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  1. Please re-read my post and disregard the stolen carrier comment. I do agree the CV was not stolen and the WG treated me fairly on that issue. The point of my post is I am having to spend about $1M per ship on non-CV ships reconfiguring them because of the massive change in the game play. Adding AA focused modules and swapping out short fast torps for long slow torps.
  2. I am not being dishonest so I guess that leaves ignorant. Please explain and I will apologize where I was in error.
  3. It was great of them to give me credits for the CV they stole. I do appreciate their allowing me to respec my captain for free. However, because of the massive game change I have to change modules as well which costs between $500-$1M in credits. Also, my favorite DDs were built with fast short range torps. Everyone of them now has to be changed to the long range torps because of iinfinite spotting and rocket shooting planes. I am only playing ranked now because of the hassle of the regular game play. Honestly not sure what I am going to do once Ranked ends. As to the change itself, I like the change in mechanics. However, the infinite planes is a real problem. I also think only one CV per side should be allowed. Two is bad, 3 is straight up ridiculous. WG - You really need a new product manager. I am available if you want to fix this mess. Just saying....
  4. Hobobeast

    Shima reload time bug

    PS - Have the torpedo reload acclerator loaded
  5. Hobobeast

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    Complete waste if time.
  6. Hey Folks - I got this quest and then completed it but no Kiev in my port. Am I missing something?
  7. Hobobeast

    The Ranked Report

    2 games, 2 wins. Now I am stuck at Rank 15 with no Tier 10. That went fast.
  8. Hobobeast

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Simple Solution to Radar - Let it get damaged and then destroyed like other modules.
  9. Hobobeast

    update 7.7

    Updated. Logged In. Nothing.