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  1. Radar has ruined dd play

    Just in case anyone didn't know this this is the chart of every thing with access to Radar and stats from the Wiki page so you know what to expect. As a general rule tier VIII and up avoid British, American and Russian cruisers. SURVEILLANCE RADAR I SURVEILLANCE RADAR II Cost: Free Cost: 15 OR 22,500 Class or Ship Tier Nation(s) Duration Detection Range Cooldown Charges Cooldown Charges Atlanta VII 25 seconds 8.49km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Indianapolis VII 25 seconds 9.90km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Belfast VII 25 seconds 8.49km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Missouri IX 35 seconds 9.45km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Black IX 20 seconds 7.50km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Destroyer VIII 15 seconds 7.50km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Destroyer IX 17 seconds 7.50km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Destroyer X 20 seconds 7.50km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser VIII 30 seconds 9.00km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser IX 35 seconds 9.45km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser X 40 seconds 9.90km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser VIII 20 seconds 11.70km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser IX 20 seconds 11.70km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 Cruiser X 25 seconds 11.70km 180 seconds 2 120 seconds 3 look at ship lineup before matches and see what ships have access to radar and plan accordingly. Plus, just imagine what will happen with the addition of new lines. The Italians had notoriously poor radar capabilities and Commonwealth ships seem to lack radar in game already so adding those lines (if and when they do) will reduce the proportion of ships with radar to without. Eventually we can go into games again without having to hope that less that half the other team can ruin your day with the press of a button from behind an island. Also can't believe I'm saying this but can we have the option to replace smoke with something more useful? All it does now it give away my position to radar ships or make me a target for torps. Its only use is as mobile cover and that is twice as useless when that cover does nothing. I know this is an option for PA DDs and yes I KNOW what it is replaced with but the rest of us are still forced to take a now nearly useless consumable into battle. A torp reload booster, Hydroacoustic search, Defensive AA, or repair party might be a nice replacement for smoke and they are already on on some of the higher tier DDs. If I can deal with radar then they can deal with more torps, healing dds, shooting down their planes, or even me seeing them camping behind an island
  2. DDs and Radar – Stats Tell The Tale

    This is pretty much true. Today however, there seemed to be a massive influx of CV play with the mission to shoot down 30 planes. I was playing games with 5 radar CA and 2 CV per team. I was perma spoted by everything. Not only am I constantly exposed to over half the red team to shoot at but both sides will almost exclusively try for the other team's DD(s) once its revealed and fighters normally prefer to guard larger ships so I don't even have any support. Only option is to run out of radar range, but wait, they have planes. Those hover over me so I can't flee (or even shoot down enough) planes and I can't smoke radar and the radar sees my torps so in the end I get focus fired and die while dealing no damage. Please WG, I'm not asking for you to get rid of planes or radar, just give me a counter for this (like no radar through Islands or the option to equip both engine boost to out run radar and defensive AA fire at the same time) and or make it so maybe only half the enemy team can reveal my location at will. As a DD I shouldn't have to shoot down 20+ planes while avoiding being anywhere inside of 11km of the enemy otherwise known as my effective gun and torp range. At least give me some credit or an award for dodging enough fire to sink a BB while only having a fraction of their HP.
  3. Service cost

    That seems fair. I still have games where I get caps, deal decent damage, we win and I survive but I still struggle to break even on cost. I can't really tank in a dd so at least a little tweak in service cost would be nice. They have the option to report players who run away so that should take care of that for the most part.
  4. Service cost

    Why does it cost the same if my ship lives or dies to service her? I get ammo, general maintenance and paint and stuff but if my ship ends the match with hp in the green why does it cost the same as if she sunk. Its not like I'm doing nothing but hiding all game (as a dd I kind of am but I'm still contributing). I don't think this should be a thing. Players should be rewarded if they survive the match, especially with most of their hp intact.
  5. so many Clevelands. everyone and their grandmother has one. people probably had tier VI Cleveland and got the "new" tier VIII one so now everyone is playing that and everyone else has longer wait times if they don't play something in the tier8 range. don't really care if you spend money on the game, it helps the game operate, but know that I can (and will) still sink your ship for free
  6. As a dd I just have to make sure i stay about 10 km away from radar ships and I'm pretty much good. cap if you get a chance and run if you have to. you can circle back and the radar will probably have run out by then and you can torp the ship into oblivion. Or pop smoke on one part of the map and use that as a decoy then sneak around while they investigate that and burn the consumable searching empty smoke. Modify your tactics to find a more favorable situation, don't let your enemy control the situation and you can win. Plus if every one is playing by themselves for achievements, just go hunt some bbs because everyone left them alone without support. Honestly so much more you can do, and thanks to the new game play I have been forced to think about my play so much more and its made me a better captain (at least for dds. still don't quite know how to use other ships to the same consistent effect yet but thats for another time)
  7. Surivival in (any) DD by sBcNikita on reddit

    I know most of this but it is a good reminder. Probably the best guide I have found on how to be an effective Torp main DD. Would really appreciate similar advice on other Nations DDs since this was just great. The first game after reading this I got 120000 damage, 1 cap and survived the game.
  8. While I know I don't have the same level of experience as other players I feel like I should weigh in on behalf of all the newer players who have joined the game. I play slightly less games in Cruisers as Destroyers and I have only just recently acquired a tier IX Fletcher and I feel like I am just finally starting to truly understand the game. That being said, I respect that games must be balanced and that is why Radar and Spotting planes are needed. If they made the game work like real life DDs and CVs would be just OP and BBs would have no reason for existing. There is a reason why modern navies stopped making BBs. BBs are a central part of this game so it makes sense to protect them from the inevitable extinction in game that they suffered in real life as a result of DDs and CVs. This should not however come at the cost of the modern apex predators of the sea that are DDs and CVs (CA/CL are just too hard to classify due to their many roles so while they may have radar they are not as polarizing as BBs and DDs and CVs). Radar needs to be fixed So DDs don't suffer nearly as much as they do from constant spotting. I can avoid radar well enough and I can at least shoot down planes or pop smoke so they cant see me, but with everything its a struggle just to stay alive let alone help my team cap, spot, lay smoke for them, and deal damage, not to mention everything else my team may need me to do just to stay relevant. I just want to be able to do my job without absolutely having to die.