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  1. Xidax_Gamer

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    The United States has not directly engaged a near-peer adversary in open warfare since 1945. Thank God.
  2. Xidax_Gamer

    Yuro does Mogador

    Even Superunicums like @Eurobeat can f-up once in awhile. It's always teh lulz either way.
  3. Xidax_Gamer

    CV Counterplay Explained

    Yep yup, mea culpa. Killing CV's is my passion.
  4. Xidax_Gamer

    Yuro does Mogador

    Eurobeat aka Yuro does the Mogador. French DD's ftw!
  5. Parents' basements have no streets?
  6. Xidax_Gamer

    Update - Min Graphics Card requirement unable to play

    "Idiocracy" isn't a comedy, it's a documentary.
  7. Xidax_Gamer

    U.S. Battlecruiser Line

    Oh, hellz yeah. The Lexington has been on my wish list since I started.
  8. Xidax_Gamer

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    Agreed. WG needs to incentivize PT a lot more if they want to support participation.
  9. Xidax_Gamer

    Counterarguments against -1/+1 Matchmaking

    My gods, a RoF boost to PE/Hipper would be pure joy, crappy DKM dispersion notwithstanding.
  10. I've been chewing them up with Boise and Kutuzov.
  11. Cruiser food.
  12. Xidax_Gamer

    Perma HE Rain

    You got that right.
  13. Xidax_Gamer

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    Exactly this. I don't know how much creedence the devs actually give to feedback, but I pity the ones who have to filter it for useful information. Regardless of the weight of feedback, it seems like WG knows where they want to go, indirect as the actual route may be. I'm looking forward to the 8.7 AA sector fix. I've never liked the current system.
  14. Xidax_Gamer

    CV Mismatch

    There are skill gaps between players of every type at every tier. Until we see skill-based MM (which we never will), it just goes with the territory. While a unicum CV may be able to exert a disproportionate influence, these are (fortunately) few and far between as before the rework.