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  1. USN DDs are great as a starter to the class. They are balanced in that they aren't the best at anything but they are good at most things. Until you get to Benson at tier VIII they are almost exclusively close in gunboats. You need to know when to break concealment with guns or go dark and when to abandon smoke since concealment is a DDs mainstay for survival due to the low hit pool. DDs are about balanced aggression. Too aggressive and you get in fights you can't win and die but too passive and you get very little damage or caps. When you move on to random battles in DDs remember that low-mid tiers it is common for people to sit in smoke making them easy targets for torps. Come in close under concealment and drop some fish on them. Like wise be careful not to get torped in smoke yourself. Study DD concealments as you can figure out your engagement ranges that way. Also turn on and off P key for AA management. Your air detectability is can be decreased if you do so and you can better avoid planes by going dark with AA. Only turn on AA using Def AA or Priority sector with DDs and your ship can effectively ambush the planes and give the CV less time to react and get a good drop. Best advice I got is to be aware of surface ships AA. You know who to go after and who to avoid. Rockets are really good for stripping AA off of bigger ships to follow up with bombers. For Map maneuvering its best to periodically press the M key and plot a course and to just always be keeping the mini map in your mind. For all classes it is important to be aware of the mini map. Turn on last known location so it shows where a DD was last spotted. At Tier VIII Armor schemes get significantly better and you find you need to learn the soft spots and in some cases especially when up tiered and facing a bow tanking Kremlin, to switch to HE. Personally I'm not much of a BB player so My advice just ends up being positioning for cross fires, knowing when to push and when to kite, lead, point and click/delete CAs. Oh and don't sail in a straight line at one speed and expect to not eat torps
  2. Florendo19

    New Players Captains Log

    Its more just asking for people to have a basic grasp of the game I think. For some people 2 billion still isn't enough experience to understand the game...
  3. Honestly She's a good looking ship but Forrest Sherman's stats as of now are... poor. I want her but I'm hesitant on getting my hopes up right now. Best just wait for the release and wait for some reviews of actual game play.
  4. Wait really thats great! That means I'll get twice as much stuff as then!... Wait a minute... 2*0=0 Well two times zero is still twice what I got last time so thats just on the Russian Education system for not teaching them basic math
  5. Florendo19

    Sub how to play?

    So I've been playing subs lately because well someone has to play them for testing. There are a lot of things I don't like about them but that's not why I'm here. What I want to ask is how have other people been playing subs? So far I've found about two basic ways of playing subs largely based off of my old torpedo DD style mixed with some back line BB sniping. The first is to sit on the surface and just dump torps and ping lead them from a good spot with lots of targets. Kinda feels sniper like and can lock down a push of a ship or two as long as you out conceal them. Honestly this is the most boring play style I've found for subs but it works and takes advantage of the most broken aspects of subs, namely the homing torps, while keeping maximum battery for emergencies and maintaining vision which you loose going under. The second style I've found is based of of a combination of mobility and recklessness. Use the 3d nature of subs to pop up places you shouldn't be. This requires some level of guess work as to where red ships are going to be as you want to pop up in torp range but not right under them or you can get killed fast. This is by far the most entertaining play style for subs as it opens the most tactical opportunities and requires some familiarity with the game and players to guess where they are when your under water. The most fun I've had with this play style is when I shot up a CA then went under for almost the full duration of my battery to get behind the DD coming to hunt me then went to periscope and torped him from 5km away. Yeah the Homing torps played a big part and were totally broken but it was a big rush getting that hit before the hunter even knew I was there. Of course that's when it went right since I 've also gotten rammed a couple times pulling that maneuver. Players are still learning the optimal ways of dealing with subs so I don't think this will be a long term play style as it relies largely on surface ships not expecting you to do well sub things. As some thing of a side note playing the hunter, DDs, I've noticed that the depth charges for different ships have different patterns such as Gearings side to side behind, Halland's straight line ahead and others that just have a rolling rack on the aft. I would appreciate knowing where my depth charges are going as the DD but appreciate that the sub doesn't know exactly how the pattern will fall until they see the glowing orange dots descending on them. I personally think that either DDs should get some sort of indicator showing their drop pattern pre drop (you make the mistake of droping charges after being past your target once and never again) or that depth charges should not be in bright orange under water so both sides have to go by the splashes and explosions to figure out where the charges are. My primary purpose playing subs it to find out their best strategies so I know how to counter them. since they look like there going to stay I find it best to adapt as fast as possible.
  6. Florendo19

    Post your best Super BB games

    I mean it is a tier XI but yeah its pretty powerful, I'm mostly a DD guy at high tiers and the best KM BB I have is the tier VI I think (its been a while since I played it). I didn't farm anything either since I basically killed the entire enemy team too. I did get lucky though since the teams only each had 1 DD but yeah I was able to take on two tier 9 Italian BBs and a Thunderer at the same time and win using angling, islands and pushing right in their face.
  7. Post your best games in (or against) the new Super BBs! Not saying anything about balance, just enjoying the new tier XI BBs. This is the first game I've played in either of them and I went full secondary build with a rather aggressive push. I think its rather nice of wg to give you a 21 point commander for these since I don't really play KM BBs to have an appropriate captain
  8. Yeah this part concerned me too. I'm all for counter play giving subs a way to hit back but making the hunters their primary target isn't the way to go. Yes DDs should be wary of the sub they are hunting but subs should be actively trying to avoid them not seek out DDs. Couple other things I think are a bit off but then we'll see in testing how off they are. I want WG to get subs right (since we're getting them anyway) and they seem to be doing a good job by actually doing a lot of testing so I'm not to worried since they should hopefully have a couple more test iterations after this one to get it right before fully releasing subs into the wild. Please WG, I'm trusting you (again) so please don't screw me (again) this time.
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    The Dutch Heavy Cruiser Battlecruiser Escort Carrier Battlecarrier line
  10. Florendo19

    First and last game today

    Yeah I'll probably get back on later today but for now I bask in my last glorious battle.
  11. Ever have one of those games where your like, "well everything else today is going to be down hill" so you just decide to stop while your ahead? Got Yoshino yesterday, slapped Yamamoto on her and this is my best game so far. Not going to lie its kinda OP for damage farming but hard to carry since its like half DOT damage. Really fun ship
  12. also burn and crispy. certain ships (Wooster, Smolensk, Auston, Thunderer, Ect.) are even capable of cooking bacon like this
  13. Florendo19

    Stream starting very shortly.

    I know its not the original but I like it better
  14. Florendo19

    Stop coddling DDs, WG

    Marceau is probably not the best example since french DDs have a unique damage saturation mechanic which means if your shells all hit the same hull section it may have become oversaturated. were they all normal full pens? if so probably mostly fault of french dam saturation mech. If not then I got no idea. BB HE wrecks DDs and deals splash damage to moduals and stuff though so I think this may just be one of those cases where its mostly just a bad/overlooked matchup between French DDs and RM BB SAP that WG should look into