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  1. New opening video

    So I just finished the update and the opening/login video is different. It looks kinda like a more cinematic take on old WW2 color film and is amazing. Just want to thank WG for the little things you know.
  2. 375k free xp ship ideas.

    I have yet to save up enough free XP for any of these ships(I use it on other things) but would like there to be more options other than just BBs. Maybe a CA/CL or a DD could see its way into being a free XP ship? just saw the thread and caught my eye so I don't have any suggestions but I will get back if I find anything of note. The ships currently available seem great though I just haven't felt the need to get them.
  3. Fighting Fridays - Sink 'Em All!

    Well I sort of have. I once sunk a enemy CV and a CA but accidentally torpedoed a friendly BB and the pink damage killed me too (I was playing in a Clemson I think). I also once saw a red Lexington sink a DD two CAs and a BB from my team before using torpedo bombers to scuttle themselves before I could get the kill, so you could say they sunk all four types. These probably aren't the examples you were looking for but... yeah. I've had many games where I sunk three(red) types though.
  4. Ranked battle. I hunted down and killed both of their DDs before they could launch any successful attacks although the second was stolen at the last second. I did all the damage otherwise. I was responsible for my teams single cap and almost took out their single cruiser before I got radared and killed. Not the most impressive numbers, but my team lost on points with two camping BBs left while the other team had 5 ships left. I really thought ranked would be better. At least I didn't loose yet another star.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Thank you all for the advice. I have certainly lived longer and as a result have earned better numbers the last couple games. I have also lost every single game today while doing well myself so I am starting to think it may not be that I am running into radar more so much as my teams are not very good and often do not take out radar ships or any ships for that matter. Again, thank you all and now I go to pray to the MM gods and RNGesus for help.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    No R&R does not stand for rest and relaxation in this case. I am talking about ranked and radar. This is more of a quick observation but ranked seems to now be dominated by radar ships. With less ships and smaller caps there is apparently no way for any ship to be avoided, which is the standard protocol for DDs facing radar ships. I have had several games now without BBs to help pick off cruisers where there really isn't a whole lot that can be done about radar and without that fear of BBs, these cruisers are fearless(which I am actually happy about since it means people aren't camping). To put this in perspective, I have won every single ranked battle this season in my radar Cleveland while I just lost about 7/9 of my recent battles in my Gearing in which I had been doing decently making rank 11. I understand that the players I am playing against will probably be better or at least more competitive than those I will often face in random, so I understand that advancing shouldn't be a cake walk. I have however managed to get killed by radar ships or at least focused down by them more often than usual lately and this I find disturbing since I had convinced myself I had finally figured out how fight radar effectively. So the question is, how do you play effectively against radar in ranked as a DD? Now I am not asking for any changes to anything here, I just would like to know how other people deal with radar in ranked so that I can better my game. Please no "get good" or rants on radar. I am asking so I can "get good".
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    Well at least they might be able to be shot down depending on how good/bad new AA will be. Still, no thank you please.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    I would be willing to give all ships radar under 2km. Wait that's assured spotting distance my bad. Maybe you should try KM BBs with their hydro and super secondaries.
  9. Mahan isn't that bad. I mean still not that good either, but I managed a 58% win ratio with her using a 8 point captain. Ambushes and just shredding other DDs in caps. My average exp earned with her is better than any of my other USN DDs until Gearing. I have actually been thinking about going back to her to see what I can do now that I am more experienced. Tier VII can also make a nice profit and its fun with less radar but still good preforming ships. You are most certainly correct about Gadjah Mada. I feel like I can out gun just about anything in her. For tier VII I think that the rule of thumb for DDs should be ambushes only. Stick to island cover to limit detection and even the playing field if your concealment is poor and to help sneak up on torping targets. Avoid open water and maybe go 3/4 speed so you can slow enough to pop smoke if you need to and gun something down from cover. Stay aware in smoke for torps and now is a good time to start familiarizing yourself with radar ships. Going 3/4 also allows for a poor man's "speed boost" to help throw off an enemy's aim and combined with an actual speed boost makes for a speed change that would break other ship's ankles if they had them(rudder maybe?). I'm probably not the most qualified to make this suggestion but it seems to work well enough for me.
  10. CV rework and its possible impact on DDs?

