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  1. Florendo19

    Post your best Super BB games

    I mean it is a tier XI but yeah its pretty powerful, I'm mostly a DD guy at high tiers and the best KM BB I have is the tier VI I think (its been a while since I played it). I didn't farm anything either since I basically killed the entire enemy team too. I did get lucky though since the teams only each had 1 DD but yeah I was able to take on two tier 9 Italian BBs and a Thunderer at the same time and win using angling, islands and pushing right in their face.
  2. Post your best games in (or against) the new Super BBs! Not saying anything about balance, just enjoying the new tier XI BBs. This is the first game I've played in either of them and I went full secondary build with a rather aggressive push. I think its rather nice of wg to give you a 21 point commander for these since I don't really play KM BBs to have an appropriate captain
  3. Yeah this part concerned me too. I'm all for counter play giving subs a way to hit back but making the hunters their primary target isn't the way to go. Yes DDs should be wary of the sub they are hunting but subs should be actively trying to avoid them not seek out DDs. Couple other things I think are a bit off but then we'll see in testing how off they are. I want WG to get subs right (since we're getting them anyway) and they seem to be doing a good job by actually doing a lot of testing so I'm not to worried since they should hopefully have a couple more test iterations after this one to get it right before fully releasing subs into the wild. Please WG, I'm trusting you (again) so please don't screw me (again) this time.
  4. Florendo19


    The Dutch Heavy Cruiser Battlecruiser Escort Carrier Battlecarrier line
  5. Florendo19

    First and last game today

    Yeah I'll probably get back on later today but for now I bask in my last glorious battle.
  6. Ever have one of those games where your like, "well everything else today is going to be down hill" so you just decide to stop while your ahead? Got Yoshino yesterday, slapped Yamamoto on her and this is my best game so far. Not going to lie its kinda OP for damage farming but hard to carry since its like half DOT damage. Really fun ship
  7. also burn and crispy. certain ships (Wooster, Smolensk, Auston, Thunderer, Ect.) are even capable of cooking bacon like this
  8. Florendo19

    Stream starting very shortly.

    I know its not the original but I like it better
  9. Florendo19

    Stop coddling DDs, WG

    Marceau is probably not the best example since french DDs have a unique damage saturation mechanic which means if your shells all hit the same hull section it may have become oversaturated. were they all normal full pens? if so probably mostly fault of french dam saturation mech. If not then I got no idea. BB HE wrecks DDs and deals splash damage to moduals and stuff though so I think this may just be one of those cases where its mostly just a bad/overlooked matchup between French DDs and RM BB SAP that WG should look into
  10. The module comes with a special 7th mod slot so you don't have to give up anything
  11. Florendo19

    A (very) brief experiment with Juliet Charlie flags

    feeling this really bad right now just got detonated at full HP one kill from kraken. To be fair I took a full HE Yammy broadside to my bow but still hurts how close I was but I forgot my flag. I even had them in stock before the free flags and forgot to check
  12. I really wanted that Kraken too...
  13. Florendo19

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    DDs get the tier 4 skill "Main battery and AA expert" which is AFT but renamed. DDs aren't screwed but yeah for those CLs it feels bad. Maybe they get a buff to range to make up for it
  14. Florendo19

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    I would definitely play those Operations or even a convoy PvP game. Convoy PvP subs win if sink majority of the convoy. Escorts win if sink all subs or get from point A to B with majority of convoy. The mess mate Cleveland stood out for me and the XO got a fair bit of screen time, but yes Its a action movie and isn't big on character development. Though as a result one can kinda put themselves in the place of one of the random sailors and immerse in the experience.
  15. I took a break recently and when I came back I suddenly feel like a low 40% WR player. Now the only major in game change between when I stopped and now is the CA line split for the Russians so I know its not the game and that its really just me. Who knew the difference a month makes? Anyway just my observation on how dedicated this community is to make me feel dull after only a month away. Anyway back to getting back up to speed.