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  1. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    << Yo buddy.You still alive? >> I'm glad to share Ace Combat memories with NA guys. Recently I can't wait for AC7. XD
  2. ROKA_na

    [0.7.9] RazgrizRaptor's Many Mods Thread.

    Thanks for your work!
  3. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    I made new demonstration video. At first, I would like to ask you guys. How does my MOD sound when you are playing game? If you guys can hear voices with my MOD like the demonstration video, It means that my MOD works successfully.
  4. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    You can hear voices at random.. You may be in bad luck? I'm not sure why..sorry. This is part of voice samples.
  5. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    You can always update mod in the same way unless WG changes sound system. :D This mod contains 275 voices in current version. I don't have a plan adding voices now. But WG occasionally adds new kind of captain voices(such as "cyclone warning", "gun fire voice", etc), so, I may add new sounds to modify those voices.
  6. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    Thanks. You would like to update this VOICE mod, too? Please check this topic :D
  7. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    Thank you for using my VOICE MOD. I made a new topic only for this VOICE MOD here. You mean that my VOICE MOD doesn't work for 0.7.7? Please tell me about your situation in the above new topic.
  8. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    I confirmed that this MOD works for Oh, don't forget to move "banks" folder to "" for updating.
  9. << Hi,NA captains! >> I'm from Japan (usually in Asian server), so sorry for my poor English. Today, I would like to suggest my mod "ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD ". Features: This mod changes captain voices into video game "ACE COMBAT 04" pilots voices. Demonstration: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qja5u4uhgaa97k2/AC04_voiceMOD_ver0.7.6.0_Eng.zip Installation: 1. Extract the .zip file you downloaded. You can find "banks" folder in the .zip file. 2. Open WoWs folder "World_of_Warships" in your computer, and copy "banks" folder as below. World_of_Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x(current version)/banks/Mods/ACE_COMBAT04 3. Run the game and open AUDIO settings. 4. Select "ACE_COMBAT04" at "Voiceover modification" as shown by the figure below. 5. Enjoy. Background: I noticed that some NA captains refered to ACE COMBAT series in this forum.(e.g.) As a AC fan, I would be grateful if they would enjoy my mod. Thank you.
  10. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    Updated for
  11. ROKA_na

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    Hi, RazgrizRaptor. I love your MODs. I'm glad to know that there are also AC fans outside of Japan. Actually, I also made ACE COMBAT 04 voice MOD before. (I have not posted the MOD in this forum yet.) If you are interested in the voice MOD, download file from following link. :D Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qja5u4uhgaa97k2/AC04_voiceMOD_ver0.7.6.0_Eng.zip Demonstration :