    I must have stopped watching by then. As I said that would be bad. And by that I mean both the r word rabbit hole and the unholy mix of the two. It makes sense and is doable but it is also a little advanced for this time period. I will advocate for radar equipped planes when we transition to guided missile ships and attack subs. That being said this will probably be better for DDs with only one squadron per CV since your team can have more than one DD and the single CV can't cover them all. I see rocket planes following DDs as close support and if they run into the opposing scouting group they can summon fighters for cover. It will actually provide DDs with support early on in a match rather than everyone sitting back and waiting to see if I die from focus fire from 8+ ships which are then lit up for them to pick off at their leisure while I sink. I see this as a chance to work with another class especially in the early game. CLs and CAs do not always provide enough support for a DD and can be a liability due to their size and mobility. Planes are the perfect ally for a DD because they are fast and provide excellent surveillance while bringing great striking ability. Other players might get mad if I "bale on them" by avoiding a situation that I know will result in a trip back to port, but a CV can get their planes out just as fast if not faster than I can and we both fear the same ships (USN radar and AA cruisers) so its not like they can blame me for finding a better position. Both of us like to attack the same target (BBs) so we can coordinate strikes like two DDs working together. Will some CVs choose to hunt DDs? Yes. Everyone hunts DDs. But I also think that friendly CVs can be a DD's new best friend. So call me optimistic but I think this could be FUN
  11. CV rework and its possible impact on DDs?

    Nice try. Don't want to go down that rabbit hole. That would be bad
  12. CV Rework Feedback

    I agree that CVs should have powerful strike capabilities but they are still some what similar to a support class in that they are not intended to be front line. CVs (the ship itself) are meant to be back line and protected by lines of BB CA/CL and DDs. The air group is front line. The rework allows the air group to act and feel like a front line element of the fleet and still keep the ship in the back and out of the way in relative safety. It is not a perfect system but that is why it is in Alpha and why they asked for feed back. The only reason they have shown us such early video is because they want feed back at an early stage where things can be most easily changed before they go down the wrong path again. This goes beyond most early access which is why it may look fairly underdeveloped for those of us that are used to a more finished product. Game design takes time and I am sure they are on track but they need our help and feed back as players to make it good. On that note, here is what I though after taking some time to think more on the video. The video looks like it is concentrating on the planes themselves and does not really factor in the ships past them being targets. There is minimal ship movement or effective AA. With this in mind I will mostly look at the game elements showcased in the video. I like the aiming system and the approach for the torpedo bombers. At the close ranges of attack there does not seem to be a need for any aim assist like with ship launched torpedoes. That ability to go back for a second or third pass is really nice for the strike group especially if the first strike does not really connect. The multiple passes will also make up for the lack of multiple squads in the air and if used correctly can result in attacking in multiple directions in quick follow up passes.The graphics could be improved somewhat but it is an excellent proof of concept for the torpedo bombers. Watching the attack runs feels like the trench run from Star Wars. By far favorite part of the video. The Dive Bombers were somewhat concerning for me. On the one hand they appear to have the ability to be extremely accurate and target specific parts of ships. On the other hand they still had some misses on slow or stationary ships so moving targets (especially smaller and faster ones like DDs) might be a problem for them to hit. The misses should be off set by the multiple passes and chances to hit but this might be somewhat frustrating to be foiled on multiple bombing passes. The graphics were not the best and the up then dive thing was just weird. Dive bombers are the part that I would like to see the most work on. The Rocket attacks are new. They seem to replace the fighter spot but I feel like they will be primarily anti DD and CL planes used for scouting and harassing the enemy. Maybe they could make them multi role fighter rocket bombers so that there can still be some aspect of air to air combat but keep it so the focus is still anti surface. They would add a very different aspect to the early game with cap contesting and DD skirmishing. The early rocket attacks look like the new bane of a DD's existence. That being said, the only way for them to do any noticeable damage on larger ships seems to be fires although damage and fire chance are probably being tested and subject to change. Hitting stuff will probably not be a problem with this squad but usage would be situational and they probably will not be seen in the mid game when CVs will focus on larger surface combatants. They would be finishers and early skirmishers. Graphics wise it felt like a mix between the other two bombers which is decent for what it is but should see improvement. Over all I need to see more to form a solid opinion on them. While there are parts of this I would like some more work on, I would like to see how the ships themselves interact with these planes before moving on to the next step. How effective is the new AA? How does it look with the planes approaching the ship from the ship's perspective? How does it effect the aim if the ships are moving more? How does the CV itself (the ship part) handle? How is map awareness intended work with the different set up? I think this should all be addressed in a separate video. Over all good job with the community outreach and keeping us the players involved. I look forward to seeing how this develops. Edit: Just realized this but what good does it do to have really big carriers if it does not effect number of planes available? Unlimited planes and single squadrons make it so the hanger size does not really effect the number of planes one can put in the air. By this logic a light escort carrier would be just as effective as large fleet carriers if they have the same tier planes. The advantage of larger carriers (in this game higher tiers) is that you can put more birds in the air. Escort carriers would actually be more effective since they would have a smaller profile and therefore better concealment and maneuverability in game while still having the striking power of a larger carrier. I know this is off topic from the first part of this post but its kind of bugging me since I realized this.
  13. CV Rework Feedback

