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  1. Xidax_Gamer

    Yuro Shows How It's Done

    Yeah, that Yuro is such a 40% potato. Oh, wait...
  2. Xidax_Gamer

    Quick Reaction to 0.10.4 Announcements

    Red @Lert! Dutch joke detected! Release the attack bicycles!
  3. Which they deliberately, intentionally do not. Besides, by now most people have developed Superman X-Ray vision for seeing through WG's appearances.
  4. Xidax_Gamer

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    Don't be absurd. Nothing in the universe is completely "original" except possibly cosmic background radiation, and even that is subject to particle spin. See Einstein, Hawking, et al for details. Quantum mechanics is a remarkably effective antidote to absurdity.
  5. Xidax_Gamer

    Vietnam Veteran's Day

    I hear ya. I lost two high school classmates. So much tragedy from combat casualties, drug addiction, PTSD, and Agent Orange.
  6. Xidax_Gamer

    Yuro's back! This time in French BBs.

    lol my 5 seconds of fame on the Patreon scroll
  7. Xidax_Gamer

    New Ship Annouced! - Constellation Battlecruiser

    That's what I was thinking. I'd be all over a 1922 model. This abomination? Not a chance.
  8. Like CV's positively suck?
  9. Xidax_Gamer

    Suggestions for being a better carrier captain?

    The hole is optional.
  10. WG isn't the least bit interested in player suggestions, even more so anything that might hurt their precious flying monkeys.
  11. Xidax_Gamer

    random thoughts on cv balance

    1. WG cares nought about player suggestions. 2. As has been clearly demonstrated, they will do nothing to adversely impact the fabled post-rework low skill gap accesssability. On the contrary, they will buff CV's to the moon solely to keep their numbers up, and the rest of us be damned.
  12. Xidax_Gamer

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    orly? check out 5:37
  13. Xidax_Gamer

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Exactly. The CC badge is a nice perk, but hardly a dealbreaker when it comes to being a successful youtuber/streamer. Flamu and WG don't need each other at all. Just another overdramatized public divorce, which will be universally forgotten very soon.