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  1. Everyone knows the ships I am talking about. The HE spammers and endless waves of torps. Or maybe you prefer LOL pen AP shells or have a favorite flavor of sky cancer. Either way, you love that ship even if you know others will hate you for playing it. Name a ship you love(that others hate) and one you hate(that others love). Please name ships as pertains to the current meta(or not meta as long as you see them/play them currently), I want to make a poll later using the most common answers to find the most beloved villains of WOWS.
  2. Florendo19

    Midway OP Hakuryu Underpowered w/ Replay

    See this is why we need more types of CVs in game so we don't get divided into USN and IJN CV camps. I want CVs to succeed and RN CVs add another dimension to the CV dynamic that I think will help unite players who enjoy the class. other classes don't seem to have the same level of infighting as CVs. Sure you may have the odd complaint but for the most part you don't have say USN and RN CLs at each others throats demanding nerfs. I get that there is still some resentment from before when there was more of a CV on CV game with the fighters, but that is in the past now and players need to move past these old grudges to improve the class. Personally I intend to go up each line and already have the Midway which I actually quite enjoy (no up tiered AA and maps are large enough I can mostly avoid AA ships). On tier VI for both IJN and RN CVs and while they play different I am enjoying them about as much as I did the USN VI CV probably more actually since I am more used to the controls now. On the note of DDs, I personally quite enjoy playing them so I am of the general belief that DDs and CVs should unite to defeat our common enemies in BBs and CA/CLs. I mean both avoid Worcesters like the plague and both love to take advantage of that isolated BB. Honestly it is normally more trouble to try to kill the other one since it takes forever to rocket down a DD and way to long to slip through and torp a CV. Why can't we just be friends?
  3. Personally I think a mix of auto and player controlled AA would be the best possible solution. The Flack would be the player controlled aspect while the current continuous damage would stay AI controlled (like secondaries currently are) while being slightly nerfed to make up for player controlled flack efficiency. Switch from main guns/torps to AA using 4 key or something (if/when they add Subs press 5 key or whatever to switch to depth charges). You still have ship control using WASD. I don't see too many problems with this right now. Personally I think that this would really reward good play and that a lot of people still wouldn't be very good at it decreasing their overall AA efficiency because no more flack walls. CVs benefit more from the average player's inability to manually control some aspect of their AA and players who care to learn the mechanic are rewarded by better AA results due to their own skill. Mean while players who get attacked by CVs no longer could claim they couldn't do any thing to defend themselves. I would say its a win win.
  4. Florendo19

    Terrain Collision Damage

    Yeah I know we're all really just overgrown children playing with our model ships
  5. Florendo19

    Lex Takes on Tier 10

    Last time I played my Lex in a tier X match, my mom who I was taking care of after her surgery asked me about a strange noise. She knows I like to play this game but she had never heard the planes in game getting shot down like that before. Long story short is that the sound of entire squadrons of planes getting shot down was somewhat concerning even though she only knows it as my "Ship game". Finally made it to Midway at tier X and feel so much better now.
  6. Florendo19

    Terrain Collision Damage

    But I can make it fit if I just ram my massive pen I mean ship hard enough between those islands right
  7. Florendo19

    Russian CVs

    While I am on this subject, I would also like to propose the addition of a premium Pan-Asian CV HTMS Chakri Naruebet with the special feature of having only one usable First Gen Harrier Jet . I mean sure you only get one fighter but its a jet so... The Russian CV can be an alternate history CV from if the Soviets had taken and completed the incomplete Graff Zeppelin and commissioned her as a Soviet CV. I feel like the irony would be best that way seeing as the Germans did basically the same thing and because what better example of Russian Bias than taking the ship considered most OP pre-rework and turning her into a soviet lovefest
  8. Florendo19

    Russian CVs

    Any ideas? You know you want them in game WG. Lets see what secret Soviet plans you can dig up.
  9. Florendo19

    Best Game With A Loss

    If I could have just had 20 more seconds maybe could have pulled it off
  10. Florendo19

    CV useless as bottom tier

    They are not same tier. Stock planes are actually a tier bellow the ship so stock Shoukakou are tier VII planes. When you are flying you can see the tier indication with all your plane stats and stuff but it doesn't show anywhere else that I know of. You really do need to upgrade your planes in order to be as effective as possible.
  11. Florendo19

    CVs unplayable now

    The passive is because with only flak it was always either solid walls of flack or so little you could get planes in undamaged (if you were really really good). The flak also basically auto deleted planes it hit so they switched to supposedly less flak walls and more passive damage to attempt to balance it more. Clearly it is still something they need to work on. In terms of the +2/-2 MM for CV yeah it sucks and there isn't much I can say that hasn't been said on how broken that can be. Try a tier VI CV in a tier VIII match and it almost gets worse. CVs stock planes are even worse considering that they are a tier lower than the CV so you could potentially have Tier V planes going against tier VIII AA (which I have had to do and it sucked) or tier VII planes going against Tier X AA (which I also had to do and it sucked). Someone mentioned a reverse F key thing where you drop your first wave early so that you save planes. Instead of attacking with full squadrons at the start of the game, start attacks with already smaller squadrons so you have more in reserve. So instead of attacking and losing a full flight you only loose 2/3 or so.
  12. Florendo19

    Potential Idea for Air Detection

    No, planes not being able to spot torps again doesn't seem necessary. Maybe if/when they add subs and support role CVs and ASW counter play becomes a thing they can add planes with the ability to detect torps and subs and stuff but not right now. I do like the idea with the delayed visual team spotting similar to the new Radar mechanic.
  13. In order for a CV to deal DOT you need both fires and floods as well as time. This match lacked all of those. on the bright side it means I lost less planes but WG may want to add CV alpha or fire/flooding chance to the list of things they should look into. The main problem here though is obviously the fact that my team got absolutely steam rolled. I really do wish WG could make more balanced teams but I just have to accept MM for what it is. At least I can't be uptiered at tier X (I pray to RNGesus for bottom tier ships every day) Another thing they should look at is the cost of running CV. My initial service cost for a Midway with 15% off is 204k. This is not to mention planes but they cost just a little more than torps do so I won't complain about ammo costs that much. The base service cost for Tier X ships is listed on the Wiki as 180k without special flags, Clan discounts, or camo. Why is the base cost of running a CV so much higher? I would at least like a official explanation for this as I have yet to find any.
  14. Florendo19

    Idea to solve some of the angst

    Honestly this just feels like a slippery slope. Next will be a no DD mode (which I have seen calls for on this forum) or for some other form of limited mode. I do not think this should happen as it would set a bad precedent and would divide the players on the server too much. This also gives WG an out instead of actually fixing problems and I don't think that should be acceptable.
  15. This needs to be repeated as many times as possible until more people recognize this. +1 While we talking about adding support classes anyone want a team healing Liberty ship, some DEs and other stuff Maybe landing craft that can set up air fields on certain islands or coastal artillery on others sort of like a builder class. I mean the game can get pretty static at times so might as well take advantage of it. Imagine a game where each team must fight over the lone island capable of supporting an air field and when one of the teams is finally able to land they get an airfield and probably air superiority. The support ship that landed there gets control of several plane squadrons which vary from tier and such. The air field can be destroyed by bombardment or taken over by the other team's landing craft. I'm just spit balling stuff here because I have nothing better to do. Plus it would give something for subs to legitimately target. If not well maybe you have a new Halloween game mode or something.