    Really would like to see game play against faster moving player controlled ships with AA. I have a feeling that hitting stuff will be much more difficult than shown in the video. The lack of actual fighters feels like the CV vs CV aspect of the game is being taken away. I also feel like this is going to severely disconnect CV players from their ship. Map awareness looks like it will suffer a lot. Did kind of like it though. It looks different and like a step toward being more accessible.
  14. CV rework twitch reactions

    WASD for planes Manual aim Fighters? What fighters? Rockets! Endless planes Why does Octavian's voice sound funny in the video? https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships Share reactions or general observations here
  15. Smoke Screens............or the one way mirror

    So lately I have been playing a lot of Fletcher and Gearing and I have also tried some Cruiser play with Cleveland and Indianapolis radar. I would like to share some of my recent experience with these ships and their respective tiers of play. DDs tiers V-VII pretty much die as soon as they run into radar. These players are not expecting radar at these tiers or are inexperienced in avoiding it. Often they will simply sit in their smoke and be blasted by half my team while my team is screened by that DDs very own smoke. I find that some tier VIII DDs will also have the same problems but they do start to wise up to radar more at this level and rely less on smoke. DDs tier IX and X will normally survive their first contact with radar but probably not their second. They will often receive heavy damage but escape using island cover and speed. Radar is not a death sentence in itself at this level but is more like getting caught in a bear trap and knowing that one of the most likely means of escape will leave you crippled. At this level DDs will probably never sit in smoke and probably limit their smoke use more so then lower tiers as it gives away position and the ability to spot. Smoke is a double edged sword. You can't see through smoke unless some one is spotting for you, you have hydro/radar, or the enemy is firing at something and their detection radius is expanded enough that the smoke is no longer effective. If used correctly, smoke can hide even a BB if that BB holds fire. If used incorrectly Smoke can be used as a screen for your enemies. Smoke as a tool is more useful for general use at lower tiers but becomes more situational for higher tier use. For smoke CLs that is a different subject as I have little experience playing them at tiers where radar is common and I try to avoid them when I am playing DDs since the cruiser smoke is probably hiding something with radar. Cruisers in smoke will generally just sit there and are fairly easy to hit since they are relatively large and mostly stationary. Torping cruiser smoke is always a good idea although they can be avoided if the cruiser has hydro. Worst case will always be a Mino or Worcester in smoke using island cover as they can't be seen or blind torped and they have radar.