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    Stream Code

    still works thanks!
  2. Well hopefully the poll will count as doing something about how we feel
  3. Guys check the Polls section of General Discussion. I'm trying to give WG more Data for their spreadsheets so they know how we feel. We need to start speaking their language (spreadsheets not Russian) April 2020 Warship Feels/Enjoyment Poll (IJN Tech Tree BB edition) April 2020 Warship Feels/Enjoyment Poll (USN Tech Tree BB edition)
  4. Florendo19

    More CVs on the way

    I for one am pleased with a CV line not geared towards wrecking DDs that provides more diversity of ships and play styles to the game. I also don't think they will be good but thats because they can't attack DDs effectively and because they are German so you know how WG does those
  5. Florendo19

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    thanks! these all work for me +1
  6. Florendo19

    Skane, feels good (finally)

    The Euro DDs are definitely not big on alpha strikes so I find they work best over the course of a full game. With their strength being chip damage I think they encourage more of a defensive style of DD play relying on staying power. They do great in Randoms but like some of the others above probably will do very poorly in Co op where alpha and smoke are worth more than heals and consistent chip damage.
  7. Normally I don't particularly like tier 7 DDs as they have to compete with tier 8 and 9s with better concealment and modules, but Skane feels surprisingly good. She has great AA for tier and class plus that heal and her torps keep her in the fight against even up tier DDs. This all feels so much better after the previous two DDs in the Swedish/EU line which are kinda meh with normal poor DD AA and decent guns but no smoke. Skane is what we were promised for this line with good AA for a DD, long range torps, fast firing guns, and enough HP to actually make the repair party truly useful. She makes me look forward for the rest of the line, I only wish the tier 5 and 6 were more like Skane.
  8. Florendo19

    A Question for DD and CV Mains

    Tier 8 is when CVs really start to come in to their own. Strikes can actually become meaningful and Lex gets Tiny Tims which are great. With USN CVs I find myself abusing CAs and BBs with those rockets to both chunk damage and strip AA., just remember to pre drop to save planes in your strikes especially against strong AA as losses are expected. HE DB are actually really good for DD hunting as the attack time and angles prevent you from overshooting a DD your planes spot themselves, plus they have more HP than the attack planes.
  9. Yes but I'm from Maryland, and that post is almost a year old so I forget what my actual argument was other than I want USS Maryland with a Maryland flag camo in game and that I would 100% buy it on that alone. I would also buy the USS Torsk which is a museum ship sitting in Baltimore but that opens up the whole Sub thing which is another thread.
  10. Short and to the point. Also very accurate. Would be interesting if not using camo decreased your ship's chance of catching fire.
  11. Florendo19

    World of BBs (and CVs)

    Those poor CAs
  12. Florendo19

    Premium Ship Review #141 - London

    Thank you Mouse for another good review +1
  13. Florendo19

    What more do you want from me!?

    I did decent with RTS CVs up until tier 8 when things got really serious. Then I had to quit because I got wrecked every game after waiting just to get in a game for 10+ minutes because no one played CVs at tier 8+ other than a select few. Essentially I could do decent manual attacks and coordinate strikes but never mastered strafe and counter CV play so I got deplaned by enemy CVs a lot. I do much better on average with this CV style because I don't have to deal with that anymore. Thank you sir. Part of the reason I play CVs is for directives but the other is so I know how the enemy thinks. CVs don't bother me as much as they used to but like radar or hydro they still get me every now and then.