8 km in it, if that. Less if I know what I could get out of her stealth: if she’s as stealthy when fully upgraded as Kagerō is I’d consider her workable but not ideal. 20 km tuna that dive deep aren’t my idea of a good time: I’d never hit anything from max range, unless by some miracle of miracles a BB wandered into their path and deliberately chose not to turn. I’m already scared half to death whenever another non-IJN destroyer shows up: I don’t need the extra pressure of not being able to at least make cruisers dodge while I make a break for the nearest island. She’ll probably be great some of the time—if you manage to slip by the cap-contesting map-infesting reds—but she’ll be sending you back to port the rest of it. Personally, I don’t think I’d buy her. If this is supposed to be a gimmick ship for people like me, who actively try to be good DDs, then she’s just not worth the pain. I’d go for her like there was no tomorrow if she was a mission ship, but I don’t think I’m going to fork over another forty bucks to WG (I forked it over for Atago—I regret nothing—Kii and Hood) for a ship that’s just not going to make much of a difference. She’ll be shredded like any other IJN DD if she’s spotted, and now she’s not even able to fight back against three-fourths of the ships doing the shredding. It’s just... too much of a niché role. I love killing big trundling battlewagons as much as the next hale and hearty DD, but I’d rather not sacrifice my ability to do anything else to do that job a bit better.