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  2. Some times the default music soundtrack for WOWS just doesn't cut it and you need something else to accompany the sounds of pixel naval combat. Unoriginal as it may be, I personally like to put Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries on repeat for some intense CV game play although Flight of the Bumblebee is a close second. I have yet to decide on go to songs for other classes although I will admit to trying to fire full broadsides in time to the 1812 Overture. Anyway what songs do other people play as their WOWS battle anthem?
  3. Florendo19

    How might ASW work

    You know, I had not thought about that but it sounds like a doable thing and is certainly less um inflammatory than can of worms that would be radar equipped aircraft in game. Of course the primary purpose for the Sonobuoys would be ASW.
  4. Florendo19

    How might ASW work

    So I was wondering how ASW would be added to existing ships. It has been noted many times on this forum that many ship models include depth charges. There are however several other forms of ASW weapons that could be available to the time period of WOWS. DD: The most notable weapons for DDs would be hedgehog or squid like forward launchers on allied ships. I would propose that some DDs be given the choice to choose a ASW role by selecting a different hull that sacrifices a gun turret for a launcher and gets a sonar consumable (because I assume this will be a consumable) CV: Those odd tier CVs can make a comeback with FIDO air droped homing torpedoes and Sonobuoys as additions to their ASW capabilities BB: Ramming seems like the best option here but BBs with aircraft handling capabilities may be able to trade a spotter or fighter for ASW planes. Of course, while using this ASW aircraft, the ship would act like a CV hull on auto pilot and the plane would be controlled like CV planes. CA/CL: Some have depth charges but ramming could also be an option. Again Cruisers with aircraft handling capabilities could have ASW aircraft like BBs. IJN Tone class CAs could be an interesting development here DE: While Destroyer Escorts are not currently part of the game, they were generally the most specialized ASW ships. While they would have the weakest anti ship armament, they would have powerful ASW capabilities and probably slightly lower than DD concealment. Convoy Modes: WG has previously mentioned that they are testing two Convoy modes on the Dev blog on August 1, 2019. I think these modes would be made especially for Subs and ASW. Here is the post from the Dev blog ST, game modes. There will be a closed test of two new game modes. They both are based on the idea of escorting of the allied convoy of bot ships. Please note that these are conceptions of the game modes and their rules may change significantly. In the 'Convoys A' mode both teams have the same objective - be the first to escort the indestructible bot ship from the team spawn to the destination point on the fixed route. The ship moves by itself, but if the allies are nearby, they will slowly regenerate HP and the bot will move faster. Any player's ship, except aircraft carriers, can, after being destroyed, respawn near the convoy route a maximum of twice per battle. The routes are symmetrical and there are parts when teams have to come close to each other. Teams are composed of 6, 7 or 12 players. There are two rounds in the 'Convoys B' mode. In the first round, one of the teams (defenders) escorts the convoy of three armed ships along the fixed route. The task of the attacking team is to destroy these ships in a limited time. Teams change their objectives in the second round. The team that escorts their ship further than the opposition wins the battle. The player's ship respawns after being destroyed. The attackers respawn faster and may choose one of the spawn points, and defenders get back into battle near the convoy. If there are ships of the defending team near the convoy ships, then both they and the convoy regenerate their HP. Both teams consist of 7 players. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
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    PSA: New Code

    No longer valid
  6. Florendo19

    TK with guns

    Its alright but thank you. I'm just going to go with ranked makes people do dumb stuff and just keep playing. I really enjoy this game and don't plan on letting a one off experience like this get to me. Thank you all for your comments, but I think I just posted this to vent a bit after the match since yeah I lost (the not so friendly Alsace died first of course) and ranked gets intense.
  7. Florendo19

    TK with guns

    So just looking to get into the minds of players who TK on purpose. I was just in a ranked game where I got citadeled for 11k at spawn by a Alsace. The enemy hadn't even been spotted yet and I'm already in the yellow. I asked why the player shot me but received no response. I assume that at most it could have been because I was running radar Neptune due to all the DDs in recent matches. To be clear I did not retaliate in any way other than to report them. I just want to know why? This game doesn't seem to have that many trolls or anything so I'm just drawing a blank.
  8. Florendo19

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    Yes it is a buff to AA overall but some of the more powerfull AA mechanics are being nerfed specifically the altitude at which returning aircraft have immunity and DFAA being reduced. Flak though should be absolutely brutal though if I read the dev blog correctly. Personally I would just prefer slightly faster plane regen times to make up for the AA being so strong but WG does what WG does, I just play the game.
  9. Florendo19

    WoWs 50k Stream Codes

    both codes still work
  10. Florendo19

    Stream Code

    same thanks for trying though
  11. we have red, green, pink and orange. I don't know about yellow...
  12. Florendo19

    A lengthy topic about Destroyers & why change is needed

    So more floaty shells at shorter ranges? Most DD's guns already have high shell arcs and short ranges. Try hitting anything but the biggest BB at max range with say a USN DD. So you basically want to take away stealth firing from torpedoes. You realize that this basically makes it impossible to land torps outside point blank range because all you have to do to avoid them is to not move in a straight line. Just change speed and direction(WASD) for 5 seconds after the DD is exposed for 3 seconds and all the torps miss. Try playing more DDs to see how they operate and you can learn how to counter them. At very least you can see how they are not as OP as you say they are. Some basic advice is to take note of the locations of smoke, torpedoes, caps, and last known location of DDs. You can make an educated guess where DDs are based on these. Look at the line up of DDs at the beginning of the match and plan accordingly. IJN DDs have longer torpedo ranges so expect to find them further out while RN and USN DDs tend to like to get in closer to use their shorter range torps and guns. Most Cruisers after tier VII have access to either radar, hydro or both so pick these consumables and learn when and where they are most effective to use. Learning advanced DD tactics also helps know what DD captains are thinking. I suggest watching @Destroyer_KuroshioKai since he has some pretty good videos on how to play DDs. Hope this helps.
  13. Florendo19

    Tier 10 Coal or Steel USN Fletcher Johnston

    USS Johnston is the definition of a naval legend. She should be in the game by name. On that note could we also get DE Samuel B Roberts as like a tier V or VI premium?
  14. Florendo19

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    What would you even suggest as just compensation for this massive nerf? A lot of the game is based around concealment so doing away with that mechanic would demand some balancing changes (like bigger than CV rework balancing changes). The most likely solution would be major gun accuracy nerfs to allow smaller caliber ships to close to engagement ranges coupled with some other assorted changes. If not than, the only viable class' in game become BBs, CVs and maybe some kiting CAs with big guns. That hardly seems right.
  15. Florendo19

    Adding Shinano to the game....

    Still a good bit more real than many ships in game. Don't get me wrong I like a lot of the paper ships, its just I feel that ones that sailed should get preference when added to game over the paper ones