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  1. maybe, but I think it was because they had been full health and used damage control as soon as the torps hit so there was not much flooding damage. I chunked them for over 80,000 but BBs are just hard to sink that way. Would have been better to get more time between hits so the flooding could finish them off after they burn the dc on the first torp salvo.
  2. Florendo19

    Harugumo, Khab fire rate too high.

    The math is good but you forgot several variables. No one has 100% accuracy so it might be better to assume that on the high side some one in one of the ships mentioned might be landing 60% -70% of their shells on a BB(since they are the largest targets other than CVs) from long range. I say long range because short range is improbable in this case as the BB would be able to respond and delete the offending HE spammer. If some one is landing HE spam from a range where it is impossible for them to miss then they are probably in range of your guns as well and you should not allow them to shoot you over 150 times. Now you also have to account for fire resistance for the ship that is being spammed. https://worldofwarships.com/en/media/tag/how-it-works/ (click on the videos for fire and HE) is helpful and will explain better then myself. By not taking these variables into consideration these numbers misrepresent the threat of fire.
  3. Personal record is 8 Gearing torps in a full health Montana without sinking. Even more frustrating is that I got blaped right after and that Monty went on to win it for their team. That torp protection is no joke. On the other hand I have also detonated a full health Yamato with a single Fletcher torp so I guess it goes both ways
  4. Florendo19

    Firefight Friday - Best Gunslinger

    USN BBs are so far my best guns. Best dispersion and great AP and HE shells. I can normally get a pretty good shot at anything in them and I have yet to get past CO. I love my Gearing, Cleveland and other fast firing gunboats because I can adjust my aim and get a lot of hits in a short time(and burn ships to the waterline). I like the speed boats that get me in position for good shots. But in the end, a USN BB is capable of punishing gunnery regardless of positioning. At range AP shells fall like AP dive bombers and I can cit KM BBs. Up close they punish exposed broadsides. It the enemy is angled switch to HE and watch them burn and chunk them for some good damage as well. I will admit I am somewhat biased. Ask me about knife fighters next
  5. Florendo19

    BB damage issues/problems?

    I don't normally play a lot of BB but this is my most recent BB game and either RNGesus was with me or the only issue is how easy it is to delete stuff with a BB. Devstrike on a Bismarck from 19km not a detonation. And people say the CO is bad?
  6. Florendo19

    Problems with random MM

    good now thanks
  7. Florendo19

    Problems with random MM

    thanks. the game actually did bug out and I got pinked because of it. have no idea why it happened since its been working fine for the last half hour until now
  8. Florendo19

    Problems with random MM

    I have been waiting for over 12 minutes to get in a game and the spinning wheel of death has been on for 10 minutes. Pretty sure something is wrong here and its not my internet of computer. I have played 5 games today and the 6th just has this problem all of a sudden. please help
  9. Florendo19

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    So I have read enough on this forum (and played enough games) to see that DD and BB players don't normally get along. This makes sense as the play styles are very different, but I see a lot of disconnect in forum arguments. One of the big things that keeps popping up is that both types play different at different tiers. Mid to low tier, DDs have shorter range torps and (other than IJN) use yolo bum rush tactics to get point blank torp drops on slow moving BBs. At higher tiers the engagement ranges grow to the point that this tactic is rarely used since guns become more accurate at range and torp range increases. The complaints that I am seeing by DD mains are normally in reference to higher tier play while many of the BB complaints appear to be about mid to low tier play. This is of course a generalization but, I feel that a lot of the DD vs BB arguments we see now would be more constructive if we took this into account. The play style in tier X should not be compared to tier V and we all seem to forget this when we get passionate about our favorite ships and classes. That being said, the AP pen/over pen and the double dipping damage are an issue and I am happy to hear that it is being looked into. Also a shout out to CA/CL mains since I know you guys sometimes feel left out of the BB vs DD thing. Don't worry we still hate your radar and perma fires just as much as you hate our world ending torp and AP salvos. And I'm just going to leave the CVs alone for now.
  10. Florendo19

    Gallant Nerf

    Personally love the Gallant. To be fair I still think this is pretty good even if it was nerfed. looking forward to the new line if its supposed to be similar
  11. Florendo19

    Rework for BB ?

    I will agree that the BB consumable cool down is horribly long and that the reload times for guns are slow. This is however how you balance out the advantages that BBs have in the ability to heal floods and fires in full and the fire power of those guns. If cruisers are dodging your shells I would suggest improving your aim or dispersion by maybe using a different national BB or using modules and builds for accuracy. DDs will be much less of a problem if you stay near allies and don't sail in a straight line. If that does not work then I recommend either German Hydro BBs or RN HE BBs to you can deal with DDs better. RN BBs use HE alot so its less of a problem to switch for DDs and you can blind fire into smoke and score a few hits most of the time. I do not think that BBs need any such rework as they are highly playable as they are and any rework should come with checks to try and maintain balance.
  12. Florendo19


    I like it provided I'm playing in Tier V or VI since VII is normally a stretch for me in most tier V DDs. I can generally have a decent game at these tiers in this ship. Won multiple CL and DD duels in this one. Just have to use alot of WASD hacks and those single fire torps in ambushes using island and smoke cover. Definitely more involved then some of the other ships I've played but I think that makes it more fun. Also using 6 point captain on her so no CE just yet. Really looking forward to the rest of this line. As a side note, does anyone recommend getting Bert Dunkirk for a RN DD captain? Have Jack for my CLs and like that alot, but I am just not sure if I should risk not getting enough sovereigns for both Bert and a Gallent. I have 130 right now and do not(yet) plan to spend money to buy anything for this event.
  13. Florendo19

    Grand Campaign Mode

    It sounds interesting and I like the idea of a larger scale but I don't think that it would be very accessible to a large part of the casual player base. Perhaps a modified version would be more reasonable. I would suggest something like a Co-Op/Random Privater mode using the Game nations as well nations. You can still have the clans but they would operate as privater outfits and both they and solo players can take on missions for the different nations/factions or fight each other. Clans could end up fighting against groups of solo players hired by a game nation. I also suggest that the Clan bases for this mode be partially separate from the current version with associated bonuses only applying to each mode. This would open the mode up to more players while still maintaining most of what the OP suggested. I don't think that this will happen but still very much like the thought.
  14. Florendo19

    New opening video

    So I just finished the update and the opening/login video is different. It looks kinda like a more cinematic take on old WW2 color film and is amazing. Just want to thank WG for the little things you know.
  15. Florendo19

    375k free xp ship ideas.

    I have yet to save up enough free XP for any of these ships(I use it on other things) but would like there to be more options other than just BBs. Maybe a CA/CL or a DD could see its way into being a free XP ship? just saw the thread and caught my eye so I don't have any suggestions but I will get back if I find anything of note. The ships currently available seem great though I just haven't felt the need to get them.