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  1. Florendo19

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    I would definitely play those Operations or even a convoy PvP game. Convoy PvP subs win if sink majority of the convoy. Escorts win if sink all subs or get from point A to B with majority of convoy. The mess mate Cleveland stood out for me and the XO got a fair bit of screen time, but yes Its a action movie and isn't big on character development. Though as a result one can kinda put themselves in the place of one of the random sailors and immerse in the experience.
  2. I took a break recently and when I came back I suddenly feel like a low 40% WR player. Now the only major in game change between when I stopped and now is the CA line split for the Russians so I know its not the game and that its really just me. Who knew the difference a month makes? Anyway just my observation on how dedicated this community is to make me feel dull after only a month away. Anyway back to getting back up to speed.
  3. Florendo19

    Which is the best sub so far?

    USN have base 10km range 8km with torp accel skill Germans have hydro and decent torps but short range from what I remember of PTS
  4. So WG has released some documentary stuff on IJN aircraft carrier submarines before and I have seen a few threads on giving the old odd tier CVs ASW capabilities, so I thought why not combine the two? When they inevitably add IJN subs, just give their scout plane the ability to drop depth charges. Everyone can clearly see that a single scout plane for a submarine would be either useless or simply give away a subs position in WOWS' current submarine game mode, but you know WG will try and shoe horn the historical gimmick anyway. With this, not only do they get their gimmick, but it also gives a class of submarines a more effective way of ASW than the current option which has been noted to be ... difficult. Surface players will have nothing to complain about other than the limited spotting capabilities of a single scout plane that should be easily shot down if it gets too close for any extended period of time. Submarines would have to be spotted for the ASW scout plane to be able to attack it anyway. The planes would be a consumable, meaning they would be very clearly limited in number and would have a cool down period between launches and duration. The only other conceivable consumable gimmick for IJN submarines would be manned torpedoes, which seems unlikely due to the decision to not include Kamikazes on IJN CVs as well as the redundancy of already having ping guided torpedoes.
  5. If Argentina is a third world country, what does that make Chile or Brazil?
  6. Florendo19

    Premium Ship Review #147 - Mikoyan

    Thank You Mouse! +1
  7. Florendo19

    What convinced you to spend money on the game

    The Puerto Rico because it was such an affordable tier 10 at only $300 give or take! Working on converting fxp for Smalland and Hayete too! Actually WG gave me a 200% back on dubloons coupon and I bought a Daring perma camo for $25 then used the dubs WG gave me to buy Kidd. Bought a couple more perma camos since but thats it
  8. WG will often post things in reference to specific times with UTC as the given standard. UTC is the Coordinated Universal Time. If you are or were confused with what this meant (like me) this is also commonly refereed to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So for those of us confused by something like "the EN twitch stream is on April 9 at 14:00 UTC" just switch UTC to GMT. I know I'm not the only one confused with "WG posting times in weird Russian time zones" so hopefully this saves someone else the time looking up TLAs (three letter acronyms) for time zones and finding UTC is not a time zone but a time standard.
  9. Yeah that's mostly why I did them first to set a baseline using the least controversial ships possible. The purpose of these polls is not just to find if people think the ships are OP but mostly to find if people like them. I'll do some more interesting ships for the next couple polls, with bacon this time of course.
  10. Sorry but I ate all the bacon so I couldn't add any to the poll. Bacon will be added to future polls if any.
  11. Florendo19

    Stream Code

    still works thanks!
  12. Seeing as there are several new threads discussing how unfun or OP/UP certain ships and lines are, I decided to make this Poll and give WG some new Spreadsheet Data since that appears to be most of what they pay attention to. Anyway This one is on USN Tech tree BBs. I plan on making similar Polls for each line and putting out the results next month after the polls close. If there are any other metrics or things you guys want me to do or add, please tell me as this is only my second Poll and advice is appreciated.
  13. Well hopefully the poll will count as doing something about how we feel
  14. Good point, I'll add that to the next one for USN BBs. Like I said I'm still working on it and the next one will be better. eventually I hope to get them down well enough I can do a full poll for each ship every few months
  15. Guys check the Polls section of General Discussion. I'm trying to give WG more Data for their spreadsheets so they know how we feel. We need to start speaking their language (spreadsheets not Russian) April 2020 Warship Feels/Enjoyment Poll (IJN Tech Tree BB edition) April 2020 Warship Feels/Enjoyment Poll (USN Tech Tree BB edition)